Lord! I Am So Tired of Black People With Low Self-Esteem!




Another day has come…and I see more examples of self-hatred being perpetrated by so-called, African American people.  Do any of them realize that our people were the first to exist? All life evolved from the Mother continent, Africa?  What happened to my people? I’ve been looking for them for years, but I can’t seem to find them. Are they really African American or White Supremacists in black face? Creating a false order of misinformation, motivated to confuse, instigate discord and more generally; to have a nice hearty laugh at their perception of Dumb Niggers? 

The drum beats. I hear voices lifting…they sound tribal. It is the ancestors trying to get through on a very busy communication link. Most of us hear those drums every day, but the “lost ones”, they hear nothing but the static of empty minds, filled with hollow images of false gods, and mindless words. There is no thought behind their speech. It is a language of fools. And only those who are unable to be educated by the wise can understand it.

Where did our people go wrong? When did they begin to start listening to the enemy? Preaching satanic gospels and chanting malevolent hymns of doom. Death is anticipated. Life is worthless. The mirrors refuse to reflect the faceless. Lost souls,…living a twisted mortality–no focus, self-worth or joy.

I wish they hadn’t shot Malcolm. He would know what to say. He would use the right words and call it out for what it is…Black Vanilla. They want to be a new version of white. They are convinced that being what they are is undesirable. They look at pale skin, blue eyes and blond hair–visioning themselves a Black version of their oppressor. Swirl, Oreo, Creamed Coffee, a mixture of two, but a desire to be more like the one.  Black snow. Trying to make white snow men out of Black snow.  An irony?  A duality?  A tragedy? Yes.

I want to kill them. They misrepresent me. My people are defiled. Someone must tell them that they can never be white. If they were the most vanilla of chocolate; they would still not be white. I’m ashamed of them and I pray for you to destroy them before their numbers grow any further. This seed must be destroyed, I say!

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Oh, Father! My spirit is vexed.

Have mercy, Lord. They are lost–show them the way. The enemy has misguided them and contaminated their thinking. How do you destroy a people? They come from a great race, but know nothing of it.

Show them the TRUTH, OH, GOD! We’ve been punked!

The enemy has blinded them. His laughter is loud. He boasts of his conquest. They said they loved Jesus, but they were liars. They spoon fed doctrines of hate to my people. They were hungry for what they conceived their enemy desired. Everything they knew: their name, Africa, their language, religion and their history, was stolen–and hidden from them. Now they are a people who have eyes, but cannot see. They were deceived and my people bought into the lie. Take away these imposters and remove the blinders of the people. I know they are not of my blood. My people had soul. They had an energy that was infectious. Their creativity and originality came from you. Why now…do some of us want to be empty and soulless like the enemy? Why?

It is written that ALL men were created in your image. If that is so, why are so many people on earth trying to destroy what you created? Did you not say after creating Man that “It was good.” Basically, you saw beauty in your creation and were pleased. Why can’t so many of us say, “It is good?”

Heal our minds from the afflictions of hateful people who were put in our ancestor’s pathway as an impediment to prevent us from ascending to the greatness that you had willed for us. Heal the broken hearts of those who wake up each day, thinking about painful memories and hurt. Lord, so many of us suffer in silence. The eyes of many of my people are red from crying themselves to sleep at night to using harmful substances to wash away the stings of rejection and not feeling loved, needed or valued.

Rise up my people, Lord. Take away the darkness that is within many and shine your light so that they may see–what you see–in us. And it is good—all Good.

We are not inferior—by selection of the most high; he made us first, and examples of what brotherhood should be, but somehow, this fact has been lost.  Our enemy was clever in his machination.  His greatest desire was to destroy our families.  The genius of his magic hypnotized many slaves into feeling as though they were a part of their master’s life.   Oh, some of the slave masters were brilliant in how they used the tactic of the Slave maker ant species:  Slave maker ants go around conquering other species ant colonies by killing off the soldiers and queen, and then they kidnap the eggs/babies (larva/pupae). They then integrate the larva/eggs into the oppressor’s colony and once they hatch, the baby ants grow up to be slaves to their new queen and very few to none rebel. Some have said that they have succeeded. Look at the last 100 years of our history.  Our men and women are engaged in a war, but what is really fueling the battle? She said…he said. Everyone is talking, but no one is saying a thing. It’s all about who’s right….who’s at fault? Who started what? Where is the line to be drawn? We need a mediator. What really is wrong with the Black community is that we have lost our values as a people. We stopped listening to the wisdom of our elders and became the nightmare America created. We have been hypnotized by our enemy that real living constitutes going along with whatever the majority says is right. Those who are knowledgeable and have keen judgment know that what is popular is not always right. When one begins to listen to the enemy instead of his inner voice–YOUR VOICE; one becomes misguided. Whose lie are we living?

