Micro Racism

Micro Aggression

You saw it. But keep quiet.


What is micro racism?  It’s when white people say or do something that offends a person of color, but deny it because subconsciously, they either feel they were well intentioned or just can’t identify with behavior that is adverse to the positive view they hold of themselves, i.e., anything that challenges their moral decency image/code.

If you are an African American or any person of color, you’ve experienced this at one time or another.

For instance, you’re in a store and mysteriously you start being followed or “watched” a little more closely than the whites that are in the store.  Remember a couple of years ago when ABC’s George Quinones had a segment showing just that on the show What Would You Do?  http://youtu.be/hhM7Gzlt3sU

It’s a common form of racial profiling experienced by Blacks and other minorities somewhere in this country.

Of course, white folks will deny it, but lets just keep it real: they are ALL biased against minorities in some way or another.

Here are some common ones that I know off personally:

  1. Years ago, a white coworker asked me after watching me talk to a Black person that I had greeted and exchanged pleasantries with: “Do all Black people know each other?”
  2. A Black woman who was an officer of a bank being insulted by a white female coworker in her assumption that the only reason why she could dress so well was because in her opinion, “her husband was a drug dealer.”
  3. Being t0ld by a white colleague how “well you speak” after giving minutes in a meeting.
  4. Being asked: “How do you get your hair like that?”
  5. An Asian man admitting that one time while shopping, a white woman came up to him and said, “I’m so glad I saw you, I almost forgot to get rice.”

You get the point.

At some point or another, many minorities become the object of ignorance by unconscious white folks.

So what do we do?

I say, confront it.  Don’t run from it.

I will not become the prisoner of someone else’s ignorance.

The only way racism is to be defeated; people of color have got to stop thinking that white people deserve sympathy for “not knowing” any better.

4 comments on “Micro Racism

  1. Living Consciously says:

    To Hunglikejeasus – Here’s two for you! I purchased myself a beautiful Chanel briefcase/bag called “The Working Girl” upon graduation as a gift to myself.

    1. I was at work and the head principal partners at this law firm’s daughter was doing a summer internship. She looked at by Chanel bag and asked me if it was real. She then went home to tell her mother that a black girl at work had a Chanel bag. On her return to work the next day she told me that her mother’s response was “Oh honey, I’m sure it wasn’t real. You know those people go to Canal St. to buy them fake from the Chinese.” She told to her mother that is was in fact real. Her mother then told her “Well I’m sure she is probably borrowing it from one of those rent-a-handbag websites.” NERVE!

    2. I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus and all of a sudden some crazy ass white b**ch comes running across four lanes of traffic towards me. In the process of almost getting hit. She then proceeded to touch my Chanel bag and ask me “Is it was real.” I snapped at her and told her I would call the police if she didn’t step back! She looked at me with this evil, nasty, shocked look as if, How dare I threaten to call the police and not allow her to violet me at will! Can you imagine if it were reversed? I would have been locked up right away with charges pending from; Jaywalking, Endangering The Public, Assault, Robbery, Mugging and so on. F**ing, Dirty White B**ch! I wanted to beat the crap out of her. How dare she!

    Micro Racism At Its Fullest!


  2. I’m a Black male with dreadlocks who happens to live in the south. I don’t know if it’s a southern thing but white people feel they still own us and can do whatever they want with their property. It never fails that some white “woman” will ask to touch my hair and before I can tell her no, the hand is coming. I slap it away and check her ass with perfection.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I agree.

      There is still an attitude in the south that is very much deep rooted in the “Old South”.

      What irritates me is the most are the white people who for some unseen reason, feel that they can say whatever they want to Black people–including even butting in to our conversations; and we’re supposed to just allow it without protest.

      If you’re a newcomer; than the issue tends to be with such people is to respond amicably; however, when you witness this day after day; you realize that it’s a pattern of behavior that has gone unchecked for a very long time.

      Black people in the south allow whites to disrespect them. Northern Blacks will check them in a heartbeat.

      I’ve had enough of it…and will not tolerate it any further.


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