White Women Love to Holler Rape!


Currently, there’s a story about comedian Bill Cosby committing rape against a 47 year old white woman by the name of Hannibal Burress. She claims he raped her in 1985 when he gave her private acting lessons.


Apparently, Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by 13 women, but no charges has ever been brought against him.

Reading the story, I just became irritated.  First of all, who is she? Why is she coming out after all of these years?  And what is her real intent?  One has to ask these questions when white women are involved, because historically, many Black men have been lynched, based on these type off allegations, whether they be true or false.  White women are poison to Black males.


Look at all of those white women in the photo…

As an African American woman, I have to address this, mainly, because it seems like an easy go-to for many white women who get spurned by Black men. Ask Kobe.  They know that accusing a Black man of rape is the ultimate payback. http://uncpress.unc.edu/browse/page/302

There are many Black men sitting in prison accused of rape by white women.  How many are true?  And what about the Black men today who have been killed because of this type of behavior in white women who get some type of racial high in using rape as the ultimate scheme to threaten Black men who spurn their advances, or, those who are afraid of being caught doing something that will bring them shame, thus, accusing a Black man of rape is a the natural go-to.  But who’s life is being impacted?

This is not a game.  Playing with people’s lives is evil.

And yet, Black men still foolishly think white woman are their allies.

Ms. Burress claims she wants to educate people about the signs of abuse.

And yet, I ponder, WHY NOW?

Do Women With Big Butts Have More Fun?


Chile, when I saw this photo, the first thing I thought about was…how in the hell does a woman get a butt like this without plastic surgery?  Well, if you are Black–this is normal for sisters.  Kim Who?  Jennifer What?  We own the bottom–and in recent years, it’s been marketed from here to China.

Black men out there who see this bottom are going to flip–I know it.  They love to look at chicks like this one.  I don’t know who she is, but her behind has probably launched a thousand ships.

Remember back in the day when Sir-Mix-A-Lot heralded the big butt? Baby Got Back.  And it became an anthem ever since.

The women who have been blessed “down there” seem to get the star treatment–even at Burger King.  They are hollered at, stared at, desired, worshiped, fantasized about, and often imitated, but there are just some things you can’t fake.  Either you  have it or you don’t.

It just brings out the hate and envy of women who aren’t blessed physically.  Almost like nature taking a swipe at your self-esteem because you just weren’t given the right DNA.

What about the women who aren’t blessed to have the plump derriere?  Does she just crawl in a hole and disappear?

I don’t know what this child has been awarded because of her plump bottom, but I just had to ask the question: Do girls with big butts have more fun?

Being A Black Woman Is God’s Gift and We Are A Treasure To Have…

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When God was planning my arrival, he could have made me anything. I could have been born in Portugal, Indonesia, Romania, Japan, Brazil, et al, but he chose me to be born in Augusta Georgia, at precisely 10:20 a.m. on July 8th, 19___.  Ha. My business, but the point is…not once in my life have I ever looked in the mirror and wished to be someone else. I love my skin, my eyes, my nose, my hair and most importantly; I feel blessed being a Black woman. I feel like I hit 777 in the lottery. The dice keeps rolling 7’s. I keep pulling Aces from the deck. I am a symbol of beauty that can’t be duplicated. I’m in a royal class. Their is joy in my spirit for I know that I was born of love…and I’ve always felt special.

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We are every woman!!!

Whether or not anyone accepts me for me, I really don’t care. The most important validation of my existence is self-acceptance. And Lord, I thank you for giving me the gift and honor of being a Black woman. Everyday I walk outside my home; I’m representing former queens, intelligent mothers, proud grandmothers and gifted women who birthed every Black woman there is. My head is held high. My walk is straight and I look forward as each step is precisioned toward my destination.

It is not what I am that matters, but what it means to be that. Being a Black woman means that we are born to be first. Africa birthed the first queens. That regality is deep within me. My spirit soars and I don’t need a throne. Folks see me and automatically are motivated to bestow respect fit for one who was born to be exalted.

I AM A BLACK WOMAN. Proud and free.

Thank you, Lord.

I love who I am and every single day…I fly with my feet firm on the ground, but soar each time I spread my wings, like an eagle, and glide with a firm wind above the clouds.

[Orchestra begins...]

Ahhhhhhhh……….Yeah! I always feel like I am the Greatest even when the world tries to tell me I’m not.


Clap your hands everybody!!!!

Sleeping With White People is Not Equality; It’s Just Cheaper Than Paying Reparations…


The truth is a hard pill to swallow, but there are some naive Black people and arrogant white people, who seem to thing that because Black and white people are openly dating, marrying, or just having sex with each other, is some kind of new social statement.  Well, it’s not.  And there’s nothing new about it.  However, some of US actually feel complimented if a white person is attracted to us; exposing a deep subconscious inferiority complex in a few who think that any type of validation from white folks is just wonderful.

Is it?

As a Black woman, I will admit that I have been approached by men of various nationalities and also white men, however, with exception to dating a couple of Puerto Rican guys in my very young years, I’ve securely made my decision to stick with Black men.  I just am more attracted to them overall and I don’t have any fantasies of being with men of other cultures or races at this time.

