Why I Don’t Trust Black Latinos…


For many years while growing up in Chicago, I had a lot of contact with mostly Puerto Ricans and Mexicans for the most part. The interaction between the two consisted of PR’s being accepted by African Americans and befriended on a large scale while AA’s tended to distrust or absolutely dislike Mexicans.

It was not until 1993 that I began to learn more about Latin people around the world in a PBS program called The Americas, hosted by the late Raul Julia. I learned for the first time on that program about the bigotry that Latins with African ancestry endure and in many ways co-collaborate through their own denial of their African history/identification. Brazil for instance, has the second largest African descended people in the world, yet; all one has to do is travel to Brazil in the more touristy places, you’d never know Black people live in the country, however, just take a visit to the slums; and that’s where most darker skinned/Black people live in that country. Brazil has always implemented a caste system based on skin tone It’s the same in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico etc–in which I didn’t even know had Black African descended people.

I’ll tell you, I was educated after watching the program, but it also helped me to understand why Puerto Ricans and Mexicans didn’t always get along. In Chicago, they literally hated each other. But the program helped me to understand why.

The brainwashing is do deep; even Blacks with Negro features will refer to themselves as either their nationality or more desired racial groups such as calling themselves Indio, Mestizo, et al. Whiteness is highly valued in Latin America, so much so, if you have one drop of European blood (opposite of the U.S.) it makes you white.

As an African American, I do not identify nor sympathize with Black with Spanish roots at all. They are responsible for their identity and if you don’t claim who you are through knowing the depth of your rich African history; [B]THAN WHO ARE YOU?[/B]

Zoe Saldana (Dominican), Maria Carey(part Venezuelan), Stacey Dash (part Mexican), Cassie (part WI/Mexican), Meagan Good (paternal grandmother: Puerto Rican), Tatyana Ali (Panamanian),Trina-Miami rapper (part Dominican),Kelis-rapper/singer(part Puerto Rican), Joan Smalls-model (part Puerto Rican), Reagan Gomez-actress (part Puerto Rican), Shar Jackson-actress (part Puerto Rican/Mexican on her father’s side) et al. I could go on…and on…especially if I start listing the males, but you get the point.

We all remember how Mariah Carey denied being “Black” when she first came out…it was a big issue to her: http://abagond.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/the-blackness-of-mariah-carey/

Basically, I’m a PROUD African American woman and I’m sure if I posted my DNA, you’d see some mixtures there, but honestly, I don’t claim any of it and I KNOW WHO I AM and where my people come from. I don’t have any shame in me–and that is taught to those who hide who they are.

African Americans have issues, but we know our heritage and will not tolerate those who seem to be “ashamed” of themselves, yet, have an interest in our community only when it deems it politically or financially viable for them to do so, such as some of the people listed. Maybe we have an advantage because we had the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the success during Reconstruction in which our people built institutions of learning (HBCU’s), topped by the groundbreaking achievements by African Americans in art, literature, music, sports, business, entertainment, science, etc in the 20th century. We did a lot and this has given us a source of great pride.

Race, racism, and White Supremacy has been used as a weapon against people of color all over the world. Its impact is still very visible in today’s generation of the darker skinned people of the world. However, knowing this intellectually, yet practicing conscious denial of who you are; is not only an offensive betrayal of self; it gives the oppressor even more of a psychological advantage in the war of domination that has enslaved people of color. By denying who you are, literally, you have become a perpetrator by proxy.

And this is how I see Black Latinos.

10 comments on “Why I Don’t Trust Black Latinos…

  1. Sabrina says:

    I first heard of Haiti in 9th grade after the hurricane and honestly thought they were Nigerians when I saw George Bush visit them before the earthquake. I didn’t know of any black Hispanics/Latinos until I was in 12th grade. Before then, I thought it was silly and quite funny if black people living in Spanish-speaking countries existed. The thought in my head was beyond imagination. During the time I was really ready to move past civil rights movement, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, and MLK history and into some hidden knowledge, I ran into a youtuber named Cochise Tarak Sa. He has talked about afro Dominicans, afro Puerto Ricans, afro latinos, and just basically black caribbs who come to the united states to get the “dream.” My imagination was no longer an imagination and the first video I saw that gave me insight on how deep the colorism was was called “Dominican Republic: People of color who say they are not black.” Although the black guys in the video were so handsome to look at, it was sad to hear of such a large, massive denial. It was surprising to me how they are the majority on these islands and they are not taking advantage of the power they could utilize. https://youtu.be/czYS_LoSTDM

