(10) Rules For White Women Married To Black Men:

‎10 Rules For White Women Who Date or Marry Black Men:

Let’s be real, the subject of interracial marriages bring the ire of many Black people, particularly Black women.  Why?  Because of the history of the white female’s role in the lynching of Black men by white males.  She was the decoy; oftentimes using the fear that surrounded the lives of Black people, as a cloak to hide her discretion’s, mostly sexual liaisons with white men; under the guise of being raped by a Black man.  Over 5000 Black men were lynched in America–and those are the ones they know about.

This memory is at the center of rage when a Black woman sees a white woman in the arms of a Black man.  There is just something fundamentally wrong about it, spiritually, as well as the historical vitriol from the truth of how white women used deceit to destroy good Black men.  This impacted the Black family–to this day.  For many sistahs, it is an ultimate betrayal of the highest order for any intelligent Black man to desire this feminine symbol of destruction and evil.

Some white women have become so brazen, many have the nerve to taunt Black women about being able to get a Black man before a Black woman could.  Her white privilege gives her the arrogance to display racial superiority, even though, she desires what her white daddy taught her was beneath her.

A paradox?

For centuries, Black men were brainwashed into thinking that white women were the absolute prize.  This has lead to the increase of marriages between white women and Black men.  Is it really love or lust?

Whatever the case, I have some advice for white women that would serve them well to memorize in response to their presumptions about Black men, Black women, and Black people.

1.) Do Not ever approach a Black woman you don’t know with a Bad attitude or racist behavior!

2.) It is an oxymoron for a racist to be in a relationship with someone they were raised to despise, as well as expect white privilege in the process.

3.) Do Not assume Black women are jealous of white women–many Black woman just aren’t impressed.

4.) If you have children with a Black man–learn to do your children’t hair.

5.) Yes! Black women are tough and will kick your ass if you make the mistake of disrespecting Them!

6.) The dislike and distrust Black women have for white women is based on the historical image of white women, as well as personal interaction.

7.) Just because you’re with a Black man; this does not make you an authority on issues that impact the Black community.

8.) If White Women Know so much about Black men and arrogantly now feel they have the temerity to tell Black women how to keep one; my suggestion is for them to declare themselves as Black and change their racial classification. *sarcasm*

9.) The Black community does not approve of interracial unions; Black love should be the highest choice above all others.  GET THAT crystal clear before you say something stupid to a Black Woman.

10.) Black is beautiful and does not need a face lift or Botox.

***This is given in response to the level of self-hatred that projects itself falsley as Black pride these days.

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  1. Michele smith says:

    White women r better in everything especially in bed for real……..


    • Truthangel07 says:

      The only thing white women are better at is being whores–nothing more. Their wombs are empty. White woman are the most infertile women on the planet! If they were better than other women, the white population wouldn’t be at negative birthrate!


  2. YOU ROCK!!!
    I just have to say that!!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Thank you. I just feel it’s time to stop the bullsh…and get to the TRUTH. Even at the expense of validation from those in power.


      • Lisa Grass says:

        I was born and raised in California in an area that was very well diversified. I was brought up by my mother that all races were equal and that no one was better then the other. I was not to into boys when I was young and as a teenager the most popular kids in school were two very hot black guys. I never noticed skin color or race differences. I remember having a crush on arnesto a very muscular Mexican teen down the street and there was a couple of white guys that caught my eye. and who does not think Brandon lee is hot? I am saying that I really did not know racism what it meant I was clueless to the hate, pain or the severity of it out there. yes I learned in history class how awful it was that black people were treated so unfairly. I could not sit down and watch a movie that portrayed what they went through without historically crying. I was raised that was wrong. when you are raised to see all as equals then dating anyone really is not an issue. there is nothing to gain other then for self love. I spent 41 years of my life in the dark to the pain that is terrorizing many black Americans still today. I met my boyfriend at work in 2016. When I first moved to Florida. It was instant. I was minding my own business working with my head down when this very tall black guy walked up to me. my second day on the job. he noticed me the first day. He asked me if the guy training me was treating me right. I of course just nodded. this guy was huge and intimidating but when I looked up and actually looked in his eyes that was it. from then on we were unrepeatable . Coming to work was like heaven. People would always tell us they could feel the mood change through out the building when we worked laughing joking and just having fun, but we worked we rose above our co-workers because we worked so well together. 6 month it took him to get me to go out with him. The whole time I worked there up to this point everyone was friendly everyone encouraged our friendship but the minuet that we decided to give it a shot. it was the craziest thing I have ever experienced it literally divided me between three sets of co-workers. one the haters how dare her date a black guy- the jealous ones how dare her take a good man. Us black women need our good black men and then the true friends Wow you two are perfect for each other. one thing many people forget is that we are taught to hate we don’t just hate. and why would I not want to be with someone who is almost a mirror of me he is my puzzle piece. because of his skin color. well lets look that that. his insides are the same as mine he has emotions like me. we are both human right. now lets take away our bodies and all we have is our soul. what color are they? so many people are blinded by hate, by reliving the past they stay in the rut. if god reflooded the world but left only our young children black white Asian Mexican Iranian ect then what would happen the world would repopulate without racism without pain. it would all be forgotten and all races could live together harmoniously and it would not be a sin for a white woman to fall innocently in love with a beautiful black man. It is in my opinion very degrading for a beautiful black woman to feel that she has lost to a white woman that is ridiculous. and a white woman who just gets with a black guy to prove a point is ridiculous that is evil and that is just games but I can honestly say that there is something more beautiful and special in relationship now then any before. I can say that mixed children seem to achieve more. is it because of society pushing them or is it because where people come together great things happen. food for thought.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Excuse me, Lisa.

        This is not a blog to share these type of stories.

        The Black family is my priority. Anyone that finds real love, great, I have no beef with that. But as for white women with Black men: there is a negative history that taints these soliloquies. White women are not and will never matter to any Black life.

        This is typical condescending, “whitesplaining”. I see through your bias and how you try to mask your bigotry: “but I can honestly say that there is something more beautiful and special in relationship now then any before. I can say that mixed children seem to achieve more. is it because of society pushing them or is it because where people come together great things happen. food for thought.”

        Here’s some food for thought for you….

        Black women are the most educated group in the country–by gender and race. We have strong genes. And our accomplishments are because we are intelligent and work hard. We don’t have white privilege to fall back on.

        Please don’t bother responding.

        I’ve had enough already.


      • Lisa Grass says:

        Hopefully one day when you are old and time has healed your obvious wounds you will look back and say. Thank you Jesus I am no longer full of hate… until then I wish you well.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Hate? Am I filled with hate? Or is it that you’ve never been told the TRUTH about yourself in your entire life, thus, it is a shock to your white privilege.

        Miss me with that!

        Don’t come here with your white girl tears. They will not be wiped away.


  3. diouranke says:

    color doesn’t matter, it doesn’t then why were my ancestors systematically dragged here for centuries in chains, to grow the American colonies, and don’t give me that Africans sold u business, because it still wouldn’t excuse you having the system in place, the boats, the shackles to bring us over here and imprison us for centuries. Color doesn’t matter why don’t u stand with us in solidarity in front of police brutality and systematic racism instead of telling us its all in our minds. I know what I have experienced at the hands of white supremacy it wasn’t in my head, before I woke up I wanted to believe color didn’t matter. That white people were pretty much like me I guess and the ones I ran into were a minority.

    Not the case, the Majority white people are afraid and hell bent on preserving their supremacy whether they admit it or not, Blackness scares them. Anything we do that promotes self is an affront to them. Blackness to them is anti whiteness. Yet for centuries Anti Blackness has gone unchecked. I hear these mixed couples shout the same thing from the rooftops, how love doesn’t matter. how their children will be beautiful . ( would mine not be beautiful) yet these same white people get very upset when you mention their children are socially “black”. and are seen as such. Well if color doesn’t matter, why are you so upset. Why doesn’t it bother you that your child can and will not benefit from white privilege. Why don’t rich white folks/ stars just marry everyday black people, why is it always a black man with money or acclaim who can land a non black woman?

    Color is our caste system, that hasn’t changed and wont anytime soon, youre deluding y hourself if you think you can be with someone from the white race who benefits from white priviledge and you who are black, won’t have incidents hurdles, and lets face it, just paradoxes with the situation. Doesn’t mean you can’t don’t love your white partner, but there is just a part of being Black, of being treated as “other in this society, that he or she CANNOT relate to, and never will. Whether you admit it or not.


  4. I will pray for you. Many people in your lifetime but have hurt you so badly and that makes me sad. I don’t condone how ugly you are being. The very things that hurt you are the things spewing from your articles. There is a way to speak truth without speaking hate. There is a way to speak your hurts without being hostile. My heart breaks for blacks and other minorities who have to consistently prove themselves in every situation in life before society “approves you”. I love my husband and my mother in law and my sisters in law dearly and I’ve spent many nights crying over what they have to deal with that I don’t. I have never been racist in any sense but I understand that there were things I didn’t fully grasp until marrying my husband. I wish you a full life. Don’t let hate hold you back. You give people power when you focus on them.

    God bless


  5. myron says:

    You people are fucking weird. Who gives a fuck. I’m a black man dating a white (Croatian) woman. This is not shit i think about when it comes to whether i wanted to date her or not. I honestly don’t care to much about history because resentment causes you to be hostile. The world is changing and if it wasn’t, we would be killed just for having this conversation. Stop living in the past and try to impact the future. I am not a “weak” black man just because i decided to date who cares for me. Color will forever be irrelevant to me no matter what you say. Everyone knows white people are privileged; this is nothing new. Black women have there own set of problems, but not all. I could easily complain about the fact that black women never gave me the time of day simply because i wasn’t “hood” enough. Why don’t you talk about the black women that reject educated black men. Also,most of your responses usually root back to HISTORY……….you should try using direct relevant responses


    • Truthangel07 says:

      You keep living in your dream world, sweetie. And you better hope and pray that your Croatian woman don’t holler rape. You will care about history then.

      And you just proved yet another point: Black men who date or marry white women, do so on the rebound. You can’t get over the Black girls that didn’t “choose” you.

      So, you settled for a genetic defect.


  6. TheTruthTeller says:

    Very common nowadays which it is no surprise to me at all.


  7. Mike D says:

    Can we all just be honest with one another here… What this is really about is the superiority of the black race… And even above that the ultimate superiority of the Black Woman… I am white and have no problem admitting it… I have learned my place and others should as well.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      This is not about some Nazi mind programming to oppress any group. It is a mindset within whites that is being confronted (and needs to be) for clarity of how one group’s perceptions are not another’s reality.