Also, what leads me not to date white men mainly is the historical relationship they had with Black women, exploiting their bodies for profit and the disparity of equality, always gave them power over the Black family.  The term used during slavery was, miscegenation.  Basically, I can’t love an oppressor.  My rejection of white men has everything to do with protecting not just my body, but also my integrity, in controlling whom I choose to allow to enter into my personal space.

To borrow a quote from an online article I read: “My Black identity is affirmative and willful, and traces, if not big ass messy footprints of my Black identity can be found in just about everything I say and do.”  

Opposites may attract, but there comes a time when you have to be able to relate to the one you’re with.  Black men get me.  They read me like sonar…and in a mate, it’s very important to have understanding of one another’s issues that may be encountered either, socially, personally, or culturally.

Remember the movie, Disappearing Acts starring Sanaa Lathan and Wesley Snipes, well, to borrow the title’s suggestion; I feel that many people in relationships think that being either in ‘lust’ or ‘love’, one can diminish the most obvious part of who they are and just relate to this person they are interested in romantically at the time.  But why would you want to make someone forget the most valuable part of who you are in order to win their favor?  White people have the luxury, albeit, the convenience of White Privilege to just be casual, but an African American who actually follows this prescript is headed for disaster.  Some do this so they won’t make their white partner uncomfortable, having to be confronted with the obvious racial differences in certain settings, but why would they be uncomfortable if they made the choice to accept you for who you are—or is that a wide uncertainty?

Whenever I see Black people in relationships with white people in particular, they always look somewhat uncomfortable, especially when other Black people are around. It’s hilarious at times…the bucking of the eyes, as you approach them walking hand in hand, looking ever so unsure of the reaction you might get from “your people.”  Really…

Sometimes, I just chuckle to myself at the absurdity of it all, but most of the time, I enjoy the fear that rises in these type of couples because perhaps then, they will really, finally face the real truth of why they are intimate with one another.

Oh, come on…SEX.  That’s the whole carrot, baby.  They need to find out if chocolate is really that good and if vanilla can be exciting to the taste buds.  When they get a taste of each other’s pudding, after the climax, then, I guess, they realize that having respect for who you are with–FIRST, is the beginning of a good relationship.

As relates to sex between white and Black people, as the title boldy states: Yes!  You were a pawn in a bigger game that is being played and fell for the okey-doke.  The snowball got what he/she wanted, and got it for cheap. No need to send them a bill to pay you for your great-great-great-great grandma or grandaddy being owned by his/hers now.

The bill is now settled.

Black People Need to Get Back To God!

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Africans worshiped a one-God deity long before Christianity.

As we all know, white slave masters and colonists used Christianity to subjugate Blacks.  It developed into African American culture through much duality: on the one hand, it was used to keep Black people docile and obedient; however, Black people used it for survival and spiritual edification.

Peter Randolph, a slave in Prince George County, Virginia, until he was freed in 1847, described the secret prayer meetings he had attended as a slave. “Not being allowed to hold meetings on the plantation,” he wrote, “the slaves assemble in the swamp, out of reach of the patrols. They have an understanding among themselves as to the time and place. … This is often done by the first one arriving breaking boughs from the trees and bending them in the direction of the selected spot.

“After arriving and greeting one another, men and women sat in groups together. Then there was “preaching … by the brethren, then praying and singing all around until they generally feel quite happy.”

The speaker rises “and talks very slowly, until feeling the spirit, he grows excited, and in a short time there fall to the ground 20 or 30 men and women under its influence.

“The slave forgets all his sufferings,” Randolph summed up, “except to remind others of the trials during the past week, exclaiming, ‘Thank God, I shall not live here always!’ “

God was always the center of everything in the African American community.  I remember so well having my mother do my hair on Saturday evening–then having to put a special hair net or scarf over my hair, in preparation for Sunday School.  On Sunday, the sea of pink, light blue, yellow, lavender and white ribbons adorning the hair of little Black girls, dressed with skilled coordination and love;  white gloves and little tote purses to match cute lace dresses, this was my normal.  They wanted their children to know the Word from an early age–“spare not the rod” was the mantra many Black parents preached, believed, and wouldn’t hate to demonstrate on unruly children.

You don’t see that as much today.

A lot of Black children don’t even get schooled by their parents about God at all.  Images on television are catering to every negative moral choice and being marketed to young people like M &M’s.  The parents should naturally be the moral foundation of their children, but if they aren’t grounded by traditional values, then what happens to the children?

We have got to admit that the condition of our communities is a reflection of the values of the community. And let’s be real, too many of us are not using good judgment and the choices we are making are having devastating impact on or communities.

God is not the problem, he is the solution, people.

Get in his Word and learn the REAL TRUTH!

Biracial People Who Love To Tell Us What They Are Mixed With…


I’ve got Indian in my family“…We all have known this person.  You made the mistake of complimenting their hair and you got this response.  You looked at them quizzically and then just chose to walk away…not saying what you really were thinking.  The sad truth here is that only 5% of African Americans can claim Indian ancestry and the hard truth here is that there were Indian tribes that owned slaves.

