Milani Cosmetics…Great Make-up For Black Women!

And it’s affordable.

Are you tired of paying an arm and a leg for make-up, ladies?  Well, I’ve got something for ya.

About 15 years ago while shopping, I walked into an Ulta store to shop around for some cosmetics and there was this brand (Milani) that caught my eyes.  Not only were the colors beautiful–the kind we sistahs love; everything was only $2.99.  I’m serious.  I was shocked.  The quality of the make-up was better than what you’d find at a high-end department store.  I bought everything of the line…and from that day, I’ve been a customer.

The line was created by and for women of color.

It only gets better.  It’s creator/owner is a SISTER!!!  Yup!  Go head, girl!

I totally support this line…GO GET YOU SOME!!!


9 comments on “Milani Cosmetics…Great Make-up For Black Women!

  1. mswanda says:

    I can’t tell it was started by a sista. In Az I just see Latina women and a light skin or mixed black woman in the advertisement The problem I have with black business is that we feel we have to include everyone. I do love Sleek makeup. I found it on Beautiful makeup for black women. Truthangel I love that you are a sista that love make up and embrace her femininity. Too many of us don’t even want to try to look pretty. It’s sad. I’m an esthetician and I don’t understand the refusal to want to care about our skin and upkeep. I have a niece that has a mustache that refuse to get it waxed! She is pretty but looks like a man. I don’t know why so many black women go around with hair on their face and body. Saying stupid stuff like “my man like it” Then we wonder why we are not seen as feminine. A lot of us refuse to look and act feminine.
    I do encourage you to post more beauty and make up articles in the future.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I hate to ditto what you said about so many young Black women becoming so unfeminine. I don’t get it either. It’s just weird.


      • mswanda says:

        It’s fine, you don’t have to. I stand by what I say. Not to attack bw but we have had our femininity taken away from us. We are taking on the male role because we have no choice. I’ve been attacked by other bw because I always put on a little something.You don’t have to have on a face full of make up but nothing wrong with a little bit of lip gloss or mascara I love dresses and being a woman. I love being a feminine.woman.


      • truthangel07 says:

        I do also. I hate women who act Butch. It’s so embarrassing and unbecoming.


  2. Adeen says:

    This is good. None of the makeup I have at my home even fits my skin tone. I am dark skin but not to the point that I am blue black but most of the makeup is not even good for our skin. I am glad to hear about this line. We need our makeup that suits our varying skin tones.


  3. mstoogood4yall says:

    that is great a sista created this line, I would support but I don’t wear makeup lol.


  4. Big up to the people behind this and please support Blackness and isn’t ratchetedness.


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