Right now…I’m listening to the Ruff Ryders, remembering what I was thinking yesterday. The beat of this track reminds me of a marching anthem–and I’m seeing images that are bold, strong, erect–and READY FOR WAR! Now the lyrics have nothing to do with what I’m thinking, but it’s the music…THE DOGGONE MUSIC that’s got my mind soaring with images–one’s that bring America to its knees. Not by force, but by MIND AND REASON.
Ladies and gentleman…we are living in a world that has literally dumbed-down its populations.  And the brain drain is what is causing so much cultural, social, political, and financial upheaval.  The people have stopped THINKING and are just doing what they are told to do.
And just who are we listening to?   Seriously. When was the last time you heard someone speak the absolute truth about anything?   And what about wisdom? Where are the wise men and woman who gave us good advice before we did something stupid?
Oh, I’m annoyed–SO ANNOYED at the level of ignorance that I am exposed to each and every single day. I long for intervention of a spiritual nature; but people somehow have been convinced that God is the problem. The Bible is THAT BOOK that everyone talks about; but few actually read–to gain an understanding of what the problems in this world are really about.
During the 60’s, we had the late Fred Hampton (leader of Chicago Chapter of The Black Panthers, H. Rap Brown, the late Stokely Carmicheal, Malcolm X, poet Sonia Sanchez, Angela Davis, poet Amiri Baraka et al.  They were the voice of Black America and oh, what powerful words they spoke.  What was spoken to us was deep and thought provoking.   It came directly from the pool halls, the bars, from the people who went to church, the beauty shop, the barber shop and the grocery store.  It challenged not only the white power structured; it dared them to deny the truth of what was said.  But a generation later, there is no Black intellect.  Just Black pundits with agendas, being paid by the white power structure to say what they think we want to hear.   And just exactly what is it that Black people think today?I’m not really clear.  Frankly, I haven’t heard anything deep coming from anyone in the black community since I was a small child.

What exactly is the role of a Black intellectual? BAR editor and columnist Marsha Coleman-Adebayo says, “The Black intellectual shows her worth by contributing to the “distribution of knowledge and skills” – and by telling the truth.” Link:

I agree.

Our people have the power to change the world.  The African American has been one of the most impressive in the world.  We went from being slaves to having the most known figures in modern history.

It is very necessary, in my opinion, for Black people to keep the intellectual lines of communication open. Knowledge is power and information is critical, but all to common these days; people seem to have tuned out. What is on your mind?  Do you know?

You will never change what you tolerate.

Apathy is death.

[I’m hearing drums…marching…to a rhythm of a people awakening…]


Could it be?

They’re coming…coming to get things back in order. And who is they? The people who have been watching–taking notes–memorizing faces: those who’ve offended our people. And they are angry! Ready to do war on the perpetrators. They are armed and dangerous. Not just with weapons, but with KNOWLEDGE–the kind that shift the paradigm.

We need a intellectual shift in this country. It’s time to WAKE UP the sleeping giants among us.

I’m ready.

What about you?


4 comments on “Black People! We Need An INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION!

  1. Luther says:

    Thanks designed for sharing such a good thinking, piece of writing is good, thats why i have read it


  2. harvey says:

    Looking for in advance to looking at extra from you in a while!? Im normally to blogging and i truly respect your site content.


  3. The country being dumb down is an understatement. I can remember when they had that oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, some chick at work asked me where the Gulf of Mexico was.


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