      • Mike D says:

        Well I apologize… I wasn’t trying to attack the purpose of your writing or this blog… But at the same time just wanted to acknowledge the truth as a white man publicly as means of paying respect publicly I guess… I didn’t mean to over step my bounds if that is what it seemed like…


    • Mike D says:

      Anyways, I’d love to chat privately a bit to find out how I can support, help, and serve your cause… I know that you have no respect for white people (and you shouldn’t) but if you’re interested in talking more about it let me know…


  8. blacknbeautiful says:

    misspelling correction – meant to say “exceedingly”


  9. blacknbeautiful says:

    Thank you sista, Truthangel07, for hosting a blog that presents truth about and for black women. In the past, I had not been aware of the prevalence of the black men putting black women down until recently because I have always been too busy focusing on my own personal and professional improvement. I somehow thought that being well educated, self-sufficient and financially independent would be positive attributes and appealing to others who value integrity, character and a strong work ethic.

    I learned that this is not the case with black men. When I started a new job with, what I thought was a black owned business, I started getting harrassing phone calls from someone who used a child to ask me personal questions (i did not answer). I later found out that it was a white woman (girl is more appropriate) who used her grandchild to harrass me simply because I worked with her black boyfriend, a university professor. Turns out that this white woman was an middle-aged college student who had an affair with her black professor (at the time, my employer), which ended his previous marriage (to a black woman) and caused a huge university scandal. So while I’m working my tail off trying to provide highest quality work to serve the black community, that white skank felt entitled to violate my personal boundaries by obtaining my personal, home phone number without regard for my rights as someone who had nothing to do with her, just because I worked with the black man that she was having sex with. Her exceedling poor judgement, immature juvenile behavior, arrogance, and sense of white privilege entitlement is what pissed me off. This trashy white whore had the audacity to project her own lack of morals/ethics to a black woman who has never sunk to her level to get a man or to get ahead in life. I was rightfully infuriated.

    So while I work and struggle to survive professionally, that white skank used her white privilege and oral skills to get a nice comfy high paying, grant funded university job working for her low-life boyfriend, the black male professor who thought that piece of trash, with no prior professional experience mind you, was worth destroying his previous marriage and black family, and alienating hard working, ethical colleagues, like me who happened to have the misfortune of working with him. During the short time I had to work with him, I saw how disrespectful he was to black women in general, and had to set him straight when he tried to disrespect me. To me, that makes him just as trashy as the white skank he committed adultery with. And I most definitely do not work with that P.O.S. any more. I only support authentic and fully black owned businesses, not black-white wannabe trash that use others to support their white trash girlfriends.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Let me tell you something, BlackNBeautiful, white women are depraved, deviant, psychologically, morally, and spiritually deficient, lower-brained, Neanderthals, who have already been selected by nature for extinction.

      White people reached negative birthrate in 1994; meaning, more white people are dying than being born.

      Since nature will not tolerate genetic weakness, being that all Caucasians are products of a recessive gene (can’t produ ce melanin); nature has selected them. And whenever a species is headed for annihilation, instinctively, it will mate with another species in order to preserve its genes.

      White women are not superior to Black women; they are products of marketing and who they are mainly is a construction of the sick mind of white males.

      Because the truth of who they are is very clear: Google bestiality…and for further reference, check out this story, as to who white women really are. http://www.worldwideweirdnews.com/2013/03/w6780.html


      One just can’t believe that Black men are procreating with these sick bitches.

      And to think they have this attitude towards us is just galling.

      At least Black women aren’t having sex with dogs.


  10. If two people love each other they should be together regardless of color. Love is color blind. But haters will hate!


  11. Elli says:

    I don’t understand this. Especially since Africans invented slavery. A classic example is of the ancient Kenyans/Ethiopians enslaving the ancient Aegeans(white Greeks) even castrating their men. And performing clitoredectomies on their women. Why doesn’t anybody speak of that?


  12. Elli says:

    This is absurd. Who are you to tell the dynamics of a relationship fostered in love? You bigot.


    • truthangel07 says:

      The irritation I have toward white people right now…really prompts me to give you a little warning: This blog is not for white women who need validation for dating or marrying Black men–it’s to promote, love, unity, and community among Black people.

      Do you over-stand this?

      It’s very clear if you read the beginning page on my blog.

      Call me a bigot again…I dare you.

      400 years of hatred perpetrated by whites in this country; gives me the damn audacity to speak my mind–anytime I choose.

      Get off my blog, bitch. Before you get your feelings hurt.

      You’ve been warned!


  13. Hope says:

    My husband is of mixed ancestry. 3 of his 4 grandparents are listed as Mulatto on the census records. At that point in history, mixed blood people were always listed as Mulatto. We know that he has a white great grandfather and a white great-great grandfather in addition to having Native American through his maternal grandparents. These relationships were chosen and not rape. I discuss this with the local black historian who holds black history seminars in our area. They share one of the white great-great grandfathers in relation. He had a Mulatto woman-my husbands great great grandmother as a concubine in the late 1800’s. His father had written him out of the will and eventually wrote him back in. His father was angry that he would not stop living with the Mulatto woman. People ask me if my husband is mixed or Dominican from time to time. He is a descendent of Africa, Europe and American Indians from the research I have done. One of our sons has blonde curly hair and the other 2 brown curly hair. My very light skinned sister in law was maddened when she found out my husband was marrying me. She would make sure to rub in my face any and all black women my husband had slept with that she knew of to prove some sort of a point. Without being coerced she would tell me how all of the education testing scores for blacks were skewed and not being reported correctly and how the blonde kid on the bus told her daughter she was ugly. She let me know that she never wanted straight hair like mine- I never would have assumed so anyway.

    We have caught hell from both ends. I have fought for this marriage and only God has kept it for this many years. I have had racist family members try to dumb down how bad slavery was and I have told them that they are believing lies. I have told them that much of the condition of the people they complain about is a direct result of slavery and it is all very complicated. Many people do not know because they don’t know their history. I am not attempting to school you at all- just relaying life as I know it. I say PERCEPTION IS REALITY all the time. Marriage is work, I don’t care what color you are. We have had a special set of challenges that I don’t know anyone would want to deal with, but I can say this-we have 3 beautiful, beautiful smart and academically gifted children who are our world. When we got married, I understood that some may take issue with the color difference but can honestly say I was shocked when the reports started coming out about the shortage of black men for black women and the amounts of black men in prison, on probation or married out-leaving black women single many times. I have been friends with many black girls since elementary and most of them do fall in this category of single. I hate that because I love them. They speak to me and I know at least some still love me too. I am sure because my husband even has maybe half black blood may offend them and that is hard. I am not the type that could not get a white man. When we met at work, there were white men who wanted me to date them instead of my now husband. I had already fell for him and it was too late. I have to say that race relations here in America have always been ridiculous. I’m also glad that my husband’s aunts can love me for who I am and introduce me as their niece. Everything is not perfect, but is anyone’s life? My God says there is no difference between the Jew or the Greek in Him. Also, in Numbers 12 it tells the story of how Moses mother Miriam talked down to him for marrying the dark skinned Ethiopian woman. For this, God smote Miriam with leprosy making her whiter than snow. Moses prayed for God to take this disease off of his mother and after 7 days, He did.

    If God be for us, who can be against us?


    • truthangel07 says:

      I appreciate you sharing this.

      Life is hard enough, having people in your own family who ignore history and education is painful.

      I suggest that you get this DVD series, Hidden Colorshttp://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Colors-Part-Brand-NEW/dp/B00MQI46RW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1423058876&sr=8-2&keywords=Hidden+Colors
      and begin reading books (The Destruction of Black Civilizations) on African/African American history to educate yourself and those around you who do not understand just how much slavery impacted this country.

      Every white person in America has benefited from slavery, whether or not their ancestors owned slaves. Slavery built this country and white people know it.

      White Privilege is the reason why whites live in such a vacuum of ignorance and denial of how people of color, particularly Black people were treated.

      I am a proud African American woman, and I simply cannot and will not tolerate offensive attitudes about my culture and race without the benefit of knowledge.

      Africa was the beginning of civilization the human race’s genesis.

      There simply is no excuse for people to be this ignorant.


  14. Buzz says:

    Rose – thank you so much – from your mouth (computer) to TruthAngel’s ears…..so true


  15. Rose says:

    Love should not be a question of skin color.
    We are all human. We all have a heart and a soul, Life is a process of ongoing challenge. Those who lead lives of boundless challenge realize boundless growth. In a time of tumultuous change, what people need most is the vitality to challenge their circumstances and the wisdom to grow regardless of our skin color.


  16. Realth Truth says:

    What else is knew these days, and no surprise there.


  17. Canuckling says:

    I really think maybe a specification needs to be made that perhaps these rules best apply to those specific unions made in the USA. Even just north of the border (I am Canadian) the interactions between blacks and whites, while heavily influenced by racial discourse in the US in the media we have here, it still does not apply fully to our situation.

    I also feel it necessary to maybe acknowledge my potential biases being the product of an interracial union between my black mother and my white father. Both extremely liberal people, I know for certain my sisters and I were raised not as girls, or as mixed girls but as Canadian individuals.

    So often I hear white women using their interracial babies as an excuse to use certain language [I had a teacher who, regardless of the subject of her stories, always had to point out her kids were half native; I worked with a woman who thought it acceptable to say “half-breed” because her son was mixed]. That said, yes, recognition of privilege is absolutely necessary before any educated and productive conversation can take place.

    I also feel like #1 should just be a general rule for approaching anybody who is different from yourself. Like no code-switching or bigotry in general….

    I understand where this list comes from, the history that informs it and the social situation that surrounds the present issues but I also feel that by condemning the unions you are condemning the millions of interracial children that never asked to be born, after all there’s no way they could imagine another woman in the place of their own mother… just my thoughts….


    • truthangel07 says:

      The point in writing this article was not to offend in as much as it was to educate countless white women/men who get in IR unions, never thinking that they are now responsible for raising a child that must be not only culturally literate, but understanding the historical impact of race, racism, and sex in this country.

      White and Black people are natural enemies–and that is the fault alone of the European. The doctrines of White Supremacy built America and it is a fallacy to preach a colorblind ethos when inequality was the norm in this country for a very long time.

      Frankly, I absolutely feel no attraction to white men and most African American women desire and choose to marry African American men.

      The dynamic of the white woman being mothers to children of color is very disturbing to those of us who were raised in a post Civil Rights era, yet, have experienced various forms of bigotry, either directly or subliminally.

      Basically, the attitude has been: why would you want to lay up next to someone whose ancestors enslaved yours?


      • Elli says:

        Pregnant with a beautiful half black/half white baby girl 🙂 . He is black and has an IQ of 161. Myself, 154 . Who are the smart ones? We are as well devoted Pagan Wiccans. We reject the evils of Christianity and Islam.


