***Music History*** The Night Michael Jackson Became A Music Superstar!

The Motown 25th Anniversary Special. I remember this like yesterday. What you are about to see is music history. This was the night that Michael Jackson became a Superstar.

This performance was the talk of showbiz; to add to all of the media frenzy that was surrounding Michael Jackson and the Thriller album, it just seemed like nothing could stop M.J. from greatness.

We will never see the likes of Michael Jackson again in this lifetime.

Truly, he was one of the greatest performers that ever lived.

When You Just Stop Giving A Damn…What People Think!

As a child, I was very quiet, and it would take many years for me to find my voice. But once I did, I just let go.  Sometimes, I was shocked that I actually had thoughts that I had no fear saying out loud.  And then to add to all of this, I discovered that I had a very quick wit.  This was a true revelation but it empowered me in ways that no one could ever understand.  When you have been silent as long as I was silent…and you finally begin to speak; it’s like the force of Mt. Vesuvius erupting in your life.  I liked it.  It gave me power.

People actually listened to what I had to say.  And many would ask for my advice over the years.  I never wanted to violate anyone’s intelligence, so, I made it my business to always have the answers.

I spent a lot of time in the library.  I learned a lot.  Some of the books I read took me to far-away lands.  Others educated me about those who had achieved great things or those who inspired and motivated men and women of other nations.  Or great generals that inspired men to fight and win great battles.  These things would grow my mind to elevations of imagination to such levels, I had to inform others.

To be as candid as I am on this blog, one must nullify reticence and fear and put duct tape on ignorance.  You must not hesitate to educate empty minds–not just to satisfy pseudo-intellectualism, but with the audacity of empowering the weak minds that are just not informed and need to be notified of it.

Of course, when you speak your mind, there will be those who object to what you say and try to silence your voice, but you must not be deterred.  As a lion is determined to hunt, so must the messenger in his/her quest for the truth.

To be a success, you can’t listen to everybody’s opinions about who they think you should be–how you should act–who your friends should be–and whether or not you should even serve God.

Powerful people listen to the voice within.  Like a sea captain, as they guide their ship; storm winds are going to blow, but a good seaman knows no matter what, you must keep the ship on its right course.

In life, many people get side-tracked because they allow other people to get them off course and then their ship wrecks.  Stranded, abandoned, and left alone, the mistakes they made haunt and torture them.

Be true to yourself always.  Never allow the opinions of others to become your reality.

This is the true test in life.

Someone said it best: I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.

That sums me up perfectly.

I’ve Finally Discovered Black Twitter And I’m Having So Much Fun…

oh slate black twitter grafs_1394448952767_3349523_ver1.0_640_480

For quite some time, I’ve been hearing the buzz about Black Twitter and just last week, I’ve found my way over and honey, let me tell you, I’ve never had so much fun.  I’ve been a member of Twitter for about 4 years, but honestly, I’ve spent more time on the site more in the past 7 days, and I owe it all to BT.

They are so active on this sub spin of Twitter.  Minds as sharp as a double edged sword, and quick as a jack rabbit.

People keep asking, why does Twitter have to have Black Twitter.  Well, Twitter didn’t know this would happen–it kind of just did.  It’s become a very hip place–as anything associated with  Black people usually does.  We can’t help it.  Everybody always tries to follow us.  And oh, of course…the white folks have found out and are THERE….

Currently, there is a controversial study going on regarding the popularity of Black Twitter and the board has been in an uproar about it.  Link: http://madamenoire.com/466423/black-twitter-studied-usc-black-twitter-isnt-happy/  Many think it’s just white folks trying to monitor Black Thought.  The conversations about it have been quite humorous and thought provoking at the same time–that is, for what you can say in 140 characters.

But what does all of this really mean?

Apparently, it’s been recently discovered that Twitter’s population is overwhelmingly Black.

Why Is Twitter More Popular With Black People Than White People?

New data confirms that Twitter’s population is disproportionately black.According to Edison Research’s annual report on Twitter, black people represent 25% of Twitter users, roughly twice their share of the population in general.

