Truth: I Want Beyonce To FAIL!

Ever since the Superbowl; it just seems like the B-monster is all over the place. She’ll be the highlight of the Essence festival this summer. Not going. She released a documentary (tired). She’s been on the cover of about 5 magazines–and it’s only June. And I sit and ponder as to what really is urking me about her…and it hit me: Deep down, I can’t stand Beyonce because innately, intrinsically, and truthfully; I want her to FAIL.  Yeah. That’s it. I want her to fall on her face. I want her to mess up so bad, newspapers around the world would fall over themselves to cover her downfall. I want her to be the train wreck for a change. I want Beyonce’s flaws to be all over the tabloids. I want her jerk husband caught with his pants down in a gay bar. I want to see her worshiping the devil in a church dress. Bad photo-shops, fashion mishaps, bad behavior exposed, hypocrisy uncovered–ANYTHING!!! Just so she can seem more human.

How long is she going to be 31? We know that she’s older? When will she begin to pay the piper and suffer great mishaps that take her years to recover from —LIKE MANY NORMAL PEOPLE.

Honest to God; I think this is what is getting on people’s nerves about Beyonce: It’s not that so many envy her; FAR TOO MANY feel she doesn’t deserve to be where she is because in order for her to get there; others were hurt. And with that, there is Karma to be paid IN FULL some time soon–with interest.

To Beyonce: Enjoy the carnival, sweety. Pretty soon…you will have to pay the cost of riding that Ferris wheel too long.

The world is sick of you. GET THE MEMO and disappear.

6 comments on “Truth: I Want Beyonce To FAIL!

  1. KingoftheTeddybears says:

    Look at her face, look at her eyes how they look so blank, hateful, and the way her collar bones are so out of place, that trick was possessed


  2. adeen says:

    Wow why do you dislike Beyonce so much? I am not a huge fan of her but I understand how you feel about her putting put this perfect image of herself in the media.


  3. Wow, now THAT’s lettin’ it all out! I gotta say that what irks me about Bey is that there is always the monster that blocks everyone else’s shine because such and such is the chosen one. I’m tired of dynasties! That includes sports too (Lakers, 49ers, Yankees or Corinthians in Brazil) because there’s usually always something unfair that gives these teams an advantage over others. There are so many singers out there making REAL music nowadays but you’ll never know who they are because of the Beyonce effect and the Bey copy cats. Beyonce is also a HUGE influence in Brazil! Not digging that too much either because what she brings to the table is not natural blackness but a means of making a flight from blackness a symbol of success. Hence, if you wanna be like Bey, you gotta hide your natural hair….Not to mention the white girl looking photos. The Brazilian media is always trying to hype the new “Brazilian Beyonce” and nibble a little off of Beyonce’s fame. Again, not feeling it….There are a number of articles about Beyonce’s influence in Brazil, but for starters, check this one out:


    • truthangel07 says:

      When I saw the disclaimer–(my response) to Beyonce’s instance on having, French, Indian and African prefacing her racial mixture was simply absurd. When one is French–he’s French. When one is Italian, he’s Italian. You do not see proud people anywhere on this earth using such admonitions as this unless they are insecure with who they really are. I see through Beyonce and the hype. She’s not a role model; she’s a product of an industry that thrives on those who have low self-esteem; and lack the ability to project an image that inspires pride in one’s true background/race. The White controlled media loves the Beyonce’s because they are representatives and co-collaborators of White Supremacy by proxy.

      Brazil is the last place on earth any African American woman should insist on downplaying their Africaness. It’s part of the problem in many parts of Latin America. People of African descent have been told for centuries that being Black was bad. An educated woman would and should know this. But hence, I’m being presumptuous.

      Beyonce just got her GED last year. Truth. Who would have thought that the current pop queen dropped out of school at age 15. And she’s supposed to be a role model?

      All I’m saying is that we have to challenge what is popular in society because everything that is popular is not always benign.


  4. I had to laugh at this. Though I don’t wish to see any Black people suffer; I completely understand.

    LOL!! “her jerk husband”.


    • truthangel07 says:

      You wouldn’t believe the number of Stans out there who would chase you down if you dared say anything about their Beloved B-thang. However, people who “get” what I’m saying…know what I’m talking about. She’s a mannequin–No personality. Beyonce doesn’t reflect anything that I can relate to at all as a woman–and particularly as a proud African American woman.


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