Black Women: The Olivia Pope Effect!


Damn that Shonda Rhimes.  It wasn’t good enough for her to have one hit show (Grey’s Anatomy)  she had the nerve to create another show which has become a smash (Scandal).

Who would have thought a show with the central character (Kerry Washington) a Black woman having an affair with a very white president, “Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)?

The sex scenes alone are scandalous.  Lord, the scene where the president gives her oral sex after his wife, Mellie just left the room.  Oooohhhh….Heaven help us.

Should we embrace this character or respect her for owning being a woman?


Times have really changed, but at what price?

White men are definitely getting bolder in asking Black women out, but then there’s the all too real history of White men lusting after a “certain type” of Black woman–the sexually provocative one–very primal, exotic, and taboo–forbidden love in all its presumptions.  Dear God, It’s Jezebel.

With all the hating that has been directed at Black women, particularly after Barack Obama’s election; is the Olivia Pope character a step forward or backwards?

Black women are not monolithic creatures; we are diverse in our beauty, mind, and spirit.

Whatever the case, Scandal has everyone’s attention.


23 comments on “Black Women: The Olivia Pope Effect!

  1. Adeen says:

    I have changed my mind on interracial dating and marriage. I know many people who are happy in interracial relationships. And I respect their decision to date interracially. I don’t watch Scandal and I don’t know much about it to have any opinions on the show. But some people are attracted to who they are attracted to regardless of race.


  2. leslie watkins says:

    i agree that white men are using black women for sex white men dont love black women and thats why i dont like interracial dating and marriage


  3. Lydia says:

    I enjoy Scandal. I find it very entertaining. I don’t take it too seriously. Kerry Washington is beautiful and Tony Goldwyn is very handsome. I am of Ghanaian origin and so is my husband. We have four children and Scandal has zero impact on our real lives. It’s just entertainment.


  4. Jay in the Black Dimension says:

    “Times have really changed, but at what price?”

    Have times really changed? White men view Black women as they always have: as objects. Here is the truth. From the start of the European slave trade of African people, white males have ALWAYS had sexual access to Black women. During slavery, during reconstruction, during Jim Crowe, during the Great Depression, during the Civil Rights era, during the Crack age, and right now. Black people, and in this case Black women, have such low self esteem that a white man having a relationship with a Black woman on primetime T.V. is seen as a victory.

    Just think about this. Every nation where white and Black people exist together, the acceptance of interracial dating can be measured by the size of the Black population. In the U.K. where Blacks are about 2 percent of the populous, it is very acceptable. As is Canada and the U.S. where Blacks are minorities. But look at Black/white relations in South Africa. It is very hostile to these relationships. The white elite created a new category, the Coloreds, so that their bloodlines wouldn’t be tainted. They did this because they are a minority. Make no mistake. These white empires will put up with interracial relations as long as they are the majority. A 12 percent unorganized Black population poses no threat to the establishment. All we as Black people are doing is watering down our population


  5. Living Consciously says:



  6. I know some black women see this show and are like omg yeah finally a black woman is playing the lead role. But my reaction to anything with a black person involved is at what price? Yeah she may be the lead role and we may not see that too often but why does she have to be sleeping with a married white male? Why don’t we see shows married white women cheating on white males with men of color. What I believe is they will not show white females cheating with another race of man because they know that would lower white women from their pedestal and make it seem white women are choosing another man over white men. They know that white women would be looked at as immoral for cheating. Why don’t we see shows about the way white ppl have swinging parties with black males? not that i’m endorsing it but we have to ask why do they love showing black ppl in interracial and choosing a white partner when it has always been them doing the most dating out? Why would they have the princess and the frog be black and her prince white looking when black women date out the least out of all women? why did mulan get an Asian love interest even though Asian women date out more than black women why not give her a white love interest? what they do is throw us a bone and hope we all ignore the little stereotype that comes with it and be grateful. I want 100% if I don’t get it I won’t watch, if they didn’t have her feeding into the jezebel immoral black woman stereotype then I wouldn’t have anything to say against this show. But lets be honest if it was a show with a black male cheating on his black wife with a white woman these same black women wouldn’t like it and would call the white chick a home wrecker ho so what do u think the whites are thinking about the black woman? jezebel.