Why is this? A few ideas:

  • Black people (and Hispanics) aremuch more likely to access the Internet from mobile devices. Twitter is well-suited to mobile use, and its users are more engaged with the mobile Internet than the general population by a wide margin.
  • More black than white celebrities are active Twitter users; Shaquille O’Neal, Oprah, 50 Cent, and P Diddy are all among the most followed accounts on Twitter. That’s great publicity for Twitter, and could be helping Twitter become more mainstream among black people.
  • The median age for black Americans (according to the 2000 census) is 30 years old, a full seven years younger than for white Americans. Black people therefore make up a relatively higher percentage of the population within the most relevant age groups –Twitter is most popular amongst 25-34 year-olds.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/twitter-study-results-2010-4#ixzz3CvPBbFL4

Basically, Black people find it necessary to stay in tune with the times when they happen.

Right now, I’ve been in the middle of a fight between Amber and Real Brother on Black Twitter.  What’s it all about.  They are both Black.  He believes in Black Power and she thinks he’s a liar and hates Black men.

It’s getting good, y’all.  I’ve thrown my two cents in it.

Can’t stop the drama.

Just thought I’d let ya know what I’m up to if you don’t see me over here….



The Thoughts Come As I Jam To My Music….

No. This isn’t me…

For the casual curious that come to the blog, I just bet some of you are wondering, ‘Where does she get her inspiration?’ Well, truthfully, my mind is a constant leaderboard when it comes to topics to discuss, but honestly, a lot of the time, I’m jamming to my playlist as I post–as in RIGHT NOW.

*Boogey-Oogey-Oogey…* A Taste of Honey is playing right now.  

And as I type the words to this piece, I’m eating a little breakfast.  Just finished my sausage/bacon croissanwich and hashrounds from Burger King.

I’m thinking about this guy from my old neighborhood in Chicago.  His name was Scott Foster.  One of the finest guys I’ve ever seen.  Had a big crush on him.  I wonder what he’s doing now…I wish I had did him.  Oops.  Sorry.  TOL (TalkingOutLoud).

Oh, and did I mention that some crazy white dude has been following me all over the internet lately, broadcasting that I’m a racist.  He’s apparently upset because I’m not afraid to tell it like it is about the covert nature of white supremacy and how most white folks are in denial about their racism, so they surf the net, ease-dropping on Black talk forums, monitoring Black people, and having the audacity to tell Black folks they are reverse-racists for speaking the truth about the racism they experience from nice white people who think they are not racist because Beyonce is in their playlist and they voted for Obama.

*I Need A Ride or Die Bitch..*  The Lox,  y’all.  

I don’t really know what I’m going to say to Mr. Mann.  He even tried to friend me on facebook.  Should I call Anderson Cooper.  You think he might want to scoop this.  I can just see the lead-in: Black blogger stalked by unknown white man on the internet.  Thinks she’s a racist for telling the truth about racism.  Her truth.  His fear. Love it!  The dude then went as far as to trash my 2011  book publication, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman: In Search of Black Men Who Live With Purpose.  http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Into-Mind-Black-Woman/product-reviews/1468025228/ref=dpx_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1  Now, it’s official. My book has pissed a white man off.  Thank You, Mr. Mann…what you meant for evil will provoke good.

*One in a Million…* HEY!!!  My jam!  Aaliyah…we still miss you, girl.   Bobbing head.

It’s a pretty day.  The weather is good and I’m always looking forward to tomorrow.

*Play That Funky Music…* Wild Cherry.

And sticky note to the mad white dude: Don’t ever call Black People racist for speaking the truth about the racism they’ve experienced from racists who deny racism exists.

*Fade out*

…As I ponder of yet another topic to make your minds flip.


A Word For White People Who Read My Blog….

Read: http://the-unpopular-opinions.tumblr.com/post/58631952379/white-people-need-to-shut-the-fuck-up-about

Whenever I come to my blog, I’m typically proud of my stats and the followers who continue to support this blog.

The topics I create are written to represent the African American perspective, as is stated on the front page.

However, I’ve also attracted the unwanted attention of mostly white people, who seem to have a problem with Black people speaking so candidly about everything–especially race, racism, and THEIR BEHAVIOR toward people of color, as is experienced by ALL African Americans daily in this country and world.

The truth hurts and white folks CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

As most Black people know very well, whenever you tell a white person off, immediately you get labeled as a reverse racist.  Earth to Becky and Chad.  Black People aren’t racist simply because they tell the facts of their experience and you get  your little feelings hurt.

