OMG! The Cougar In Me Is Growling….She Wants To Get Her Groove On!

Oh, Lord have mercy.  I’m in trouble–SERIOUSLY.

I’m a Stella!!!

After my birthday in July of this year, I subtly noticed that I’ve been watching this young man that I work with.  No big whoop–RIGHT?  ((((WRONG))))  He’s 23–and in college.  He’s too young for me, but I’ve been looking at his muscles and he has a very sexy posture and demeanor for his age.

This is so wrong.

Yes.  I look good for my age, but honestly, I’m not interested in dating someone who is younger than my oldest nephew.

I just can’t!  I JUST CAN’T!

Pray for me, y’all.

It’s a sin what I’ve been thinking….JUST A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME!!!

Blame it on Shane!  That’s his name.


5 comments on “OMG! The Cougar In Me Is Growling….She Wants To Get Her Groove On!

  1. Mochasister says:

    Lol! I’ve been lurking for a bit, but when I saw this blog I had to respond. I coul have written this! Let’s just say I was around when Oran “Juice” Jones made the song I Saw You Walking in the Rain. Lol! Anyways, there is this young man in my church who has caught my eye. He’s cute (really cute!). He’s funny. He’s involved in ministry (he works with teenagers. I tip my hat off to anyone who works with them!). He’s just too damned young! I figure he’s around the age of my kid brother which means my old butt should NOT be crushing on him! Sometimes I feel like such a lech. However, this to shall pass as the song goes. Perhaps one day the Lord will send us both some cute (age appropriate!) Negros.


    • truthangel07 says:

      LOL@You. I feel ya. Shane is a very handsome young man and my hat goes off to the young woman that bags him, but I’m old enough to be his mother and my parents will not accept this kind of relationship from their only daughter (I have 3 brothers). So…I amuse myself and silently fantasize meeting someone as attractive, but just closer to my age.

      Can I help the fact that I wasn’t raised to be a Hoochie….Oh, well…for good child rearing.


  2. If he ain’t white or taken, go get that young man and teach him something.


  3. rofl. Does he ever try to talk to u? if he does go for it. if u want a serious relationship then don’t, hell nevermind don’t listen to me I’m young and single what do I know. i like older men, I’ve never dated anyone, but i do see some nice older men that i wouldn’t mind talking to. The age difference will be an issue though.


    • truthangel07 says:

      My life has come full circle. When I was a young thang–older guys tried to talk to me. Now…it’s the reverse.

      I’m not going to tempt this, girl.


      Not gonna take a bite of that apple.

      Ain’t gon’ sin, chile. Won’t do it.



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