Black People Need to Get Back To God!

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Africans worshiped a one-God deity long before Christianity.

As we all know, white slave masters and colonists used Christianity to subjugate Blacks.  It developed into African American culture through much duality: on the one hand, it was used to keep Black people docile and obedient; however, Black people used it for survival and spiritual edification.

Peter Randolph, a slave in Prince George County, Virginia, until he was freed in 1847, described the secret prayer meetings he had attended as a slave. “Not being allowed to hold meetings on the plantation,” he wrote, “the slaves assemble in the swamp, out of reach of the patrols. They have an understanding among themselves as to the time and place. … This is often done by the first one arriving breaking boughs from the trees and bending them in the direction of the selected spot.

“After arriving and greeting one another, men and women sat in groups together. Then there was “preaching … by the brethren, then praying and singing all around until they generally feel quite happy.”

The speaker rises “and talks very slowly, until feeling the spirit, he grows excited, and in a short time there fall to the ground 20 or 30 men and women under its influence.

“The slave forgets all his sufferings,” Randolph summed up, “except to remind others of the trials during the past week, exclaiming, ‘Thank God, I shall not live here always!’ “

God was always the center of everything in the African American community.  I remember so well having my mother do my hair on Saturday evening–then having to put a special hair net or scarf over my hair, in preparation for Sunday School.  On Sunday, the sea of pink, light blue, yellow, lavender and white ribbons adorning the hair of little Black girls, dressed with skilled coordination and love;  white gloves and little tote purses to match cute lace dresses, this was my normal.  They wanted their children to know the Word from an early age–“spare not the rod” was the mantra many Black parents preached, believed, and wouldn’t hate to demonstrate on unruly children.

You don’t see that as much today.

A lot of Black children don’t even get schooled by their parents about God at all.  Images on television are catering to every negative moral choice and being marketed to young people like M &M’s.  The parents should naturally be the moral foundation of their children, but if they aren’t grounded by traditional values, then what happens to the children?

We have got to admit that the condition of our communities is a reflection of the values of the community. And let’s be real, too many of us are not using good judgment and the choices we are making are having devastating impact on or communities.

God is not the problem, he is the solution, people.

Get in his Word and learn the REAL TRUTH!

Biracial People Who Love To Tell Us What They Are Mixed With…


I’ve got Indian in my family“…We all have known this person.  You made the mistake of complimenting their hair and you got this response.  You looked at them quizzically and then just chose to walk away…not saying what you really were thinking.  The sad truth here is that only 5% of African Americans can claim Indian ancestry and the hard truth here is that there were Indian tribes that owned slaves.

What I have been noticing for quite some time are the number of Black people who seem to think that it’s some badge of honor to tell people that they are mixed with Chinese, Russian, and Black.  Really?  Say something in Chinese or Russian then.  And are you African American, African or Jamaican when you say Black?  It becomes like a game of Guess.

So many Black people have developed such a low self-esteem complex, they need to attach themselves to a group of people that they esteem in order to feel good about themselves.  Subliminally, it’s like they are saying…’I’m almost white.’  And they know it.  I’m not going to spare anyone’s feelings.

Let’s just be real: many people of mixed race know that being biracial is like being in a secret society; they have access to both sides.  They operate covertly but for those who are discerning, it’s very clear they know exactly what they are doing when they say the things they say.

Today on Black Twitter, there was a young biracial lady who posted a picture of herself and labeled it, Black, Russian, and Czech.  I responded, “People who need to dissect their ancestry have low self-esteem.  Does a proud lion need to call itself a tiger?”  I’m waiting for the response.

There are some Black people who actually feel that biracial people are more attractive and I guess those who are of this lineage, will try to play the race car to their advantage, using both sides to win favor and acceptance, but in regards to African Americans, it is a scary tactic of Divide and Conquer extending from the global system of White Supremacy, that is consciously used as a weapon to further oppress Black people from loving themselves.  The system of White Supremacy must destroy the one thing that threatens its white genetic survival: US.  It’s psychological warfare.  They want us to hate ourselves in order to negate Black love and unity.

And I’m just waiting to see what happens when you raise Black children to believe they have been extended  White Privilege because one parent happens to be white.  The real world is waiting for them.  For such people, I dare them to ask those white people what they say when Black people aren’t around.

When you hear biracial people trying to up their ancestry mixtures, they’re talking in code to white people (validating their white supremacy) and us (demeaning the part of them they secretly hate).  Saying, ‘I’m mixed is just another way to say: I’M NOT BLACK!

