Best Man Sequel!!!


They’re baaaacccckkk, y’all.

Those of you who saw the original Best Man movie and fell in love with the characters and the story; a sequel is planned to be released in November.

It’s been 15 years.  Can you believe that.  And the cast still looks good.

Honestly, I haven’t been to the movies in over a year.  But I’m going to this one.

How ’bout you?


8 comments on “Best Man Sequel!!!

  1. the alchemist says:

    All the men are darker than the women except for Terrance Howard. Not a coincidence.


  2. I know the sista is gonna get tired of me and my wet blanket self for always sh*ttin’ on her articles. It would be nice to see the sequel if it wasn’t for the fact that most of the negroes in the movie love them some white folk. At least two of the leading men are married to or have been married to white women. I think this kind of programing has done us so much damage until it’s almost irreversible.

    I’ll tell you a sequel that I’ll pay to see, and it’s that sexy ass Love Jones. That movie was a favorite of my ex and I. It kicked off some really romantic sessions between us two. It’s that kinda of movie that you and yours get real close and watch and watch and watch and watch.


  3. mstoogood4yall says:

    seems like a nice trailer but they need to get rid of robin slicks song he copied from marvin gaye.


  4. 15 years?? Wow! I really feel old!lol It’s cool to see the whole cast back together again. Many of them have went on to have great careers. Nia Long and Monica Calhoun were me favorites. I think they’re both gorgeous and very talented actresses. Although I can do without seeing Nia with a white man in the film. I know alot of brothers love Nia and probably wont like that part. I will overlook it and I still believe it could be a funny and entertaining film. Maybe this could be a trend and more sequels will be made. How about Love & Basketball 2? Or how about sequels to Soul Food or Love Jones? I think people would love to see some of those films return.


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