Paula Deen…Paula Deen…OH, PAULA DEEN!!!


When the story broke about Paula Deen using the N-word, I was skimming topics on another website. My reaction? Honestly? I didn’t even react. Why? Because…number one: I live in Georgia–her home–and birthplace. Two: She’s a typical southern white CraKKKa.

I’m just a realist.  Truthfully, I just don’t expect much from whites, particularly southern whites.

The story was strange. A couple of days had passed before I read the Enquirer story:  All I could do was shake my head, but then…it just was yet another example of ignorance alive and well in the Good ‘old American south—as with the rest of America.

Why are people shocked?

The truth of the matter is…from the moment I laid eyes on Paula Deen and then heard her talk; I really didn’t expect much from her as a person. She came across as contrived and her veneer was just very typical of white southern women: they live to be peacocks, but when you pluck those feathers; what you find is just another bird that looks good on the outside, but in no way would you have it in your house.

Paula Deen is a racist. Pure and simple. Sure, she’s trying to salvage her image with all of these fake apologies, but is anyone really buying it? I’m not. She’s doing what she has to do—not because she knows what she did was wrong. She was exposed. BAM! It’s what has to be done. Here’s the apology:


Did you feel anything?

I feel no sympathy or real anger towards her. She is what she is. And …I never bought a thing with Paula Deen’s name on it; thus, I’m not feeling like a fool for believing her lie. And it was those Lies—Lies—LIES!!! That helped build her empire. She was outed last year for her keeping the fact that she had diabetes from her fans and the public—given all the unhealthy food she cooked on her show.

Let’s just get to it: Paula Deen is reaping what she sewed.

My anger is for the Black staff that put up with this type of behavior for the sake of money. Why didn’t they expose her years ago? Should we feel sorry for them? I don’t. I really truly don’t. I simply despise cowardice. It’s one thing to point out behavior in someone that offends you and others; however, this woman and her family were literally discriminating against employees as well as the public (African Americans) who dined there—spending money with people who thought of them as slaves. It’s beyond offensive and these employees will not get a pass from me. Not one. It’s shameful.

However, the conclusion I have of this story is for African Americans primarily: Who told you that white folks weren’t racist any longer? Why are you angry? This is not the first time something like this has happened and I am now challenging our community to STOP being so vulnerable and naïve in allowing white people to think that we are not more discerning. These people have not changed; the civil rights movement was just a generation ago, but for many African Americans, you’ve been duped into thinking that you don’t have to be as alert to the true character and intentions of white folks, as was the standard in our community, because Obama got elected. This is not the TRUTH is it?  We know exactly how white people really feel about Black people–we see it every single day.

I never once believed that white folks had changed and I’ll further the aside that a snake will always shed its skin; but its nature will never change.

That’s my stance.


12 comments on “Paula Deen…Paula Deen…OH, PAULA DEEN!!!

  1. You know what really just burns me up about the fat cracka? The fact that she get’s paid off of what our mothers, aunts, cousins and the rest of us have been cooking since day one. This chick has the nerve to sit up on her high horse and lob stones. She needs to jump down and kiss the feet of the people you stole from, like the rest of your kind that have stolen Blackness and made millions. If a Black person steps foot in any of this demon seed’s stores they need a stern talking to.


  2. truthangel07 says:

    In all fairness, some of the reactions on Twitter by African Americans are absolutely hilarious regarding Deen’s downfall:


  3. mswanda says:

    Truthangel I was not coming at you personally. It’s that I’m mad at the fake outrage by liberal whites. They are trying to make it seem like black people are the reason Paula lost her show. It’s deeper than most of us realize.Now here we go again with whites saying if Black folks and rappers can say nigger why can’t we?They try to twist this around and throw it back on us and blame us for their racisim. What is really going on is that the jews are behind this. They throw a rock and hide their hands.There was talk that Paula said something about them. Well you know you can’t say anything about them and get away with it. The jew owned media is trying to destroy her and are using black people to do it. See it’s much more effective. This is to make white folks angrier at us.There is a bombardment of stories showing blacks in the news in a negative light, It’s done to provoke white resentment and anger. I can’t go on any website or blog and see it. The story can be about flowers in a park and whites come on and talk about Obama and black folks. The jews are trying to start a race war, Thats why George Zimmerman will walk free.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Black people are going to have to AMP up their voices and stop being so damned polite.

