So It’s OUR FAULT They Call Us The N-Word?


Oh, this troublesome word has gotten many nice, good, racist white folks into trouble…and you know what?  Their response on some occasions is that “Black people use it.”  Thus. they shouldn’t be penalized for it.

I thought after last week, I’d have a break from discussing anything dealing with race.  After all, I do have other things on my mind.  However, the usage of the word N-word has come up in regard to who uses it, how its used, and the intent of the word.

A co worker friend of mine were in discussion of a lot of the racial components of the Zimmerman trial and Paula Deen controversy.  She stated to me that she knew a white guy who was “cool with Black people” used the N-word in her presence, and her brother quickly told him to never use that word around him, his sister, or any other Black person.

Was this ignorance, arrogance, or a combination of the two?

No one that I know or do not know better not call me anything that is not on my birth certificate.

Rappers have used the word interchangeably for almost 30 years.  It’s a way of communicating.  In the world of Hip Hop, the N-word has become a double-entendre. A word that has two meanings.  The way we speak traditionally has always intrigued the public–including many white folks.  Many white kids listen to rap music–mimicking the stars they worship; they confuse using nigga with Black friends–who for some unknown reason do not chastise these white people because in their minds, they are not insulting them.


So when Paula Deen actually says the word:


All hell breaks loose.

Question:  If you have common sense and know history, why in the hell would you allow any white person to call you the N-word, regardless of how it’s spelled–and/or the intent of using the word by the speaker?

So a white person who listens to Jeezy gets a pass if they demean you–but then if the white person uses the N-word that ends in “er”; they must be chastised.


Young Black people better get a clue and stop allowing whites to demean them.

If a white person refers to you as either meaning of the N-word; basically, what they are saying is that you are still a slave and don’t deserve respect.  A name is a valuable, and spiritual possession.  It’s your identity—it’s who you are: your character and values are set in your name when it is mentioned to others.  And when someone takes away your name–thus–you aren’t valued.  Link:

Many people don’t think of this and whenever someone of another group refers to you as something negative; they are telling you exactly what they think of you and how they see you.

There’s an old saying that you teach people how to treat you.  Anyone who allows a white person to call them the N-word–irregardless of its intent; does not value themselves nor do they have SELF RESPECT.  


2 comments on “So It’s OUR FAULT They Call Us The N-Word?

  1. gaiagertrude says:

    (C)Rappers should stop using that word first. Anyway I don’t listen to them, but unfortunately my brother does, and I am fed up with this b*tch, n*ggers and so on. Vulgar. And gross.


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