Show us the way, Lord.

Put us back on the right path. So that we may finally become the people you know we are. We just have to start acting like we matter.

I miss my people and I want them to come home.

14 comments on “Lord! I Am So Tired of Black People With Low Self-Esteem!

  1. Tyrone says:

    Truth, have you heard about what’s going on in Ghana? I was web-surfing, and came upon an article about married black couples who have white sperm injected into the black wife so she can birth a half-white baby. Our sisters and brothers in Africa are losing their minds…Literally! Add in the rampant prostitution in various countries, terrorism, tribal war, skin bleaching, neo-colonialism from China, etc. Let me know if you heard about this?


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’ve heard about the bleaching, but injecting Caucasian sperm? Good Lawd!


      • Sandra says:

        My heart aches each day over this, I am very sad, feel beaten down and heart broken. Reading this is so heartbreaking because you have written everything I am thinking and feeling. Even in the UK, the black people have such intense hatred for themselves. There is also a lot of racism there. It makes me feel like going to sleep and never waking up!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Hi, Sandra…unlike the UK, African Americans have representatives in history, business, entertainment/media, politics, sports, social, and academic as role models, however, even with all that, images can be very powerful.

        And if you aren’t careful, when you don’t teach your children the value of their own heritage and give them a counter-view of what’s being promoted to them, via the white male controlled media; the view of themselves will be skewed.


  2. african says:

    i’m a south African and I can identify myself with African American, because we have been colonised my the people who were staying with us. this article made me to cry the time I was reading it. I love my people, and they are beautiful, smart, strong and creative but what is making my heart to bleed even more is that they don’t know all that. I pray they wake up.


  3. TTNYCRN says:

    Well, 400-500 years of European colonialism will do that! Right now, Im looking through sources that deal with Native Americans and the same thing we deal with(internalied racism) is same thing they are going through. Its really sad. I read a portion where some Native Indians believed that they really cant do anything in life besides being an alcoholic and living in poverty on the reservations.

    I may not believe in conspiracy theories but Im a realist and from viewing the real world, it is clear that white supremacy is a system/culture of death. Its robs non-whites of living life fully to their respective potential. Every Negro might not be saved but alot of us are waking up to the type of crazy and corrupt system that we have on this Earth!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Racism, White Supremacy is of the occult. Many whites practice it; as would account for how this system is used to oppress (imprison) people, not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.


  4. A'Tru Dreamx says:

    Very well written and articulated concern. I wholeheartedly agree with your observations regarding the condition of African-Americans. I hope we can all wake up before it’s too late. Thank you for sharing the truth!


  5. Adeen says:

    This is a well written post. I feel like Black Americans today are White supremacists in Black face based on the way that they act and interact with each other. It is sad because we are the Original People and the ones who start civilization and created the arts, music etc. If only we knew our history then we wouldn’t feel so lost and confused,


    • truthangel07 says:

      Adeen, you’re still young, but do yourself a favor: EDUCATE your mind–and not just what you learn in school. The library has a wealth of information,but one of the main drawbacks of African Americans is that far too many won’t take the time to read books; many of which can help broaden their minds so that they can elevate themselves and be empowered.


  6. “Trying to make white snow men out of Black snow.” That is classic and more true than we could ever know. I think a lot of us fall into these roles of self-hate unknowingly. It’s like little pieces negative skin is collected as we walk this life. By the time we make it to school our own skin has been replaced by self-hatred, and when we look in the mirror this self-hated skin is all we see. It covers the beautiful skin that the Most High delivered. The Blacker the real skin, the easier fake skin sticks.

    Thank you sis for really good job you do over here. I know I’m a pain sometime, but that’s what I do.


    • truthangel07 says:

      That’s a great analogy. However, I can’t relate to low-self esteem at all. Thank God for the community I grew up in. There were so many gorgeous Black people–educated, strong, natural go-getters, etc, Black Beauty was more than just a concept for me.


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