White Elites: The Satanic Brotherhood!




Malcolm X said: “If someone keeps getting ahead of you, he must know something that you don’t.  This is the truth.

Racism in and of itself, is WITCHCRAFT.  Some may ask, what is witchcraft? Well…by definition, it’s manipulation.  But here is a more passionate definition: http://www.raptureready.com/faq/faq266.html

Jesus said: “They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  He was talking about those who hide behind masks, but their intent is to deceive.

We are all victims, but God has a plan.

This came to me a few weeks ago, but what I learned did not surprise me at all.

What I learned was that most whites in the elite structures of society are all involved in satanism.  This includes secret societies and other closed organizations.  Satanism is based on 3 things: PowerDomination.  Manipulation/Control.  Look at the history of Europe–it is based on these 3 components.

All one has to do is read between the lines.  Look at their behavior–even in recent media. Some of the most disgusting things you can imagine, white people have committed: bestiality, cannibalism, pedophilia (male and females), killing their own families/children, satanic worship, the practice of Wicca, Witchcraft, Goth, massacres, serial killers, incest, et al, yet, it’s Black people who are demonized?

Some of you are not off base with some of the conspiracy theories, but what many Black people must realize is that these people hate Christianity and ALL BLACK PEOPLE.  This is why Africa, the richest continent on earth,  has some of the most poverty stricken nations on earth. Why?  Europeans have literally picked it of its natural resources and thinks nothing of it. The great Rwandan tragedy was instigated by the Dutch.  Do your research.

The picture I posted illustrates this Elite Power structure and it is now time for Black people to distance themselves from whites altogether.  Simply put, they are EVIL PEOPLE and as long as Black people keep allowing them to espouse their brainwashing through the use of media particularly; we will be destroyed by them.  It is their true goal.

Do not be deceived.  There’s so much people don’t know: http://www.henrymakow.com/carolyn_hamlett.html

Marrying a white person does not change who you are.

Ask yourself a question: Why would any sane Black person listen to or trusts a group of people who once considered our ancestors apes?

Stop practicing White Supremacy, Black people.

Embrace your culture!

12 comments on “White Elites: The Satanic Brotherhood!

  1. TTNYCRN says:


    The more I understand about white supremacy, the more mindblowing it becomes. This is the part of Farrakhan’s message that got me TruthAngel

    “In terms of how this wicked policy of depopulation has affected Africa and the Third World: During my last visit to Zimbabwe, in southeastern Africa, we learned how the AIDS pandemic was killing 5,000 Zimbabweans a week—20,000 a month. And the biggest industry at the time in the capital city of Harare was the making of coffins … And although it was the Blacks who were dying of AIDS, I asked about the White population—were they dying of AIDS; and the answer was, “No, they were not.” I went to a luncheon sponsored by the Zimbabwean Department of Health, and a wonderful female doctor who was the Minister of Health was so proud to announce that every child in Zimbabwe was vaccinated with vaccines that had come from America and Europe.
    I grieved over the widespread death due to the poisons, not “un”-intentionally put in vaccines, but intentionally put in vaccines to limit the population of Black people in those countries and places in the world where America’s needs for their vital minerals and resources were deemed necessary—in her mind—for her national interests; to keep America in the world as the “No. 1 superpower.”
    Killing off tens of hundreds of thousands of people in Third World nations, because those nations trust the scholars and scientists of the Western world, White people, who claim to want to “help” them. While there are many White people who are sincere, they are the “fronts” that are used to open the door for the insincere Satanic Mind to enter, to practice evil under a claimed “noble motive.”

    -Since you are very aware of things in the African diaspora TruthAngel, you would probably know that Zimbabwe has been led by Robert Magube since around 1980 when he freed the country from white rule. Magube is a hardcore Pan-Africanist who has tried to keep white European hands off his nation. Nevertheless, this is what is happening. It is mindblowing!


  2. Adeen says:

    Wow, I never knew any of this


  3. Sista sista sista I could go on and on about the evil people that run this world, but I won’t just know that we–me and you are on the very same page.


  4. Great post sis! I really liked the information. Check out this site. I think you’ll find it very interesting. You might be able to use some of it for a future post. The deeper you dig–the more you find out!


  5. This is a very potent evocation, and an understandable tangent give the given the ongoing assault on one people. As it connects to this chronic and epic crisis, take a look at my latest post — http://inthroughacolouredlens.wordpress.com/


    • truthangel07 says:

      The Doctrine of White Supremacy in and of itself is a Satanic message, given the context of men placing themselves above the laws of God (heresy) and using physical force and manipulation to oppress human beings.

      White people are evil and my blog is dedicated to getting that message to Black people.

      Our people have been asleep and they need to WAKE THEIR ASSES UP!

      This is not a game…and so far; we have been losing big time.


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