Are White People Really Hurting Black People? Or Are We Allowing Them To?


This is one of the pondering questions on my mind today.

You can go on any website these days and find a myriad of topics dedicated to bringing down “Whitey” and I have contributed to these discussions over the years, but as an intelligent woman; and one who is a deep thinker by nature; I had to ask: Are Black People Allowing White People To Harm Them?

We had the Civil Rights movement of the sixties.  That should have taken care of it right?  but then, 20 years after the movement; the crack epidemic hit the Black community hard.  And Black activists blamed the government.  However, I have to challenge the notion that for one, no one is making you take drugs.  An individual MAKES THE CHOICE to do it.  Drug dealers exist because people want what they are selling.  And who is that?

One can’t expect others to be responsible for their moral choices.  When one is faced with a challenge to their ethics, values, safety, spirituality, etc., the response of the individual to such forces expose the innate nature within.

Yes, white people  have used racism as a structured system to exploit Black people.  However, there are laws now that protect minorities from such exploitation.  When poverty, ignorance, and violence  permeate a community,  that is called APATHY .  Literally, people just stop caring.

No.  I’m not telling Black people to GET OVER IT.  That is all too common a response from whites when Blacks try to explain how racism has impacted America and individuals.  However, what I am saying is that we have to truly become the masters of our lives and stop allowing others to dictate to us who we are.


12 comments on “Are White People Really Hurting Black People? Or Are We Allowing Them To?

  1. Adeen says:

    Good post and question. Honestly I think it goes both ways. We have our own people being allies in helping maintain White supremacy and oppress Black people and we have Whites who maintain White supremacy by lying and denying that it exists.


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    • truthangel07 says:

      I appreciate this article. Very understanding of you…however, African Americans often don’t have the same patience with white people–particularly when ignorance is abound.

      You’re a strong person.


  3. […] Are White People Really Hurting Black People? Or Are We Allowing Them To? ( […]


  4. C says:

    What this article says is so true. We ALL know it, but when we try to approach our community and worse of all our families and relatives to deal truthfully with the problems and the spiralling out of controlness one can literally end up D E A D! We would rather “debate” and reach for material possessions that end up possessing us, than deal with the nawing and clawing within that wants and needs to get out so it can be KILLED. Instead we KILL one another. We’d rather flex and show our bodies in every conceivable pose for a meagre hit of “praise”. It is extremely hard to reach Moors, but as one sisa said “you can’t hold on to someone if they don’t wanna be held”, and THAT can be the hardest thing of all.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Very well stated.

      Black people are not happy. That is a fact. We go through the motions and use material things to hide the real sadness that lies within us. Many Black people don’t know how to treat each other (including family). They are distant, selfish, materialistic, arrogant, ambivalent, but when the tables turn and there is no one there for them; they want someone to blame. Well, all they have to do is go to their nearest bathroom or bedroom and take a long hard look in the mirror.

      Right now, I’m weighing out whether to cut off some people in my life (including family members). I’m tired. And when there are folks who are around you who keep hurting you–and you allow it; that’s called abuse. I won’t tolerate anyone abusing me or anyone I love.

      God sees all and right now, I’ve been in deep prayer about a lot of things. I expect him to assist me always and I know that if I trust in him and listen to his voice inside of my spirit; I’ll always come out on top.

      God never fails.


  5. Agreed! My view is that centuries of racial oppression, stereotypes and exclusion have mentally harmed black folk to the point that they direct the frustration inward and it shows in black on black crime rates. Blacks cannot harm “the system”, ie, white people, so they direct this frustration on the group that remains perpetually oppressed, even by its own members: themselves.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Absolutely. That’s exactly right.

      Look at the statistics in many urban communities populated by Black people. Are we the enemy? Really? If not us, than who?

      We have to face the real demon in the mirror and KILL IT. Pure and simple.


    • truthangel07 says:

      It’s an incorrect response to an ugly truth.

      White people are destined to be exterminated by the same hate they have used to destroy.

      Don’t know when that will be…but it’s coming.



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