It’s up to us to call them out and not be concerned if they are offended.

Self-respect is more powerful than any nuclear weapon.


Promoting Interracial Love to Black Women…

Can’t believe a Black man wrote a book about this:

The system of White Supremacy is hard at work these days.  For at least the length of the Obama presidency, people have been hating on Black women. Such paternalism.  Wow!

If some of you have been paying attention, you’ll notice many social websites marketing IR dating to Black women.  Really…hhhmmm… One I found even had the audacity to advise Black women to find love in Europe

Why are people so concerned with who Black women date and marry?  I asked this question when thinking about this topic.

Racism and white supremacy has been ingrained in this society to the extent, white people still feel they have to tell us what to do.

But what about a Black woman involved with a non-Black man.  It’s her choice, right?

That’s what we tell the numerous Black males who date outside, but for Black women, being single is not of liberation; it’s a conviction of sorts.  People assume nobody wants us–not even our own men.

I took the liberty to search the web and find some articles that are addressing this issue:

Honestly, I never knew it was so hard for Black women to find men.  Hell, all of my life, I’ve been approached.  I’ve never once felt undesired and if I were single, that’s my damn choice.  I don’t lay up with just any man and there is a time in life when we need to be alone to reflect and grow spiritually.

When I hear people make comments as to what they perceive to be the reason why many Black women are single, my reaction is one of annoyance more than anger.

Black women do not need to be told who to date or marry.  Most Black women date and marry Black men and have BLACK CHILDREN.  Obviously we aren’t infertile, as are many white women nor desperate.

The only thing I can say is that Black women can date or marry whom they choose and if some decide to remain single–that’s their damn business.

The last time I checked, Black women did not ruin the economy and we are not terrorist killers.

If they can’t control us, then I guess it’s assumed that they must control our wombs.  Why?  Because of the fear of white genetic annihilation.  That’s right–we have the power to destroy white people, simply by having MORE BLACK BABIES.  And this must be stopped.  It’s about survival.  We are a threat to them. The system of racism was designed for the survival of a small minority of people who classify themselves as white.

Psychological warfare is real.  And all of the things that we’re seeing is a part of that system of White Supremacy: Neutralize us–than remove us as a threat.  It’s all part of that.

So, if you see an advertisement somewhere that is promoting interracial love unions for Black women–rip it down.

The only reason Black men and women aren’t marrying each other, is because far too many have believed the lies of the white controlled media who convinced them not to.  It’s all about provoking self-hatred in our people.

This is all a matter of chess.  And we need to learn how to counter our opponents correctly.


Study videos: 

Have You Been Niggerized?


Seriously, last week, a tweet I made went viral on Twitter and the comments that followed from whites on Twitter made me feel as though I needed to contact Louis Farrakhan to send the NOI for back-up.

Some of the comments that were made from these covert “nice -white racists in real life but they don’t make you think so because they just love to smile at Black people” had me thinking about how Black people are reduced to stereotypes even when outwardly we don’t fit the tag.  Many of these people automatically became condescending, telling me to ‘stop blaming society and work harder’ or ‘get off welfare’ and my personal favorites: making erroneous comments about hair weave or how Black men seem to desire white women more.  White men were the most verbal, but the females weren’t far behind.  Someone said, ‘oh, listen to them talk trying us their “little dictionary’.  I responded, I guess I was overachieving every time I used my Thesaurus.

It was truly an experience to witness such arrogance on display from so called “nice white people” who tried to imprison me with their ignorance of who I am in real life.  Looking at the avatars, it became clear how covert racism really is. Many of these white people would never-ever be considered to be racist.  Their smiles were their smokescreens.

I guess I should define what Niggerize actually means:

Anything or place that has been effected by niggers, such as a house, neighborhood, car etc.
Did you here about the family of coons that moved into the nice lilly white neighborhood? It won’t be long before it becomes niggerized, there will garbage over the yard, windows broken out, a 55 gallon drum (grill) in the drive. There goes the neighborhood!
by whitey from cuyahoga hts. November 19, 2010
This came from a white dude online and went viral.
A more broader understanding can be summed up by Sociologist Joe Feagin’s concept of the white racial frame dominates this moment:

In the book Systemic Racism I develop the concept of a white racial frame holistically and comprehensively. Since its development in the 17th century, this racial frame has been a “master frame,” a dominant framing that provides a generic meaning system for the racialized society that became the United States. The white racial frame provides the vantage point from which European American oppressors have long viewed North American society.

