Irresponsible Baby Breeders Are Destroying The Black Community…

Every day that I see young women with children–alone, pushing a grocery cart; picking up items that are to be cooked quickly–no sense of awareness of health at all, then heading to the check out counter–and pulling out an EBT card; it just galls me.

Now before people get in a tizzy; I’m not picking on single women who have raised children successfully.  No.  I’m talking about your proverbial baby breeder who went to the club, got drunk, slept with a strange man–then 9 months later, she had his baby.  And just what did she know about him?  Now…18 years later, the kid created from that one night stand has become a problem to society.

Yes.  This is the typical scenario in America and has been this way for well over 30 years.

What has this done to the Black community?  It has created a vacuum of instability in families, communities, and created poverty, as well as breeded ignorance.

In our community, having a mother and father in the home who love each other, teaches the children values of commitment, loyalty, integrity, love and gives stability.  When these things are missing; the opposite occurs.

There are simply too many young Black children being raised without a father and it’s one of the contributing factors of so much negativity on young Black boys.  If they do not have a male role model to teach them what being a man is; then what can a woman possibly teach them.  It takes a man to raise a man.  And on the flip side of this; if a young Black girl does not have a father in the home to teach her how a man is supposed to treat a young lady; then what is to be the paradigm when she becomes ready to date/marry?

Society today can have a myriad of what family is, but let’s stop acting stupid, please…the paradigm of society is reflected in a married structure between a man and a woman.  The children are a welcome addition to the unit–and not something to be dreaded.

The young women who are on welfare raising children are not balanced individuals and typically are in need of some kind of help either, financially, emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically.  The children born to these women are most often deprived of basic needs and the true tragedy is what the mother can’t give to her children in this type of situation: EMPOWERMENT to have more in life and live up to their full potential.

It’s time for people to stop being cowards and start speaking the truth.

Too many lives are at stake and I’m not telling these type of women that society is getting very tired of irresponsible baby breeders and one day the welfare is gonna get cut off.

Then what?

12 comments on “Irresponsible Baby Breeders Are Destroying The Black Community…

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  2. BeBuilt says:

    I agree. The whole idea of “single motherhood” is absolutely overrated and over over overdone.


  3. Adeen says:

    I agree with this article and this is an result of integration. Many of us adopted the ways of White devils: drinking, divorce, pedophilia, sleeping around etc. Before integration, only 25% of Black babies were born out of wedlock and were raised by single mothers. Now 73% of Black babies were born out of wedlock and live with single mothers.

    Sad to say this is an result of Blacks not taking responsibility for who they have kids with and adopting the ways of White people.


  4. mstoogood4yall says:

    Kids are the future generation, I don’t see why somebody would want to limit their potential even further by not having a father around for the child. Being black already comes with obstacles then ppl add to that by not having a man in the house that would help provide a stable environment for the children. If anything we as black ppl should give our kids every advantage they can get, 2 parents means 2 paychecks, 2 parents means 2 people to protect the children, 2 parents means 2 role models, 2 parents mean the child gets to see what love is and how to be a good parent someday.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Exactly. I don’t know what happened to our values in the Black community, but I suspect that far too many have allowed the poisonous examples of White America in their homes.


      • Brian Odom says:

        It’s the poisonous examples of the black community that’s causing this. We’re doing this to ourselves and this example is being learned by everyone else in the family and around them, who are (most likely) also black. It’s self taught and you can’t blame white people for our irresponsible actions.

        If anything, we need to learn more from other communities, that way black children get a chance to see more positive things like low crime areas, fathers in the house, and work ethic.

        It’s the very reason why blacks who have the means, leave the black community. Name one black person with lots of money that intentionally chooses to stay in a majority black neighborhood? They leave because white America (overall) sets better examples. And I know, not all white people are good people — I am generalizing.

        About five years ago, I moved my (black) family to the white community. Couldn’t ask for anything better. No crime (not one murder in over a decade), good schools, and safe neighborhoods. And guess what? Very few fatherless families.

        To set a good example, I need to be around other people setting good examples. Otherwise, it’s an endless fight.

        There used to be a time where black women (and black men) were the most sought after people in America for marriage and building families. (Look at Figures 5 and 6 from below)

        But then too many of our people adapted that “I don’t give a ****” mentality, and they consistently outbreed the ones trying to make a difference.

        I don’t consider divorce to be a “white devil”. You can’t get divorced unless you’re married first. And we quit doing that. Our people quit caring. I can’t be bothered with it.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Living in a white community may seem like the land of opportunity and promise to some Black people, but it is a big mistake to raise Black children to believe that White Privilege will be extended to them by proxy.

        I grew up in a mixed neighborhood–predominantly Black, and the examples I saw of Black people were completely opposite of what you’re talking about.

        Black people stopped listening to their elders, and began emulating what they saw white people doing on television. The images of our people are created by racist white males a lot of times…and we buy into them.

        I’m happy that you found a nice community, but I pray that the Welcome mat won’t get pulled from under your feet if God forbid, one of your kids is targeted for a crime, just because of the color of their skin.


      • SpeakTruth says:

        Amen, Brian! You see it too. Your charts were instructive. there is a simple truth. If you want your kids to grow up in a safe neighborhood, move to a white one. The kids targeted for the color of their skin are targeted by black criminals because they are black.


  5. The Most High didn’t see fit to give me children, and I love children more than myself. But if I had been allowed to procreate, NO ONE!! could or would have to chase me down to take care of my child. Firstly, I would not have a child with any ol’ body, and we would be together. Most people have no business having children. You gotta take a test to get your license to drive, but nothing to have children; well, you know….nothing much.


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