Get Ready Scandal Fans!!!


Our girl, Olivia (Kerry Washington) is coming back for a 3rd season on the much anticipated ABC Scandal on October 3, 2013.  And this just in: Kerry Washington is nominated this year for Best Actress for the Emmy’s tonight.  It’s the first for a Black woman in a good while. This hasn’t happened in 18 years.  On top of all that, People chose her as the World’s Best Dressed Woman this year.

Way to go, girl!

Here’s more:

What can we expect this year?  Well…

As for what fans can expect from Scandal‘s highly anticipated return on Oct. 3, we have two words for you: buckle up.

Diaz says viewers are in store for “some crazy stuff. You’re going to see Huck homeless again; you’re going to see Olivia in the past with her dad. A lot of crazy stuff.”

Included in the season three craziness? Quinn’s new hobby: torture! “It’s getting very interesting and dark. She’s tasted the blood,” Lowes teases. “I think she’s had such bad stuff happen to her in her life, now that she gets to do something bad to someone else, she’s getting high on it.”


Get your TeVO set.  Mark your calendars.

I can’t wait.


3 comments on “Get Ready Scandal Fans!!!

  1. Adeen says:

    I love Kerry Washington, she is so beautiful. Thank God, a beautiful Black woman is finally getting her due in the media although I hate the show, Scandal.

    I am mad today though


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