Daddy, Why Did You Call…

White Man Uses Racisl Slur Against Black Wife in Bed!

Mommy, Why Did You Call…

Biracial Child asks (either parent):   Why did you call mommy/daddy the N-word?

Apparently, the two links that are attached to this story reflect a subject that oftentimes is not discussed by proponents of interracial unions/marriage.

Frankly, I’m not interested in dating or marrying someone of another race, but particularly, white.


Because, you can’t love me–if you hold a negative view of who I am–even subconsciously.  And to further: I’m not looking for the Great White Hope.

White people these days are always trying to sweep racism under the carpet–even using the statistics of the rise in IR unions as their proof.  What is it supposed to prove?  We’re not witnessing the daily struggles of these couples.  And more bluntly; a white person does not every worry about being called a N-word or slave.

It’s the ultimate oxymoron.

Race/racism is the foundation of this country.  Daily news reflects it.

However, in a marriage, when someone tells you I do, then after any type of disagreement, misunderstanding or character issue; the N-bomb comes out of the white spouse’s mouth. What’s the response to that?

Some African Americans really don’t have any sympathy.

However, in relation to the children involved; what do you say to a child that asks the question: Why did you use that word?


6 comments on “Daddy, Why Did You Call…

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  3. I’m stainding up and applauding you right now, well, not, right now, ….you know what I mean.

    I have never heard it put quite this way, but this is the way it should be put for all that feel this way. And all should feel this way.

    I have never touched any woman outside of a Black woman in anything resembling a sexual nature and that’s the way it will remain. Can I please get a witness?


    • truthangel07 says:

      The story in Essence is recent but I also think that it needs to be discussed openly.

      What would you say if you married a white woman and she called you not only the N-word; she even intimated, as with Terrence Howards’s ex wife, that she didn’t want “N….children.” That’s deep.

      But do you feel sorry for them?

      I don’t.

      It’s a clear cut message, as to what Malcolm X said: “All white people are racist.” Even the ones who think marrying a Black person is the ultimate testament of them not being so.

      Not true at all.

      It’s deep in them…and they need to admit that.


      • Blackking86 says:

        That comment by Terrence Howard ex wife is something else..

        Black men need to stop letting non black women sample them and just stick to black women. It’s as simple as that.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        He picked her.

        I don’t feel any pity for him or Black men that get into these type of relationships.

        Black women are the genetic equal of Black men; and when they learn this fact, the perhaps, they’ll understand that there is no woman on this earth that can love them the way they were designed to be loved than by a Black queen.


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