Now Hispanics Want To Form Coalitions With Blacks?


While watching the Arsenio Hall show last week, comedian guest, George Lopez suggested that Blacks and browns form a coalition.  I sat there listening to his reasons: making babies (albeit the hair issues) for one.  And logically, that’s not really news.  This has been happening for a long time, however, things that make you go hhhmmmm…as Arsenio used to say.

Blacks and Browns forming a coalition.  Really?

Even George Lopez admitted that once upon a time that wasn’t even a logical possibility, but at the same time; Black people don’t need Hispanics.  What we’ve accomplished as a group in large part has been without their help–we owe them nothing; thus, why would they now be interested in forming a coalition with us?

Did you know that in 1963, some Hispanic Civil Rights organizations at first wanted to publicly denounce the Civil Rights march?  But after seeing the mass of Black people move in on the Lincoln Memorial; they learned a valuable lesson about political force.

Politically, most Hispanics are Republican.  Second; culturally, we have a lot of differences. We don’t have the same issues and concerns.  Our agendas are very different.  Blacks have worked very hard to establish equal rights in this country.  We took it to a head during the Civil Rights movement.  Where were they?  However, immigrants enjoy the benefits of our struggle but didn’t pay the price.

There is also a perception problem.  Many Black people perceive that Hispanics have lost favor with whites and this new interest in forming a coalition with us logically is related to them seeing us somehow becoming their buffer in their immigration struggle.  They are no longer the “chosen minority” and are afraid.

Do they think we’re naive enough to believe that we don’t see through this?

Whatever the case, I’m not easily conned.

I’m giving this the side-eye because frankly, a snake will always shed it’s skin, but its nature will never change.

What becomes of this is a BIG QUESTION.

We’ll see….


28 comments on “Now Hispanics Want To Form Coalitions With Blacks?

  1. rebecca says:

    Uh..first point Latinos are Spain mixed with NATIVE AMERICAN. The irony of immigration is that these people have to get green cards to enter land that was stolen from them where they get shitty jobs when it should be theirs to begin with!

    Secondly, they havent lost favor or are scared. Mexicans dont get scared from what Ive seen. They have a strong tie to the military in the drug trade down on the border. I admit they’ve been broken and they serve American powers which is very sad but thats not down in their own countries always just on border and here.

    The powers that be are aligning Latinoa with Africans and African Americans basically to counter any European or EuroAmerican (mostly folk) resistance to the New World Order or things.
    Much of this is based on gang activity and business that blacks and Latinos are put to work on by whatever crooked, black budget power of authority runs the drug trade in the USA.

    It also depends on the region. In the northeast Latinos are totally uncool uppity little assholes that emulate the worst of black culture the brainwashing system has to offer in entertainment.

    Down in TX on the border it depends on what city but they have a strong culture and keep to themselves. They play little mind games with blacks and whites.

    In SoCal they seem fully aligned with whites and absolutely hate African Americans.

    And as for you believing African Americans made headway unaided dont forget the feminist movement which has been repaid with ingrates rapping incessant sexist abusive lyrics.

    Also thank COINTELPRO for destroying the more radical Panthers in favor of more moderate, agreeable advocacy-more aligned with supporting the US system as opposed to wanting complete freedom from it. (I actually agree with the original Panthers. The new party are govt shills making trouble with their clown show and making sure no true revolutionaries exist ever again.)

    Btw why would you need Asiatic, Spainard hair? Theres nothing wrong with what evolution gave you and even what slavery has created-an unfortuate way to obtain European DNA (thus Neanderthal DNA which exists in every other ethnic group in the world other than Africa).

    Theres been many instances of slavery. Genocide (the land u r on) and occupation and oppression throughout recorder history.
    This is what humans do.
    Its not the obvious stuff u need to watch out for…its the manipulations of the hidden hand. The secret governing bodies. The deceptions and manipulations.

    Youre people are being used as are Latinos in the USA for the same purposes as angry young Muslims and Africans from the worst countries are being used for via mass immigration to Europe.

    Take a look at what Im talking about. And tell me what you think is going on.

    You may rule the world alongside other ‘People Of Color’ sooner than you think.

    Then what will you do?


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Could someone please help me understand why Mexicans in Southern California hate Black people when there are people of African descent in Mexico? It’s stupid!

      I grew up in Chicago. No Mexicans were threatening the Blacks there–trust me on that. So, I see this as a “California Thing”.


