I Will Fight Over and FOR Black Men!

Black Love Created ALL LIFE there is…

Oh, Yes…and I’m not shy about admitting this.

By nature, I’m territorial and I don’t like sharing anything.

When I was very young, I couldn’t stand seeing Black men or women involved with non-Blacks, particularly with whites.  Why?  I’m very proud by nature and it just didn’t look normal, and I was embarrassed by these people. It was viewed as a form of denial of heritage by some.   I truly felt they made ALL Black people look bad.

The Black woman was designed for the Black man and only she looks good with him.

There is no substitute for love between a strong Black man and his Black woman (equal).

Why on earth would any sane Black person be preaching for Black women to start dating non-Black men, but continue to keep preaching that there aren’t any suitable Black males for Black women?  A Black man or woman in a relationship with a non-Black is a false image and the opinion of some: it is the highest form of self-hate.

What is the agenda behind this?  Does anyone wonder?

For years now, there seems to have been some type of effort to continue the psychic violence against our people in making many believe that there loving each other is wrong and loving those outside of the Black race is right?


Just over 45 years ago, white people were calling Black people apes.  Their message, actions, speech were violent toward our people; now…all of a sudden, somehow, as quickly as you can pull a rabbit out of a hat; we are now supposed to believe that dating and marrying them or other non Blacks is acceptable.


I’m not attracted to white men.  They just don’t do it for me and I’ll further that I’m not looking for the Great White Hope.  I don’t believe there is a shortage of available Black men, and I’m not angry, bitter, or undesirable, as the media would like people to believe about the Black woman.  I’m the opposite, baby.  Very much desirable, attractive, talented, I dress well, I’m intelligent, and I’m an up and coming writer/businesswoman.

Take that, Haters!

The White media loves to paint Blacks as victims.  We’re always supposed to be deprived, hopeless, hating each other or dysfunctional in some way.  The true brilliance and dynamics of our power and creativity is never shown.  It’s too much for those who have spent so much time and money painting us as creatures of despair to contend with, thus, it just makes sense to brainwash.  And sometimes, I feel they succeed in the way I see how young Blacks display their insecurities and ignorance.

But hence, WHERE ARE THE ELDERS?  Where are the leaders?

White folks only have as much power over us as we allow them.

It’s time to cut the cord, people!  We must D-E-C-A-U-C-A-S-I-A-N-I-Z-E!  What does this mean.  It’s time to get Willie Lynch out of our brains and start re-educating ourselves about OUR HISTORY–NOT THEIRS!

For many Black people, everything in their brain has been WHITEwashed.  What thoughts do you think?  Why?

When thinking about empowerment; just reflect on this: Lions come from Africa and it is the nature of the Lioness to protect, procreate, AND KILL for her pride.  Lions don’t mate with any other creature–but with OTHER LIONS.  They do not down-breed.

You teach people how to treat you and self-preservation is the first law of nature.

Powerful people perpetuate themselves genetically; and loving yourself is the highest love of all.

24 comments on “I Will Fight Over and FOR Black Men!

  1. kelley says:

    Well put, sis. It is refreshing to hear a Black woman be so honest and say that Black with white just doesn’t look right. And why now is this model being pushed so hard? Nothing compares to a Black woman, from appearance to strength to resilience. Only a weak Black person would believe something other than their counterpart would be the best match.

    Thank you for this.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      You’re most welcome, Kelley. I’m still sad over the untimely deaths of two men that meant a lot to me growing up: Doug Banks and Prince. Black men are so necessary and I, being a Black woman, am not afraid to say that YOUR LIVES MATTER ever so much and you have to start acting and living like it matters to you.

      White people hate us and Kendrick Lamar didn’t pull any punches on the Grammy’s back in February. Loved the opening–it was like he was punching White Supremacy in the face.

      We must be bold–speak unapologetic truth, and take down this monster!

      They’ve been asking for it…

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  2. Awake says:

    @Truth “Thank you, Awake. I’ll be checking out the videos.

