“Black Women Are For Grown Ups!”


When I read this statement, made by billionaire Ben Horowitz, “Billionaires prefer black women, they are loyal and guard your interests. Black wives are for grown ups” – See more at: http://edgemagazinesite.com/edge-discussion-billionaire-ben-horowitz-says-black-wives-are-for-grownups/#sthash.9l4hVYA9.dpuf, it brought me back to all of the comments that have been spewed over the internet in response to the ignorant Black males who seem to think that in order to justify their relationships with white women; they had to disparage Black women–the women who look like their own mothers.  This one-liner basically, was the perfect comeback.

Now let me get one thing straight, I’m not looking for The Great White Hope but there are many billionaires who are dating and marrying Black women: http://www.balleralert.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2015113%3ABlogPost%3A1684312&commentId=2015113%3AComment%3A1684944&xg_source=activity

What an interesting thing to say.

I guess it’s only appropriate to say to all the haters: “Touche’.

Not that Black women need to be validated by wealthy white men; it’s just a point to people who literally make a career from trying to put us down; this is like pie in the face.

For decades, Black women have had to endure the self-hatred of Black males.  They made many beautiful Black women start questioning themselves.  It’s not enough that we are the sole reason why the Black race survived slavery; Jim Crow; and endured years of vicious racism on our communities; it is from the womb of Black women that Black males came.  How dare they disrespect us.

Black women think highly of themselves and have absolutely no tolerance for weak Black males who dare try to throw white chicks in their face when they can’t carry their weight.

Still yet, we forgave them, and most Black women still prefer Black men and that’s my total preference, but I do want to say that as a Black woman, I love myself first; and if anyone is attracted to me; it’s because I know that I’m worth being loved.

12 comments on ““Black Women Are For Grown Ups!”

  1. Jay in the Black Dimension says:

    You see this. Now she changes her story.

    Ben Horowitz did not make comment complimenting Black Women.



  2. Jay in the Black Dimension says:

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. It was written by Kola Boof. If you did a pole of how many Billionaires were married to Black women, the numbers would be extremely low. Many of the women on this list are girlfriends, mistresses, and some of it is straight up speculation with no evidence. Where is the evidence that Billionaires prefer Black women. As a people, we can’t be so emotional and fall for B.S. like this so easily.


    • truthangel07 says:

      There is a lot of hostility toward Black women with white women, but really? How many Black men do we see dating cocktail waitresses *Tiger Woods* Basic Bimbos *O.J. Simpson* and others that in no way have the type of accomplishments many of those women pictured have? What really is very glaring as far as I can see; Black men and women having relationships with whites are tainted. It’s not respected in the Black community at all. And furthermore; those Blacks who marry Blacks are typically happier and can relate to one another. The only thing relationships with whites do is expose,is how deep-rooted the self-hate in some Black people really is. Dating/marrying a white person is not an accomplishment–it’s a failure to love one self enough in order to appreciate where you come from and attract the Black man/woman you desire.


  3. Oh my…..I think I’ll hold my tongue on this one.


  4. great post, those white men ugly to me though lol. I just can’t stand the black males that say those things, when will those delusional males figure out they are the problem. I mean they have a high divorce rate with white females as well so even if the grass is greener u still gotta put in work and cut it. If not go get some turf grass aka another man bahwhwa, u don’t have to cut fake grass lol. Anyway I think its mostly the black males that come from single parent households that act like this or they live in a predominately white neighborhood. I don’t see too much of this around the predominately black areas and two parent households.


    • Adeen says:

      Me either and most White men are ugly to me anyways. You are right that Black males who grew up in a single parent home or live in a predominantly White area think like this because they haven’t been around many positive Black role models in their lives.

      Sad to say, my little brother, who is 14 thinks that way and thinks White women are the best. I hope he wakes up one day when his future White wife divorces him and takes all of his money and turns into a old hag right in his eyes! He would get a huge wakeup call one day.

      Black men and White women relationships have the highest divorce rate out of all interracial marriages and pairings. These Black men go for White women because of lack of positive Black role models showing Black love, brainwashing from the media or if they had bad experiences with Black women. These Black men have low self esteem and self hate. These Black men just like these White women because they have White skin and privileges. And the White women who go for these Black men are usually ugly, trashy and someone no White male would want. The grass is not greener on the other side.

      I think the reason for such high divorce rates between them is: Black men don’t belong with White women. And White women don’t belong with Black men.

      Black men are better off with Black women!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Black love is beautiful. And Black men who are married to Black women know this.


  5. Adeen says:

    Great post. I am so sick of self hating Black males disrespecting us. What is their problem? Sadly you can find most of these self hating in my generation ages 18-25. Yes I am a young, Black woman but sometimes I wonder my self worth if I can’t be in a relationship with a Black male. I have already had Black males reject me because they want that mixed, Latina or White girl. What am O doing wrong?

    I don’t desire or like White males at al but I usually get more respect from them and other non Black men than Black men.


  6. Beautiful post, finally someone who’s being honest about the whole thing…some black empowerment blogs, totally ignore the hatred bw receive in the name of “black love” and I agree, even though I prefer BM (I don’t mind dating a non BM with full lips lol)
    “it is from the womb of Black women that Black males came. How dare they disrespect us.”
    “Still yet, we forgave them, and most Black women still prefer Black men and that’s my total preference, but I do want to say that as a Black woman, I love myself first; and if anyone is attracted to me; it’s because I know that I’m worth being loved.”


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