      • truthangel07 says:

        What does your IQ have to do with anything?

        Someone once said to me years ago that all you have to do is give white people the room to speak freely, and they’ll tell you exactly who they truly are. As you did so beautifully.

        One of the problems with you people is that you think you know every damn thing. You prefaced your comments with your IQ rating. Who gives a damn. Frenchman Alfred Binet invented the IQ examination. The IQ–intelligence part anyway, was used by the Nazis in order to determine who to kill during the Holocaust, also, it is the foundation of Eugenicists. IQ ratings is junk science. It has no bearing or measurement of true intelligence–only arrogance. Because if you’re so smart, then you wouldn’t need to ask questions, sweetie.

        You people seem to have a fascination with intelligence, but can’t seem to figure out why, if so smart, many of you commit suicide.

        Being a Wiccan witch married to a Black man must be rather intriguing for some, but it is only exposing just how white females are in collusion with their white male counterparts. You’re nothing more than a wolf with lipstick.

        No one is fooled, and I counter with this: my IQ is triple digits also, but I’m also wise beyond words. It always amazes me of those who try to impress people with their high IQ’s, until they run into a problem that requires more than just having a high IQ.

        Just tell me now…how do you unscramble an egg?

        You’re a mouse playing with a cat…my dear.

        Trust me on that.


  18. annacaff says:

    With all due respect is there a situation where approval might be considered for a non-European white women and a Black man to marry?


    • Sarah says:

      This is the most racist article & comments I’ve seen. I would love to see how this would go over if a white woman wrote this. Reverse racism at it’s finest.


      • truthangel07 says:

        No. It’s not the most racist article you’ve ever seen–it’s the first time you’ve read something that doesn’t esteem your white privilege, Suga.

        Perception is reality. And if you care to know; the most racist things that happen to Black people, typically, are those that white folks, like yourself, swear up and down, just don’t happen.

        Black people live an entirely different reality. And if this article hurt your feelings, I’m delighted.


  19. Nigerian says:

    white privilege, white women, I scoff at you. For what I have had to endure because of you. I scoff at you. Your men are disgusting pigs who have shown interest in me. But in a way a predator would show interest in a teenage girl. White women walking in front of me cutting me off without saying excuse me. Positioning yourself in front of me with no shame. Your sense of entitlement is almost unrealistic to me. How could you come to be. With my full mind, body and soul, I scoff at you.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Scoff! Scoff! Scoff! They’ll probably want to holler rape because you don’t want them.

      Smart move.


      • Qm says:

        I have read everything written on here. I’m am confused on how you are just throwing everything around race and not where u live in the USA. I’m Black Puerto Rican, and Domincan. I grow up in Southern California , I grew up and went to school with every race. I’m now 32 and I date who I’m attracted and vibe with. For example had black girlfriends love black women 2 of my exs are my like BFF but I have dated white girls and have good friendships after that with them. In college I meat a Asain women that I thought was attractive and I talk to her like any other women I would talk to. We clicked and have been dating for 2 yrs I love her and she loves me we come from totally diff backgrounds but nun the less I’m happy she’s happy. I read your blog and I pull out your pain in it and see as if you seem races it some of the ways u think. Because I would love to see how you would down grade me for my past dating and my current relationship. Like I graduated college have a great great career and I love girl I’m with cause I love her that’s it. Not cause she is Asain lol because we clicked. Past color we are still human. So I can’t like who I like love who love because I’m a black man that’s attracted to all women but I put goals personality and honesty about what race u are above your past or past history. So with all that blogging me and u are both educated and chose a Asain women please anyone on here tell me how wrong I am so I can see your ignorance. It’s said that a black women that’s educated like yourself so hateful to other ppls choice in life. You would think at the end of the day you date, marry, and love u make u happy in your heart spirit me soul. And I’m am very active in my black community. Like I said though we grow up diff cause I grew up very very diverse and I still know my history. Doesn’t make me look at a black, white, Asian or any other race of women different. Cause at the end of the day since we are humans and we do judge, I judge on character not skin color, not past history.


      • truthangel07 says:

        You answered the question in reference to your own experience, not as a cultural and historical pattern of racist behavior directed at the African American community–and the intelligence of questioning the behavior of someone of African descent to lay up with someone; enabling a racist ideology in their own choice of select white women as a choice of mate instead of someone from their own culture. I.E., buying into White Supremacy by proxy. That’s the point here.


  20. Nigerian says:

    Truthangel07 I thought I was in this alone. Finally I discover a black woman with high intelligence and true insight. I am 100% Nigerian. and I Thank GOD for that because when I look at what black american men are doing. The shame, and the mass betrayal of their women, I can’t help but wonder..If I didn’t have African men as dating options, what would I do? If I was a black american women, what would I do? It is the worst position to be in. Because the black american men have completely betrayed their women. and it is shameful sickening. But Im sorry I have to say black american women REALLY REALLY need to get their act together. They hate on each other way to much, making me think they have low intelligence. Because its all slave behavior. Remember

    “The genius of White Supremacy was for the slave master to convince the slave to participate in his own extermination”.

    Sometimes I say, we don’t even need white people. We will tear ourselves down. It is a simple truth that there is power in numbers. So black women need to learn to stick together…if they ever will. And trust me, it terrifies white people to see us getting along. Especially in a work setting. You won’t believe how much more powerful you will become individually as black women if you stick together…like they do.
    AFRICAN WOMEN, BLACK WOMEN: WHITE WOMEN ARE ENEMY # 1. BELIEVE THAT. These women are not your friends. They view you as second no matter what. They look down on you know matter what. and they are getting way bolder! We as women of color in America are in a CRITICAL place. We are at one of our lowest points in history. and White women are literally stealing your identity in so many ways.


    • truthangel07 says:

      African American women, particularly educated Black women, do stick together. As a rule, it’s general knowledge for sisters to support one another.

      I’m not sure what type of Black women you’ve encountered, but most of us do have a universal understanding of solidarity. We are bonded together and know that our sisterhood is linked to generations of great women who not only were strong, but fearless, innovative, kind, nurturing, and daring, in their vision for our people.

      African American women are leaders in many communities and we are generally perceived to out-perform,out-educate, and out-worship, Black men. We love them, but Black men have to get themselves together and we’re there to support them, but we are not going to carry them.


    • Elli says:

      That’s why my black mother-in-law says I’m the best thing to ever happen to her son .


  21. Kyra says:

    … So much hatred, why? Angel what is any of this worth? You rage against the constraints of society with one breath and help tye them tighter with the next. I don’t know about you but I fear for my people. Look around you and see this; there aren’t many of these “Strong black women” left, instead I have a bunch of idiots pretending to have sense telling me I am weak beacuse I don’t have a black boyfriend. Calling me brain washed beacause I speak like a white person. I want you to look outside at the people you want to empower and realise that it is views in line with yours that are weakening them. Hate begets Hate and nothing else, that is the human way regardless of color. But I tire of all this don’t you?


    • truthangel07 says:

      Kyra, when people make statements like you did, that there aren’t a lot of strong Black women left…and this and that, it’s a hint and a half that you are not connected to the Black community at all.

      And I don’t have to validate anything that doesn’t represent what I believe in.

      Interracial unions typically don’t work for the simple fact that opposites may attract, but there are times when you need to be able to relate to the person you’re with.

      This country was built on White Supremacy/racism, and for any Black person to be in a relationship with a white man/woman, then have the audacity to school or lecture another Black person for finding something wrong with people choosing to be in a relationship with a person who comes from that system, either directly or indirectly, is in need of some serious counter-debate.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “The genius of White Supremacy was for the slave master to convince the slave to participate in his own extermination”.

      Basically put: you bought into White Supremacy, and the only reason you are in a relationship with them, is because you can’t face yourself or the TRUTH people spoke to you.

      Now…you may disagree with me, but I am really tired of Black people in these type of relationships trying to run game on people about how great they are doing, yet, your decision, per usual, was provoked by someone hurting your feelings…thus, you had no choice but to date a white man/woman.

      Really, girl…



  22. Trey says:

    Mike, what a refreshing veiw and opinion. I couldn’t agree more.
    Truthangel07 – How sad that you are still stuck in the days of old. Are you aware that this is 2014?! You list one of your “rules” as do not approach a black woman with a bad attitude or racist behavior, but your entire post is exactly that – RACIST! Then you begin to pontificate on the historic aspect of a topic that we all know you, nor your parents, or even your grandparents, ever experienced. You simply read about it in history books and decided to arm yourself with that defense so that you can hate on the ones who have more, better, or different that what you have. Am I suppossed to hate on Italian-Americans because they killed someone related to me in the 80’s? No, I’m suppossed to realize that stereo-typing people is exactly what killed my cousin in the first place, and I’ll be damned if I will continue that racist behavior and teach hate to my children. I am a strong black man who is sick of black women that complain about racism and in the same breath use it as an excuse for why they don’t have a man; as an excuse for their unemployment status; as an excuse for the life they have. You determine your worth, your value, your happiness. Not some history book. Yes, I am steeped in my culture and ensure my childern are as well, but I do not teach them to use that education as a reason to play the victim the rest of their lives. You should change your tag line to “Only MY truth is spoken here….” because the self-absorbed, scorned b.s. that is posted here is not reality!
    BTW – I’m married to a strong black women who knows her worth… without having to bash a white women to feel better about herself.
    I do have one question for you… how long has it been since your black man left you for a white women?


    • truthangel07 says:

      Trey, it is absolutely ridiculous to me when Black men begin to feel the need to defend white women.

      However, all one has to do is re-wind back to the George Zimmerman trial for a reality check. When the door swung open for white women in this country to show their undying love and affection for the life of a young Black man who was innocent and only guilty of being profiled because of the color of his skin; those white women on that jury did what most whites would have done, they found George Zimmerman innocent, and Trayvon guilty–even though he was the victim.

      You sound really ignorant.


  23. mike says:

    Hmm, my “Black Father” beat my mother and my brothers like it was a sport, (thank God she left him while I was a baby) they spent their lives in and out of jail, and in his down time, molested my sister, she later died from AIDS because of her subsequent promiscuity..that “black father?” Scream as loud and as long as you wish. Your views (to me) are in line with the same separatist racist holed up in camps in Utah..And I see how you could misconstrue mines as the same, except I don’t go out looking for white women, just someone I can get along with. But I do respect you for allowing my post to remain. However, I did wonder; Why all of this angst toward black males with white females and not an utterance towards black females with white males? No opinion? I haven’t read ONE word in that regard.. Curious.

