The True Symbol of White Power/White Supremacy!


“We battle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, and principalities of powers.”  Ephesians 6:12

The true war between man and Satan began in the heavens.

Many whites come from backgrounds that embrace Satanism and other forms of the occult.  But why are so many whites attracted to the occult?

First, we need to understand the mindset of individuals who choose this as a path:

There are several possible answers.

1) God based religions as they see them don’t meet their spiritual needs. They feel that the church they grew up in doesn’t speak to them on a personal level or the church and/or congregation would reject them if they knew their true feelings, beliefs or actions.

2) Many people, especially young people, rebel against authority as a way of declaring independence. Religion is a major force in many communities and an easy target to rebel against. Heavy Metal music has used devil symbols for decades just because it pisses certain kinds of people off.

3) Some people are enthralled with the hidden and the mysterious. They seek out the rare and unusual to be part of an exclusive club that others cannot be part of. This gives them a feeling of superiority. But it sometimes lead people down odd roads. Like the “devil worshipers” who worship the fictitious otherworldly things in the horror works of authors like H.P. Lovecraft.

4) Don’t confuse Pagan and other non-christian beliefs with devil worship. Many pagans use terms for themselves like “witch” that some Christians automatically associate with the devil. Some pagan symbols include horned figures and pentagrams. These symbols hold completely different meanings to Pagans. Historically, mainstream religions have deliberately misrepresented these symbols in order to discredit pagan faiths. Many pagan or earth/nature based faiths don’t even have a concept like the devil. You need to study what they believe before jumping to a conclusion about them.

5) The Church of Satan, started in the 1960’s by Anton LeVey, is actually an Atheist group. They do not believe in the existence of any god or devil. Satan to them is a symbol and they do not worship him. They believe that the rituals found in religion are a powerful and important part of human existence and they have created their own rituals using the story of Lucifer’s turning away from God as a metaphor for mans true purpose – to lead a life that pleases the individual, a “selfish” life. The Church of Satan is a philosophy of life with rituals designed to promote the idea that you should guide your life as you see fit. However, it is apparent from their literature that the Church of Satan is very anti-christian and many of their rituals seem designed to be the exact opposite of traditional Christian practices, but they do not “worship” Satan in any sense the way Christians, Jews and Islamist worship their God(s).

However, from what I’ve learned in recent years, very wealthy white families practice the occult–and racism is witchcraft in and of itself.  It is a known fact that many who are involved in the Illuminati are well connected to the occult.

A strange thing to think about much less try to reason with, but perhaps Black people really need to start doing some serious THINKING.

What is the primary force that rules the occult?  POWER!  And what group on this planet loves it more than others?

Malcolm X said: “If someone keeps getting ahead of you, he must know something that you don’t.  This is the truth.

Jesus said: “They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  He was talking about those who hide behind masks, but their intent is to deceive.

We are all victims, but God has a plan.

This came to me a few weeks ago, but what I learned did not surprise me at all.

What I learned was that most whites in the elite structures of society are all involved in satanism. This includes secret societies and other closed organizations.  Satanism is based on 3 things: PowerDomination.  Manipulation/Control.  Look at the history of Europe–it is based on these 3 components.

All one has to do is read between the lines.  Look at their behavior–even in recent media. Some of the most disgusting things you can imagine, white people have committed: bestiality, cannibalism, pedophilia (male and females), killing their own families/children, satanic worship, the practice of Wicca, Witchcraft, Goth, massacres, serial killers, incest, et al, yet, it’s Black people who are demonized?

Some of you are not off base with some of the conspiracy theories, but what many Black people must realize is that these people hate Christianity and ALL BLACK PEOPLE.  This is why Africa, the richest continent on earth,  has some of the most poverty stricken nations on earth. Why?  Europeans have literally picked it of its natural resources and thinks nothing of it. The great Rwandan tragedy was instigated by the Dutch.  Do your research.

The picture above illustrates this Elite Power structure and it is now time for Black people to distance themselves from whites altogether.  Simply put, they are [B]EVIL PEOPLE[/B] and as long as Black people keep allowing them to espouse their brainwashing through the use of media particularly; we will be destroyed by them.  It is their true goal.

Do not be deceived.

Marrying a white person does not change who you are.  In no way is it compensation for over 400 years of slavery–free labor that built western businesses and wealth.

Ask yourself a question: Why would any sane Black person listen to or trusts a group of people who once considered our ancestors apes?

Stop practicing White Supremacy, Black people.

Embrace your culture!


11 comments on “The True Symbol of White Power/White Supremacy!

  1. GManon says:

    We all had been deceived by the system. It’s true that the white supremacy system is rooted in Satanism, but most or at least many whites are not aware of it. Not only black people had paid the price, but other races too.

    Hate gives birth to more hate. The best way to fight racism is to unite with everyone who has the same heart either, black, red, yellow or white and to treat everyone with love and respect.

    The powers of the devil work in closed doors; we need to do it very sounded and public, because we are right.

    The way those groups operate is by planting seeds of hate and driving groups into fights, fear and segregation.


  2. Misha Miller says:

    This will only lead to a new power struggle. I am not longer a blind follower, research is my life. Especially in biblical matters. I have been searching for maybe 3 months now constantly. Although the Pagan, and New Age religion/beliefs speak of peace, and love it is indeed opening a door for real satanic control. Deception, all of it. I am currently looking in to the origin most religions. So far I have linked many familiar symbols of Christian faith to Babylon. The Jehovah’s witness have really accurate and free records that link perfectly. I have practices new age faith, wiccan beliefs and others, so please do not think I am a sheltered child that does know better. The only way to gain power is to create equality and peace. You want whites to stop the power struggle, educate everyone you know the power of love. Make resource available to all. Teach people to build house, grow food, and create guilds to exchange services not money. Changing diets, getting rid of waste. You want to fight? Break the economy. The result could be awful. You touch someones money and hurt there power they will want blood to use fear to bring you back into this prison. Look for God use his name. Use his sons name and search. You will find it and it is the most beautiful. You will share it with all you see. This is the Truth.


  3. Steadfast to Core Beliefs

    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch as I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!


  4. Adeen says:

    I love this article. I wish more Black people could wake up and realize that Whites aren’t our friends and separate from them. We should have followed Malcolm’s example and build our own communities and rely on our strength. Integration was the death of Blacks in AmeriKKKlan


    • truthangel07 says:

      And Martin Luther King knew this…he made a comment to those around him after the battles of the Civil Right’s movement that “he just threw his people in the fire.” He knew that integration would be a detriment to the black community–and it has proven to be this very day.


  5. Great post Angel! You made some very good points! I think black folks need to really wake up to this deception they bought into. It’s important to know what the Jewish/white elite are doing behind closed doors. More and more of our people are raising their consciousness and realize they’ve bee lied to. You’re doing a great service by putting this information out there. I touched on this subject last year on my blog. Be sure to check it out. Thanks again sis.


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