Sundays Aren’t About God Anymore…



Growing up in the Midwest, it was a typical Sunday to see little girls dressed up like this.  And yes!  I was one of them–going to Sunday School…bright and early on Sunday morning. 

Cute ribbons adorning the multi-pony tailed hair–accentuated with bright pink, blue, yellow–and white ribbons on third Sundays.   The dresses would be the prettiest frilled things you’d ever lay your eyes on.  Little girls above would walk  hand in hand to church with their parents or other siblings, bible in one hand, matching purse in the other.

This was my life.  It was what I saw in my community.

People raised their children to know God when I was a child.  In the African American community, it was custom and part of our heritage to worship in the house of the Lord.  Our values are centered around the church.


But as time marched on, people stopped coming to church.  At least they used to send the kids back then, but in 2013; it’s hard pressed to even see children actually praying, much less going to church.

America has changed.

It was a sacrilege to work on Sunday.  It was observed to be the Sabbath.  It was disrespectful to the faithful to be seen doing any type of menial labor–even washing dishes on this day.  It was to be reserved for worship only.

However, Sundays are more or less a time to kick back for many people.  It’s beer time and sports:  Football, basketball, golf, barbecuing, anything recreational.  God never enters their mind unless they want to blame him for something.  It’s always interesting that people don’t find time for God, but yet want to accuse him of every wrong thing that happens in their life.

Many people think that the reason why our country is having so many problems is because we have turned away from God.

You’ll here a lot of debate about that, but speaking as someone who has lived enough life to know the difference; yes…life in America has changed.

When I was a child, I never once felt threatened to be an American.  Today, terrorism is the new inheritance of children born in the eighties.

We need to get back to church–and start paying God attention again if we want our country to heal.

My question:  Who said your life was going to be easy?

Life is a series of challenges that are designed to make us stronger.  It’s how we navigate through those challenges that shape who we are.



2 comments on “Sundays Aren’t About God Anymore…

  1. To be honest, Sundays haven’t been about God ever. It’s been about carrying ones troubles and leaving them there. It’s about fellowship and not really worship. Sunday is about family getting together and having Sunday dinner. I say these things because Sunday worship was not our way, it was shoved down our throats until digested it.

    Sunday is for a lot of things, but God really ain’t one of those things, everyday is the Most High day. In my humble opinion.


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