My Christmas Wish…

We have exactly 4 days until Christmas.

Every year I imagine this to be the one to top all Christmas’, but this year, I’m thankful to be alive and to have family and friends that care about me.

Things could be better, yes, but, honestly, I stopped wishing for things, and started living as though I had already been given my greatest wish: to never need to work ever again.  I want to work if I choose.  And I don’t want to have to work for money; I want money to work for me.

I am a writer and as I am penning a sequel to my latest book, Butterflies in Bronzeville, my prayers are expected to be received by the great Creator God.  It’s his timing that allows all blessings to flow and my greatest wish for all of you is for you all to live your dreams and be fulfilled in whatever you choose to do in life.

And may I remind people that Christmas is not just about exchanging gifts and parties; it’s about celebrating the the gift that was given to the world:

With the most sincere greeting I can give, Merry Christmas to you all…and thank you for supporting this blog.


The Audacity of Bill O’Reilly!!!

You know, I really don’t pay this racist blowhard much attention.  He says things to get attention, not to bring forth information and truth.  His tactics are that of an ignorant drunk in a bar, making comments, just to stir things up.

Bill O’Reilly apparently has no education beyond what he watches on television regarding Black people.  The comments he’s made over the years have literally been laughable. As if, Black people are responsible for holding a higher moral standard than all others in this country.

He never talks about White American’s sick behavior and actions; only Black people.

The last time I checked, Black people didn’t ruin this economy, but have paid a hell of a price in the high unemployment rate among Black people.

Does he talk about that.

His most recent comments have come once again on a segment with Martin Luther King III, in which advised black Americans to wear t-shirts that say “Don’t Get Pregnant At 14″ and “Don’t Abandon Your Children” during a segment with Martin Luther King Jr.’s son on Wednesday night.


And I guess the shows that were aired on MTV, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom spin off about white teen pregnancy on cable, showing all of the dysfunction, yet, being treated as though they were just a random Aaron Spelling program, exposes the hypocrisy in White America.  White girls who get pregnant are treated like Marcia Brady, but heaven help is a Black girl gets pregnant; she’s treated like a criminal.

What O’Reilly’s attitude and comments exposed truly, was the inherent bigotry in white people and ignorance they have about our culture.  Apparently, O’Reilly doesn’t do much research, because if he had, he’d have known about recent statistics regarding teen pregnancy among Black teens: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy reports that between 1990 and 2009 pregnancy rates have fallen by 51 percent for Black teens in the U.S.

“The decline has been fueled by three factors: more teens are waiting to have sex; they also report fewer sexual partners and better use of contraception,” said Sarah Brown, campaign CEO.

Since its peak in 1990, teen pregnancy has declined 52 percent among 15-17 year-olds and by 36 percent for 18-19 year-olds among all races.

Most adults are not aware of the progress teens are making.

“The credit for this remarkable national success story goes to teens themselves,” said Brown. “Unfortunately, precious few adults are aware of the good news. In fact, nearly half of Americans incorrectly believe the teen pregnancy rate in the U.S has increased over the past two decades.”
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is a private, non-profit organization.

For more information on the report or the NCHS please visit

White folks!

As a response to my opinion of Mr. O’Reilly in general, I have no respect for him.  I’d never call him a journalist, more appropriately, he’s a bitter white man, and a glaring example of someone who just couldn’t cut it with the big boys in the news business, and will never be regarded in the same light as the now retired Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather.

Basically, he’s a wannabe with an attitude!

What is Charles Barkley’s Problem?

Has anyone been paying attention to the comments of Charles Barkley lately?  Apparently, after the recent judgement’s to not charge police in the deaths of Eric Garner and Micheal Brown, Mr. Barkley decides to do and interview and basically state in response to the decisions:” We have to be really careful with the cops, because if it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods…we can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad…. Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops?”

He then went on to refer to some of the residents of Ferguson as scumbags.  Then praised police officers that work in Black neighborhoods and reiterated his support for the grand jury not indicting officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting.

People across the country have listened to these soundbites and I think every one of us has the same response: WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH CHARLES BARKLEY?  And who is he really talking to?

White people across the country of course praised Barkley for what he said, someone said it best: “When the wolf begins to praise the sheep, it’s time for the sheep to  undergo some serious self-evaluation.”

