Blacks Who Cater To White Supremacy!

Any names that come to mind, people?

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • President Obama
  • Montel Williams
  • Condoleeza Rice
  • O.J. Simpson
  • Tiger Woods
  • The NAACP(Quiz me on this one)
  • The Black Boule
  • CNN’s Don Lemon

Just to name a few

Today, it’s going to be 88 degrees where I am in Georgia. I’m sitting by a window–looking out at the beautiful flowers and blooming trees and listening to my favorite jams. This thought came to me a few minutes ago(Luther’s Here and Now… is playing). Here and Now…I promised to love faithfully… Such beautiful words and I really do feel that this is the song that many Blacks in power or who have money and position are singing to White America. Cooning…and grinnin’, just longing for that pat on the back that says, “Now that’s a Good N*gger.”

Am I off base?

These days, you rarely even see Black culture on television anymore. Like last night while watching The Good Wife.  Why is it that when they have Black people on these shows, they are sleeping with white characters?  Same goes for that show Off The Map, located somewhere in the islands, on ABC in which there is one Black guy in the cast and he’s sleeping with a white chick.  So, the subliminal message here is that if you’re Black and successful, you are approved to sleep with White folks?  This is yet the persistent resistance of Whites in media and Hollywood to show Black love.  Why is that?

Where is the backlash against the networks from our community?

And how can I not speak about the lack of “brown faces” on Oprah’s new network?  Gail doesn’t count. What is Oprah thinking to neglect the African American community? There is no excuse for this. We buy products just like everyone else and our buying power is not to be taken lightly.

Our president seems to have been advised, misinformed and betrayed by angry white males, hell bent on making him look weak, indecisive and something to make fun of rather than respect. And it’s all about respect. Everything he does is questioned, probed and analyzed by white folks. Can the man do anything right in their eyes?  Yet, it was the greed, arrogance and criminal acts of white males that got this country in the economic crisis it is now in.

His predecessor, George Bush, had a faithful servant in the service of  former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice.  She endorsed her President and never acted in opposition to whatever he chose to do–mind you that many of his policies hurt our community.  Hurricane Katrina…anyone?  And people know that there was no reason to attack and kill Sadaam Hussein.  It was clearly an act of revenge for his father’s failure to destroy him in the War of Desert Storm.

And still yet, Black folks…wanna be like by white folks.

The NAACP was founded on February 12, 1909. Link: . But did you know that no Black was allowed to serve as Director until 1975. That’s right. Our oldest Civil Rights organization was headed by whites. How could an organization designed to help Black people, not allow Blacks to run it–and be allowed to do it? And why would white folks wish to be part of an organization for the benefit of Black people. The only reason why whites contribute money to the NAACP is so that they can dictate policy. So, is our nation’s oldest Civil Rights organization really working for its people or is it a co-conspirator with our enemy?

One would have to be reminded of Jim Crow laws. It once was a law that if there were 3 Blacks or more, they could not be allowed to meet without the company of a white man. This is the truth. Some of you can attest to this in public and even on your job–if Blacks congregate; for some unknown reason, some white man or woman, possibly even in management, starts prancing around, looking and observing…trying to see “what you people are up to.” Some even are bold enough to insinuate themselves into the conversation.

The Black Boule’–Black version of the Illuminati. The Black Elite. Whatever you wish to call them…is a collection of about 4000+ of the wealthiest Black men in America–and none of them are doing anything on behalf of African Americans. Link: Link 2: .

So, adding all of them together, entertainers, organizations and individual leaders that love to appoint themselves over us–WHO IS REALLY REPRESENTING BLACK AMERICA?

27 comments on “Blacks Who Cater To White Supremacy!

  1. Free Piano says:

    Free Piano

    Hello 🙂 Your blog looks good. have a nice day. the blog was absolutely fantastic!


  2. saved says:

    Great post Truth. I think the non-whites pandering to white supremacy is in some ways even worse than white racism. Some of the racism and cattiness I’ve experienced from self-hating people of my race, especially women, has been a much bigger pain in the ass than some of the white rednex I’ve had to deal with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that white racism is a walk in the park compared to racism from non-whites, but rather just the lesser of the two evils. It’s hard to explain, but I guess it might stem from not expecting much help and support from most whites, but hoping that at least there would be some unity with those of my own race, and when I get the opposite, it’s really just something else. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to socialize much with anyone, and you know what, I find that I’m capable of being content that way.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Someone explained that type of behavior. It’s a psychological addiction to the oppressor–literally to the point where the oppressed begin to mimic their en-slaver. But we’re not enslaved–but many of us are mentally. Just call them out.


