Being a Strong Black Woman in Georgia Ain’t Easy Sometimes…

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When I walk down the street, typically, people will always greet me for some reason. I don’t get it. However, being a southerner; it’s courtesy to smile, and say HEY.

I moved to Georgia in 2004, leaving my beautiful Chicago behind. Let me just say, it’s been an adjustment. Ain’t no southern hospitality anymore. Trust me on that. There is however a lot of folks moving from other places who are always asking the same question: “What’s wrong with people in Georgia?”

I’ve been wondering about that all my life. However, it’s really bad now. Nobody is really happy–most just “act nice” but it’s not really who they are. You would not believe the attitudes that I deal with just going grocery shopping at my local Wal-Mart. Everyday there is an angry Redneck complaining because they can’t bring back merchandise that they purchased over the weekend; now they need the money to get gas on Monday morning, so they make up some lie to the Black customer service associate; then a manager has to get called because Bubba or Lela Mae can’t get what they paid for the items. Oops…they didn’t have their receipt–and the items are now on clearance. They swore they paid more money for the items, but “Sorry ma’am, it’s store policy.” Then they really get pissed because they can’t get cash back without a receipt–just a gift card. Then all hell breaks loose. And this goes on day after day…after day.

What’s been irritating me lately is the way white people in the south think that every Black person they see is from Georgia–or somewhere in the south; and they assume they can say anything to them–with impunity. Or, there is the proverbial white man or woman, particularly elderly, who looks at you and thinks you want to hear every single run-down of their lives. Excuse me, but do I look like I want to know why your dog loves chocolate and not Meat Bone dog treats? What is it with white people and dogs anyway? Seriously. The way these people act; dogs have prepaid cards and should have their own blogs.

Yes! There are still racists in the south. And as far as I know; the Grand-master of the Klu Klux Klan has not issued a statement apologizing for every time one gets caught saying the N-word.

I look at my people and just shake my head sometimes. Deep down, some southern Black people are still afraid of white folks. But getting them to admit it would be like trying to get Paula Deen to kiss Louis Farrakhan on the lips and say, “Now that’s some good shoogah.”

I’ve been fantasizing lately about knocking the hell out of one of these nosy bastards that asks me on too many occasions about MY BUSINESS. Why are people down here so nosy? I just don’t understand why they have such a fascination with what perfect strangers are doing. One woman actually came out of her house when I was walking down the street and had the nerve to ask me where I work. Another man asked me a couple of weeks later where was I going. WTF!

This is really not a great place as some would like to think.

The south in many areas has a lot of growing to do. It is what it is.

And honestly, I’m a strong woman, but I’ve played weak for fear of how people down here might view this northerner. So, I’ve chose to remain undercover, praying every single day, and asking God to hold me back from hurting that one sad soul who annoys me on the wrong day.

6 comments on “Being a Strong Black Woman in Georgia Ain’t Easy Sometimes…

  1. “But getting them to admit it would be like trying to get Paula Deen to kiss Louis Farrakhan on the lips and say, “Now that’s some good shoogah.” LOL!!! You have some great one liners! You should consider stand up!lol


    • truthangel07 says:

      I think it’s a hidden talent. It comes out when I least expect it.

      When I was growing up; my friends would get so mad at me because I was always quick with the comebacks. *laughing* I’m serious…some used to get mad as hell because they never knew what to say.


  2. I’m a southern and I now live in the metro Atlanta area and people ain’t never been nice. And truth be absolutely told, people ain’t nice anywhere really. Or maybe it’s me, they aren’t nice to. I’m a heavily melanated Black male with waist length locks, so……..yeah, hide yo kids. But I know what you’re talking about.

    Custormer service? Where?

    Chicago? Did you leave or escape?


    • truthangel07 says:

      Because of circumstances at the time; I had to pack up and move to Georgia. Now 8 and a half years later; I’m in the process of moving back.

      I miss Chicago terribly. I loved every minute I grew up there…


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