Blacks Married or Dating Whites: DO NOT Represent US!


Whenever the subject of interracial dating/marriage comes up, typically, these days, younger folks have a very ambivalent attitude.  However, for those in my age group (not saying); we were raised in the post civil rights era/Cosby Show period.  We saw both worlds:  The one our parents lived in and fought for rights; and us being the beneficiaries of the struggle; our attitudes tend to tip toward the negative when it regards this subject.

When I was a 20-something, it irked me to see these type of couples, particularly Black men with white women.  It just galled me to see Black men groping women that for the most part were the symbol of many lynchings.  Were they insane?  I just didn’t see love–only lust and curiosity.  Gathering from statistics; many white women who have been involved with Black men are now finding themselves the single mothers of biracial children.  And just how do white men feel when they see a white woman with a biracial child?  White men are viewed as the top choice of the socio-economic ladder, and a white woman who has slept with a Black man, has historically been viewed as trash.

There is an age old myth to contend with as well–perpetrated by white males: White women were viewed as “pure” and “untouchable” by lower class men, particularly Black men.  However, white women are the ones who are venturing out and choosing to mate with Black males.  Why?

There are a myriad of reasons, but I want to focus on the perception that the Black community has of interracial unions.  The REAL response.  First and foremost, we are a conservative community and prefer unions between US (African Americans).  Many African Americans, particularly older ones, frown at these unions and deep down, have little respect for Black men or women who marry whites.  It’s viewed as self-hate by some.  Others seem to feel that Black people who get involved with whites in particular are not in touch with their culture or history.  The history of how race was used to oppress their people.  It’s unthinkable to many to be waking up next to a person who’s ancestor probably either enslaved yours, and worse, may have lynched one of your ancestors.  How could you love something that came from that?  It’s offensive to many.

One of the most incendiary images I’ve ever seen was a white woman being embraced by a black man with the caption: ” Black men.  I’m not the cure for Black women.”


Cure?  What cure? Are we a disease.  Really?  Is this how Black women are viewed in relation to our men?

When I saw this picture–it just confirmed something that I and many Black people feel about IR relationships: A Black man or Black woman dating or marrying a white person does not represent our people in the highest light to the world.  They are literally thumbing their nose at Black family.  And that’s really the true insult.  Something that is the symbol of hate can never and should not ever become the symbol of pride for our people.

The Black family is the most precious thing in the world and what we should all aim for as a proud people.


The multiculturalists can and will try to stand on soap boxes declaring this, that, and the other of the pros of marrying someone outside your race; but the wisest among us see through this: it’s a form of color-ism that is being promoted by the proxy of veiled White Supremacy.

As for myself: Not looking for The Great White Hope and I’m not falling for the hype.

A Black man and woman in love is the most beautiful sight in the world.  That’s why Black people should value themselves more than any other.  No other race can BE US–thus, we should hold our family unions in high esteem at all times.


44 comments on “Blacks Married or Dating Whites: DO NOT Represent US!

  1. Darius D says:

    A Black man and woman in love is the most beautiful sight in the world. That’s why Black people should value themselves more than any other. No other race can BE US–thus, we should hold our family unions in high esteem at all times. <—– Replace the word black with white and welcome to Kukluxklanville..Pure racism :/

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  2. Mandisi says:

    Reading this Post, Im reminded of a once young man from Chicago, pro black but with more money he accumulated with time, saw him ditch the sisters to marry entertainment’s number one skank. Guess who that be???


  3. samson says:

    Black men indeed r appreciatd by evry1


  4. so anywho, when you finna check out my stories? lol I’m desperate for reviews


  5. Sis, a resounding applause for this post… while reading through this, I couldn’t help but think of people like Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley (the lap dog), Don Lemon though it makes me want to vomit saying this, Tommy Sotomayor, and Yes Halle Berry (I love her so much it hurts me to say) just to name a few. Did I ever tell you the story of the bi-racial girl, she was a high school student, she used to side with the white kids in launching racist attacks against black kids and then one day, she tried to come on to this white boy that she liked, and he told her “as if I could ever date a nigger” she was devastated afterwards, talk about poetic justice.

    And don’t talk about this Olivia Pope razzmattaz that many black women and some men are eating up like lions feeding in the African savannahs. And what was that movie that came out sometime last year about this black woman who was very promiscuous, sleeping with every man she could, I think it starred Zoe Saldana?

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    • truthangel07 says:

      You’re not talking about Zane’s movie, Addicted are you?

      I posted a comment that I made to this white girl who had the audacity to make that comment to me. I told her that I was going to post it for the world to see. She thought I was playing.

      Scroll down to Amanda Richter’s comments for review.