  2. Gery says:

    I agree with most of what everyone says. Many so-called Latinos mostly will side with someone white over a black person. I agree with the African population and long heritage in Mexico. The lies about Mexico being only 2% black is ridiculous when most of the Mexicans I see are mulatto or indigenous in their features. It’s obvious African DNA is spread all over Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.
    It’s pathetic to see people that are beautiful and black, or mulatto try and pass as white. Like on a video I watched, a guy was asking “Hispanics” what their race was on their Census report and they kept saying Hispanic/Latino. The guy said that’s not a race. So most of the ones that were obviously black or mulatto said they were Caucasian/White. It was really sad to see how brainwashed they were.
    I agree that we should unite one day but they have to get past their racist views their parents and grandparents have taught them about African and African-American people and other darker tone people of the world.
    Never understood Mexicans screaming Brown Pride or Aztec Warriors when they look down on Native Americans like they do black people.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Mexicans are a confused people but I do feel that what is happening in Mexico, as relates to the violence there from the drug gangs, is a spiritual struggle within the people.

      You can’t have that much corruption in a nation that demands honesty and integrity.

      Whatever one settles for, one will get.

      That is life.


  3. IHateCockRoaches says:

    I will never be friends or deal with a cockroach (mexicans and others of idiotic “brown pride”. F them. I hate them all and wish all their dirty diseased asses were deported back where they came from. All cockroaches hate black people. I do not care how nice some of them may seem. Deep down they wish death upon black people. Let us not forget the ethnic cleansing these cockroaches do in LA when it comes to black people. I will never join forces with those dirty cockroaches. We do not need to join forces with any other POC. None of them respect or like black people. Black people should solely deal with black people when it comes to our issues. F everyone else.


    • truthangel07 says:

      About 7 years ago, I wrote about the Mexican hatred of Black people in L.A. and their plans of ethnic cleansing. Well, how did that work for them? Who’s trying to kill who now? Have you been paying attention to the whites in California, Arizona, Texas, and other supporting states who are literally arming themselves at the border in order to stop illegal immigrant? You reap what you sew.

      Like us or not, we are citizens of this country and no border jumping Mexican is going to come at me or anyone in my family without reprisal…



      • Racistsfearme says:

        I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the Mexica movement in LA an how these fake ass Aztecs claim to be fighting for the rights for all indigenous people. What a bunch of crap their only using the real indigenous peoples for their own agenda. And alot of Native Americans see right through that shit as well as the Natives in Mexico. In fact even the Native population in Mexico are treated like shit by mestizos because of their indigenous languages and their appearance. I don’t have a deep seated hatred towards Mexicans but I don’t trust them either.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Frankly, I am not unfamiliar with Mexicans, as that I grew up in Chicago.

        Early in my life, I noticed there was somewhat of some type of xenophobia in them; they did not make much effort to relate to people outside of their culture–not even with other Hispanic groups.

        I’m not racist toward them, but when you look at the violence in LA with Mexicans and the African American population, it’s very perplexing, given the African population and heritage in Mexico.

        Basically, I don’t get it.


      • writerno1 says:

        I LOVE your comments! Should any tamale oppose me, I’ll abrogate the beans and rice eaters!!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Welcome Writerno…


  4. Real sad says:

    Truthangel the only latinos that hate us really are the mexicans.Puerto ricans and other groups dont really hate us…i should know because i date spanish men and their family had no issue meeting me.Now i have no idea where u live…but im guessing you live in the west coast somewhere.This kinda offends me because my grandma was puerto rican and black…meaning that i have sum in me…so do u hate and not trust me truthangel? Smh thts a shame.Not everyone is against blacks..stop listening to whitey


    • truthangel07 says:

      I grew up in Chicago and I know all about Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. Yes, Mexicans are bigoted, but so are many in other parts of the Spanish speaking Caribbean and south America.

      I am educated.

      My views are not presumptions but come from interaction and observation.


      • Cara says:

        As a black woman I would just like to tell you, you give black women a bad name. Anyone who agrees with you is ignorant. Why are you so against two races coming together to fight racism?


      • Truthangel07 says:

        I don’t give any Black woman a bad name–I speak for myself; and I’m not afraid of telling the truth of how I view the world I live in.

        This is a free country, and as long as their is Freedom of Speech; I will continue to speak my damn mind.

        If you think I’m ignorant, than leave this blog!

        I’m sick and tired of people who love to walk the fence and need to join coalitions with other groups, who by the way, did nothing to fight for Black people, hun. If you think that means success, then by all means, get on the bus, and pray that it doesn’t crash.

        So sorry this blog isn’t intellectual enough for you, but given that I’ve penned almost 300 articles, I dare say that you speak for the entire Black community as to what should be acceptable reading for it.