What I have been noticing for quite some time are the number of Black people who seem to think that it’s some badge of honor to tell people that they are mixed with Chinese, Russian, and Black.  Really?  Say something in Chinese or Russian then.  And are you African American, African or Jamaican when you say Black?  It becomes like a game of Guess.

So many Black people have developed such a low self-esteem complex, they need to attach themselves to a group of people that they esteem in order to feel good about themselves.  Subliminally, it’s like they are saying…’I’m almost white.’  And they know it.  I’m not going to spare anyone’s feelings.

Let’s just be real: many people of mixed race know that being biracial is like being in a secret society; they have access to both sides.  They operate covertly but for those who are discerning, it’s very clear they know exactly what they are doing when they say the things they say.

Today on Black Twitter, there was a young biracial lady who posted a picture of herself and labeled it, Black, Russian, and Czech.  I responded, “People who need to dissect their ancestry have low self-esteem.  Does a proud lion need to call itself a tiger?”  I’m waiting for the response.

There are some Black people who actually feel that biracial people are more attractive and I guess those who are of this lineage, will try to play the race car to their advantage, using both sides to win favor and acceptance, but in regards to African Americans, it is a scary tactic of Divide and Conquer extending from the global system of White Supremacy, that is consciously used as a weapon to further oppress Black people from loving themselves.  The system of White Supremacy must destroy the one thing that threatens its white genetic survival: US.  It’s psychological warfare.  They want us to hate ourselves in order to negate Black love and unity.

And I’m just waiting to see what happens when you raise Black children to believe they have been extended  White Privilege because one parent happens to be white.  The real world is waiting for them.  For such people, I dare them to ask those white people what they say when Black people aren’t around.

When you hear biracial people trying to up their ancestry mixtures, they’re talking in code to white people (validating their white supremacy) and us (demeaning the part of them they secretly hate).  Saying, ‘I’m mixed is just another way to say: I’M NOT BLACK!

It’s up to us to call them out and not be concerned if they are offended.

Self-respect is more powerful than any nuclear weapon.


Promoting Interracial Love to Black Women…

Can’t believe a Black man wrote a book about this: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/stanford-law-professor-suggests-black-women-find-husbands/story?id=14620932

The system of White Supremacy is hard at work these days.  For at least the length of the Obama presidency, people have been hating on Black women. Such paternalism.  Wow!

If some of you have been paying attention, you’ll notice many social websites marketing IR dating to Black women.  Really…hhhmmm… One I found even had the audacity to advise Black women to find love in Europe  http://www.buzzfeed.com/anitabadejo/why-black-women-in-america-are-being-told-to-find-love-in-eu

Why are people so concerned with who Black women date and marry?  I asked this question when thinking about this topic.

Racism and white supremacy has been ingrained in this society to the extent, white people still feel they have to tell us what to do.

But what about a Black woman involved with a non-Black man.  It’s her choice, right?

That’s what we tell the numerous Black males who date outside, but for Black women, being single is not of liberation; it’s a conviction of sorts.  People assume nobody wants us–not even our own men.

I took the liberty to search the web and find some articles that are addressing this issue: http://www.zarachiron.com/2014/02/black-women-and-white-men/#sthash.k7vj9787.dpbs

Honestly, I never knew it was so hard for Black women to find men.  Hell, all of my life, I’ve been approached.  I’ve never once felt undesired and if I were single, that’s my damn choice.  I don’t lay up with just any man and there is a time in life when we need to be alone to reflect and grow spiritually.  http://www.essence.com/2014/04/03/why-it-so-hard-black-women-find-love-they-deserve/

When I hear people make comments as to what they perceive to be the reason why many Black women are single, my reaction is one of annoyance more than anger.

Black women do not need to be told who to date or marry.  Most Black women date and marry Black men and have BLACK CHILDREN.  Obviously we aren’t infertile, as are many white women nor desperate.

The only thing I can say is that Black women can date or marry whom they choose and if some decide to remain single–that’s their damn business.

The last time I checked, Black women did not ruin the economy and we are not terrorist killers.

If they can’t control us, then I guess it’s assumed that they must control our wombs.  Why?  Because of the fear of white genetic annihilation.  That’s right–we have the power to destroy white people, simply by having MORE BLACK BABIES.  And this must be stopped.  It’s about survival.  We are a threat to them. The system of racism was designed for the survival of a small minority of people who classify themselves as white.

Psychological warfare is real.  And all of the things that we’re seeing is a part of that system of White Supremacy: Neutralize us–than remove us as a threat.  It’s all part of that.

So, if you see an advertisement somewhere that is promoting interracial love unions for Black women–rip it down.

The only reason Black men and women aren’t marrying each other, is because far too many have believed the lies of the white controlled media who convinced them not to.  It’s all about provoking self-hatred in our people.

This is all a matter of chess.  And we need to learn how to counter our opponents correctly.


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