      • yes that’s the one, it surprises me how so many in our community gobble that ish up. I used to watch Zane Sex Chronicles and Zane’s The Jump Off because for once we saw an erotic show about black folks and it was much more soulful and arousing than the majority of the white ones we see on Cinemax after dark, I mean watching white people fuck, they look so trashy and slutty… but with that movie, Addicted, Zane hit below the belt


  6. Amanda Richter says:

    You are the the face of a bitter black woman jealousy, yes black men and white women can be in love, an guess what, I didn’t grow up in a world where white people lynched black people, get with the times. We are not “looking for a cure” we’re looking for love, and thats what makes US better than You. My bi-racial babies look better than you, better hair & skin, sorry:.( And many of these white women are in long term relationships with their black children’s father unlike you black whores who dont even know who your children’s fathers are. Writing a blog about your bitterness & jealousy makes you look weak. My husband is from Barbados, he says people dont say anything about skin color, hes dated Asian, Latina, Black (Dark and Light) but happened to only marry 2 white blonde hair blues eyed women, not because of “curiosity” but because he happened to fall in love with us particular human beings. Youre petty and sad, I have small lips, small breast, and a small butt, yet black men still love me over haters like you, awww what a surprise :..(


    • truthangel07 says:

      *Your comments will be published for the world to see in one minute.*

      Lynching is a term used in the 20th century to justify killing innocent black men. Today, it’s called, POLICE BRUTALITY. Been paying attention to the news? Ever here of Ferguson? What about Eric Garner?

      You people love to act offended when called out, but then, you have people like Janelle Ambrosia (Google it!) to thank for putting the reality back in your faces:

      And I just love this comment: “We are not “looking for a cure” we’re looking for love, and thats what makes US better than You. My bi-racial babies look better than you, better hair & skin, sorry:.( And many of these white women are in long term relationships with their black children’s father unlike you black whores who dont even know who your children’s fathers are.”

      Not too mention, you don’t know how to punctuate words. Uh, SPELLCHECK!!!

      Better than us? At what? Everything white women do is measured in the terms of her association with white males. You’ve done nothing on your own.

      My, my, my…the audacity of White Privilege springs its ugly head yet again. You must think I owe you some kind of an apology. The audacity of this Black woman to speak her mind.

      Well, wait for it, Chienne!

      The first rule of combat is to know your enemy. And I’ve studied mine very well. What I write about is from observation and interaction. And I am writing about that here. It’s quite apparent, per usual, that you didn’t read the disclaimer on the front page of my blog: “Only the TRUTH is spoken here. Get used to it! What is this blog about? It’s very clear that I’m promoting Black love, community, and family values of the African American community. If you do not understand that and have negative attitudes, and views about my people, you are not welcome here–and will be banned immediately.” Guess you missed that.

      Does your man know he married a white cunt, bigot? Does his mother know you think this of Black women? Black African women were the first mothers of this earth–Africa is the birthplace of ALL CIVILIZATION. When your ancestors were living in caves, African geniuses were studying the heavens.

      What springs to mind is the day that one of your children comes home after being called a Nigger; I wonder just what in the hell you are going to say to them, bitch? Do you realize you’re a RACIST, honey? You’re better than Black women? Really? If that’s true, why do your husbands and boyfriends keep killing your asses? I see why some of your heifers keep coming up missing. You broads go to a lot of trouble to look like the physical equal of Black woman (butt lifts, breast augmentation, lip injections, botox–Black woman don’t age like ww). The lonely ones typically appease themselves by becoming obsessed with dogs, confusing them for human intimacy–literally:

      Oh, and please tell me, just how many white women teachers (including where I live) have been busted now for sleeping with their male students?

      Seems like something whites feel no inhibition about.

      And you wonder why Black women hate your asses?

      You people are DEPRAVED to the core.

      And little Ms. honey, let me correct you on something: Your biracial children are a product of Nature doing a 360 on your white ass. When a race or species is dying, typically, it is natural for it to have the urge to mate with a stronger species, in order to preserve its genes. You see, white people are dying more than white women are giving birth, which means: in less than 35 years, whites will be the minority in this country for the first time in history. Better yet, what do your children know about their Black African history? So, forgive me, it seems a bit ignorant and one explosive oxymoron for a white woman to be telling an African American woman that her children are look better because of your genes.

      Most Black men who devalue themselves by sleeping with white women, are really fantasizing about the “one Black woman” that got away. Yeah, that’s right. And, they also sleep with white women that white men really don’t want. And it’s tolerated by white males, because, hell! Its’ cheaper than paying reparations. Honestly, Black men really don’t want you–you’re “pussy pawn” in a bigger psychological game than you can ever understand. Check slavery and white Supremacy, bitch!