    Anyway, I will look for your novel, (I’m an aspiring writer myself) and I wish you much success in your future projects.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Mike, I don’t know what your issues are personally, but a casual glance at my blog would suggest that it is dedicated to Black love, family, community, African knowledge, and love of self. Obviously, I’m trying to empower my people so that they may advance beyond the racist prisons that still try to isolate us.

      I’m sorry you don’t seem to get that, hence, every Black person is not wallowing in perpetuating the negativity he or she chooses to segregate themselves to.

      We live under a system of racism; everything we know in this country was created from that system. And you…dear sir, have fallen for White Supremacy, hook, line, and sinker.

      You really insult our people.


      • Michael says:

        Hello again..So, being a firm believer in “the true definition of insanity” being doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. But I never applied it to myself; As it pertains to dating Caucasian women. One thing that I never mentioned, but gradually came to realize is this: There will ALWAYS be a disparage between Whites and Blacks. There will, ) in the minds of whites) always be a superior/subordinate clause in the relationship just under the surface. I realized that all of my relationships with them failed because of this. I’m now with a 100% Black woman, and she has made me happier than I ever thought possible..although I cliqued with a lot of Caucasian woman because my tendencies and proclivities leaned in that direction, there was always that disconnect; being smarter, and or making more money never sat well with any of them. And resentment set in. I’ve found my soul mate. And she’s beautiful and smart and funny and loving. AND BLACK. And basically, rocked and turned my world upside down and inside out! She’s like a drug that I can never OD on. It’s amazing.

        I still think that your stance is militant, and I still stand behind what I wrote, I chose the date Caucasian women, now I choose not. And I would never demean, vilify or insult anyone that has chosen that way..if there’s anything we as Blacks have earned, it’s the right to choose. But I now see that some things just aren’t meant to be…and its different with every other race except for with blacks and whites. Why? Because Hispanics, Asians, and every other minority, (save Blacks) were never slaves to whites. And there is the disconnect. And it will always exist, unless someone find a neat way to undo history.

        I find It’s easier to be with your own people. There’s no disconnect, no superior/subordinate relationship. Only equality. I see that now.


    • Nigerian says:

      I can answer your very stupid question Mike. BECAUSE THERE ARE NO DAMN BLACK WOMEN WITH WHITE MEN. White men have some type respect for themselves and they are loyal to there women.

      the percentage of black women white men relationships is so low!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Actually, Nigerian, African American women married to white men has quadrupled since 1970.

        This is not progress for us as women because it highlights the disparity of Black men being available for those sisters who want to marry Black men, but settle for white men.


  24. James says:

    I think from Falseangels racists rants it sounds like her man left her for a white woman……also number one on your list is crap…I know plenty white women that can kick ass if some sista talks trash…the only thing they worry about after a scrap with a sista is yall runnin to the police and claiming racism…..Its a huge step back to the cave for any white woman to date or marry anyone black…


    • truthangel07 says:

      This will be your first and last post.

      I think you confused this blog for Stormfront.com. Go over there and spew your soliloquy of your love for the cave bitches you worship. Would love to see how all of those white males react to you.

      The only issue here is that you’re either a racist troll trying to pose as a Black man who loves white women, or your one dumb Nigger who should have been aborted by your Black mother.


  25. mike says:


    I have dated predominantly White woman all of my life..not that it was a preference or a choice, but a mutual attraction. And oddly, the Black women that I would have dated preferred white men..go figure.

    And would you like to know why?

    Growing up, my mother taught me proper English and I didn’t speak like a “black person” (whatever the hell that means) and do you know what I received from my “black community” because of this difference? Ridicule. My own “people.”

    Who didn’t ridicule me?


    So, the gulf grew, the music I liked and most of my proclivities started to lean that way..”You talk like you’re white?” What kinda shit is that?! No, I speak as if I’ve have common sense.

    So, I think White woman tend to gravitate towards Black men because white men are pompous arrogant asses and Black men, raised to respect women, (for the most part, and far greater than white men, who speak disrespectfully to their own mothers, so how will they speak to any other woman?) by their awesome Black Mothers, aren’t. And White women, without their “white colored goggles” recognize it..You should see it as a compliment! Maybe they think: “Why should the Black woman get all the descent, respectful, know how to treat a woman, great in bed, Black men!!” I live in Washington and the White women here go crazy over Black men! (particularly from the South..guess why.)

    But at they end of the day, one is only truly happy in a relationship if you base it on how that person makes you feel, not their skin tone, wealth, education, or socio-economic..blah blah.

    Now for the serious side. To be honest, I think you’re really a klansman, catfishing as a “strong black woman.”
    If you’re not, I hope that you see the glaring reality that I see: the white people that have replied to your in agreement to your post sound like that were raised by bigoted, narrow minded people..(and in one post, I could almost hear that you wanted to dissent, but she was singing your song, so how could you?)…and you’ve aligned yourself with the TRUE instrument of hate and elitism in America; SEGREGATION. I’ve heard white separatist, skin heads, and nazi’s echo the same sentiment as yours.. My first born is mixed, and to see him you’d think he was white, (until his fro grows out:) do you think he’s racist? His married to a White woman and expecting a child..do you think her parents disowned her because he was mixed? No. Rather will accept their Son-in-Law and their grand-daughter, Mya. His mother’s parents, (from the south), who used the word “nigger” like they were taking a breath of fresh air, love him and wouldn’t dare speak that way anymore..and correct those around them that do..I’ve seen it…we divorced and her mother married a deep south Georgia boy who’s probably thrown nigger around a few times himself..stopped when he married a woman with a mixed child..and so on. Want to truly end racism, hatred and elitism in America? Then you’d better start mixing and blending races, cultures and beliefs like Chex mix..that is, unless you’re happy with the current state of racism that still exists.

    I’m surprised more klu klux klan and skin heads didn’t chime in on your post, too-reminds me of the Dave Chappelle skit where he’s a blind black guy thinking, not only is he white, but a klansman-they don’t lynch him, but rather accept him; because he was a stronger proponent for their cause than they were..sound familiar?

    Why do you think they are so against it? With every interracial relationship, and child born from it, and White and Black families uniting out of the love of their child..and or grandchild..their numbers dwindle..Or, what they like to call, “tainting the purity of their race.” Because the love of a child, be it there own, or the child born from it, tends to blind hatred..and clear up preconceived notions.

    Hopefully, you’ve keyed in on the times I’ve capitalized Black, and White or didn’t..or any word that is a symbol of hatred: it wasn’t random.

    Now, you have your opinion, and I have mine, that’s why you date how you want, and I date how I want..isn’t Democracy grand?

    Oh, and by the way, your President is a Bi-product of the “mixing” you so despise..but because there’s some Black in him, I’ll bet he got your vote..do I detect a hint of hypocrisy?

    And, um, opinions coming from someone “black” with the moniker “hunglikeJes..” Wow..you’re attracting all kinds of morons, aren’t you? Including this one; because I know I just wasted my time writing this..but it was cathartic! 🙂

    and as another thought, did you ever consider that some of the Black men may even use dating White women as a weapon to stab into the hearts of the staunch racists that despise the practice? Who knows. (Just trying to give you some peace of mind on the subject. If you really are black.)

    So, to conclude, you should check the mirror and take the white sheet off, because you sound just like them.

    You’d better recognize!!


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    • truthangel07 says:

      Mike, if I hear one more story from a Black man as to the hurt and pain he received from “his own people” as being the reason for his choice in dating or marrying a white woman, I’m going to scream.

      This post was too long, but as I scanned through it, I noticed that you seem to try and justify the fact that you CHOSE to become a White Supremacists based on your own myopic view of Black people–and reacted in a manner that is typical of Black males who don’t have a strong identity.

      There is nothing a white woman can do to make you a Strong Black man. That is the responsibility of a Black father.


      • mike says:

        And, by your reply, there’s nothing a strong black woman can do to make me a strong black man, either, right? Guess I’d better just find someone I can get along with..I hope your blindness doesn’t keep you from finding your soul mate..he might be white..but wait; since your blog mentions nothing about black women dating white guys, that should suit you just fine, right?


    • HoneyBee says:

      OMG – thank you so much Mike. She bans people who do not think the way she does. Like I said, you love who you love. I bet you get a really bad response from her – I have been trying to reach her since last year, but she bans me and only accepts like minded racists. There is no telling how many white people have responded, but they never make it on her site because she only wants to hear what she wants to hear. I am white with a black husband, I was just tryng to show her that it does work with love and understanding. I married him because I love him, not because he was black or the only one who asked – it is like she says anyone white would want a black man is a looser – far from it. I am proud of my husband, as I hope he is proud of me. This woman has threatened to call the FBI on me for posting on a blog that is open to the public, that is not password protected and invites me to “Leave a Reply”. She has cursed me and threatened me over and over – it is a shame – why can’t we love who we love????


  26. bharford says:

    The white women must co-habit with members of the dark races, the White man with black women. Thus the White race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judiaca, and OUR RACE will rule undisputed over the world.
    Our superior intelligence will enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”

    -Rabbi Rabbinovich 1952


    • truthangel07 says:

      Remember this…American Indians never knew sickness until they came in contact with diseased Europeans.

      When you get too close to any thing toxic, you will get contaminated.

      And that’s how I view Caucasians.


  27. Kait says:

    I know this blog is old and people haven’t commented very recently, but I just felt compelled to comment. These comments actually made me cry quite a bit, and as I scrolled down, they seemed to get worse, I did not even know that this much hatred could exist today. It reminded me of when I was reading Malcolm X in eighth grade and I was at the point of the book where he said white people were the devil. Me, being white, found this extremely awful, and I feel terrible for everyone who has suffered from racism, I really really do, it’s a terrible thing, but I honestly believe that times have changed and in order for there to be progress in society today I believe that the hatred needs to stop from ALL sides. I understand many of your view points, but how can you be so quick to judge, when you say you and other black women have suffered from being judged. I can’t promise much, but I can promise you this – white women are NOT out to get you, we don’t have some secret evil agenda, yes, there are some bad sick people out there, but there are sick people of all races and it is not fair to judge a group of people as a whole.
    I meant no disrespect, and I did not come to argue, I just really wanted to say how I felt, because me and many of my friends feel exactly the same way.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I appreciate your comments Kait and I’ve approved you for this blog.

      Many white people like yourself are always shocked by the realism of Black reality in this country, and not just African Americans, but ALL MINORITIES who’ve been victims of racism.

      There have been recent cases of it…so I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t understand the anger expressed by Black people, however, we all must grow and learn.

      Frankly, many white people are not even aware of what many minorities go through daily and the only way you can understand it is to be educated with the TRUTH of what racism is and how it impacts people mentally, spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.