Bad Negro…Bad.

Literally, they act as if you’ve committed some kind of crime if you make statements or reveal facts based on your own experience and critical thinking.

How trite.

They do not realize that in their arrogant conviction to chastise the Negro who dares act out of line; their own bigotry is triggered, not realizing that their expression is a subconscious extension of racist Jim Crow laws that once prohibited Black people from speaking to them or about them candidly as I do here.

Some have had the nerve to call me a racist.  One man actually re-blogged one of my articles for his blog, then commented his presumptions about who I am–IN HIS OPINION.  How white of him.  And yet, there was no sense of understanding that one: I know what I’m talking about.  I researched what I’m writing about–and to feel intelligent, he had to debunk mine.

Isn’t this typical of white people?

Then, there is this 50+ white woman who goes by the name of CitCat, who is married to a Black man,  who for some reason keeps posting on my blogs, after I told her almost a year ago that I’d ban her.  She got upset because she can’t handle one of the topics on the blog giving advice to white women dating or married to Black men.  It was written with a lot of brevity, but this southern white woman is apparently not too well versed in Black history or issues impacting Black people socially, politically, economically, or universally, but yet, in her arrogance, she has to teach this uppity Black woman a lesson, making asinine comments (Spam Folder) that are never responded to, yet, she has to be here to monitor what is being said. Of all the Word Press blogs, she has to be here because her whiteness is being threatened and instead of facing the racism within herself that fuels her behavior, she directs her ignorance at this blog, as though she’s having a dual of some sort.

This is very typical of southern white people.  The paternalism is so ingrained in the culture; they literally feel it’s their duty to reign in the “problem Negro”.  But here’s the kicker: Slavery ended over 150 years ago.  Yet, these mofos are still trying to keep Jim Crow on life support.

Well, baby…it’s time to pull the plug.

CitCat and Mr. Willard Losinger  https://plus.google.com/101494240510379414243
wlosinger@gmail.com will not be appeased here.  And I don’t know how in the world, either made the assumption that this blog was to esteem the system of White Supremacy.

Take it to Stormfront.

The audacity of White Privilege!

If I could write a letter to all of these people, it would go a little something like this…

Dear White America,

Your monopoly and love affair with cultural appropriation is being confronted.

Your opinion is not the ONLY ONE.  And if you don’t agree with the reality of my truth, you can kiss my ass.


And so on…and so forth.

So to the casual white person who lurks and reads this blog, and wonders, Yes!  I’m indignant, militant, arrogant, intelligent, and oh, so fierce in my convictions, so much so, I’ve decided to continue upsetting white folks until they get the point, that I, nor any other Black person, needs their two cents added into discussions that are talking about the issues that everyone else is afraid of talking about REALISTICALLY, and certainly not in forums moderated by white commentators or news people who don’t have a clue about the Black Experience in this country.

Free Speech is not just for white folks.  So to those white folks that have gotten mad at some of the things I’ve written about on this blog: GOOD.  And if I’ve made you uncomfortable in anyway, I’m delighted.

Because typically, it’s the other way around…and in order to know how to treat people correctly, you need to understand how your behavior has made other people feel.

That’s the point of this blog and I’ll never apologize for saying what is on my mind.  Never!

So you better understand that and if you can’t handle that, feel free to exercise your “mouse” and go to another blog.




Micheal Brown’s Funeral: Wondering What Will It Mean Tomorrow…

download (1)


Michael Brown has been dead for three weeks but was buried on August 25, 2014.

I listened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show and he went, along with Sybil Wilkes And Jay Anthony Brown.  They re-capped the funeral as though talking about a sports event.  Tom admitted he cried and commented on how touching it was.  Sybil admitted that she was texting before the funeral started.  And all commented on how well Al Sharpton did at the funeral.  Why was he there anyway?

Immediately, I began to think if I were Michael Brown’s mother.  No way in hell would I allow people like Al Sharpton to make a spectacle of my child’s life and death.  It’s unacceptable.


There were other celebrities at the funeral and I just couldn’t help but to wonder WHY?

A lot of mourners attended who didn’t even know him but the infamy of the case drew them–and nothing more.


Micheal Brown was just another Black kid who got caught in the crossfire of an over-zealous white cop’s attitude and gun.