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  2. metwo says:

    I think this article over generalizes black people from Spanish speaking countries. Yes, there are huge numbers that do not want to identify with being black although they have African features blatantly spread all over their face. But in America you have huge numbers that also refuse to relate to having African ancestry, think lighter is prettier, nappy is ugly etc. There is a denial of that africanism in all cultures. I know I am much more defensive being a black Panamanian because I know how my family taught us. They always said you are a black woman. And of course that is what I am and who I say I am. As I have met people that have learned of my Panamanian heritage. I have been asked why is it that so many Hispanic cultures deny the African in them but black Panamanians seem to be the only ones to embrace it. So it does bother me to see such an over generalized article to such a diverse issue. Especially in my case and cases of many other Hispanics is simply not true


    • truthangel07 says:

      This is a cultural issue that only your people can answer. Hispanics were taught to hate being Black–but many do acknowledge their African heritage.

      As an African American, I can state that there are some of us who do have identity and skin color issues, but WE KNOW THAT WE ARE BLACK/AFRICANS. That’s the difference–there is no denial of that.

      I will close with this video by the late great Malcolm X that highlights the origins of this behavior in all Black people.


  3. Amirah B says:

    Great post! I stand proud with you sis!


  4. It has been my observation that “Black” Latinos will be quick to say they are not Black. I understand being Black is harder than figuring out time travel and nobody wants the burden, but seriously. Who in the hell are you fooling? And usual, they join in on the hate.

    One person that stands out in my mind is Zoe Saldana. This person so hates being Black that she thinks the more white men she has the whiter she becomes. Sammy Sosa is another self-hating fool that looks like some kind of mutated human in the same vein as Michael Jackson. And both are Dominican and if you know any Dominican, this is par for the course. Puerto Ricans in my experience have always related closer to Black people for the most part, but don’t get too comfortable with them because they will toss you under the bus.

    In essense, Black people have no friends and really can only count on each other.

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    • truthangel07 says:

      When I posted this on another website; most of the negative responses were coming from Blackspanics. They were (((MAD) as hell that I dared to confront this issue.

      The truth hurts, but people aren’t stupid.

      And…don’t forget about Soledad O’Brien; Biracial Latina who somehow thinks she’s qualified to be a spokesperson for African Americans–who is married to a white man and has the whitest looking children I’ve ever seen. That fiasco of a program, Black In America enraged many AA’s and she got called out on it.

      As I said, I see what I see…and THE DENIAL is really the main issue with these folks.

      Like Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”

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    • QuelyD says:

      I feel you should not generalize Puerto Ricans. Yes you are right that some deny saying that they are Black. It is not
      because of the color of their skin. It is because Puerto Ricans are proud people of their ethnicity. That is why some of them when you ask their race , they Say Puerto Rican, In reality I myself think that you should put down what ever applies .All through my life since I came to theUnited States I have been able to simphatize more with a black american han a white american. White kids used to say to me. Go back to where you come from “spic, Puertorican tree climber. The white ladies used to look down at me and as I got older they clutched their purses as I was going to rob them. My maternal grandfather is black, My mother looks white, My paternal grandmother is pure Indian and my father looke white, I have brothers and sisters of all different shades. my siblings married into Black and Mestizo Dominicans. Afro American. Nicaraguan, Equadorian, White, Our children married Jamaican, Bahamas, Afro American, Caucasian American. Our children are all beautiful with different beautiful shades of Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Caramel , Olive and White, They are all beautiful. I am proud that I am Black, Indian and Spaniard


      • truthangel07 says:

        This I know. I was raised around a lot of Puerto Ricans and truly; Puerto Ricans are a “melting pot.” I’m not trying to condemn Latinos–just saying, quit denying who you are. People see through the behavior and understands where it comes from. If you don’t embrace yourselves; don’t expect anyone else to..

        I’m a PROUD African American woman and I simply do not embrace anything or anyone that doesn’t have the same love for themselves.

        That’s all I’m trying to say…

        Stop allowing other people to dictate your reality.

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