In this racial framing, whites have combined racial stereotypes (the cognitive aspect), metaphors and interpretive concepts (the deeper cognitive aspect), images (the visual aspect), emotions (feelings), and inclinations to discriminatory action. This frame buttresses, and grows out of the material reality of racial oppression. The complex of racial hierarchy, material oppression, and the rationalizing white racial frame constitute what I term systemic racism. This white racial frame includes much more than the usual concepts we use in the study of racial matters, such as stereotyping and prejudice or discrimination.

Quite precisely, it is the exact way of thinking of whites.  Because of the color of your skin, you are inherently guilty of their verbal and physical abuse.  You ever wonder what they are thinking when they are staring at you?  We’ve all caught them doing it.  And what about the proverbial white person who smiles at  you indiscriminately as you walk by, perhaps at the mall or the grocery store.  Some white folks actually believe that smiling at Black people will somehow subliminally protect them from being viewed as racist by Black people.  Being niggerized is simply white people trying to rob you of your humanity.  This type of thinking literally forces Black people to have to defend their right to exist.
Basically, to the casual white racist, most Black people are asking for what they get from them.
There is a deep connection to white racial animus politics according to social scientists.  White people love to use the term “Law and order” as code in hiding their fear of Black criminality as their reasoning for supporting gun rights.  Who do you think they are gunning for?
“Michael Brown is dead because the police are empowered by a good percentage of the white American public to kill black and brown people preemptively and with extreme prejudice.”
White people love the special Negroes like Obama but have a hard time extending the same favor to the average Black person.  It can best be summed up this way: “Loving an exceptional and perfect black person is easy; loving less than perfect human beings who happen to be black, and simultaneously extending to them their basic human rights on an interpersonal level, is a far more difficult task for white folks–and those others–who are infected by the racial logic of Whiteness and White Supremacy.”
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White Women Think Black Women Are Jealous of Them…


A few days ago on Twitter,  a comment was made by a white girl, in response to something I tweeted regarding Blacks responding to racism by whites.  She said Black women were jealous of white women.

Honestly, it took me aback because in all my years, most of the Black women I’ve ever known, actually felt supremely superior to white women.  Yet, this child has a different perception.

The audacity and arrogance of White Privilege makes many white folks blind to their behavior and impact on POC’s.

Let’s be real, shall we.  With all due respect, given the constant media and historical images of white women, they are more a construct of what femininity should be through the eyes of white males.  In their desire to exalt white women, they did it at the expense of Black women, and the forcible removal of the Black male as her natural protector.

There is no Black woman who has any sense who could be jealous of white women.  Why?  How can you be jealous of women that use Barbie dolls and Mannequins as their beauty standards?  Are these not some of the most ghoulish photos you’ve ever seen?

Barbie girls Olga Oleinik and Valeria Lukianova


These are actual white women who had plastic surgery to look this way…

Who remembers this clown?  My god.  Tanning is a religion to some white people.

And the plastic surgery nightmares as the last two indicate…

When I first saw this on Inside Edition, honestly, I was shocked but then again…it just exposed how deeply white women are obsessed with youth, beauty, and the superficial.  They are as empty as the dolls they emulate, yet, white men want the world to emulate them as a standard?  What man wants to wake up to these freaks?

More like a warning of what happens when you don’t realize your self worth beyond your face, hips, and thighs.

Black women just know better, and that is really the correct assessment of how Black women see themselves.  We are culturally more spiritual, and have a unique sense of self-expression, style, and presentation than most white women. That is just a fact.  We dress sharp and we use various means of aesthetics to enhance the naturalness of our beauty.  When white women look in the mirror, they look for wrinkles and get depressed that they look 45 at 30.  When we look in the mirror, we smile, put our hands on our hips and snap our fingers because we’re 45 and look 30.  God is good.  The various brown tones of our skin reminds the casual observer of fine gold, bronze, and copper–everything valued and prized.

How can we relate to women who do everything to destroy their natural self? Lip injections, extreme tanning,  botox, butt implants, breast augmentation, etc., it’s self-hatred to the extreme?

We are the real beauty standard.

And to the dumb white girl who made the comment on Twitter: Why would we be jealous of women who by all accounts, spend millions of dollars to make themselves look like anything but who they were born to be.

No.  Black women aren’t jealous of white women.  We pity them and THANK GOD we are not them.

Without Black People, White People Don’t Matter At All…


I look in the mirror only a couple of times in the day and typically, it’s just to make sure my make-up is alright.  I’m not standing there thinking deeply as I once did in my twenties.  Basically, I like the person staring back at me.  She’s come through a lot–and she knows who she is.