      The only thing Black women and white women have in common is gender. Nothing more. We don’t have to validate your asses. And that’s what you’re really upset about: The “superiority”–in your mind, is not being affirmed. No. I don’t worship garbage.

      Black women may or may not marry their children’s father (that’s their business), but the majority of Black men–MARRY BLACK WOMEN.

      Need I mention, you women don’t age well. You’re the only group that is afraid of aging. After age 25-30, it’s OVER for most white broads. Can’t help but to mention this…One of the things I find most interesting, are the many white women can’t wait until Halloween, so you can dress like what you are: WITCHES! More appropriately, I’ll state what a brother on this blog said some time ago about white women like you: “White women are nothing more than wolves with lipstick.” You are co-agents, along with white males, of spreading hatred, racism, and enjoying the fruits and exploits of the oppression white males have inflicted on people of color for centuries. And now you think that you’re going to bring your toxic spiritual waste to the Black community?

      I’ll tell you flat out, talking big is one thing, but you’re talking to a Black woman that is prepared to GO TO WAR for her people. Be careful who you try to pick fights with, suga. That can be dangerous for your health. Basically, I’ll put my foot so far up your ass; you’ll have bite marks on your anus.

      You over-stand that, tramp! Obviously, you’re perplexed at what I’ve typed. You’re in a quandary as to how this applies to you. Did I hurt your feelings? If so…I’M DELIGHTED.

      Black women suffer sexism and racism every damn day. Drink some of our bitter wine and see if you like the taste, suga.

      To hell with your feelings!

      The only reason many Black men bed your kind is because they don’t have to be accountable. It’s not really love, baby. It’s convenience. Because a real woman inspires a man to respect her and will not enable dysfunction to appease his ego.

      I will be giving your e-mail and I.P. address to the world.

      You should have chosen your words more carefully, now they will expose what’s really inside of you.

      Oh! And one last thing: black men and white women, in IR marriages, have the highest divorce rates among ALL IR couples. Black women married to white men, have the least, ironically.

      There’s no need for me to say anything further; you just proved my point already!

      You’ve just had an encounter with a proud, intelligent, Black woman who knows that you cannot be free and love your conquerors. Look at Egypt, you would think that it was never black. Our scholars have to be fighting tooth and nail to resuscitate our culture because it has been white washed and stolen by these said people that black have gladly mixed with. This doesn’t mean all people from a particular race are the same, but the black man who is serious about liberation and freedom goes for the black woman to show example to the youth.

      On that, I declare my stance, and tell you most boldly, if you don’t like it, you can unequivocally KISS MY BLACK ASS!


  7. Ellinida Mavri says:

    As a product of what this article is arguing against, I have mixed feelings….while this passage [“It’s unthinkable to many to be waking up next to a person who’s ancestor probably either enslaved yours, and worse, may have lynched one of your ancestors.”] doesn’t apply to my parents as my Greek father was an immigrant, I can say that my life might be easier if I could identify with one culture.

    Both the Black side and Greek side of my family are very strong and powerful influences in my life though, and I’d hate to give up either. Would my life have been better if my mother had married a Black man… I really can’t say for sure.

    Also there may be a regional factor. For example if I lived in the south rather than the northeast it may have made less of a difference….. Greeks weren’t considered White in parts of the south and were actually targeted by the Klan. My parents would likely not have been considered an interracial couple down south, as opposed to New York where they raised me.

    Thanks for the article, it really made me think some more.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Ellinida.

      Thank you for coming to the blog.

      There is nothing new about IR unions–even during slavery, believe it or not, there were Black people married to white people, including Black men.

      You re correct that your Greek father more or less would have been discriminated against in the racist south, however, as relates to IR relationships in general, they were used during slavery as a means to divide and conquer Black people.

      White men felt no apprehension at all to rape Black women in order to create babies to supply the trade of slavery. This is why many Black women respond so negatively to IR unions between Black men and white women. The image of Black bodies swinging from trees because of the lies of white women is still offensive subliminally, and confuses many sisters as to why so many brothers just don’t get it.


