A Good Looking Black Man Makes My Day…



One of the greatest joys of my life are remembering moments when a good looking Black man was in the midst.  It almost changed the atmosphere for some reason.  There’s nothing like seeing a handsome brother who’s got his stuff together–and he’s strong, tall, smells good, and intelligent.

Sometimes I think about all of the good looking ones that I’ve seen, dated, or dreamed about over the years.  I smile a lot when I do this.

Memories of my girlfriends and I always spark a positive thought of our casual days being boy crazy.  We loved checking out cute guys.

And this man right here…Idris Elba (The Wire) just makes women swoon.

I’m a flirt by nature and I love Black men.  Especially if they are bow-legged.  I don’t know why…but it’s just sexy to me.  Not saying that a brother has to be bow-legged to win my affection, but it’s a plus if he is.

I just can’t imagine not being with a Black man.  I’m sorry…but a white man doesn’t have a chance with me.

Black men just make my day.  They are just good for the environment.



8 comments on “A Good Looking Black Man Makes My Day…

  1. DarkandLovely says:

    Dear HungLikeJesus,

    Your screen name gives huge insight into what is turning women off. Public obscenity. We don’t like obscenity; we like smart, funny, respectable, caring, confident men who are comfortable in their own skin – whatever color that skin may be.

    Are you this forward with women in person? If so, therein lies the problem. How about changing your screen name to something more respectful? Your future can be brighter if you are willing to work on changing that mindset of seeing women as objects. Best of luck to you!


  2. Agreed! There is no man like a black man! I just wish they knew it…


  3. What about us Black men who are not so good looking? The ones who don’t have a six pack? I think there are more of us who are normal and still decent people.

    I have tried for years to understand what Black women want. I’m a really good catch and I know that, but I happen to be dark skinned, slim of build and tall and single. I have no children, a really good job, my own place and my vehicle. What I don’t have is a giant muscle nor European “good looks” and that to me seems like what Black women want. I mean, that is the very first thing one sees when they click on this article. And f that’s what you all want, I guess that’s cool, but that leaves us Black men who love Black women alone or going else where.

    Maybe that’s why so many Black women are single. I’m sorry for being so blunt, but this has bothered me for a while. And though the answer continues to go up side my head, I for some reason can’t swallow the fact the I’ll never live up to what my women are attracted to. This is just me being honest and a lot of Black men feel this way, but you’ll never hear it from them.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Hung, the thing that many Black men seem to miss is that it’s not looks that attract many Black women–it’s attitude, confidence, and strength. We like those combinations.

      I posted two men: Idris Elba is dark-skinned and is highly desired by many, many Black wiomen.

      Frankly, I love dark-skinned Black men and I suggest that you start putting a little swag in your step AND GO GET THE WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS!

      Think like this: And women will flock to you.


      • I have a natural swag that has brought about good results for me. The swag is not my issue. I plenty of confidence as well, my problem is women saying one thing and then doing another. If I had nickle for woman that said they liked “dark skinned men”, I’d have enough to retire on. I’ve been highly melinaned my whole life and the truth of the matter is Black women don’t really care for dark skinned men. Unless he’s exceptional in every way and that’s cool, you do you, but be honest about it.

        I like Black women with natural hair, wide hips, plenty of ass and soft spot for Nina Simone. And that’s what I go after and that’s what unusually get.

        Sista you know I like to give you a hard time.


    • Ewura Plange says:

      @hunglikejesus hi if youre still looking for a woman im available. i read what you said about yourself and i like you. please let me know if you want to be in contact with me

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