    I’ll get back to you with my thoughts…”

    You’re very welcome Truth. I hope you enjoy the links and video. I tried to reply to your response to me above from Sept 09/15 but the reply button wasn’t showing. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts:)


  3. Elli says:

    Uh…Ligers??? lol, says the woman who’s profile picture shows a black woman with a white hairstyle… Hahaha! You make no sense.


  4. Tyrone says:

    A normal, well-adjusted black person loves black without apology. This issue is unique to us because we’re the original human beings…Genesis! Black is Le Creme without question. However, others obsess over blackness as well. Being black comes with certain pitfalls…other races will always interfere in our business…Always! And, they will fetishize us as well to the point of insanity. None of us are immune from this human behavior. Blackmen have been lied to, the grass is not greener on the other side. Mixing with other women may boost the egos of insecure blackmen, but, it can’t hide our dirty laundry. Our sacred duty is to provide love and sexual pleasure to blackwomen…Bottomline! Until we understand this fact of life, black love will be stuck in neutral for some time, Sadly! Our foes envy black love, makes them mad when they see us in love and making love. I only love 1 group of women…Blackwomen!

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  5. tinyurl.com says:

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.

    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something
    to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d
    post to let you know. The layout look great though!
    Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Many thanks


  6. Imhotep says:

    It is a real shame that some of My Sistas do not believe (due to whitewashing everywhere) or care (due to them being too busy, I guess) that they are the Mothers of All Civilization. I will see to it that My Sistas are treated with respect wherever I am. I’m well aware of the hair touching you go through. We all need to plot and conjure up ways to distract any yt person from doing that.

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    • Adeen says:

      I know, I find it rude when a cave bitch or any White person tries to touch my hair. And the way they talk about us as well. It is rude.

      And yes I do know that I am the mother of all races and the Original Woman. No cave bitch, no matter how hard she tries and how hard the media pushes her as beautiful, will ever be the Original Woman.

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      • Imhotep says:

        WW are very clueless. The dumbest questions are phrased a certain way by them like they are experts on everything.

        I hate the way a yt person can scream in your face when they are stressed out. The women aren’t as bad as the men. When the men do it, spit leaves their mouth.


  7. Imhotep says:

    We are THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE! We don’t do anything to anybody. Unfortunately, everyone else want to do it to us for Our attention to go on them. In doing what they do, they never realize how selfish they are. I have a feeling all of this aggression comes from having straight hair. People with curly hair are much happier.


    • Adeen says:

      True, that is why we are hated yet envied


      • Imhotep says:


        Who knows what to do about all of it. At least, the cultures that evolved directly from Us (and not any albinos) tend to stay to themselves. There is not too much envy coming from them. If it wasn’t for the opportunity of earning money a lot easier in this Amerikkka, they would still be at their homes.

        Overall, I’m upset the original huemans left their offspring for their offspring to find a “home away from home”. I’d love to see Our People live like the original hue-mans did. After all We have gone through and continue to go through, We deserve that from Jah without having to be on the other side.


  8. I agree with this post 100%. I’m not attracted to white men either but I do find afro latinos attractive, and there are plenty of other black men in the world. I don’t see how it could go from whites hanging blacks and calling us names and firebombing our houses to them loving us and being happily married to us and all that. Since their numbers are declining the next thing they do now is get with us to mess us up, misery loves company. lions stick together they don’t go breed with their natural born enemies the hyenas. I’ve seen too many things of white females with biracial kids mistreating them and saying racist things about or to the child. https://www.facebook.com/tragicarrangements http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHnm_07lL-g

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  9. Adeen says:

    I believe any Black person who encourages another Black person to date a non Black person is a sellout and a disgrace to our race. There are plenty of Black men who love Black women. As a Black woman, I would never suggest another Black woman to date a non Black person and I would never ever date a White guy.


    • truthangel07 says:

      These are my sentiments exactly.

      It’s a form of self-hatred. Literally, it’s a Satanic doctrine to dehumanize your own people.


    • KingoftheTeddybears says:

      Have you ever watched Fear Thy Neighbour on Investigation Discovery? There is an episode called Final Notice, if you’ve ever seen the movie lakeview terrace that episode was modeled after the movie


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