Calling him an Uncle Tom would be too much of a compliment.  For those who know the real story of Uncle Tom.  However, the word obsequious comes to mind, in my assessment of his behavior and comments.  A Black man echoing the sentiments of the enemy.  He’d be a perfect guest on Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and the rest of Fox news.

Van Johnson was so upset about what Barkley said, he spoke bluntly on CNN to Don Lemon:  

His latest comments, are even more derogatory.  Apparently, he thinks that slavery wasn’t that bad.  Well, I’ll close with this posting of his colleague, Kenny Smith and his response to his friends recent comments.

All I can say: Well said, bro!


Never Trust White People Who Quote Statistics About Black People…


Whenever white people talk about Black people, they love to pull the “Black on Black” crime card, as former Republican mayor, Rudolph Guiliani did a couple of weeks ago on Sunday’s Meet The Press.  Apparently, in his mindset, 93% of Black people kill other Black people, and so it goes, white cops are needed to protect Black people from other Black people.  His comments were in rebuttal to the recent grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown decision.

I just happened to be watching that morning and his arrogance was just galling.  He was tired of hearing minorities complaining about the violence of white police officers, thus, justifying his comments.  What he said more or less was a deflection of the real issues: The lack of diversity on the Ferguson police department.

Here’s a few quips from Giuliani that just made one want to go through the television screen:

“The white police officers won’t be there if you weren’t killing each other,” Giuliani said during the heated exchange in which the two men spoke over each other.

“Why don’t you cut down your crime so so many white police officers don’t have to be in black areas?” Giuliani asked. “Ninety-three percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. We are talking about the exception here [in Ferguson]… I would like to see the attention paid to that — that you’re paying to this.”

White Supremacy is a mental illness and needs to be treated very seriously.

Giuliani actually took the attitude and stance of many whites who love to preface their statements with negativity about Black people but somehow, casually justify or dismiss their own behavior throughout society and history.

Yet, Black people are inherently violent, thus, they must use violent force against Black males in particular–just to be safe.

Pure hypocrisy.  White people own the most weapons of any group in this country and are the main ones always talking about gun rights, yet, they want to take them away from Black people?


At this point, I’ve reached a very high intolerance for white people and their casuistry.

Anyone who has taken statistics, knows very well that information can be misused and given then naivete’ of most in the general public, does anyone really understand what these people are even saying when they just spew out ridiculous numbers, as Giuliani did.

And I find it rather facetious of this man to dare to insinuate of the violence of Black people, completely ignoring the reputation of his own Italian community.

There seems to be a secret war being directed at Black people, particularly by the Republican party.

White people have committed the most violent atrocities on people of color around this world, yet, feign responsibility, and have the temerity to justify white cops or white people, being justified in killing Black people because of their innate fear of people of color.

This is lunacy and I’m calling Giuliani and people like him out.

White people are in no position to be the moral judges of anyone on this planet–and God knows that.

Stop Being Polite To Racists!


Would you invite a Klu Klux Klan member to your house for coffee?  Frankly, you’d think that many of us do, given our awkward responses to white people who say or do racists things, but some Black people would blow it off, smile, and have the attitude of ambivalence, rather than activism to confront the daily psychic violence many of us have to endure.

Currently, I’m in discussions in several places regarding the current state of media and opinion and honestly, I really do feel that there is a direct assault on our people by racists in various parts of the media.

Remember, global white supremacy is real.  It’s not an apparition.  There really are white people who hate Black people and want to destroy us “By Any Means Necessary.”  The latter words of this sentence were first uttered by the late Malcolm X and have taken on a life of their own over time.  We are under constant scrutiny by our enemy and psychological warfare is being directed at us daily.

My concern is how we respond.

Typically, our parents have raised us not to “raise hell” on the job–it’s your sustenance.  You have to pay the rent, bottom line.  People are going to talk–hurt feelings is not enough to risk being unemployed, forget what people say, and just keep your eyes ion the prize and handle your business.  Hey!  They talked about Jesus Christ too.  Suck it up.  Right?  So, what do many of us do, we smile, when back-handed insults are directed at us.  I’ve seen it up close and personal, even on the job.  I’ll never forget the times when I was asked by a white girl, “Do all Black People Know Each Other?”  And another more recently, dared make a statement that her biracial child, didn’t like dark-skinned Black people.  White Privilege allows white people to be racist, then play dumb, when they willfully know the intent of their behavior.