  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all folks you really realize what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Please also talk over with my site =). We will have a hyperlink trade arrangement among us


  4. Adeen says:

    And it is sad that we have Uncle Tom coons who would do anything to please their White masters. You forgot to call out most of today’s so called rappers such as Shitty Minaj, Lil Gayne, 2 Chainz, Chief Keef, Lil B, Dick Ross, etc. They are sellouts who are making crappy music to appeal to a ”wider” audience of people and degrading their own people in their music in the process.

    These people are a disgrace to our race. What happened to Black musicians having a control over what type of music they released and having control of what image they had of themselves and their race?


  5. Adeen says:

    It makes me sad to hear and see Blacks dating and marrying White people. Honestly I can’t stand these Uncle Tom sellouts.

    I know Condolessa, Obama, Don Lemon etc are Uncle Toms but we need to call out the ones who see daily:

    The Black females who avoid all Blacks to hang around Whites and non Blacks

    The Black people who date and marry Whites once they become successful.

    The Black people who hate their own kind.

    The Black men who put down Black females and uplift non Black females especially White women.

    The Black people who make disparaging comments about natural hair and believe straight hair is better.

    The Black people who support Obama.

    Any Black person who supports the Democratic Party

    Blacks who value Whites more than their own people.

    I also feel we need to call out these type of Blacks as well.


  6. I’ve said way to much already, but I will leave you with this: That post up there with Condi should read, “I’m fighting for whitey he thrust me”.


  7. I didn’t know that about the naacp, but I’m not surprised, as pretty much anybody that appears in white media is on their payroll and is used to further their agenda.
    As for oprah, smh, I see a few shows on her network with black faces like iylana fix my life, sweetie pies, and raising sextuplets which I kinda enjoy.
    Who is representing black America? hmm it sure isn’t us everyday black folks, its the black celebs that throw us under the bus every chance they get. Until more black ppl stop supporting any and every black face they see on tv we will keep having these clowns representing us and acting like they speak for us. or they scowled us like don lemon and the other bafoons.


  8. Speaking of sellout black folks. We must have some self respect and stop cooning for these people! Look at this video! Just shameful!


  9. Great post! You really nailed it! Thanks for that link also. I used to visit that blog about celebrities. You were also right about the Boule. I did a post about them awhile back.

    I think or people need to be aware of these things. I’ve asked many black people about it and I get a blank stare every Obviously to many of us are uninformed. We have to get the word out about those who mislead our people and impede our progress.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Black people have got to get with it. Simply put. There is so much the general mass public doesn’t know, compound that with the daily misinformation and mis-education that is so prevalent in our shools; it’s frightening how much ignorance is out there.


  10. Double sigh. I erased my rant. I am tired of this mess. I need to step out of it then. Peace.


    • truthangel07 says:


      What are you talking about?

      What rant?


      • I erased the comment. On wasting energy on those puppets. Those folks have become too tiresome. They must know it too, that is why they feast on our energy.


      • truthangel07 says:

        We need to call them out.

        You know this is very interesting all of the media violence that is impacting the Black community of late since the Zimmerman verdict.

        When white folks do evil things who scolds them? Yet Black people have to be held to some higher moral standard in the light of the violence waged against us by them daily?


        Something doesn’t get here…and it is high time to confront those who have appointed themselves as spokespeople for our community to PUT UP or SHUT UP!

        We are not stupid people but we have been asleep while our enemy has been building his arsenal.

        There is a price to be paid when we don’t control our image and narrative.


      • Those folks are telling us that we ARE the problem. Most of us behave in a matter that white folks can only pretend to have mastered. Yet, they will still treat us as a problem. They will look for the worst among us and put them up against the best of them. That is what needs to get outed. Show them the worst of them, and let us figure out who represent the best of us. Should one of the best be among the Boule then they get dragged off the list.
        So, how to compile the list of our best?


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