      • mike says:

        Very well spoken, Truthangel, but how can you condemn racism, and then condone racism at the same time? Is it only racism when it’s whites perpetrating it against minorities? No. Isn’t it exactly what you you’re saying in your post? Spreading hatred and racist, myopic views because you feel you have the right? I’ll bet you stormfront.com has the same “disease” comment about blacks that you made about whites in your post. As a matter of fact, I know they do. To them we are a diseased race, spreading AIDS, drugs, poverty..etc.

        You can’t fight ignorance with ignorance, injustice with injustice, intolerance with intolerance, hatred with hatred. No more than you can fight nucs with nucs..the end game is the same; complete annihilation.

        I hope you eventually end up seeing that as a truth.


      • truthangel07 says:

        The truth: You can’t be Black and proud and choose a white man/woman as a mate. That’s an oxymoron.


  28. Smila says:

    I’m totally confused by this post as well as the comments….If one, let’s say black women due to the subject of the article, does not want to be “judged” or “dismissed” based on stereotypes or most importantly history. I understand that African Americans have overcome A LOT and I am very proud of that. However, to express same type of judgement and discrimination to another race/group of people is ridiculous. It just builds the fire that we are all trying to extinguish. To base judgements on ALL white women because of stereotypes or history of their ancestors? No one wants to be judged based on someone else actions. I think everyone can relate to that. I don’t understand how we choose to do EXACTLY that, while at the same time DEMANDING that no one do so to us. That’s an oxymoron. Not everyone was raised to hate and I’m very sorry for those of you, no matter what color or creed, who were. To eliminate hate and racism will have to be a group effort on behalf of all society. We can’t expect someone not to judge us while we are simultaneously judging them!


    • truthangel07 says:

      I don’t know how old you are but if you’re one of these people that have subscribed to the post-racial nonsense in light of the recent events that have most definitely highlighted how white folks really fell about Black people; I really don’t have any response to this at all.

      Not because I can’t respond, but I am floored at just how naive some Black people are.

      You are the product of your genes; and I’m not a 20-something talking–my comments are based on my own observations.

      White women are not friends of the Black community –they are co-conspirators with racist white males. Their fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, et al., have passed on their racist attitudes through them and just because someone laughs with you; doesn’t mean they are for you.

      I feel absolutely no obligation to be nice to white folks nor consider them for any type of acceptance.

      *If white women wanted to send a message to Black people; they would have done so during the George Zimmerman trial case.

      You let that one marinate.


      • CitCat says:

        I was not a juror on the George Zimmerman trial, were you??? See, you are judging me by what people I do not (and you do not) even know. If you are talking about the recent NBA incident – the people acted swiftly and with the highest punishment possible and banned that fool for life – letting people know there is no place for racism in this country and if you are racist, you eventually will be called out (no matter how much money you have) and punished. You will not ever get them all, but when people are held accountable, things change….

        I would just love to know what happened to you in your life to make you hate white people so much?


    • CitCat says:

      Thank you so much for saying that – she will never publish what I have to say because she hates the truth, but you are so, so right and thank you for saying it – not everyone hates and not everyone was taught to hate. Do not judge me the way you do not want to be judged. Thank you for speaking up …


  29. Jamie says:

    This argument “article” shows a very angry author. While it’s obvious you are angry, may I suggest that you just come out and say it. There is no law that you have to approve of anything and it’s your right to dislike it. Everyone today is so worried about being politically correct. I find your article honest and refreshing although you could have dispensed with the indirect threats i.e. Black women kicking ass etc. I am a white man and find that black men are taking white women out of the arena in droves. It’s hard for a white guy to compete in many cases with superior stature and all around maleness. I’m angry about that. But, I don’t focus on it because I can’t change it. I try to focus on what I can control.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Anger? Does it really? So, anyone who speaks honestly about white people is angry? How “white” of you to think so. And to correct you on something: Black men are not taking white women–white women are CHOOSING them. Why is that? I’ll answer that for you, as most Black people do when we have contact with clueless white folks like yourself. It’s really about nature, sweetie. And the fact of the matter is that the Caucasian race is dying out. In less than 30 years, for the first time in its history; America’s white population will be the minority. That’s right. Some folks call it Natural Selection. When a race or species is dying; as a matter of self-preservation, they will mate with another species to preserve their genes. It’s not that America has become less racist; white people are pushing interracial marriage because of the racist presumption that many harbor of the offspring perhaps choosing “white” in the racial category on the census form–as to preserve the white majority by proxy.

      And for the record: The majority of Black men MARRY BLACK WOMEN!!!

      Is this clear?


      • CitCat says:

        I have heard you recite that drivel before about – “in 30 years, etc” – where do you get your info from? We marry other races because that is who we fall in love with – I never had a second thought about natural selection or preserving the white race when I married – I married for love….


      • truthangel07 says:

        Some people never learn.

        If you keep waving your hand in front of a lion; sooner or later that lion is going to show you why ITS A LION!!!

        Let me tell you something, Bitch! I don’t know what the hell your problem is and why you keep haunting this blog but it has gotten to the point where either you are some extreme narcissist or perhaps more appropriately; you are yet another white racist who thinks of yourself as a nice person because you fuck a Black man each night. What you are is the proverbial white chick who is either too stupid or weak to fully understand the nature of your history as relates to racism, hatred, and violence against Black males from white males.

        You were raised by one. And it is the RACISM deep within you that prompts you to keep coming to this topic and trying to implore your White Supremacy at me for having the audacity to speak the truth about people like yourself. As I said before, White Privilege will not be extended to you here and it’s my advice that you leave before my followers get a hold of you.

        White women are nothing more than wolves with lipstick; acting as co-conspirators against Black people, all the while feigning racial solidarity because you had sex with a Black man. This does not make you some kind of anti-racist–it just highlights the reality that yet another white female has to accept the true reality of the dating/mating situation: most Black men date/co-habitate with white women that most white men don’t want. Is that you sweetie?

        Furthermore, where in the hell did you assess that Black women were somehow obliged to esteem or validate white women just because you’re in a relationship with a Black man? That in and of itself is an oxymoron.

        If you think you’re somehow taking some kind of stand against this Black woman because she dares to speak her mind; you better get a clue woman! Frankly, Honestly, I love to rattle white folks. *chuckle* I really do. It just gives me such a thrill. They are so full of it (YOU); and most love to presume the worst about us Black folks in general. It’s always fun to see how many of you get nervous when you realize that you have stirred the ire of an intelligent and articulate Negro. Oh! You get so sccuuurrreeedd. Giving you that “oh-my-god…”she knows what I’m really thinking” look.


        Take this shit to Stormfront and profess your love for Black men–don’t bring any more of your noise here!

        I’m not the one you want to mess with, Suga because I can retaliate against you quickly–as has already been done.

        First and foremost, you do not know me, woman! Why you keep taking this so personal, only you can summarize that. However, in my honest opinion… deep within the perimeters of your disturbed mind, is a woman that can’t accept the truth about race and bigotry in this country.

        It is not a fairy tale; it’s fact!

        There is something extremely wrong with you and I’m telling you for the VERY LAST TIME: STAY OFF OF THIS BLOG AND DO NOT HARASS MY FOLLOWERS!

        You should have taken the advice of your man and NOT POST.

        This thread is almost a year old. Obviously I’ve moved on to other topics. Sad–very sad; that you seem to be stuck on this! I don’t know what your problems are per se; but through basic observation, it’s quite clear that you have more issues than the New York Times and should seek professional help. It is not my responsibility to validate your emotional needs.

        Your I.P. information and e-mail has been publicly posted and reported to the FBI. *Lilburn, Ga. How’s the weather there?


  30. Dat NiGeRiaN boY says:

    Besides, a black man will alwayz be stronger…. Those fuckin whites who say African are short and thin people, come here and see whether what you hear is true. We’ll beat white men anytym aniwhere. Besides, we’ve got d advantage of large dicks over whites {In 2009 it was found out that Congolese had an average of 7 inches}. Meaning any white man who travels to Congo will feel badd about his own 5 inch dick. LOL


  31. Dat NiGeRiaN boY says:

    Jeez! I can’t believe dis. I’m a born african. True Nigerian blood. And honestly, this is the first time am hearin about this. This can’t happen here. Black American brotha’s preferring white women over black women? ?. Am not racist o, but y would a man leave a woman with beautiful ebony skin with a large ass{white woman don’t have any big ass} to be with a white woman… A real African can never do this. And truth be told, those that date nd marry white women do so to get green cards. After that they leave them{even without going through separartion or divorce stage} and come back to Africa to marry their own women


  32. monicamarie4 says:

    I am so angry that a google search led me to this blog. Your opinion is outdated, racist and disrespectful. As an educated WHITE woman who just so happens to be dating a BLACK man… I am extremely disappointed to read that there is actually someone who believes all of this straight up bullshit you posted. You may have the right to your opinion, but so does everyone else. I’m not with a black man because he’s black. I’m with him because I love him and he loves me and that is all that matters. You have the freedom
    To post whatever you want, but I would suggest you stop getting so angry when a strong and powerful white woman gives her opinion too. Oh and “black women are tough”? How about ALL WOMEN ARE TOUGH.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’ll approve you for the time it takes me to write my response to you.

      Number one: You do what most white people do–YOU ASSERT YOUR IGNORANCE and not your Intellect. First and foremost, it is absolutely ignorant to call an African American racist or any minority in response to comments that are not flattering to Whites and do not promote White Supremacy. You see, it’s the racism in you that is provoked because deep in the crevices of your subconscious you’re thinking…How dare this Black bitch say this about white women! She’s not validating our superiority!

      The comments you read are merely reactions to perceptions and interactions with whites.

      Sorry, Suga…this is not a blog to esteem white women who are sleeping with Black men. It’s MY BLOG to express those issues and things that impact me personally and those within my culture.

      I’m not interested in your relationship nor am I going allow you to come to MY BLOG and go into a tangent about why you’re so different from every other white woman who can’t find a white man to date or marry; and you feel the need to tell a Black woman off for having the temerity to tell it like it is…about the perception of you dating or marrying Black men. Frankly, most Black men choose white women that most white men don’t want. Is that you, sweetie?

      You will not be esteemed here, lady. Not at all.

      And my suggestion is that if you’re so offended by what I post: conduct your own inquiry with some Black women and ask them how they really feel. That is…if you have Black female friends. Better yet, GET YOUR OWN DAMN BLOG!!!

      I don’t even know you, woman. Don’t you rant to me about what I write on my blog!

      Take your ass to Stormfront and declare your love for this black man since I’ve provoked such passion within you.

