A Christian Being Challenged By Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche!



Today, I had some down time and I went to the library.  I picked up Friedrich Nietzsche’s book, The Will to Power and it made me start thinking: first, should a Christian even be reading his writings, and second, perhaps it’s more mature to embrace the challenge he argued.

Nietzsche was an atheist and he despised Christianity.  He argued that Christianity. as is practiced in modern times, is more of a facade; and based on hateful envy, driven by the need for power over others.  I thought about that and I have to say, Jesus despised hipocrisy and this was displayed in his 7 letters to the churches in Revelation.  He was very critical and it is well known that one of Christ’s harshest criticisms were of those who outwardly displayed a certain religiosity, but inwardly, were not right with God.

The controversy over Nietzche’s writings, in large part, were the fact that his writings were the inspiration of Adolf Hitler.

Nietzsche truly believed that truth did not exist, but was merely based on interpretations. And God is truth, according to The Word of God.  He basically stated that God was thus dead.

Why on earth would a Christian even think about reading the writings of a man who in large part wanted to kill God.  But did he?  When you read some of his words, it’s very strange, you feel the darkness, but then, I have to admit that what he says regarding our attitudes and behaviors in the practice of Christianity in parallel to the true teachings of Christ are dead on.  Thus, in a way, Nietzsche actually defends “true Christianity” but despises the false behavior many “so called” Christians placate.

His works are very challenging, but I must say that I felt the urging to convey some introspection of our minds, values, morals, and what we practice.

No.  I’ve not become an atheist–and I must admit that I really found Nietzsche’s writings rather dark, hopeless, and filled with cynicism.  It’s no wonder that the man went crazy–dying in an insane asylum, however, his words have had a profound impact on the psyche’s of millions around the world.

What should we learn from them?

It’s not the words of Nietzsche that should make us question what we believe, but do our actions make him right in the first place?


4 comments on “A Christian Being Challenged By Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche!

  1. TheAwk says:

    Black people and (white) Jesus don’t match. This is an offense to our ancestors


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