This is fostered by a second thought: White women look in the mirror to count wrinkles and to grieve over aging.

Black women look in the mirror and pose.  Turning 40 and looking 25 or 30 is normal for us. We shake our butts, snap those fingers, and get to steppin’.  God is good, baby.

With that being said, I have to make yet another entry into this blog revealing my inner thoughts about the world in which I live.

While scanning the boards today, there are numerous conversations trending.  Several are about the Vogue article indicating how white women have made having full hips popular–and the reaction of many Black women to the nonsensical claiming of that, given that Black women are born with the very body-types that many white women are paying millions of dollars to plastic surgeons to recreate.

The Black woman is the ideal woman.

But the media has twisted the minds of the public in making people believe everything white is right.

Oh, well…it’s the fault of this society to not think deeply about much.

However, Black people really shouldn’t get angry–just keep taking notes, and giving back to White America what it dishes out.

You see, Black people epitomize what white folks wish they could be: The way we look, talk, dress, express ourselves, our art, music, dance; it is all part of a higher creation that was put inside people of African descent.  We are the beginning.  Africans were civilized when Europeans were still living in caves.  Ain’t y’all heard?  We be cool like that.

American culture would not be what it is today without Black people.  We took everything that was dished upon us and had the nerve to create Jazz.  The only original musical art form to come from this country.

Fashion changed the day Black women walked down the run-way.

Our words, literally, have changed the way people speak.

Everything we do is imitated.  Hell, we can’t even have conversations with one another without one of “them” listening or butting in.  Possessing innate intuition, sharp wit, and wise observational and analytical skills, what we say often seems profound to the most hapless white person.

And yet, the pale donkey has the nerve to call us inferior?

When one really studies white folks, honestly, they are boring people.  Empty, void of passion, stoic, expressionless; possessing a spiritual void so deep, it can only be managed by the typical display of risking their lives, like jumping off cliffs or taking hikes in the desert in sandals.  They have no culture and find joy in destroying everything that reminds them of that.

Honestly, I don’t think Black people should get mad any longer.

We are the paradigm of what white folks want to be.

But the sad fact here: You can’t wish yourself to be something that you didn’t create.

Without Black people, white folks wouldn’t even matter.

I just wish Black people would begin to understand this…

The Power of Words…

Death and life is in the power of the tongue… ~Proverbs 18:21

That one quote from the Bible literally is the paradigm of my mental fortress and helps me to understand just how powerful words can be.

When you attract the attention of people from what you say, at that very moment, it becomes your responsibility to speak with clarity and understand how what you say can impact someone mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Did you know that what you say can literally kill someone?  It’s true.

The words we speak can either be a tree of life, giving sustenance to those things that help us to grow or can be like a literal poison, killing everything that ingests it.  Words that kill can destroy friendships, marriages, businesses, communities, etc.  Words that give life can heal the deepest pain.

What you say also reflects what’s really in your heart.  We all know these type of people.  Giving a compliment at first, then in the split of a second, it gets flipped and sounds more like a back-handed criticism.  Bosses do this all the time.  Then there are those people who for whatever reason, just can’t seem to say anything positive at anytime.  Why is that? Link:

Recently, comedienne Joan Rivers died from complications from a simple endoscopy procedure. Her larynx became paralyzed.  However, for those who’ve been paying attention, Joan Rivers had become very irresponsible in the things that she was saying about and to people.

Jesus said in the Bible that we’d be judged by every word from our mouths.  We are responsible for what we say.

I take this very seriously when I write this blog.  I will never lie to anyone and I don’t just criticize without cause.  Everything that I write has a meaning and expectation for introspection from those guilty and those impacted by the behavior of others.

I’m not a monster.  I’m just and ordinary woman who cares about how people are treated.

Much of what you’ve read on this blog has dealt with racial issues.  And yes.  My words have been blunt.  However, they are not meant to be controversial, but the hardness of what has been written are merely symbolic to reflect the pain that has been endured by people of color.

Abusers never think about the pain they cause to their victims.

Please take what I say here intellectually.  At no time do I want to destroy anyone, I just want people to understand where someone else is coming from and THINK before you speak.

Every word that we speak matters.  And when you speak with that mindset, you’ll never have to apologize for what you’ve said.

What we say can be a prophecy of exactly what we expect, so as you expect to be treated with dignity and respect by others, use your words responsibly, and the world will respond accordingly.