I Was Born To Help Destroy The Evil of White America!



Who awakens from slumber and faces a deeper truth that their life is to become a catalyst in the greatest deliverance of a people–MY PEOPLE.

There are images that began to come to me from the age of 5.  I remember.  I was a quiet little girl.  My silence was my closest friends.  It covered me from everything that I didn’t know.  No one could get me to talk but I was always a thinker…even at this tender age.  I watched and listened to everything.  I was interpreting my environment.  In this silence, my intellect was beginning to expand.  As the years passed, I was challenged even further by my mother, first, then friends, neighbors, teachers, and even strangers, to talk.  My Sunday School teacher, the late Mother Lettie Jones, took it upon herself to inspire me to do the Easter speech every single year.  Yeah.  I was that kid.   Mother Lettie really believed in me and I would often go to her home.   My mother trusted her and therefore, she was Ok.   Truly, she was more like a grandmother to me.  That’s just how neighbors were when I was growing up.  She always was trying to make me talk more.   I still wouldn’t, but as I began to learn more about myself; a 5th grade teacher opened up my soul when she commented on a book report that “I had a flair for writing.”   Every book report, research paper and oral discussion about the books we read; this was the set up for what I’ve become: a writer and blogger.  These were the seeds planted.  So what does this have to do with the title?

Well, my mother’s insistence for me to watch PBS opened up a window of knowledge that shaped my mind.  Every single year, there were programs dedicated to education, particularly the Civil Rights movement.  The images that played out in front of me whenever I watched about the era of the 1960’s; was creating a desire in me, an anger, resistance, pride, and a mind that questioned everything,  Oh, I was learning so much about America and white folks from not only those images, I knew instinctively to compare them to what I saw every day.

In my community, the racism was very benign; however, most of the Black people had come from the Delta regions of the south.  I overheard the talk of how bad white folks were and the hardships that many had to face.  It would upset me sometimes, but I kept my silence, and just listened.

When the television series Roots came on in the mid seventies; everyone in America was hooked.  The reality of Black people was a hard one, and the pain, sacrifice, violence, and perseverance of Black people was highlighted beyond debate.

After graduating high school, I was most definitely in search of something far deeper than what my community provided.  One day, I went to the library and randomly selected books that began to empower my mind.  One of those books was The Autobiography of Malcolm X.  From the first page…to the last; I devoured every single word.  It opened me up.  My mind grew…and grew…and grew.  I read more books by Black people like Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Elderidge Cleaver, W.B. DuBois, et al.  And I had an epiphany: It was time to become A VOICE not just a quiet observer.

In August 1999, I became Truthangel on Blackvoices and I found that voice.   From the discussions and debates that I initiated, A fire was ignited in my soul.  The TRUTH became my torch and I was going to bring it to America, particularly, White America, whether they liked it or not.  During this period of time; the spirit of slavery appeared in some of the Black people that I engaged in on may occasions, yet,  I was undeterred.  The message had to be brought.  And thus, I stood my ground.

Now here I am all of these years later, an author, website contributor, writer, and blogger.

And the once little quiet girl has grown into a woman who is about to become a force that this nation and world has never seen.

White America!  You have waged war on my people for hundreds of years, but I come to warn you about a little thing that you seem to forget in your vincible ignorance: LIONS COME FROM AFRICA!  And I prophecy, that there will be a people, BLACK PEOPLE who are about to come on this earth to reestablish ALL of the Kingdoms of Africa; and bring dignity back to their people BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Stay tuned…and watch!


8 comments on “I Was Born To Help Destroy The Evil of White America!

  1. It’s an remarkable post for all tthe internet visitors; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.


  2. truthangel07 says:

    Let me tell you something, you cave bitch. I don’t know who the hell you think you’re talking to, but I’d slap you so hard; you’d have to call the CIA to find the location of your neck again.

    First and foremost; this blog is not retarded–it’s my personal diary of issues, observations, and experiences.

    You try to deflect the obvious, but the reason why your simple ass comes to this blog is because IT’S ABSOLUTELY UNAPOLOGETIC. There is no obligation by me, to extend white privilege to you for any reason, and you will not get any special treatment because of it.

    I don’t know who you are nor do I care, but I observed a recent comment on my blog, From The Mind of Truthangel that you wrote to one of my blog followers and I did not appreciate it and I will tell you firsthand that if you want a war; I dare you to try me–I’M TRUTHANGEL! A very PROUD BLACK WOMAN, BABY! And I take no prisoners.

    It never amazes me how you people love to degrade other human beings, as well as the temerity of you dog-smelling, pedophiles, calling us apes. I’ve always found it extremely interesting how white people love to make this comparison to Black people, but ironically, it’s white people that have monkeys for pets. It is also a European trait to practice bestiality as well. No wonder you people love dogs so much.

    Per usual, it’s the Black person having to educate the ignorant craKKKa. We should all receive honorary doctorates for this…anyhoot; sticks and stones, Suga. The bottom line is this: you people are absolutely disgusting–and I do mean that literally. You don’t wash your hands after using the bathroom. You have the most cases of vinerial disease of any group; the most cases of mental, psychological,emotional, and personality disorders of any group. And sweety, Black people don’t get hair lice. As an aside, I have to interject: if it’s so great being white, why are you bastards always killing yourselves?

    This is a new day, sweety. GET OVER IT! You people are DONE! Natural selection is a mutha! In less than 30 years, you people will be the minority in this country and with the ever growing reality of white women sleeping with Black men–having their children, and distancing themselves from the wonderful misery of being a Caucasian; that might happen even sooner.

    Did you overstand what I said? I think I am quite clear.

    I will post this e-mail on my blog and I dare you to show your face again. And BTW: Anytime you post on this blog–your IP address is posted as well.

    This is a warning.



  3. go head sista…….got your back if you got mine.


  4. Adeen says:

    I agree with you. White AmeriKKKlan is evil, sick, evil and heartless, I am a young person and I also want to expose the evils of White AmeriKKKlan. But don’t worry, karma will visit White AmeriKKKlan and bite her in the back for years of oppressing minorities and stealing resources from other countries.


  5. leslie watkins says:

    i totally agree


  6. I’m with you 1000%!! All out people need to wake and follow our true destiny! We can be great once again if we put our minds to it! I agree with you sis. Let’s do it!


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