Don’t Make Me Smack You!

You can just read this woman’s face…

This afternoon, I went to my local market and decided to buy a dinner instead of cooking this Sunday, which I typically do.  However, the girl is tired…and I’m going to enjoy my ribs.  However, this is not the story–it’s the moment I stood at the counter.  A woman jumped ahead of me–ordered her food, then sauntered off, never acknowledging my presence.  As I stood there, glaring at her–thinking…”should I check this “byoatch?”  I chose to be deferential, but honestly, I have been known to dish out some serious tongue lashing to unsuspecting, rude people who made the mistake of assuming the wrong thing.  But…I didn’t.  She got off.

I don’t know what has happened to people these days, but the ignorant amongst us really do test us and this child really had no clue how close she came.  I was dressed for a fight–she wasn’t.  What if I was crazy and really wanted to use a box cutter on a rude chick?  It could have been a mess in that store today–not too mention our lives could have both been changed within 5 minutes.

God has to be everywhere because honestly, only God can keep me cool in times when I really can unleash some holy hell on ignorant muthas out there.

The good angel won today.


6 comments on “Don’t Make Me Smack You!

  1. Adeen says:

    That is so rude. I would slap this person! I mean it literally but I wouldn’t really do so in public because I am actually very shy and timid in person


  2. Sasha E. says:

    @mstoogood4yall: I would’ve smooth tripped Babyface Fenster….


  3. You did the right thing sis. I have gotten into the habit of wearing my headphones in public. It helps a lot.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I kept my cool. Even the girl waiting on me said that’s what she has to do. I work with the public–trust me on this: I’ve had to pray some days not to beat the ish out of some people.


      • mstoogood4yall says:

        I can’t stand rude people either especially the ones who don’t control their kids or teach them manners. my mom and I were at a store and I guess this woman was the grandma or something but she was not watching her child, and he kept walking in front of us without saying excuse me, She was over there talking about hmm what am I gonna eat for lunch. I wanted to tell that kid it was rude to walk in front of ppl without saying excuse me but u know how parents are nowadays. OOh what happened to the time when u could talk to somebodys kid and tell them they are wrong now they will beat ur ass just for even trying to correct their child.


      • truthangel07 says:

        I’ve dared parents to say something to me for correcting their out of control child. Many businesses are literally asking such people to leave their establishments. It’s just ridiculous how ignorant parents have become to assume that everyone is supposed to put up with their unruly, undisciplined child.


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