Yes! Black Women Have Long Hair…And Some Will Shake It In Your Face!


LOL@Allthestupidpeople….who’ve bought into the hype these days surrounding of all things; whether or not Black women have hair weave or not.

Is it your business? Did you loan somebody the money to go the beauty shop?

Psssst….For those who really are “edjumicated,” we all can tell you a little something that may shock some: Black women really do have naturally long hair. Ok. Is that clear?

I’m one of them. And I grew up in a community with women who had hair past their shoulders.

Why are people so shocked by this?

Even white folks look at Black women like myself funny when we have our hair curled and it flows–just like theirs. This reminds me of when I was in high school, my childhood friend, Inga and I went to the $1.00 show(remember those days?). When we paid for our tickets and then went to the refreshment counter; Inga whispered to me that she had overheard two white men that were in back of us making reference to my hair. She said that one of them had the nerve to say, “What’s a Black girl doing with so much hair?” I just stood there–honest to God, I really didn’t know what to say.


During high school, a girl actually wanted to fight me because I had long hair. She told someone that she couldn’t stand girls with long hair because…(in her words) “girls with long hair think they are cute.” Huh? Anyone here ever been accused of “thinking you were cute” by other girls wanted to be cute?” This still makes me laugh and all these years later, I still don’t know what the hell it means to “think you’re cute.”

But on a serious note, there was a girl I knew who actually was jumped by some girls because not only did she have long hair, she was light skinned too. That was a double sin back in the day.

For all it’s worth, the furor over good hair vs. bad hair is rooted in slavery and imagery. Black people were depicted in dehumanizing ways. Black women were always depicted as grossly overweight women, unattractive, badly dressed and domicile. These images were marketed around the world and Black people bought into them. The presumption was: Everything that was Black was ugly.

Anything that could make them feel and look beautiful–even if it was harmful, was employed.

And one of those things was hair. To have long flowing hair–like European women, that was the standard of beauty. So those women who could, they began to press…then later, they began to perm their hair. And then came wigs…then weave.

You sometimes have to go backwards in order to understand where you are and why things are the way they are.

Black women are the most beautiful women on earth, but the tragedy is not that many wear hair weave; it’s that they think that having long hair is all that you need in order to be a woman.

That simply is not true…


14 comments on “Yes! Black Women Have Long Hair…And Some Will Shake It In Your Face!

  1. Sabrina says:

    I love my natural hair. I like doing twist outs, braid outs, and afros. I just like the fact that I can be myself. I don’t have to worry about my hair getting wet. I embrace shrinkage and if I get caught in the rain, I can re twist it. I was a long hair obsessor when I was little but I don’t really care for it to be on me. Yes, I want my hair to grow but I don’t obsess over long hair.

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  2. Jazmeen says:

    Not to nitpick–this is a great article. However, the definition of what constitutes long hair is different for different women. It would be very helpful in posts such as this if the writer and commenters would specify exactly how long their “long” hair is. Also, on many black hair sites, the women with long hair never say how tall they are. Height makes a big difference. I am 5’8 1/2. My hair is transitioning and a bit past my waist. The other day a woman at work commented that her granddaughter’s hair was MUCH longer than mine and way past her waist. The granddaughter is six years old! SMH!


  3. Adeen says:

    This is so true. I used to have long hair before my mother put the perm and relaxer in my hair. I went natural three years ago and my hair is growing back! But now I am realizing that I don’t need long hair to be feminine


  4. Bw have very feminine features, so it doesn’t matter if she has long hair ex: nia long, Halle berry…some BM are obsessed with it…they don’t know that ww need it to soften their features…whereas bw already have soft facial features


  5. I’ve had whites stare at me too…I had long hair, and this girl used to always pick on me I didn’t know what it was about…she’d say I had manly legs (toned legs) and always point out that I was flat butt…but she’d always comment on how long my hair was…then there was not time in school, she came behind me a cut a snip, I got angry…it wasn’t a lot…then I went to her room once, cuz of another friend in their and the next thing you know she’s on top of me cutting my hair…now my hairs at neck length all the way from nipple length, ah well!
    And I wasn’t the one to talk about people’s hair, cuz I wasn’t the only one with long hair that was black, we have a lot in my family…I’m shy so maybe I was an easy catch…idk


    • truthangel07 says:

      She cut your hair. I would have beat her behind–BAD!


      • Lol, I wanted to…but it’s a boarding school, so I told the authority…And I don’t think she’s allowed to go out anymore and she needs to take counselling…all my other fake friends turned against me, and I’m starting a new leaf!
        I was surprised that they believe her over me, even though the saw how the dramatic the cut is…it’s better now, not hanging around such toxic friends…maybe they were just glad it wasn’t them, I still don’t know how they could hang around Someone like that


  6. chen says:

    I would love to see the day when Neanderthal women jump each other because one has blue eyes or red flowing hair.


  7. ibourgie says:

    I love this post!! A few years ago I cut all of my (relaxed) hair off. Having long hair had been so much a part of what I felt, and many in the African-American community considered a necessary part of being beautiful. It was not until I cut off all of my hair that I realized my real beauty. My slanted eyes, big nose,and full lips really stood out and I loved it!! I was complimented by so many people on my facial features.

    My hair has grown back and is longer and thicker than ever now that is no longer chemically damaged. I still love having long hair, but now I know that I don’t need it to feel beautiful. Also, my hair in its natural state is more flattering. It no longer hangs limply in my face. Instead it forms a gloriously fluffy halo that acts as a frame for my face the way it was intended to.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Well, GOOD FOR YOU!

      Self-Discovery is a beautiful thing…and I have to agree–you do feel free-er; and I used to be one of those sistahs that hated getting my hair wet. Hot summer days used to give me fits because my hair would literally BLOW UP from the humidity. I’d snap sometimes, however, when I found the right products about 6 years ago (Cantu) to nurture my hair; I noticed how much healthier my hair was. It has made a tremendous difference.


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