A Word For People Who Keep Talking About The Violence In Chicago…

For several years now, people around the country keep talking about the violence that is being reported almost daily about Chicago.

It is quite apparent that either you’re too young or stupid to even know what you’re talking about.

As a basic point of reality, unfortunately, Chicago has a legacy of violence that stretches through an entire century.  What decade do you want to discuss first?

No doubt.  This is the city of Al Capone, Jeff Fort (Blackstone Rangers/El Rukns), , King David (David Barksdale) *deceased*original founder of Gangster Disciples), Larry Hoover (Black Gangsta Disciples) Flukey Stokes (multi-million dollar drug kingpin*deceased*), et al.  Even the late mayor Richard J. Daley was in an Irish game in his youth.  The foundation was set from the get.  Long before Black gangs came into existence.  Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL6YYIs7RV4

I grew up in Chicago and it’s very clear just how ignorant our news media is about the city. First of all, for those here who were raised in Chicago, this is nothing new.  We watched the local news every single night that talked about gang violence, murders, rapes, mob killings, etc.  Chicago was polarized by race and class, and your view of it depended on where your zip code started.  I lived in the suburbs.  I  never had to run anywhere unless it was about to get dark and I had to be in the house before the sun set.

What really happened in Chicago has everything to do with economics and what happens when people get left out of the American dream–It turns into a nightmare.  So, my response to those who keep asking redundant questions about violence in Chicago, don’t point fingers at Chicago–LOOK IN THE MIRROR.  How have you contributed to it?  What have you done to stop it?  For those who live outside of Illinois: hop on a plane if you care so much.  Go down to the neighborhoods where violence has been most prominent and volunteer your expertise.  What’s your plan to stop the violence in Chicago if you know so much?

Hypocrites love to stand on soap boxes and preach to the masses when their asses aren’t doing anything or risking anything.

What you see in Chicago is a prophecy to the rest of America that when you use tactics to oppress, mis-educate, discriminate, weaken politically, and polarize; you create the very problem that destroys a community.  It forces people to go into survival mode, and thus begins the cycle of crime and violence that you see.

This is all my opinion, as well as relative,  but my attitude and advice to folks who like to instigate into the business of others and criticize without proper education and credentials:  is to make sure your own house is clean before you tell someone else to clean up theirs.


2 comments on “A Word For People Who Keep Talking About The Violence In Chicago…

  1. Sankofa Torch says:

    Gentrification is about right. They are doing this in all major inner cities. Almost every day, someone is stabbed or shot in D.C.
    I remember in the 80’s D.C was tagged “dodge city” funny how they give it these catch phrase names. So it will stick in the mind. It’s all social manipulation. We have to look pass what the media is forcing dwn our throats, and figure out the truth for ourselves.
    Side bar: Blk folks own nothing.

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