      We know the deal, but where are the intellectuals, academics and media watch dogs that defend our community? Better yet, why are we allowing whites to continue in their attack on our community–using rhetoric that is obviously designed to insult us?

      I’m not mad at you or anyone else.

      All I’m saying is that Black people have got to stop being so passive.

      White folks have always been what they are.

      Why do we keep tolerating it…and calling it something else.

      SPEAK OUT!!!


      • mswanda says:

        I do agree with you and I do speak out quite a bit. Black zombies are always saying why am I so angry. They don’t have a clue. The act like they don’t see what’s going on. I’m sorry I I gave that impression that I was one of those deaf, dumb and blind people. The Paula Deen thing was the least of my concerns. You are so right about us being so passive. Like if we are nice to them about their racist ways the will be kinder. We have to call them out and not be apologetic for doing so. Play time is over! These demons are killing us and denying us our freedoms. We just say “I’ll let jesus fight my battles. Like the saying goes, Stop the singing and start to swinging. Or something like that. Well sis I wish you luck on your blog. So far I’m enjoying it and look forward to commenting more.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Right On!

        When I grew up, it was not even smart for white folks to think about saying the wrong thing to a Black person.

        Black people, particularly those under 30 do not feel a sense of urgency about much of anything, yet; they see the devastation in many African American communities around the country.

        Who is our enemy?

        Can Black people really look you, me or even white folks in the eyes and just say the truth?

        Black people have fought too hard in this country to allow this type of ambivalence to poison our minds, our hearts; and our communities.

        That’s one of the reasons why I started this blog–and I thank you very much for supporting it.


      • mswanda says:

        Sis, you asked where are the black leaders, academics, ect? They are luring our dumb black asses to sleep.They are being paid to. There is an attack on our blackness! Ever since Obama got into office they have been acting a fool and buying up guns and crying about white discrimination. Please! Stop it! I just read an article about a school in Ohio that are banning braids and afro puffs on little black girls. I’m also reading about black women who can’t get a husband and if I hear one more time that we are the ones have the most abortions I’m gonna scream! The attack on Black womanhood is out of control. Most Black people are against abortion. I can’t name any black female on one hand that I know had an abortion. But damn near every; white female I’ve known had proudly admitted to one.I also want to know why Black females are so passive to the lies told on us. Why are we so quick to believe the worst about ourselves.


  4. Paula is a fat racist diabetic sweathog! I have no sympathy for her. I’m glad the Food Betwork fired her ignorant ass! No tears from me!


  5. mswanda says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Paula Deen is no different that any other white person in america. I’m a Black female from the South. The person that filed the lawsuit is a white female. She is throwing all this nigga talk in to strengthen her case and our black asses are falling for it. There are bigger problems than Paula Deen. If we were to boycott all whites or business that have “offended” us we would not be able to buy anything. I’m just saying pick your battles. Paula Deen is a non issue for me. At least she hires black people. I had a racist boss in MS and he said he didn’t have to like anybody and to go make his money. I worked in a dayspa at the time and unlike other white owned spas he had Black, native, Asian and gays there. He might have been your typical redneck but he gave anyone that wanted to work a chance and I respect him more than those phony liberals that pretend to care. Black people can care less about what Paula Deen said. You might as well just be mad at all white people if you are mad at her. They all say or have said that word.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m not angry and I stated that. Paula Deen is what she is–as I also said. My life goes on. This story has as much impact on me as a biography about grass. Seriously. I’ve never spent any money on her products. I don’t watch her no defunct show; and I don’t use her recipes.

      She can go eat her doughnut fried hamburger and choke for all I care.


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