The Conspiracy To Shut Down Black America!

You don’t see Black people on television. Not one show has an all Black line-up. The News that we get is largely constructed to form public opinion and being that the government controls the media; can one assess why even someone in the most distant parts of the world, have negative views of African Americans? It is by design. Everything negative that you see about US is “created” literally to construct social-engineering. Its intent: To maintain White Dominance.

You think this is a joke?

I invite you to read this posted on the Assata Shakur forum: There really is a media conspiracy against Black People:

Where I live in Georgia, our local paper has a section called “Sound Off” in which people in the community can call and leave anonymous messages about anything that is bothering them. Well…I had been thinking about it for a long time, but I took the time to express how southern whites seem to think they can disrespect Black folks down here with absolute impunity. The arrogance, obnoxiousness and ignorance that many of them have toward African Americans is downright repugnant. Whether you go to the local Wal-Mart or the mall…McDonald’s, etc., white folks have this audacity to presume they can talk or say anything to Black folks, whether they invite the interaction or not. I always tell folks that Georgia is a beautiful state, but Rednecks and that old Good ‘Ol Boy system of the south f*ck it up.

I just spoke the truth to the paper…and I can’t wait until my comments are published.

As relates to the country, I ask myself when…WHEN? Are Black people going to get angry? When are we going to wild out. The unemployment rate in and of itself calls for protest. Black people are losing their homes at record rates. Black males have dismal numbers in just about every category, yet, you don’t’ hear anything about our issues. Is it because we’ve become to lax and apathy has taken us over? Is it fear to SPEAK THE TRUTH? What?

Obama is not even addressing these issues and those advising him(mostly white) continue to convince him not confront our condition. I’ve lost respect for Obama and his cowardice is giving me reason to either support a different candidate in the upcoming election or actually sit out and not vote at all. This would be a travesty, but I’m disgusted with his administration.

Hell!  Bill Clinton was awarded the moniker “The Nations First Black President” when he was in office because of his support and many programs he created to help the Black community and other minorities. He was honored to be given that title.

Obama, the brown man, doesn’t even want to be considered as The Black President.

An irony?

Whatever it is, I am demanding that all of you start writing your congressman and telling them what is wrong in your community and exercising your right as a voter and American citizen to be treated with dignity and respect by those WE ELECT to represent us.

Those in the Tea Party were not afraid to do this.

Black America has no excuse.

14 comments on “The Conspiracy To Shut Down Black America!

  1. Adeen says:

    I am not shocked at all. They don’t want us to stick together because it furthers the goal and agenda of White supremacy to see us argue and fight etc. Anyways we do need to stick together and not give into any of their stereotypes and presumptions about us.

    And President Obama hasn’t done anything for us while he is in office because it will upset his White masters if he even tried to do anything for us. Honestly we need to leave the two party system for good since the Republican and Democratic Parties are not out for Blacks at all. We need to be Independents or form our own parties.


  2. I’m gonna probably piss off a few with this one, but that ain’t gonna stop me from saying it.

    I think Black people need to be off tv, radio and all other forms of media. Those mediums are put in place to keep racism/white supremacy in place. We are on tv embarrassing ourselves with BS and violence. Take a look at one tv show that includes Black people and tell me it’s not something we can do without. We have some work to do,and anything that distracts from that work is not necessary. Until WE can control our image, our image need not be seen. We our there to further an agenda, and that agenda as we can see, is in full swing.

    Cooning pays well.


    • mstoogood4yall says:

      rofl no jesus u are not going to piss any of us off, I agree completely. I stopped watching this mess yrs ago. It is all cooning, anything that was constructive got taken off air real quick. I used to enjoy watching tj holmes on bet then they took him off air when he started talking about real issues and ppl were tuning in. I guess that boondocks episode about bet was right, its black evil television. And I also liked the show on oprahs network with the black family that had sextuplets and a business, I don’t see that show anymore. All they have are shows with black ppl acting a fool, its there for a reason, to get everybody all over the world to look down on us. If we have our own media we could counter all these images and stereotypes. I do wish black ppl would stop going on these dang reality shows, anything whites put out with a black face I’m suspicious of..


    • Adeen says:

      Nope, you didn’t upset me. It is the truth. We need to turn off the TV and any type of media because it brainwashes impressable young kids to hate themselves and love Whiteness.
      We do need our form of media since BET is owned by the media and shows stereotypes about us on their station through music videos and TV shows. We need to control our own image so that we can encourage little Black kids to love themselves and not see Whiteness as the ”norm”. We need to take pride in our race!


  3. Imhotep says:

    It isn’t a conspiracy. This has been going on since forever. The yt man is a mutated inbred Afrikan albino. His strongest attraction is to a Sista always. Because of that truth, he wants the Black Man with a why-te woman or dead. This all sounds strange, but it is the truth. All yt men hate all Black Men!
    Obama was never given the chance Bill had because Bill is a why-te man. As a People, We need to remember that a yt man is a yt man. All of them are the same. Obama is not truly in charge of this nation. Neither was Bill. Obama is here for the textbooks really. Why-tes are given the chance to show their true colors in these “post-racial times”. If you take a harder look at that AT&T commercial, you will see a young Sista sitting next to a yt boy. On the other side, there is a young Brotha beside a yt girl. This is how all why-tes want it, really.

    They are sly too. Many of them march by Us to shut Us up as Black People and to meet Us. Of course, some of Our young People have gotten lost in all of this integration.

    We all need to pray to Jah more. It is only going to get worse not better if we do not get our act together.


  4. Great post! Yeah I feel you on this! We have to take action and not be afraid to speak out!


    • truthangel07 says:

      That’s really been the problem. I just don’t understand how this has happened, but it has to change–NOW!


      • I’m with you. We need to get of our a$$ and get motivated! Hurricane Katrina,Trayvon Martin and Rekia Boyd case should’ve been a wake up call. What will get us to wake up??


      • truthangel07 says:

        People love to talk and demonstrate, but when you are trying to bring about change; it takes WORK. And you have to be committed. Everybody wants to be the leader, but a true leader understands that the greatest among you must SERVE. We have to pay dues. And that’s what people avoid. It’s not always glamorous, but when you achieve your goals and actually bring about change; the payoff is knowing that you persevered.


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