BeYAWNce is a Controlled Mannequin!


For over 15 years, the public has been inundated with images of Beyonce. When she was the lead singer in Destiny’s Child; the public was being groomed to receive her when she went solo. They denied it at first, but it was clear with all of the replacements that occurred within the group. Sacrifices for the fame of this dame. Her daddy took no prisoners. When she went solo; Crazy In Love launched her solo career–to hell with Kelly and Michelle. 

Let’s be real, Beyonce’s meteoric rise to the top has been the talk of the industry. She has no equal–none that is allowed, but when I look into this woman’s eyes; I see emptiness. 

Some people are sick of her (raising hands). If this child disappears for 10 years, I will be one happy child. The word overexposed is appropriate.

She’s had a charmed life, but at what price?

However, I just don’t feel Ms. Beyonce’s soul. There’s just nothing there–yet she claims to be a Christian. Really? And just how many souls did she lead to Christ with the song Bootylicious?

Now, the new controversy behind her song, Bow Down has everyone talking.

Some are shocked at the duplicitous message within her image and the lyrics. I’m not. 

If you’re not honest about who you really are; contradictions will expose your true nature.

For a long time, I’ve had a dark premonition about Beyonce. I feel this is the beginning of a steep fall. 

We’ve seen it before…

5 comments on “BeYAWNce is a Controlled Mannequin!

  1. living consciously says:

    Yes. It’s very sad thing Beyonce has done to herself for fame (and her “husband also.) Totally sold her soul out!

    Also look at the lot of young black entertainers today i.e. Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Niki, Lil Kim and the list goes on. Allowing the record companies to erase their blackness and pushing the toxic white supremacy LIES to our young black girls and boys growing up, that black it not cool. That “White Is The New Black” All with completely empty looks in their eyes. The have altered their natural beauty to assimilate with white supremacy ideas to aid in demissing blackness.


  2. Adeen says:

    Honestly as a member of this current generation, I think Beyoncé is the best female artist out right now. She is a very good performer and I loved her growing her. My earliest memories of her was when I was little dancing to Crazy In Love. I am in my late teens and still love her.

    However what has been frustrating me about her is that she looks more White than every before! Why is that? When she was in Crazy In Love, she looked like a ethnic Black woman with light skin. Now she looks like a White woman with a tan. What is going on? She is a beautiful and talented Black woman and she didn’t need to look Whiter to be accepted….well not in my eyes anyways.


  3. I’d never heard of this song I looked up the lyrics wow. The whole song is basically bow down b1ches. that is so lame. She ain’t no Christian no more she don’t sing about god anymore like they used to in destiny’s child. She sold her soul her and kanye, kanye album named yeezus smh. They really tripping thinking they are god and wanting ppl to bow down an worship them smh. she is not that talented anyway there are way more talented artists that can sing better than her. I never could get into her music, sadly my aunt loves her *sigh*.


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