Fond Farewell

You’ll Be missed, DON. I’ve enjoyed your posts and have learned a lot–had to get my dictionary out many times; but the journey of life is to increase knowledge so that we can master the trials and tribulations that will come.
Thank you very much for your wisdom and I offer the invitation that you are more than welcome to hang out on my blog any time.
Others can learn from the sharpness of your mind.





So much to say… It’s with bittersweet joy that I inform you, my beautiful African family, that I have decided to focus entirely on our quiet and simple lifestyle and growing with the Spirit. This shall be my last post. I started my blog as a way for me to understand my own mental illness in this oppressive system. I needed an outlet that would provide me with the freedom to cry, scream and write raw, honest truth about my perceived helplessness in this world. I never knew that it would turn into a cyber-family where we would reveal things about ourselves even we never knew existed. God told me to write. And write I did.

The more I wrote my deepest feelings of raw anger, hurtful betrayal and the shameful thoughts of vengeance, I learned, almost by happenstance, that anger is a wasted emotion in the art of war. It…

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5 comments on “Fond Farewell

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  2. Adeen says:

    I do miss Diary of A Negress already. I miss her blog and the way she spoke about our issues in a way that I could understand and relate. I think this blog and Peanut’s blog are the only safe havens against White supremacy and media for me.


  3. Hold up, wait a minute. She has not left the building yet. Do not mourn those who are still around. Sure enough, after shouting for a while, it is time to focus on Self, and see what inner work needs to be done. We can get easily lost in trying to get other people to move, that we forget to move ourselves. Uh, yes, falling into utter projection. As I will be taking time off myself to battle the cavemen. Peace.


  4. She will be missed. Her leaving is a huge loss to the black blogging community. She had some really great topic that made me think. I appreciate her contribution to her people.


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