Is Don Lemon Helping US or Hurting Us?


When I came across this interview; yet once again, a CNN reporter seems to have placed themselves in the seat of telling Black people what to do.  Why do so many of us in positions of power seem to think that we have to scold Black people into doing what is right in order to prevent white folks from “thinking negatively” about us?

In July, Bill O’Reilly gave a rant basically stating that Black people are responsible for their own problems.  Don agreed and on his show Talking Points, he gave his list of 5 things that Black People could do to combat racism.

How simplistic.

And who is Don talking to?  Really…

Honestly, I had to really take a deep thought position and try to understand  what motivated him to even do this.

Many Black people definitely had a reaction:

Most people know that Don is gay–and here’s his partner:

Imagine…a Black gay man, with a white lover, telling Black MEN how to act.  Wow!

Getting the picture?

The insanity behind Don Lemon’s rant is that it’s self-defeating.  Why on earth would you attack your own people on a major news network.

Equally, would anyone expect someone from the Gay and Lesbian community to defend gay bashing or a female CNN personality to defend why some women deserve to be raped or abused.

I don’t have a problem with people in our community who live in our community and who Marry Black men and women to speak for us; but when you have a white man as a partner; work at a news station owned by whites; how dare you take the position of trying to speak for the Black community, albeit, you live in Harlem.  How redundant.

Black people did not ruin this economy.  Black people did not start the wars we are now fighting.  Black people did not create institutionalized racism. Black people did not create profiling.  Black people aren’t domestic terrorists.

What Don did not talk about was poverty.  He did not talk about how institutionalized racism impacted the Black community over time.  What he did not do was talk about the tens of thousands of Black people who work in the community to try to help solve many of the problems in the Black community.   His rant was arrogant, presumptuous, and did not fully inform the public educatively of exactly what is going on in the African American community.

How do you destroy a people?  You do so by taking away the economic foundation of that community.

Don Lemon took the position of judge,jury, and executioner, and gave a sentence on our people before presenting the facts.  I’m sure he’s been profiled–whether he wants to admit to that or stay in denial about it.  And does it really matter if his pants weren’t sagging?  Did it matter that Trayvon Martin didn’t fit any of those stereotypical profiles when he was gunned down, Mr. Lemon?

Our leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, etc., did not come to prominence by downing their own people; they used their voice to uplift them, while confronting the realities of a system of oppression that was being waged against them.  They gave their lives for this cause.

Has Don Lemon given his life?  Where does Don Lemon come from anyway?  Better yet…who asked him?  He blamed the victim.  Just like whites do.  Who is he or Bill O’Reilly to judge our people without working in the community with the people most impacted?

In effect; Don Lemon is marketing White Supremacy by proxy.

I’M CALLING HIM OUT and so should many of you!

There is no commitment by Don Lemon to help the Black community and my advice to people like him is to understand that being a news reporter on CNN does not give you the authority to bastardize our people in front of white folks, so that you can be rewarded by them for speaking the words many of them even think about him behind his back.



22 comments on “Is Don Lemon Helping US or Hurting Us?

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  3. Brad says:

    This is ridiculous. I see through this like glass. Black men are saying he is not black enough to disprove anything he says is from a blackman. But he is black. He is gay. He has a white boyfriend. Whoa. Does anyone see how back and forth this is in my eyes. Group of angry black men want him to shut up because he is inconvenient. White people are like he is obviously dating one of ours he must be doing it for social benefits. Also, the media rots your brain.


  4. Tyrone says:

    Don Lemon is a gay blackman, which is a natural sin within the arc of black manhood. On top of that, his male lover is a whiteman. So, he’s gay and colorstruck at the same time…What A Combo? Homosexual blackmen can’t be pro-black, because, their lifestyle choice is against the best interests of our people. No blackwoman, no black babies, equals no black family. He’s a tool for our enemies, no different than the others.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I sent a letter last summer about Don’s Talking Points show–basically; I called him out for his duplicitousness to his white bosses–and I’ve noticed he’s backed down a bit. I express myself…and sometimes all it takes is to let people know just how they look to US.


    • Jakson says:

      So you are saying that your sexuality determines whether or not you are able to have an opinion about your race? You do not have to agree with someone’s opinion, but to discredit a person’s viewpoint because they are a homosexual is ignorant and as prejudice as discrediting someone’s view because of there race.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Common sense is a the cousin to wisdom. Having an opinion about your race yet sleeping with someone from the race that has done nothing positive for your race is suspect.

        Is that clear?


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  7. Adeen says:

    I like this post. Don Lemon is such an idiot. He does have some truth to what he is saying but what has he done to help out? I want to get older and help out the Black Community but I wouldn’t ever throw my people under the bus.


  8. Imhotep says:

    Don is an agent for our enemy like most of our celebrities are. We all need to turn off the tell-lie-vision. All news anchors will always paint our enemy as invisible. That is why they are never allies to us.


  9. First of all, shut the f*ck Lemon until you learn what a penis is for. How in the hell you gonna lecture me on me when you are as confused as the little girl half naked on stage and shaking her imaginary ass.


  10. Shahidah says:

    ughhhh I want to comment in full but I have to be somewhere. I did enjoy your POV and I agree for the most part. I’m stunned that anyone can say our problems can be fixed in five solutions. Really, dude?
    I’ll be back


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