And yet, we smile.  Then pray for our enemies.  Lifting up their names to Jesus, but forgetting, that even in the Bible, God said, if we follow him, “Or enemies, would become his.”  Don’t many of us love to go to church, that means, the creator is waiting for us, to do what needs to be done.

Hatred was not invented by white men but has been used as a weapon by them more than most groups on this planet.

A while back, some white meme got into a confrontation with someone on the definition of niggard, meaning miserly or stingy.  However, arrogantly dismissing their initial comment: “I’m not racist. I have many black friends. But I hate niggers.”  Then furthering with: “there is a difference between a black person and a nigger. Thugs are niggers.”  Really?  As a the difference between a white intellectual vs a Redneck?

The audacity that some white people have to tell us what to think, how to act or react, yet, completely dismiss their own offensive behavior, is beyond enraging.  Just like why they shoot innocent Black people, then try to justify with: “They felt threatened.”

I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood to be civil these days.  My eyes are wide open and I know what I see.

Damn being friendly to those who hate you–I say, it’s high time for Black people to stop being polite and GET REAL with these people.

Become the Negro they fear; and I promise you, they will back off.


The Kardashian Family Just Keeps Topping Themselves…


Story link:

You know, whenever white people try to infuse their arrogant protest of Black anger about racism, as us playing the race card, well, you can thank clueless white folks, like the KarTRASHians for validating our attitudes and protests.

For those of you who are wondering about the above picture, it comes from Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram account, in which the idiot thought this was a campy joke, and would be taken as such, by US, simply because she and her sister know a few Black celebrities or sleep with them–depending on which one you’re referring to. *Cough*

The reactions have been severe–even their fans protested, as the above link provides.  And rightly so.

How can people be so stupid?

As I looked at this photo, honestly, is this a group of white chicks giving some kind of validation to Black males for being allowed to tap their asses?

What was the point?

The Klu Klux Klan were responsible for almost 4000 deaths of innocent Black people.  They terrorized  African Americans and these dumb broads overlooked that fact in order to try and be clever?

 Maybe we need to put white women on the hot seat–as the white media, has the temerity to question why so many Black women are single, we an counter: why are so many white women chasing Black men for sex? Hit them right in the gut.  American history is filled with the tales of white males, and their hatred, and insecurity over their genitalia. Turn the tables…what’cha think?

White men violated Black women’s bodies for centuries, and I guess in a way, it’s touche’ to see white women so desperate for sex, they will go to these type of lengths.

We’ve been seeing many whites in the media taking pot shots at our community over the course of the Obama tenure as POTUS and I wonder if perhaps the Black community should stop being so reserved and let it all rip.  Tell these people what we really think about them.  I’m serious.

White Privilege is what motivated these pathetic women to do this.  Obviously, there is an arrogance in them that motivated their behavior and perhaps, we should look at the behavior of Black males too.  Dare I be coy, but there are white women who are so hungry for attention; when Black men give them any kind of recognition, they take it as some kind of signal, that they are more desired–after being abandoned by white males.

Perception is reality, but what is the real truth?

Somehow, the Black community keeps getting in the cross-hairs of insecure white women, self-hating Black men, and white men who can’t satisfy their women.

When the hell are we going to stand up and demand respect, and get this bacteria out of our communities and heads?

We must restore dignity to the people–and walk with our heads held high once again.

Dear White Chicks!

So sorry that when you come to this blog, you get the shock of your lives in not seeing yourselves admired, esteemed, emulated, or imitated.  This is not White America, dear  hearts.  Are you confused as to where you are?

You’ve entered the domain of a sharp thinking African American woman who is so high and mighty; if you looked at me too long, you’d need to ask me permission to breathe.  Yes, I highly value myself, and other Black women.  And I don’t have to qualify as to why, but if you’re curious, I’ll tell you bluntly: Black women are not your doormats, maids, psychiatrists, girlfriends, best friends or confidants.  WE ARE DESCENDANTS OF THE FIRST WOMAN–THE BLACK WOMAN WHOSE WOMB SPURNED ALL LIFE, THUS, WE ESTEEM NO OTHER WOMEN ABOVE US–WE ARE THE BEGINNING, AND WALK IN THAT KNOWLEDGE EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That’s why you fear us.

