If we accept an…

If we accept and acquiesce in the face of discrimination, we accept the responsibility ourselves and allow those responsible to salve their conscience by believing that they have our acceptance and concurrence. We should, therefore, protest openly everything . . . that smacks of discrimination or slander. ~Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955)

6 comments on “If we accept an…

  1. Adeen says:

    IMAO, this woman is so funny! How can White devils accept us? They never will accept us! We need to separate from them and build our own communities and rely on ourselves to make it. I am sick of Black people like her saying we all need to get together and crap like that


  2. chen says:

    We as a people seem to think that it is a sign of benevolence and humility when we gracefully beam at whites and either defend them or make excuses for them, that they somehow will reciprocate this virtue, all we have to do is , you guest it….wait! And we do …wait and wait. Many of these whites come onto Black sites pretending to be Black! You can pretty much flush them out quickly, as whatever, the topic, they always try to divert your attention onto other races of people as the enemy , eg the A-rabs or make distinctions between Blacks from other countries
    I make no bones on the matter, I do not defend racist whites nor will I fool myself into thinking that they can change or be my friend. As one Bro commented, “does a Giraffe say to a Lion, let just get on?” My point exactly when dealing with the real enemy.


    • truthangel07 says:

      That’s true. I’ve witnessed this also.

      The day after the Zimmerman verdict, I was in my company break room watching CNN when a young Black man started criticizing the reactions of the protesters–in front of some whites that were there at the time. I challenged him immediately. I stated that they had a right to protest. He rebutted: “Yeah, but they don’t have to get violent. And it’s not going to bring Trayvon Back. They don’t know him…” On and on he went–I didn’t back down. Finally, I said to him: “What if you lost someone to violence would you be that passive? Those people are angry at the system. And their demonstration is just them expressing their opinion.” He got quiet after that and tried to change the subject.

      It floored me at this psychological response of this guy to criticize righteous protest to indignation. House Negro response.

      They really do exist.


  3. truthangel07 says:

    This is a very interesting rebuttal. I totally agree with it.

    I’ve been in a position for a long time to speak about my community and the issues that I feel are important. However, I’ve noticed for over 10 years how many Black people on websites designed FOR US how when whites come on the site; all of a sudden–everything gets skewed.

    That’s what happened to Blackvoices. Suddenly, when white folks were allowed in; they began to take offense at the TRUTH that was being spoken about–had the nerve to complain, causing threads to either be closed or deleted, or having veteran members banned. This is exactly why Blackvoices died. The format it’s in today is a joke. Did you know that many of those stories are being written by whites on the Huffington Post?

    The same thing is now happening to Lipstick Alley and Myurbanhangout was the latest website to fall–because of US.

    Do not be deceived–WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE ENEMY and I am not going to allow a snake in my house. Yes! They are racist as hell and a snake will always shed its skin; but its nature will never change.


  4. chen says:

    I think it’s a very real problem. We have become warped martyrs. Have you seen how readily we come together to moan and wallow in the suffering cause by others?? Yet, the same people would be appauled if you mention taking responsibility for themselves, stop accepting racist behaviours and theerby stop being acceptable victims. Also, have you seen how people react when some of us actually take a stand? The disbelief and anger on their faces is something not to be missed!! Why because we have allowed racist the comfort zone with us as being the punch bag, and if we continue to do nothing now it will be too late then. When was the last time you saw a jew accepting racist behaviour? That’s right never. They’d jump right in a klansman face in a minute, because they never made it a habit in the first place to accept it, even though they too were once lynched. Now they are in a position to lynch other, anyway you care to imagine. That’s where we should be headed.


  5. mswanda says:

    Right on! Tired of these kumbaya Negros. Our children, women and men are being murdered everyday by racist pig cops. Its like there is some unspoken command and agreement between law enforcement that say kill as many blacks folks as you can. It’s getting so bad now white folks don’t care who they say racist things to. The dragon has been released and it can’t be contained. They are getting uglier and meaner than ever! The only thing whites understand is violence! Someone needs to give these cops what they have been dishing out. They always claimed they were scared for their lives and had to kill. We need to give them a real reason to be scared. Tired of this shit. Black folks crying and call out for Jesus and these white devils still keep killing us. I’m not saying riot but we have to let the pigs know we are not gonna take it anymore. Speak up and stand up for your rights. As long as we wait for leaders and the lord we will forever stay in the shape we are in.


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