The Breakdown of Racism And Its Impact On Black People

It is precisely the U.S. government that is responsible for the institutionalized racism that is still impacting our community.

Currently, I’m reading a book by John F. Welsh entitled, After Multiculturalism in which racism is broke down in one of the chapters that I’m reading. The points I highlighted come from Chapter 3: Fusion and Transcendence Murray Rothbard and the Anarcho-Capitalist Critique of Racism. Murray Rothbard was a scholar, economist, public libertarian, published over 2 dozen books, hundreds of academic journal articles, edited four journals and is one of the founders of the Libertarian Party. The analysis that he gave in this chapter almost made me hit the roof. Racism in the United States, as he stated, could be described as internal colonization is manifested in four forms of governmental activity: police power, urban and regional planning, education, and the welfare system.

As I kept reading, it was his analysis of the public school system that made me sit up as well as his critique of how racism has impacted Blacks economically.

In his view, the public school in colonized communities was a ” vast prison-house and chain-gang ” operated by teachers and administrators who despised the mores and culture of the students under their charge. Is this not the truth? And people keep wondering what is wrong with the American school system? It’s not the entire school system that is flawed; just schools that are dominated by minority children. It’s a proven fact that white teachers show bias toward Black children and is why so many are dropping out. Rothbard voiced approval of the studies of Johnathan Kozol and Paul Goodman which focused attention on the problems generated by compulsory mass education and its outcomes for the children who suffered the physical intellectual, and psychological degradation inflicted by the white guardians of the schools. And people wonder why so many young Black youth are embittered by their experience in the public school system?

Education, in his conclusion, was a pernicious form of governmental control.

Another was economic. Rothbard also identified the welfare system as an odious agent of internal colonial administration. In his opinion, welfare was a social system that promoted community dependency on the racist state(government); it was not an organized public approach to societal benevolence.

Basically, it is a fact that our government has been and still is involved in the destruction of our community.

This has got to be one of the most concrete books written that truly breaks down the systematic and organized machination of this country and our governments role in the control over the lives of its citizens. However, it was this paragraph that honestly brought it all home as to why Black people are in the state they are in:

“In the case of of the United States, Black Americans are internally viewed as an alien population whose neighborhoods are occupied, pacified, and exploited for the economic and political gain of the ruling elite. The internal colonization of Black Americans functions to mitigate economic competition, to transfer wealth from Black communities to white communities .”

((( ALARM BELL ))))

In less than 5 years, the Black community will have a buying power of 1 trillion dollars. Question: Where is the money going to go?


*Go get this book!

12 comments on “The Breakdown of Racism And Its Impact On Black People

  1. Imhotep says:

    Racism is a lie! There are clever yts who “object to racism” just to win the interest of Our People. “Why”-tes never liked each other! We do not question everything enough, though. I see Darius Simmons’ death as “post-Scandal (ABC show)” death. By that, I meant that the elderly yt man could have seen Scandal first while he was living next door to the Simmons.

    What does Scandal have to do with all of this? Simple, it is a show about a yt man and a Sista making out secretly.

    This is what a yt man said on Youtube:

    “If you give a black girl a good life she will treat you like a God. Also, black women make excellent mothers and lovers. They love babies and have really soft, smooth skin. Black girls are prime wife material seriously.”

    The yt man only hates the Black Man because he does not have the Black Man’s skin color. If He did, life would be fine.


    • truthangel07 says:

      White men are on the prowl lately. Every single day I see white men dating or marrying Black women. I’m not exactly happy about this, but there is a lot more of it going on.


    • Imhotep says:

      I really can’t get under the actions of WP. I still think there is something strange about a racist WM murdering Darius and not harming Darius’ mother at all. As much as white nationalist like to talk about jhws, it’s apparent they hate black men more than anything. I don’t know what it’s about. I just assume that it is because Our First Ancestors were the First Ever Humans.


  2. Adeen says:

    This is the truth. Institutionalized racism still affects Blacks as well as racism. We need to stick together and build our own economic powerhouse by building our own communities and educating our youth. We need to stick together and stop relying on Whites


    • Imhotep says:

      I hear you.

      Whites will come after us when we build new neighborhoods. We are the original people! Without the BM and BW, there would be no albinos. Technically, because they are our children, they will never want to stay away from us, in any situation. If Lyndon B. Johnson was a true racist, he would not have wanted to see blacks integrated with whites.


      • Adeen says:

        You are right but Lyndon B Johnson only wanted integration to ruin our communities and our sense of self worth in AmeriKKKlan.

        I hate their hate, envy and obsession with us. I want to stay away from them as much as I can! I really do! And they can’t stay away from us because they can’t live without us or be without us.


  3. Thank you sista.

    As much as I would like to step off the “I’m a Black male train” I know that I cannot. Racism is something that without, we wouldn’t even know which way to turn. It’s something like hearing a dripping faucet all night, when that dripping has been fixed the silence is deafening, and you kinda miss that dripping. Or at least you looked forward to it.

    Racism has become a third leg, and without it I’ll need to learn this walking thing all over again.


  4. all this is truth, they set all this stuff up to see us fail and get our money. The education system is a joke, a lot of times they just pass the kids to the next grade to not have to deal with them. And they underfund schools and overcrowd them. 1 trillion dollars wow, dang if only more black ppl would support each other and their businesses a good chunk of that money would stay in our communities, and fix them up. Black ppl need to wake up to the power we have.


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