      I’m not interested. And the bottom line here is that you are just yet another white woman who doesn’t understand how much you’ve benefited from White Privilege and the nerve of this Black woman to let you know that sleeping with a Black man does not give you any cultural benefits by proxy–ALL LIFE BEGAN IN AFRICA–And it was from the womb of the Black woman that civilizations came–and we won’t hesitate to tell your asses that.


      Don’t bring your noise here!


  33. Alfred says:

    Hi! I simply wat to give you a huge thumbs uup for your excellent info you have here on this post.

    I will be returning to youjr blo for more soon.


  34. Harold says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting to me to see so many black brothers dating or marrying white women. They turn their back on their own mothers, grandmothers, and the generations of black women before them. Women who were forced to breastfeed white babies while their own was crying. Women who were bussed 40 miles a day to take care of white children and white houses while white women had tupperware parties and gossiped. Women who were forced to watch their children beaten by white women for playing with their children.

    The victim mentality white women have is ridiculous. More often than not, their hands were on the whips just as much as the men. White women are some of the most racist and vile women on the planet. Their feminism is nothing more than an attempt at securing their own place. White women earn more money than men and women of color and yet act like they are oppressed.

    Another problem is the white/Jewish media. They stand to benefit from destroying black personhood and togetherness. You are no longer shown shows about the Cosby’s or Jefferson’s, but are shown Kendra and Hank, Kim Kardashian and her many black men. You are shown movies where black leads are with white females, you are shown stories on front pages of athletes dating white models. I rarely ever saw a picture of Michael and his black wife when they were married. But you are media stories all the time of his white/Cuban new wife. You are shown Tiger and his white wife and girlfriends.

    It serves the purpose. Make black men feel like a failure unless he gets a white wife. Why is it we only see the pretty blue eyes blondes in the media? Never the fat, pale, freckled ugly white women? What the black cornball brothers never see is, without that money and fame, those white women would never have batted their eyes once. They care only about money and themselves. It’s why their families and countries have gone to crap and blame colored people.

    By brainwashing black people, into making white women trophies, they achieve their goal. All those millions of dollars will pass into a white women’s hands. How much does a black athlete care about his family, community? They only see the mansion with their white wife. And then they have mixed kids. Those kids will most likely be lightskinned and rich enough they’ll be accepted. They’ll marry other rich white people mostly and the blackness goes away. That black man, will never have children that resemble him, his mother, his father, his grandmother. That is a shame in and of itself. Black girls are shown that dark skin is not normal, that they need light hair straight so they spend hundreds on weaves and chemicals.

    Take heart my beautiful black sisters. This won’t last forever. People are seeing white people for what they truly are. The real savages of this world. Wars, conquest, invasion, stealing, etc. It’s why none of their empires last. Africa is still standing, India, China, etc. Yet how many white empires and countries have risen and fallen?


    • truthangel07 says:

      Harold, the only thing I can say is that Black people need to start confronting these people–right on the spot. Period. We allow this to go on–and we are the only ones who can stop it. Bottom line: We’ve been through too much in this country and I will not allow this type of perception to continue. That’s why I blog the topics I do on our community. You wouldn’t believe the number of white females–particularly on this thread (written last summer) that try to campaign for their right to sex and marry Black men. I’m a racist if I don’t approve of it. Really? I’ve had to ban several. I rule here. There is no white woman on this planet that I will allow to come to my blog and show her ass. At what point could anyone be confused into thinking that this is a White Supremacist blog?

      Take that mess to Stormfront!


  35. Callisto says:

    Why did you remove my comment? It didn’t have anything offensive in it..especially compared to some other comments I’ve read on here.

    I think my comment was the only one declaring us all human, all from Africa once, and speaking out that not all whites were discriminatory to blacks.. it’s confusing why you don’t post things productive to this topic..

    This entire blog is filled with hatred. Racism is racism, whether it be whites against blacks or blacks against whites.

    I get the American history with racism, but to project that historical event onto a WORLD of other races is only fueling fire for more racism and arrogance to fundamentally continue.

    Isn’t the idea to remove racism from society?


    • truthangel07 says:

      This blog is not about diplomacy to make whites comfortable for posting on it.

      It’s OUR TRUTH (Black People) as we experience every single day.

      Don’t you ever preach to a Black person about racism–talk to other white folks about THEIRS!!

      And then you’ll discover why we have Civil Rights laws in the first place.

      Reality bites!


    • Tyrone says:


      Those who preach colorblindness are, in fact, the most racist of all. Your kind wants to control and manipulate black people for your own selfish motives. Claim to love us, yet, want us to hate our african heritage at the same time. Wanna jump in bed with our women, but, discriminate against other blackwomen without blinking an eye. I could go on and on, you get my point. You’re not a blackman, so, your opinion does not matter. How can you tell us to think about race, Seriously! Who Are You? So obsessed with black folk, you can’t think straight. Respect the wishes of TruthAngel, and annoy another blog…Not This One!


  36. Tyrone says:

    Any blackman that lust white females wants to be white himself. We can’t claim to be black and proud, yet, hate on blackwomen. For a long time, insecure blackmen have gotten away with their self-hatred by using their mixed offspring as a crutch…My Baby Is Black Syndrome. This has always been the alibi for sellout blackmen, regardless of status. Blackwomen are the finest of all women, royal dark skin speaks for itself. Pale skin is no match for velvety soft black female skin. So, why would any sane blackman prefer white over black? Let’s factor in the short brothas, obese brothas, lazy brothas, violent brothas, handicap brothas, ugly brothas, etc. All blackmen are not attractive to blackwomen, this is a fact of life. Sistas don’t like arrogant rappers, athletes, etc. So, it becomes about sex rather than racial unity, Meaning? Sex becomes the over-riding factor. “If the sistas not showing love, i’ll go to whitewomen.” Of course, it’s not a mature way to view sex. Oftentimes, whitewomen create problems for themselves by sleeping with blackmen who only see them in sexual terms. Sex, Status, Self-Hate, Control…4 Building Blocks of Swirldom. All are applicable in the convo. Do white females really love blackmen, or is it just physical? Whitewomen are obsessed with blackwomen, they need to admit it already. She wants to experience black womanhood by being with a blackman, Okay! That does not make her pro-black. Again, a white female will always have a complex about blackwomen…1. She Ain’t Black…2. She Will Never Be Black. Birthing caramel or butter-pecan babies is not helping that outsider status either. This is the root of the jealousy towards black females. Non-Black colored women have brown skin, so, this envy is not as prevalent in their psyche. As for the children, it’s a complex issue. We have disdain for their whitewashed black fathers, but, we want the mixed children to embrace blackness…Catch-22. The one drop rule is not in charge. If you’re half-black, you’re half…Period! Real black folk decide membership, not white society. What about mixed whitewomen who exist today because of white male rape of black female slaves…Arab, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish, Persian, etc? Some brothas say that it’s not cooning if his whitewoman is Cuban or Pakistani. They’re white just the same, just on the darker side. Mixing with any non-african female is selling out, colored or white. Brothas need to realize that mixing with non-black women is not pro-black…It’s Not! What benefit do sistas get from the scenario? It’s easy for other women to cry foul because their men are average next to blackmen. In come the racial cliches…love is blind…everybody the same, color doesn’t matter. Remember, all human beings want to be black, whether they admit it or not. Which is why the black/interracial dynamic is such a heated topic


    • truthangel07 says:

      All of this really is mental enslavement (slavery) and how interesting that it continues today.

      It means that Black folks still are psychologically damaged by the impact of slavery, albeit, our bodies are free; many have minds that are in bondage.


      • Tyrone says:

        Sex is the biggest obstacle we face as blackmen in relation to blackwomen. Our advancement as a race is stuck in neutral because a certain percentage of blackmen feel the need to sleep with women from another tribe just because they can. Brothas are having sex with married whitewomen as if it’s a real job…2 or more times a week. These men have no jobs to focus on, but, have all the time in the world to sex married whitewomen. Basically, these men have been reduced to male prostitutes. When a blackman lacks refinement in the areas that count, sex, becomes a safety blanket more or less. We lack economic and political power, so, sex is all we have control over. Explains all of the immature, risky behavior that we see. We’re much more than sexual beings, black manhood is is greater than that. Loving our women is the key to everything, gotta get over this hump. I speak on various blogs, so, i try to contribute my 2 cents when i get the chance. Our ancestors were brainwashed to hate their dark skin, a lot of us are still sick, Sadly!


      • truthangel07 says:

        This is a problem with many young Black men and older Black men, Tyrone. Only God can make one understand how an individual debases themselves when they are not connected to him.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Didn’t I ban your ass some time ago–yet you keep coming back. Why?

        This is not about White Supremacy on my blog–IT’S THE REALITY OF BLACK PEOPLE! Every damn day.

        Don’t you ever post on my blog ever again–Do you overstand.

        I do not care about you, your husband, or your narrow life.

        What the hell is wrong with you, woman?

        I’m not your therapist.

        Get outta here!


    • Kal says:

      Dude, what world are you living in? Your”BLACK ” Queen must not only have you brainwashed, but also on a short leash


  37. John Brown says:

    the post war jewish media destroyed the Black family structure more than any white woman. Yet you never hear this criticism today. Most white women will turn on a Black man when they tire of the new toy with becoming a strong urban trend in the last five years. Believe me I am a white anthropologist who has worked on a number of grants. The hottest one today is brainwashing negroes who watch TV and do not read! How many is that 98% Ever since Jim Jones hypnotized and murdered 100’s of negroes the US gov. has been drooling to see if this act can be repeated


  38. truthangel07 says:

    There’s nothing stupid about this article. If it were stupid; you wouldn’t have taken so much time to respond as you have.

    I read your words and the only thing I can say to a person like you–is TO STOP BLAMING BLACK WOMEN FOR YOUR lack of taste in women.

    White women are a product of over a 200 year marketing ploy to destroy the psyche of Black people–particularly the Black male. You’ve been WHITEWASHED. Clear and simple. You bought and married into White Supremacy by proxy.

    Your words just reak with self-hatred and negativity toward Black women. We’re the enemy for just stating an observation or opinion?–which we have the right to do.

    I’m sorry, but if you think white women are so special and your soul mate included; give me ten contributions that white women have made to the Black race that demands for our people to pay them any respect.

    Of course, anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that I’m being facetious.

    Who has been the largest benefactor of White Privilege?

    Can you answer me that?

    But of course, humor me…


  39. Jessica says:

    I wasn’t sure what to write. I settled on this:

    Hi. I’m white. Actually, I’m white-Hispanic, but everytime I tell my school, I have to take a fucking English test. Anyway, like Meredith, this blog pains me (but #4 was truly informative). I teared up (a teensy bit) after reading the main article and got to the comments. I don’t like to see hatred anywhere. I’m not sure how desegregation failed, but it did. I may have had black friends in elementary school, but once I got to middle school, we all got swarmed by hundreds of other peers. I lost track of who I entered with. Here and there I’d see my elementary peers and get the warm fuzzies, which could not for fear of name-calling be addressed.

