I Dare A White Person To Call Me a Racist!


Just because I tell you I don’t like you doesn’t make me what YOU ARE!

Honestly, I guess you haven’t lived until a white person dares call you a racist for telling them the truth about their history, behavior, and actions over time toward Black people and other people of color around the world.  They don’t want to hear how their ancestors enslaved, raped, pillaged, displaced, exploited, disrespected, and violated the basic rights and human dignity of people of color.  No.  It’s all a lie–to the average white person, they don’t wear white sheets and burn crosses, how dare you call them racist.   Oh, they are nice white people.  They give to the United Way.  They help underprivileged people. They’ve helped the homeless and worked in the inner city.  And my personal favorite, they give to the United Negro College Fund every single year.   The white folks of today really think they are cured of racism.  They don’t mind if Black and white people date and marry.  How could they be racist, right?  But let’s examine the things they are well known for:  Profiling Black people when they shop, go to restaurants, are out in public, showing disdain through their stares when Black people enter a room or are present just about anywhere, showing bias, making intrusive comments about race, talking down to blacks in a condescending manner, being shocked by the intelligence of Black people or outraged by it.  Being accused of stealing from whites.  Being treated as if you’ve done something wrong if around whites–no matter what you do.

Let’s be real here.  I’m sure many Black people have experienced that uncomfortable look from white folks who are somewhat shocked that you would have the nerve to tell them to their face what you are really thinking.  It’s an attitude of “How dare you N-ggers talk back TO US!”  Right?

The fact of the matter is that racism is as alive today as it was in my grandparents time. It’s part of the environment–like the air we breathe or the water we drink.  It’s insidious. But white folks don’t see it.  It’s an apparition to them.  Worse yet; we’re making things up.

Are we?

To many whites who benefit from it; White entitlement is invisible but it is as tangible as a rose.

How often do Black people chatting online have to deal with the typical annoying white troll who ventures into conversations that are not inviting or those that validate them? Basically, Black people are literally going ham (unedited) on discussing the real situations of racism they deal with every single day.

So many times I’ve seen how whites infiltrate Black discussion sites.  Within a short period of time, their presence literally cause the Black people to turn on one another–even while whites will brazenly post topics that inflame the board community.  What often is the result are people getting banned by the moderators or leaving, causing a vacuum that opens the flood gates of white opinion; at the expense of Black reality.

When I started this blog, it was not to just talk about race, but I have to add it to the mix of topics that I like to talk about because it is my reality and also it is a window that exposes the truth about what I see.

I said in the beginning, and I’ll reiterate: THIS IS NOT a multicultural site.  It’s my personal blog–and I don’t have to be diplomatic.  Any white person or non-Black that comes here and shows any disrespect to my people, will automatically be banned.  No questions asked.  I’m not playing.

Black people must show respect for each other in the presence of hostility against us.

There is no excuse for apathy–it’s cowardice.

Speaking the truth against evil is the only weapon that disarms our enemy.

And this blog makes no apology.


12 comments on “I Dare A White Person To Call Me a Racist!

  1. Sabrina says:

    I had to tell off a Caucasoid racist on my post called, “Why African-Americans deserve reparations.” His opinion and selfish ego was uninvited and unwanted in my space. I was at the bus stop waiting to go home after class and see my family and this older Caucasoid guy sat too close to me talking to me about his problems and that he voted for Obama twice. They have to know their nature is not normal, that is why they make every attempt to put us under the racist label now.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Most Black people endure this every time they are unfortunate to be too close to Caucasians. The talk too damn much. Their minds are troubled. They are some of the most intrusive people–just filled with arrogance. They interrupt your space; and don’t even have the courtesy to pardon or excuse themselves before starting up soliloquies that you are not particularly interested in listening to.


  2. Missy I’ll not comment here but believe you me I’m with you.


  3. I don’t care if they call me or anybody racist it is they who get offended and are like omg when the word racist is said. I could care less, we’ve been called worse and had worse done to us, so if they wanna say we racist so what. The blogs that allow these troll racists are getting hella annoying.
    As for the latinos yep a lot of them act that way because they want to ascend into whiteness, so they throw us under the bus to get ahead. At the same time they are being brainwashed and taught self hatred too, just they can call themselves latino and try to distance themselves from their African ancestry. The shows and magazines they see are white ppl not themselves, i watched a documentary about brazil and they showed how most of the magazines were white ppl when majority in brazil are black.Idk when every person of color will wake up and realize we’ve all been tricked, the only different so called race among us is whites, everybody else has color in their skin and different hair texture, they are the only odd man out. But whites created race and were like ok anybody that denies themselves and rejects their skin color and is closest to our color can get a bigger scrap from our table. The crazy thing is they even do this to black ppl and try to get blacks from Egypt to deny themselves and check white to get into the country. It’s some sick sh!t, they will be including lighter skinned latinos and Asians into their white category as their numbers are dwindling.


    • Adeen says:

      I agree with you completely. Whites are getting scared that they will lose their privileges and get payback for all the years that they killed, stole and destroyed other races of people. I think it is coming. They are paranoid more than ever. That is why they are trying to add light skin Latinos and Asians to their already dying race.

      We can’t trust Latinos. They are Whitewashed bunch, moreso than we are. Don’t include them in our struggles.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Ditto on your comments.

        I will never trust Asians and Latinos. People don’t change–they just modify their behavior to suit their personal agendas.

        There’s a call from some naive Black folk to form coalitions with them. For what? Where were these people when we needed them. As far as I am concerned; if I want fried rice, I’ll look up an Asian. If I want a taco, I’ll go to Jorge’s, but the bottom line with me is that people show you exactly who their are and when they do: BELIEVE THEM!


    • truthangel07 says:

      The new attitude amongst those in the older generation is to form coalitions with Hispanics. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Not hearing it at all. Hispanics have never been friends to our community and we sure do not owe them one damn thing.


  4. Adeen says:

    Well written article. You are not a racist. You are just biased against White people and with a good reason to be too. White people have been and still are systematically oppressed us for centuries and then deny it when we confront them about it. I am sick of their ways too. I am glad you don’t let Whites or non Blacks comment on your site because they have no reason to. This blog wasn’t written for them at all.

    And the oppressed can’t oppress the oppressor. It doesn’t go that way. That is why you are not a racist. You and I have never oppressed, killed, destroyed other races of people to make myself rich. They have. I don’t see why they call minorities racist for opposing White supremacy, showing my age here. I am a young person. Anyways White people know their day is coming when they will receive karma for all of their evil actions and are scared of the day they lose majority status to Hispanics because they wouldn’t have their White privilege to save them from their evil deeds anymore.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I don’t trust Hispanics either. They are no better than whites intrinsically; just browner.

      Latin America has many people of African descent, but you’d never know that by watching Telemundo.


      • Adeen says:

        I agree. We can’t trust Hispanic people at all. They are basically tan Whites. I sat by them at lunch but now I am realizing how they really are. I will try to find a table where Black people sit at instead. I find these people phony.

        I believe in Black unity. How about the Afro Latinos? Honestly I think Afro Latinos are the only Latinos we can trust.


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