He joins Trayvon Martin, Jason Davis, former Florida A & M football player, 24 year old, Johnathan Ferrell, Renisha McBride, Eric Garner (New York man who died from banned choke hold from cop) Ezell Ford (shot in back by LA police), and more notably,Micheal Brown, who, like him, were all killed by white cops and citizens who thought that being black was an act of crime, and the threat of being a victim was so much, they couldn’t help but to defend themselves, prompted by racist thoughts far too deep for any sane person to understand.  With exception to Eric Garner, most of the shooting victims were under the age of 25.  Why did they have to die?  What was the purpose behind their deaths?  Is God trying to get our attention through them?

What is an African American to think after listening to back to back cases of senseless violence and predator profiling that has cost the lives of young people who didn’t have a chance to fulfill their lives?

Are African American youth being targeted?

What if these victims had been white?  What would be the reaction?

Police don’t target white males like they do Black males.  It is a proven fact that Black males are targeted more for arrest more than any group.  There are many social factors that aid this, but the bottom line is that if you are an African American male, chances are, violence is the next to follow–including death.  Basically, cops are more likely to shoot an African American male, even when there is no threat.

Let’s just get right to it: Since the election of Barack Obama as our nation’s first African American president, we’ve seen an incredible amount of hatred being directed at him and that has literally bounced off onto African Americans by proxy.

What has been happening is whites in America who for some reason, seem to feel as though everything is coming apart and the Laws of Economics are working against them–as it typically has for people of color.  But they are not used to it, and they need a scapegoat.

Just this morning, it has been reported that CNN will be laying off 500 people before the end of the year.

That’s more white folks unemployed and unable to live their American Dream.

Honestly, I was skeptical at all of the celebrity attention toward the funeral of Micheal Brown, but the change that must come…does not happen through marching, but people in the African American community to realize first, we are not unified as a people.  We bought into a lie and it’s backfiring big time.  Racism never ended. And we got side-tracked by pursuing bling-bling, artificial intelligence, and cosmetic buffoonery.  Hair weave replaced African pride.  And young Black males were literally conditioned for emasculation through the actions of welfare mothers without a clue of first, becoming housewives, instead of babymommas without a 10-year plan.  It takes a man to raise a man.  The images of fatherless young Black males is all too common–and our communities are paying a high price for it.

So, Micheal Brown has been buried.  His body is at rest.  People will put flowers on his grave.  And then…one day, they will stop coming.  The leaves will blow and fall on his tombstone.  Years will pass, then…no one will ask any more, Who was Michael Brown? He’ll just be another memory that will fade away with time.

Again, I ask, what will happen tomorrow?


Dear Ms. Thing…


“Yeah, baby. I’m worth it. And much, much, more.”

Dear ItGirl of the Millenium,

Word to your ears…Everyone is not trying to be you.

How presumptuous of you to think that everything is ABOUT YOU.

Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s not, Boo.

Your hair weave is spectacular and your designer clothes are smashing, but you never thought of buying a house and your kid can’t even spell P-R-A-D-A.    Hhhmmm…isn’t that counter-intuitive?

The I’m-all-there-is-and-you-will-never-be me’s of the world, I’m talking to you!

The world is not here to serve you.  And you put your own trash in the garbage.

It’s not about you, sweet pea.

Never was…never will be.

Get the memo and stop kissing your mirror.

We all are tired of your kind.

The Housewives of Atlanta is not quality programming–it’s a warning what can happen to women who lose track and start thinking that they aren’t accountable to certain standards of behavior, and glaring examples of extreme arrested development, coupled by enabling of glamorous sociopaths who obviously have untreated behavioral disorders.

And then the music will play…and people will scream and holler when you call someone a bitch, slap her, and then you get into a fight.  Two grown ass women, acting like 16 year old girls.  We only wonder which one is going to pull out the box cutter.

Earth to you, Boo.  Get a clue.  Face yourself, girl.  You are ugly as they come and need to expand mentally and spiritually.  You’re as empty as air and could provoke one to personally dial 911 before you become a missing person.

Basically, I’m tired of empty-headed women with nothing to prove but who they f*ck, take money from, and what they can buy with their child support check(s).

The world needs people who care and will make it better.

And frankly, no one has time for those who don’t take the time to think about that.


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