    I decided unconsciously that the new black kids didn’t act at all like me. They talked in slang, for one. I did my best to talk like I was on TV and not like some okie. The only people I talked to were nerds. I would draw during math class instead of passing notes. I think I only knew two nerdy black girls. There was one who talked loud and one who talked fast, but they had my same interests, so I was not afraid to hang out with them. Whoa! Let me back up! I HATE loud noises. Anytime I watch a scary movie, I jump for the effing loud noises. That’s to my knowledge the only thing I hate.

    So that’s me in a nutshell. I’m not very white. I used to think I was “Asian”, but steadily finding things I don’t like about Asian culture, things I decided don’t define me at all. I’m not very much like anyone else, probably because I keep looking for new attitudes to add to my person. Because I’m not much like anyone else, I have to make friends where I can. If I had been born any earlier, I would have been one lonely sole. **Back then, people had to fit a particular image. The future I believe in does not have a set image, yet it will be strikingly beautiful. I don’t care how lonely my studious attitude made me feel, because once I got to college, I found some of the nerdiest human beings on the planet. I have a place where I belong.**

    And at this wonderful place called college, I met a man who I didn’t think I would end up with. I hate to use the word, but he was like a brother to me. He kept me strong, and believed in me. He held me when I cried about dumb assholes. He held similar interests. I don’t know if I will marry him, because I read this article. What if he thinks of me only as some fucking prize? No. I want to believe the answer to that is Hell No. I want to believe that we love each other because of our minds. Searching is hard for a recluse like me. I need to be optimistic. I have found happiness, and I hope that neither he or myself has made this some interracial, psychological matter.

    Look with your heart, not your eyes, and you will find happiness.
    Also, disregard anyone who dismissed you in the past. He was up for dismissal just for dismissing you!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Jessica, first of all, I appreciate the sincerity of your response.

      I’m a proud, attractive Black woman, who was raised in a middle-class community, with strong values–southern roots, and I’m a published author. There is nothing about me that gets dismissed.

      The reason why I wrote this article was to set some people straight who like to make pre-judgements about Black people, and particularly, Black women.

      Many white people are truly ignorant of African American culture, values, history, et al. And the truth is not what White America values; it values power–at the expense of others.

      Well, my dignity is not going to bartered or traded for acceptance by White America.

      African Americans have contributed much to this society…and when I hear Black men making statements to the effect as if Black women had nothing to do with the survival of our race–as well as the great contributions and accomplishment of Black women; I won’t tolerate that.

      Historically, white women have been the catalyst of Black men being lynched. You even see that today…check recent headlines. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/28/us-usa-ncarolina-police-idUSBREA0R00820140128

      Black women have a cultural right and obligation to distrust ALL WHITE WOMEN without apology.

      It is the responsibility of parents to raise their children with values and teach them respect. But too often; the lack of respect has been the contributing factor of why many Blacks like myself, choose to keep whites at a distance.

      Pure and simple: you’re not trusted. And that is not paranoia–it’s intelligent and the proper response due to the historical and current behavior of whites toward my culture and people.


  40. truthangel07 says:

    Black people total over 1 billion on this earth. And you can’t destroy that. The gene that makes up those who are of African descent is dominant–the gene that is responsible for the Caucasian race is recessive; and I suggest you get a lesson in biology before posting such idiocy.


  41. Meredith says:

    I want to start this off by saying I’m not here with any intention of malice or disrespect. I am an Irish woman, who has been dating an African American man for 5 years now.
    I don’t know what kind of white woman would feel that just because she is in a relationship with a black man, that she is the foremost authority and expert in knowledge on the community as a whole. I also don’t know what kind of white woman would feel it her place to tell any woman, let alone a woman of another race what she needs to do in order to keep a man of her race. That transcends racial degradation, and branches out to just plain and outright entitlement in general, and any woman, hell, any human who would do those sorts of things simply because of a relationship status, doesn’t deserve to even have personal relationships.
    I realize that by my relating to you here that I had no idea this view and perception existed, May seem naive. And maybe it is, I’ve just never been around the kind of people who would go out of their way to intentionally strut around, mistreat and exude the kind of arrogance and disrespect I am reading here.
    I value the opinion of every one, and feel that until we can respect and value the position of every side of an issue, there will never be an evolution to a better way of living for everyone.
    While you state that black women’s distrust, dislike, and inability to impress stems from the actions of history’s past, I cannot agree that you can blanket an entire race of Ellen under that stigma. I see some replies to this post call us “cave women” and “white devils” and that all we contribute is porn and feminism.
    I am sorry that the experiences any of you have had, were so awful and disrespectful, that it tainted your view and blanketed us as a hole as horrific people. While I cannot apologize for their ignorance and idiocracy, I can tell you we are all not that way.
    I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, there was never any conquest or desire to “steal” one of your good men, when him and I became a couple. I can honestly say we had a connection that was so amazing, the race card wasn’t a factor until we became serious. Him and I have conversations on the issue of race, and we both do our best to be realistic on outside opinions, but this article just hurt my heart quite a bit.
    I in no way feel I am here to be served or treated better and I must adamantly disagree that my man is weak or dumb for choosing me. And I guess as upset as I would like to be, I can’t blame you.for your views on the matter. It just saddens me that there is such staunch, unwavering opinion on why couples are together.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Thank you Meredith, first and foremost, fore being respectful to the post–even if you may disagree with it.

      Many times, I’ve disallowed white, particularly, white females from posting on my blog because of their blindness to their inherent cultural blindness and privilege. Yes! White privilege…which gives them the audacity to think that their POV is the only one that matters; minus the counter-response impacted by bigotry expressed by whites in this country on a daily basis.

      There is a general anger in many in the African American community and any perceived point of disrespect can be met with hostility.

      I read your words and I thank you for at least being open-minded, and compassionate to other’s opinions.




      • Meredith says:

        of course! I truly do respect everyone’s opinions and views on the point of matter and I appreciate you reading what I had to say, and could see it was in no way meant to disrespect or demean anything anyone was saying.
        I’ve been guilty of lumping people into the same group and feeling a certain way because of it, we’ve all done it from time to time.
        I just wanted you and your readers and commentators of this blog, to truly know we all are not the same, and by “we”, I mean white people. yes, I’m sure a huge majority of my race, could be lumped into that disrespecting holier-than-thou privileged mindset.
        I’ve seen it with white people to other white people. I just wanted to, as small a gesture as it is, give you beautiful black women, that there are people such as myself to truly do respect you and aren’t out to try and steal something from you. I am just starting to learn about your culture and your history and my boyfriend is very good about teaching me and trying to help me understand what you’ve gone through and what you still go through. and while I could never truly understand because it didn’t happen to me, I can empathize with the bottom of my heart and only show you the respect you deserve. I just wanted you all to know that and thank you so much for writing back to me I really appreciate it.
        With much respect,


      • truthangel07 says:

        Thank you, Meredith. I appreciate you showing respect to the blog.


  42. CitCat says:

    I am a white 52 year old woman, married to a black 52 year old male. We celebrate 6 years this Sunday of being married. He has character above reproach, more self esteem than one person can handle and far from broke. He is a strong black man. We did not get married to prove a point, we got married because we love one another. I am proud to be this man’s wife and cherish every minute we have together. We were brought up in the segregated south, born in the 1960’s and live here now, we have never had a negative comment said to our faces from any black or white people. We enjoy our life and life every day to the fullest. Just wanted you to know.


    • truthangel07 says:

      And my Black grandparents were married 67 years, sweety.

      Your point?

      Before you come to my blog trying to espouse your new love for a Black man; tell us all a little something about Black history, Suga–and not what you saw on a cable special. Better yet, list 10 ways you have benefited from White Supremacy.

      “We have never had a negative comment said to our faces from any black or white people.”

      This almost made me laugh. People don’t always say what’s on their mind. If you want to know what people are thinking–ASK them. The responses you’d get might shock you.

      Basically, I’m allowing your post on my blog because of the naivete of your response.

      However, if you show any disrespect to my people on my blog at any time, I’ll ban your ass with a quickness.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Cit Cat, let me tell you something right here and right now: THIS IS MY BLOG! You got that?!?! Your arrogance will not be tolerated and I feel no obligation to extend any form of White privilege to you–NONE! The nerve! I do not care anything about you, your man; or your life. If you want to profess your love for Black men; then take your white ass to http://www.Stormfront.com and let all the white folks know how you really feel. I am getting sick and tired of white women like yourself who seem to know all there is to know about social issues (“can’t we all just get along…”); and presumptuously assuming that every Black person, particularly Black women, are to give you some type of special treatment because you married a Black man. You’ve been with a man for 6 years; however, this now makes you the expert on relationships? The last time I checked, it is not the responsibility of Black women to make white women feel good about being with Black men. You’re probably with him because you’ve reached an age where most white men just don’t want you.

        Adding to this: the white population is on its way out. You will be the minority in this country in less than 30 years. That’s why you’re with a Black man–it’s only natural when a race is dying–they interbreed. Nature is a mutha. Karma rules.

        If I was hostile it was because this act is tired. Really. Get your own blog if you want to perform your soliloquy.

        You received what you expected: A Confrontation. And that’s the only reason why you posted on this blog.

        And for the record; I don’t recognize Halloween as a holiday; but it’s very interesting how many white women love to dress up as witches.


      • sophie says:

        What she means not everything is about sex people show love for each other everyday its all caused by chemicals our body produces and if we find a person with a similar chemical we kind do a thing called fall in love. So, who we fall in love with isn’t our fault.


    • RealTalk says:

      Good for you CitCat! I think it is important to realize that interracial marriages can be based upon love, not because of a stereotype or a preference which excludes others. Calling others derogatory names such as “cave bitches” only lowers yourself into the same category of people, a raciest one. To move forward as a strong black woman you have to be better than that. Furthermore, judging others as having low self esteem or a lack of character because of the color of who they date is not judging others on the content of their character, but by the color of their skin. Its time to move forward, and not continue to perpetuate racism. It is important to let others know that racism still exists today, but it is imperative that you choose your words wisely and come from a place of love rather than judgment and resentment.


  43. Blusoulstn says:

    See that picture of the black woman scowling and pointing…there you go, that’s why that black man married his white wife so that he and she could live by their OWN rules. Not the black woman’s “set of rules”


    • truthangel07 says:

      Black men marry white women because white women don’t have to be accountable. The white community doesn’t suffer if she marries a Black man; but flip that around; it definitely has an impact on the African American community.

