Being Born A Negro Has Never Been A Problem For Me!

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When God was planning my arrival, he could have made me anything. I could have been born in Portugal, Indonesia, Romania, Japan, Brazil, et al, but he chose me to be born in Augusta Georgia, at precisely 10:20 a.m. on July 8th, 19___.  Ha. My business, but the point is…not once in my life have I ever looked in the mirror and wished to be someone else. I love my skin, my eyes, my nose, my hair and most importantly; I feel blessed being a Black woman. I feel like I hit 777 in the lottery. The dice keeps rolling 7’s. I keep pulling Aces from the deck. I am a symbol of beauty that can’t be duplicated. I’m in a royal class. Their is joy in my spirit for I know that I was born of love…and I’ve always felt special.

Whether or not anyone accepts me for me, I really don’t care. The most important validation of my existence is self-acceptance. And Lord, I thank you for giving me the gift and honor of being a Black woman. Everyday I walk outside my home; I’m representing former queens, intelligent mothers, proud grandmothers and gifted women who birthed every Black woman there is. My head is held high. My walk is straight and I look forward as each step is precisioned toward my destination.

It is not what I am that matters, but what it means to be that. Being a Black woman means that we are born to be first. Africa birthed the first queens. That regality is deep within me. My spirit soars and I don’t need a throne. Folks see me and automatically are motivated to bestow respect fit for one who was born to be exalted.

I AM A BLACK WOMAN. Proud and free.

Thank you, Lord.

I love who I am and every single day…I fly with my feet firm on the ground, but soar each time I spread my wings like an eagle and glide with a firm wind above the clouds.

[Orchestra begins…]

Ahhhhhhhh……….Yeah! I always feel like I am the Greatest even when the world tries to tell me I’m not.


6 comments on “Being Born A Negro Has Never Been A Problem For Me!

  1. Sabrina says:

    I would be insecure and resentful if I was anything else.

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  2. yes I agree. I love being a young black woman wouldn’t have it any other way. Black women are the first women, the mother of civilization. Mitochondrial eve was a black woman that was able to have descendants that we all come from. No other women can say that, no other women can say we look like the original woman, but we can. No other women or people can say we were made in the creators image.I’m proud to be a descendent of slaves, of strong, beautiful, kind black women. We endured more than any other women and we are still here. We have amazing black women that have done amazing things from Bessie coleman to Harriet Tubman, to sojourner truth. They did what needed to be done, did what others including some men failed to do. We are the original wombman and can’t nobody take that away from us no matter how much they try to break us, degrade us, and abuse us. We are the only ones that can call each other sister and call black men brothers, nobody else can. Nobody else has our hair or our skin, they can try to copy everything else but they can’t copy that, and that is what sets us apart from everybody else. They can try to copy all they want but see they will always be a copy never an original. Miley can twerk till the cows come home but it is black women that invented all these dances that others have copied or got their influence from. Black women give birth to the greatest singers, athletes, etc, other women can only go after our male offspring since they cannot be us or create what we do. imo the creativity and sensitivity comes from feminine energy, that is why most of the greatest artists have black mothers, Michael Jackson, bob marley, stevie wonder, lauryn hill, tupac, etc. we are the most creative and compassionate. Antoinette tuff calmed down a crazy white guy and kept him from shooting black kids or hurting himself. I am proud to share the same skin and features as these amazing women.


  3. Adeen says:

    Yup, same here. I love being a Black woman because we are beautiful, strong and the Original Woman. We had the privilege of birthing all the races on the planet. Our wombs is womb of all of humanity. We are to the right of the Original Man, the Black man.

    We are hated but envied by other races of women because we have the features that they want but can’t have.


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