We still walk with dignity, even though we have to deal with inequality and prejudice, and oh! Don’t let me forget, feminism too.  We walk with the power of the universe inside of us and the most intelligent of us, allow it to be our guide.  And you just can’t figure out where we get all of that cool.  Yes, we have to dodge these bullets every single day, but still be wives, mothers, teachers, activists, inspiration, and spiritual representatives to our families, still smiling, although tired, but having the audacity to rock Prada while being tested by the media, society, and racists, who are impassioned in telling us subliminally that we don’t matter.


Like hell.

You see, your image…was constructed in the sick mind of white males, who lied to you and hypnotized you in believing that you were the feminine goddess to be marketed to the world.  But what most of you are   is an emotional vulnerable mess, who don’t have a clue of what real womanhood is beyond boob jobs, lip injections, butt implants, facial cosmetic surgery, and hyper-sexualized imagery.  Tragically born with pale skin, you spend countless time, energy, and money–even risking your lives to be brown–like us.  You’re a piece of fiction, and the Black woman is the representative of what you can’t be: She’s strong on her own, and even moreso with the Black man.  The features you want and have to pay for,  are those of the Black woman: full lips, hips, naturally voluptuous, and ageless, toned skin, in all the colors of gold, tan, brown, bronze, copper, as well as about 30 other color spectrums of the rainbow.

The media tells you that you’re special, but those who’ve been around you, particularly Black women, know you’re a pathetic mess.  You cry over the dumbest shit.  You’re always scared and insecure.  You are vindictive, spite-filled and deceitful. Many of you seem to think it’s perfectly natural to seduce young teenage boys (recent news), even while teaching in the classroom.  You’re nasty, as in disgusting, not washing your hands after using the bathroom (WE SEE YOU), and most obvious: you don’t know how to make white men respect you or stay interested in you after you hit 30.

To us, you’re over-hyped fantasia.  No substance.  Pure apparition.

Just by chance, I Googled the word Bimbo, and guess what, every single time, a white chick was depicted in various poses.  Imagine that.  Then, something told me to put the word, tramp in the search box.  Oh, my…the same thing happened.  White chicks all over the place.  Then I Googled the word, witch.  Lord!  White women pictured.  Is there something about witches that make you feel wholesome?  Guess that’s why so many of you love Halloween: you can take off the L’Oreal and become your natural selves.

Oh, sure, there are good white women, but what pisses Black women off, the bad ones seem to get the benefit of the doubt along with the Joan of Arcs.

We don’t get that consideration.  We’re always angry, unloved, something to be feared or condescended to.  If you listen to the hype behind the movie, The Help, you’d think all Black women saw themselves as nothing more than housemaids for lazy white bitches who couldn’t tell you the difference between a bottle of dish soap or tide.  Everything that the media depicts of Black women is negative. We’re even hated when we achieve–as most of us do, while working two jobs, and still getting the degree, the job, the promotion, and sometimes when we’re alone.

When a women as accomplished and intelligent as Michelle Obama, gets picked apart, for of all things, wanting to go abroad and take her girls along for the tour; “How dare she do such a thing.”  The disparity of how Black women and white women have been depicted in the media; white women have been afforded the advantage simply based on her proximity to the white male who controls the media.

Basically, the difference in Black women and white women is simple: MARKETING.

You will probably never see a positive thing about white women on my blog. Not because I can’t say anything nice–I WON’T.  Yes!  I’m prejudiced, discriminatory, biased, and quite unapologetically, uncompromising in my views.  This is not racism.  It’s constructive empowerment for those who have been victimized too often by global white supremacy, either subliminally or directly.  It’s our spot to edify our own values, culture, beauty, uniqueness, creativity, intelligence, and point of view.

Black women are getting hatred shoved in their faces, even when we are no threat to anyone.  We are constantly being criticized, even when we deserve to be praised.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just telling the truth.

Because most of the time, we don’t have the luxury of having our version of the story being told.

White Privilege, like the American Express card,  affords white women access to things that they don’t deserve.

But here on this blog, your credit has been denied.