      Furthermore; people have assessed that more than likely; Black men who marry white women typically have 3 basic flaws: 1.) Character issues; 2.) Low self-esteem; and 3.) Are BROKE! and know they can get over on white women! I guess when you can’t get your own American Express card, it makes perfect sense in a depraved way, to “never leave home without” a dumb blond to support you.

      Basically; when a dog isn’t getting fed at home; it’s their nature to go roaming in the garbage and that my dear is the perception of Black men with white women in a nutshell.


      • Jess says:

        I completely respect your opinion; however, I see comments like this all the time, and it makes me sad. I am a white woman, and I’ve lived all over the world, with many different cultures and races. I’m attracted to many races, but to assume that a black man would only want me because he can pull one over on me, or that I’m dumb, seems just as unfair as any other stereotype. I have standards just as any woman or strong black woman does. I can see past flaws, but I wouldn’t be happy with an insecure man regardless of his race. I wish all women would stick together, rather than bash each other. The moral of the story is that, I as a white woman will never have a black man because he will only ever truly want a black woman? He will only want me as a “toy”, and will later go back to a black woman? I’m under the impression that people should date who they are attracted to, and who they love. After reading so many articles like this, I am just not hopeful that I will have a black man who loves me for me… but will only want me until he finds his true love, a black woman. I hope this isn’t true because I absolutely would not have any issue with a black woman dating a white man. Do black men really only view white women as trash, sex toys, etc? Like I said, I respect your opinion, it just strips me of all hope, and makes me feel that the stereotype of white women ( while some fit the bill), is harsh, and truly touches a sore spot.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Do black men really only view white women as trash, sex toys, etc?

        Well, Jessica, the answer is yes. But there are also those who have been brainwashed into believing that having a white woman is like having a piece of gold. Such Black men are the minority and most definitely suffer from low self-esteem. I don’t hate white women, but I can’t stand the arrogance that has been culturally taught to white women by their white fathers–no white woman has contributed to the Black community in any way to have the audacity to think that they are owed something in some way by us just because they are with Black men. Just 60 years ago, it was against the law for non Blacks to marry or date; and dangerous for non-Black men if they were caught with white women. This is why Black women like myself don’t trust white women–history is the indicator here. Racism and racial abuse of Black people by whites is a reality of being a white person in America. White women have been the largest benefactors of bigotry against minorities and beneficiaries of the wealth created through White Supremacy.

        And Black women are the natural nurturers and protectors of our people, but particularly of our sons because of the hatred that still continues to be directed at them.

        I will never apologize for speaking my mind.

        That’s just how it is.


  44. leslie watkins says:

    i am a strong black man looking for a strong black woman


  45. rofl, yep number 10 is the truth. Number 4 yes plz learn how to do the child’s hair I hate seeing that or at least take them to a black salon to get their hair done sheesh. lmbao @ number 8, child plz they don’t know about keeping a black man he11 their white men are chasing after Asian women and white women and black males have the highest divorce rate.
    But white ppl are funny when they get upset though, I remember I wen t to subway and this white chick was in line ahead of me and she got attitude because subway stopped carrying the provolone cheese. another black woman with her child was in line and the white woman had attitude and was like just put this on my sandwich I want spinach she said it with such attitude and her arms folded, then the black woman in front of me was like that’s nasty as he11 and I had to keep myself from laughing. but u let a black woman have any kind of attitude and its omg she is the sapphire and just rude for no reason. white women get a pass, but it is funny how they get mad for the smallest things.. lol


    • Adeen says:

      Cave bitches make me sick and any Black man who dates and marries one is weak and stupid.


    • truthangel07 says:

      This is true. I see this every single day. It’s called: WHITE PRIVILEGE. I call them on it–without hesitation. They naturally think everyone and everything is to serve them.


    • Dustbunny says:

      In a pile of hate posts, you made me smile. This blog is frusterating its almost a woman group hug, but it ain’t. I agree 100% learn do do your munchkins hair right. How can they not be intreasted in their baby’s hair?! Its not only good bonding it affects their self image. Wth is a white woman doing with a black man, if she dosent like working with black hair.

      I always thought black woman didn’t date white men cause they wanted a man that could handle their fire & brimestone. Then again there are many differnt kinds of “black”. I don’t date black men cause I’m not a sugar mama & I rather have their mom with the tastey recipies & traditions.


  46. Or better yet…..just don’t. Marry them I mean.


    • Adeen says:

      And you are a Black man saying this? As a Black woman, I am glad to hear from a brother like you. I finally have some hope in Black men because I see way too many of them with cave bitches. Maybe I can get a Black male one day! Who knows and if I do, I will be so happy.


  47. leslie watkins says:

    honey i dont know because black men are weak


  48. Adeen says:

    Well written article. Cave bitches are just another like their cave male counterparts but only in feminine form. The cave bitch was used to break up the Black family and lead stupid and unsuspecting Black men to their destruction and downfall. Personally I don’t like White women and I think of them as cave bitches because that is what they truly are. Plus I have had bad experiences interacting with these women and don’t desire them as friends. And as a Black woman, I know they can’t do a damn thing for me at all and all they ever contribute to the damn world was:
    1) Porno tapes
    2) Create feminism
    3) Exploit their ”beauty” and bodies
    4) Lust after Black men and sleep with them
    5) And most of all, help their male counterparts keep White supremacy intact for future generation of White devils.

    I don’t see why Black men worship these cave she beasts so much. I was sad in tenth grade when a Black guy turned me down because he prefers White girls. What is wrong with my generation of Black males? I am apart of the younger generation too so I wonder what is going on? Most Black guys my age seem to prefer White or non Black women. What is going on?

    And how come they never mentioned White women’s role in White supremacy? Yes I know that it was White women who led them to their deaths by lynching in Jim Crow. And you have to remember that it was five cave bitches that decided that George Zimmerman was innocent in the murder of Trayvon Martin. Now that should tell you something. White people make me sick!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Young Black males today DON’T HAVE BLACK FATHERS. A long time ago, I wrote a piece on another website regarding how Black mothers are creating White Supremacists inadvertently when they choose to have children out of wedlock. A child is influenced by what they see; and if the one woman in their life that influences them the most is not desired by Black men; naturally, that child grows up thinking, that perhaps, there is something wrong with Black women as a whole.

      Black love starts in the home.


      • Adeen says:

        You have a good point though but the media brainwashing has something to do with this as well.


      • the alchemist says:


        Couldn’t you have said black MEN are creating white supremacists when they inadvertently choose to have children out-of-wedlock?


      • truthangel07 says:

        No. It’s not correct. Those Black males have mothers…it’s a no-brainer. You have to set the example and the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.


    • LaShawn Jefferson says:

      here you prowd an lowd. tha thing iz that the whites womens is pretty an the blacks prinsess iz smart n shit.


    • H. Dale says:

      But what is NOW about….Im white he is black…..what then….its not political…we just…are together….?


    • Sarah says:

      There are so many assumptions made in this article, I don’t know where to start. A good history book might be appropriate here–and not just of the USA, but of the African continent.

      1. White women were also oppressed by white men in the USA. It was called sexism. Ever heard of that? What makes you think white women were the ones lying about black men raping? Ever considered that maybe white men were the ones lying, because they were so jealousy controlling of their white wives while they raped black women every day. Cheaters/Rapers/Liars are the first to accuse others.

      2. What are Black and White exactly? Do you have an exact definition? Is a person of European and Native American ancestry “white”? Is this descendent of Solomon Northup “white”? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2570618/Reunited-Descendants-12-Years-Slave-man-Solomon-Northup.html How about an Indian or an Australian aboriginal? How about this cutie? http://globalfusionproductions.com/globalfusionist-blogs/nigerian-parents-give-birth-to-a-blonde-hair-blue-eyed-baby-girl-in-london/ And how about people who are just a mixture of whole bunch of things, that defy such labels as “black” and “white”. My point is there’s a whole world out there, and not everybody black descends from slaves and not everybody white descends from slaveholders.

      3. There is a whole world out there! A whole lot of “black” men are Africans, not African-Americans, and their ancestors were not slaves but rather some of their ancestors participated in selling their enemies into slavery. Granted, they had no idea of the horrors that awaited them, slavery on the African continent being very different than that practiced by Europeans and their descendents. But still–there are more black people in this world whose ancestors never experienced slavery than those who did. Ghana-an African country in case you’re shaky on geography as I suspect you may be given the weird assumptions you make here–recently apologized for its participation in slavery http://www.modernghana.com/news/102821/1/ghana-apologizes-for-its-role-in-slave-trade-count.html Colonialism on the other hand continues to allow countries like yours–the USA (of course Europe and increasingly China) to continue to exploit poor black people in third world countries while keeping you living the good life.

      4. Basic biology here: mixed kids don’t have “black” hair. Some do, some don’t. Just like their skin colour. Take a 100% African father and a 100% Caucasian mother. One sibling can have light skin with straight hair, and look “white” with a tan. The other can look like s/he just stepped off the boat, if it weren’t for that pointy nose and skinny butt. Don’t even get me started about features. The point is, at which % do mixed kids lose their “blackness” or “whiteness” and get plopped into one of your race categories?

      5. African-American women suffered terribly under slavery. African-Amerian men did learn to view white women as the ultimate status symbol. African-American women continue to have it bad today, suffering both racism and sexism. But at the end of the day, history does not have to determine our future. We are human first of all, before we are anything else. People fall in love with people outside their cultures/races, often without regard for history. People like Obama result from mixed race marriages. You could call him white just as easily as you could call black, since he’s 50/50. Did you know that racism in Australia worked the opposite of in the USA? In the USA, a drop of African ancestry=your black and must be enslaved, later segregated. In Australia, a drop of European ancestry=your white and must be absorbed into white society. That said, our histories exert strong influences on us.

      6. I suggest traveling a bit. Get to know “black” people from outside the USA. Then return to the USA. You will see that racism against African-Americans is alive and well, but in ways you may have never noticed before. You see, the “white” woman isn’t the enemy. Ignorance, and those forces that would keep the African-American population ghettoized, jailed, drugged, plugged into the xBox, giving their lives in combat–those forces are the enemy. I suggest you educate yourself, both at university and by travel. The worse power structures of all are those we are blind to. White power groups don’t all sport tattoos and ponytails. Oppression operates on a global scale, and those who oppose oppression come in all colours.


    • Lee Stimpson says:

      You sound bitter and angry ! Black love is beautiful ? In today’s world I say all love is beautiful. You get to call white women ” Cave Bitches? ” Stop using white people as an excuse for you lack of success, lack of planing, lack of motivation , and lack of a good man. Why would any man want to spend time with such an angry woman?


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