Lil Kim: The Face of SELF-HATE!



When I first heard the news about Lil Kim’s latest plastic surgery and then saw the photos; I went into complete shock. She looked horrible.  What is going on inside of Lil Kim? These questions just rolled through my brain and then it all came rushing back to 1995 in her first Vibe issue: I’ll never forget it.  During the interview; she was talking about the guys where she lived in Brooklyn and the subject turned to dating.  Lil Kim’s direct statements were that the “guys where she lived all like the light-skinned girls.”  And this in a nutshell is what her facial surgeries are about.  She’s trying to look like the girls that got the guys she wanted to date.  When she got the first surgery, Kim stated that she wanted to look like a “Black Pamela Sue Anderson.”

All of us saw how Micheal Jackson distorted his face with plastic surgery–and destroyed himself in the end.  But it all started with a comment that he heard a fan say when he and his brothers were touring.  They were in a hotel and were trying to hide from the screaming young teen girls, when all of a sudden; they were spotted in the hotel lobby.  According to Michael in an interview later in life, he said that one of the girls said, “Is that him?  He’s ugly.”  And hence; this was the catalyst that changed how he saw himself forever.

And let us not forget the late Dr. Donda West who was very uncomfortable with how she looked and was talked into plastic surgery by her son, Kanye West.  It killed her.  A tragedy indeed.  But the big question has to be asked: How could such an accomplished woman feel so insecure about herself to the degree that she would not check the credentials of the surgeon who performed the procedure on her that would eventually kill her?

What does all of this say?

For most African Americans, the subject of plastic surgery is very taboo.  Many feel it’s a thing for insecure white folks.  But when you see the negative impact this is beginning to have on many people in the African American community; there is a subliminal message being sent and far too many of us aren’t understanding the damage of images we see daily on television programs, ad commercials, billboards, social networks, et al.  It’s saying that being who you are is wrong.  Trying to look like someone else is a form of self-hate.  Basically, you have a problem with being you.

Can we just be candid?

The ever growing images of biracial faces on commercial television/movies is sending a disturbing message, and just who is creating these images?  White folks.  And just why?  They have always attacked our image, who we are and how we view ourselves.  However, they aren’t using Sambo photos any longer; their using dangerous psychology against us–and the said fact: It’s working.  It’s hard to compete with a tornado of images that hit us daily that worship and White beauty and forces an agenda of more white supremacy on people of color.

It’s your life, do what you want to do, but loving one’s self is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.  And all I can say in regards to Lil Kim is that she really needs to look deep within herself and find the real person.  What the above picture shows is a monster; and if she’s not careful, it’s going to destroy her.

3 comments on “Lil Kim: The Face of SELF-HATE!

  1. Adeen says:

    It is so sad Lil Kim morphed herself into a light skin hogwash looking mess. She is definitely a face of self hate


  2. This is how money allows ones mental illness to manifest. Black people and self-hate go hand in hand, but most of our self-hatred can only go as far as our budgets will allow. We can get drunk and high or maybe even invest in weaves and nails, but it won’t go much pass that. But that’s plenty when it comes to self-hatred and we see the results of that every single day.

    Lil’ Kim has no one around her that will stop this slow motion car crash. She is surrounded by enablers and parasites and believe you me, when she does hit cold,rock hard bottom those enablers, will sell their stories to the highest bidder. Then Lil’ Kim will be primed for her very own “reality” show. We been coonin’ for so long now that’s just normal behavior.


  3. Sometimes I feel so bad for this woman. She is so lost. smh


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