  5. Jorge says:

    You folks got it right, as a bred and born New Yorker of Hispanic descent, I can honestly say that what I’ve gotten from most of the African Americans I’ve dealt with since I was a kid was obstruction, threats (when they could get away with them) and grief. The only forces I ever relied on to get ahead were my pursuit of education and my hard work, yet I heard mostly black coworkers complain over promotions and raises that were given to me over them. And what could I expect from a subculture that subjects other minorities to the same vicissitudes that it experienced in the past, when it’s members should know better? Truly you folks have it right, Hispanics and blacks should not expect anything from each other, us Latinos are expanding by leaps and bounds in the fields of education and business anyway, and we don’t need to be wasting our time.


    • truthangel07 says:

      First of all, let me correct you on something; the AA’s that you delt with are from NEW YORK. I’m from the south. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. The experiences that you had are not my experiences and you aren’t fully educated about AA culture simply based on those limited interactions…


    • Adeen says:

      I don’t expect anything from Latinos either because I know they aren’t on my side nor do they care about me. They are only for their own people or they would side with a White person over a Black person. I don’t want anything from these people


    • writerno1 says:

      If Hispanics are preeminent to African-Americans-why hasn’t there ever been an Hispanic United States president? Think about that, Taco bell!!!


  6. Adeen says:

    I don’t care about their struggles with immigration at all. They don’t care about us so why should we care about them. Plus many of them don’t even like Black people so why care about their struggles. Besides we need to focus on our own problems as Black people


  7. Look here; all we need to know is that we are in this by ourselves and then act accordingly. Go to South Central L.A. and see Black and Latino working together. To see how they Black people they can send to the morgue.


    • Adeen says:

      Blacks and Latinos should not form a coalition.

      Many Latinos think that they are White and that they are better than Black people because their skin is lighter than ours. They have this Willie Lynch mentality that anything closer to White is better and look down on darker skin individuals. I don’t want to ever unite without anyone who thinks that they are better than me. Plus many of them dislike Black people too and they are the closest culture to Black people!

      Second of all, they are not on our side. They may have the same problem with racism but they have their own issues. These Spicspanics don’t care about our issues and struggles with Whites so why should we care about theirs. They have their own agenda to accomplish and they most likely are using us to further their own agenda too. Thus I know these people are not on our side.

      There is nothing a Spic can do for me because they haven’t done anything for Black people or any other minority group in AmeriKKKlan at all. We have done more for them than they could ever do for us. We will rise with and without them! In other words, we don’t need these people!


      • truthangel07 says:

        And Black people know this. I really do not know what some of these so called Black leaders are thinking.


      • writerno1 says:

        You speak…THE TRUTH!!! If you ever view Telemundo’s fatuous novela’s, you’d notice that they habitually sputter the word, “nigger”. Thus, it behooves me to sputter the word, “spic”!!!


  8. hmm I heard a little about this, I agree with u , where were they, hell at least an Asian man did join the black panthers but where were they. They want to be white and they check the white box, for all I know they could just be trying to spy on us or halt our efforts. I do wish that us blacks, browns, reds, yellows could unite together against white supremacy, but idk if that will happen. I mean blacks and natives teamed up before to go against whites but everybody else has pretty much left us hanging. we struggle with the same things(racisms, stereotypes, colorism, unemployment,etc) so you’d think that would unite us, but we are all brainwashed into believing white is right and pleasing massa. as for them being republican I don’t really care, blacks used to be republican too until they started becoming what they are today then we switched to democrat. I don’t care about either. I would not unite with them until they stop claiming to be white and recognize their African ancestors and stop trying to act like they are above us. Black ppl better not dare put their agenda ahead of our own how many times are we going to get the short end of the stick before we realize others are just using us for their own gain then throw us under the bus. we should not be fooled as latinos know what’s up they know their position will be in jeopardy if we get our sh!t together.


  9. Adeen says:

    I agree with this article. I am against Latinos and Blacks forming an coalition because first of all, these people aren’t on our side. They are only out for their own interests or they side with White people. Second of all, many Hispanics dislike us Black people and look down on us. Last but not least, if you are aware of Latin America’s racism against Black people, you wouldn’t I your right mind form a coalition with these people. These people are just as racist against us as White people are. They practice racism in their own countries with the light skin people and people who look White on top of the economic, social and political ladder and Blacks and dark skin people lower in economic, social and political class and being discriminated against. So it is hypocritical to practice racism against Black people in your own countries and then form an alliance with us here in AmeriKKKlan.

    You are right; we don’t need them. We have accomplished so much without them. And we will continue to accomplish a lot without these people. These people are just using us to further their own agenda is why they want a Black and Brown coalition. That is why I don’t trust these people and I am only out for the interests of Black people.


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