Chris Brown: If You Don’t Mind…A Word!

You don’t know me, but as someone older, and a woman,  I’d like to pass on some valuable knowledge to you.

First, I have watched your career take off–then take a nose dive after the incident with your ex-girlfriend, Rihanna; I’m pondering if you’re receiving the proper advice you desperately should be receiving.

You’re a very talented young man, but your image of late is throwing me off.  Are you trying to project a tough persona through tatoos and bad behavior?  Is this your focus?  Don’t you find it rather contradictory of your goals?

I don’t know you but I really do feel that you have the potential to become a great artist, but honestly; you need to fire ALL of the people around you.

Whenever I’ve seen you perform, I am always impressed, but then there is a let down because I never know what to expect from you the next week.

Celebrities today have no class.  I’m sorry.  Too much money, fame, and YES PEOPLE have ruined many, and the respect is just not there.  There was a time when people looked up to celebrities, but those days are long past.

Have a talk with the man in the mirror, Chris Brown.  Before it’s too late.

You have a bright future, but if you don’t take things more seriously about how you’re projecting your behavior and attitude; I promise you–karma will bite you in the @rse.


2 comments on “Chris Brown: If You Don’t Mind…A Word!

  1. TorontoGirl says:

    I saw his latest tweets, he says this will be his last album…


  2. iBourgie says:

    I think part of the problem is that so many people gave him a pass on what he did to Rhianna. And Rhianna took him back. He may feel that he is invincible andreally needs to wake up. He needs a positive mentor in his life to put him on the right track and not the YES PEOPLE as you mentioned.


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