  8. Joan Knibbe says:

    Very well written by this beautiful Black Woman. I am Indian and Irish descent, My first husband was Mexican American. I was married for 13 yrs. and had 3 kids. His family was into the Political Arena of Past Senator Albert Bustamante of Texas. My next husband was white, no kids with him and he had none of his own. While being married into the Mexican community, due to sex before marriage and my father forced our marriage, which to me was wrong, and the father and mother on the baby’s side was disturbed that their son crossed with me and we had a baby on the way. I for one made the wrong turn that night with him and many nights later. By the 3rd month we knew what we had done. Parents on both side saying and doing what was best for the baby’s sake! This was wrong also by both parents on both sides. I felt sad for all involved. The father of the baby was in college and now he had to go and get a job. His family spoke up and told us we had to live with them. My parents never cared. At the hospital, after I had fainted and had a pregnancy test, asked me this question, “Now I suppose he will not marry you.” Again, mother never cared then and years later, she was uncaring for me. Dad on the other hand, with a warning to the father of the baby told him, “You better not ever mistreat her!” Again, Dad had a warning for us, not caring either, What was I to do? My in-laws dearly reached out to me! Gee, that felt great. Love was extended at that time. But, I had no understanding about the Mexican culture, the men or the women. In time, my own white folks started to pick on me for being in this marriage we had, I was so sad that for years the Mexican Women always had the belief my husband was wrong being married to a white woman. I suffered greatly! I lived as well as I could, considering that I will not be all the way accepted in the Mexican Culture, It was what it was, “It happened!” Young and scared with a baby does not mean to marry any man in any cultures! But beyond that, my point of being here, I agree, that all women must marry whatever the race, they were born into. There is blood running in that race and it seems that a belief of that culture is inside of that blood. I love my White Man. I love that Black Woman and Black Man! To me this is meant to be. After divorce, I spent years releasing from inside of me, all the hurts thrown at me from both sides, Mexican and White have hurt me, I first hurt myself by wrong sex, wrong boy and 3 kids later, but I do have 3 wonderful kids. I am here to say, Stay within your race! I feel for the white woman that married a Black Man! He must be true to his heritage women! Same for us white women, stay true to your white men out there! I have mixed children in my ancestry now, Mexican and Blacks, half breeds and they do not know what any of this is about! But as adults, for sex, for marriage and building lives well founded in your own ancestry lines, stay true to that, please! Represent our colors! Two Whites, Two Mexicans and Two Blacks, stick with that and for sure, no confusion, hurts and racial Misunderstandings. Our kids must see and live with two parents of same color! This is respect, dignity and blessed union of marriage, to me and I close. Thanks for your beautiful writings!


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m not sure how to respond to your comments but I respect your honesty and have approved you to comment on the blog in further postings.

      The one thing I will say is that the parents of the children are responsible for teaching their offspring their heritage.

      Don’t miss out on that!


  9. truthangel07 says:

    You will not come to this blog and talk to anyone like that.

    People are going to have their opinions and if you are not mature enough to express yourself better than this; than I highly recommend that you find a site more suited to your immaturity.

    Whatever support you could have received has been lost with this post, and honey, let me school you about something: do not ever call Black people racist, it is ignorant, and shows that you don’t even understand the system that you’re white parent was birthed, raised, and evolved from. Racism is a system, designed to oppress people of color. And it is this very system what White Supremacy is built on.

    Do you overstand?

    ***A Warning***

    I will approve your membership on my blog, but with a caveat: any disrespect shown to the members or myself of this blog will result in you being banned. And without hesitation.


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  12. pokimen11 says:

    I don’t belive in interracial marriage I belive in black love


  13. Adeen says:

    I agree with this post. I don’t believe in multiculturalism or interracial dating or marriage. I believe it is better to stay within your own race.


  14. Julie DeMaio says:

    Well Hello and yes I am white. When I was growing up I was taught that you stay with your color, becuase its a symbol of preserving and honoring your own race/color. So Yes I never did and never will date or hook up with another color other than white.


  15. THANK YOU SISTA!! I take pride in the fact that in all my years on this planet I have never touched a white woman in any kind of sexual manner. In fact, the women that I have ever touched in that manner have all been Black.

    Now about the Black family (shameless plug coming) I’m writing a “short” story about the Black family that is fully functional. The parental units are in place and the children are well taken care of. The way it should be. The story is called “Before Grits Were Grocery” and it’s in it’s fourth part right now. If you want to read a story of a strong man and loving father, who with his beautiful and also loving wife, raise their two boys then check it out.

    I have a hard time with Black people dating, sleeping with, hookingup with or what have you, with any people outside of Black. The history of that “relationship” in this country alone is enough to change the mind of any Black person wanting to go that route; specially Black women. And please with the love has no whatever; love may not, but you sure as hell do.

    Allow me one more plug sista if you don’t mind: I wrote a piece called “Bard Wire Rapist” that address the historic relationship between Black and white people in the bedroom. It’s sad that it’s considered marrying up when you marry your oppressor. We really need to keep them closed or in our pants until we can love one another.

    Sorry for hijacking your blog sista, you can have it back now.


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