The Warnings of Louis Farrakhan!

When I came across these videos of some of Minister Louis Farrakhan and I have to say; people better start paying attention to what is going on in their community. People are watching and are prepared to do something to get rid of the problems in the community…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

*This is the Answer and response for Trayvon Martin and all the others who have lost their lives because of the evil of racism!


15 comments on “The Warnings of Louis Farrakhan!

  1. […] The Warnings of Louis Farrakhan! ( […]


  2. I am not into any religion and certainly not into following anything, but I have respected the minister for most of my life. He is the only one that does not back down from the white powers that be (overtly back down).

    When I saw that video that sista posted it made my skin crawl. This is what the Black community needs right now. I swear if I didn’t know any better this sounds like what’s happening in Chicago right now. All these people being killed and rarely anyone arrested. Maybe.

    And tell me this; where are all them gangstas while Zimmerman is running around like he’s bullet proof? Where are all the stick up kids who would shoot another Black person for no reason? I know you down there in Florida somewhere. Y’all want something to shoot at? Y’all need something to do? No, of course not self-hatred being what it is, the enemy they see is in the mirror. Damn shame too.


  3. leslie watkins says:

    when is our people is going to wake up


  4. Farrakhan on point. He talking about cleanin house lol, yep some day we will have to separate ourselves from the ones that don’t want to do right. I must say the young teddy bear lookin brotha standing behind Farrakhan in the last vid is handsome, reminds me of my first puppy love. Farrakhan still looks the same from his young days. wow.


  5. leslie watkins says:

    i may not like farrakhan but he does make some valid points about the black commuity


  6. TTNYCRN says:

    Farrakhan talks about crap, as I said before, however the brotha has a very STRONG STRONG understanding of what going on in this world. Here are some extra videos. Farrakhan,when he was younger, was smooth looking brotha also!

    White Supremacy-A Culture of Death

    Farrakhan in my Hometown of NYC-Madison Square Garden 1985


  7. zakiyadada says:

    Reblogged this on (HER)storian Insight and commented:


  8. Adeen says:

    I have my issues with Louis Farrakhan but he does have some good points particularly in this video.


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