Thinking of What To Say About The Zimmerman Verdict….


Last night, I woke up from a late nap at exactly the time the verdict was read.  In my spirit, the words, “not guilty” came through loud and clear.  I didn’t react.  My silence was more reflective. I turned the television to other stations to see the reaction of those who supported the Martin family.  Not much to be reported at that time, but by this morning: reaction from the African American community was clear:  ANGER.  RAGE.  HURT.  These were to be expected, but I’m wondering what the actual response will be in the coming days. Reactions came as far as San Francisco.  There were also statements released from everyone from Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP to celebrities.  But what I thought about the most was the message that this verdict sent to sinister forces in this country–(racist whites) who still want an excuse to commit violent acts against African Americans with impunity.

The time has come for African Americans to truly get real about race/racism, and the evil that lurks in the hearts and minds of whites in this country.

That stare.  White people are always starting at Black people.  What are they looking at? 


I get this a lot as well.  Usually, whenever I make eye contact, this mysterious smile comes across their face.  It’s extremely bizarre.

Some might find this to be a strange irritation, but to many African Americans, not only is it rude, but one can’t help wonder what is in the mind of many white people.  And it’s that look that has been the catalyst to many young Black men being profiled–and murdered.

I’m tired of racists.  I’m tired of people trying to tell me that we must “try to get along” among racial lines.  Who are you talking to?  Black people aren’t the ones that need to be lectured.

I’m not really sure what to think about the verdict, but I am most sure that this is yet another example that there is a powder-keg getting ready to explode in this country and I feel sorry for those white folks who just don’t understand that you can’t keep doing these kind of things to Black people/minorities without expecting retaliation.

These are just ordinary words coming from the soul of someone who is wondering when the day will come when I and other African Americans can be free from the hatred that is directed at us on a daily basis.

Killing your oppressor is not murder–it’s justifiable homicide.

This verdict was in response to WHITE FEAR.  And that fear is what led George Zimmerman (even though he’s biracial) to profile, stalk, and kill an innocent child.

Justice was not given to Trayvon Martin with this verdict; but judgement will be given to his killer, George Zimmerman in due time.

Trust me on that.


One comment on “Thinking of What To Say About The Zimmerman Verdict….

  1. Adeen says:

    I am still mad at that verdict! Zimmerman should be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck White AmeriKKKlan and any White AmeriKKKlan who sided with fat ass half Jew half Pervuian fat ass who deserves jail time. I feel sorry for the Martin family and what they had to go through

    Honestly this trial really woke me up. I am realizing that my fears of not trusting White people were right. They can’t be trusted. I believe it is time for us to separate from White AmeriKKKlan for good, they are truly an evil group of people.


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