    • Adeen says:

      Because in Scandal, they enforce the stereotype, oversexed Jezebel stereotype on Black women to make people think we are not faithful in a relationship and are immoral. Now White men think it is easier to find a stupid Black woman who is gullible enough to be his bed wench.

      And I am not one of those Black women stupid enough to date, sex or marry a White male. Not one! I am smarter than that!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Scandal doesn’t define me at all…and if there is going to be all of these charges against Sista’s now because of this show; it’s not an indictment. At least Kerry’s character is a professional Black women–not a cocktail waitress–porn star, etc., as we have seen many famous Black male athletes/entertainers seem to go for.


    • truthangel07 says:

      In my opinion, any Black person that gets involved with a white person; has basically lowered their own standards. White people are depraved and if you sleep with a depraved thing; it makes you the same. Here’s a site that defines what I’m talking about:


  7. , “the scene where the president gives her oral sex after his wife, Mellie just left the room. Oooohhhh….Heaven help us”

    That is disgusting, we should not embrace this garbage, this is why males around the world think we are easy. They see this mess and think oh black women are easy they’ll screw a guy with his wife in the next room, they have no issue being the sidechick. I’ll say this it wasn’t until mess like this and rap vids and other crap came on that a lot of black women started lowering themselves. Now some black women think its cute to go around saying they the baddest b1ch and all kinds of mess, are ok with fighting other black women over a lame guy, and not acting like the queens they are supposed to be. it is pitiful to see some black women on certain vids saying get that white chocolate as if that is something to be proud of as if they need validation from white males to feel worth anything.


    good I wish they’d have kept it that way. All I see is stereotypes and degradation of black women from the black community and the mainstream media. got music vids showing black women shakin their arse now got shows with black women being a white males side chick. none of these images help us at all. Even a lot of the black love movies they have the black woman sleeping with the guy on the first date. can I see a movie or a show where the black woman is balanced neither a jezebel nor a mammy? can I see more movies like love and basketball or brown sugar?


    • Adeen says:

      Exactly! That is what I was saying to myself. Scandal is such a stupid show. This Olivia Pope is basically a bed wench for this White male to take advantage of. As a Black woman, I don’t want my representation of a Black woman as a bed wench to a White male. White males are our enemies thus we, as Black women, shouldn’t ever think of White males as potential dating partners or significant others.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I honestly feel it’s a double standard. It’s ok for Black men to sex white women in primetime (The Game; Single Ladies) but Lord help us, if there is a relationship with a powerful white man and a Black women…OOHHH! Bring in the Marines!


      • yes there is a double standard and there will always be male privilege but i’m not going to lower myself to get back at a man. If some black males want to go with white women whatever I will not lower myself I wouldn’t mind dating a man of color but i’m not into white men and will not date one just to get back at black men. We as black women have a lot of smarts and intuition the creator equipped us with while others can depend on privilege we have to depend more on our god given talents and senses. In the end privilege can’t save ppl from certain things, like mother nature, death, etc but intuition and being intuned with different things can.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Good points, MsTooGood. I hear ya, girl.


  8. tbh I think all of the garbage with black folks in it nowadays is a step back. Black ppl need to stop going on reality shows and stop hoping white hollyweird will make a good show about us in a good light. I’ve not watched scandal and don’t plan to, we’ve become so starved for attention we take anything. when princess and the frog came out we were happy about finally a black princess then I see the prince and i’m like ugh no black prince. I don’t support any show with black women being reduced to sleeping with a white male that does not value her. How many times do we have to see mess like this, its all predictable married white guy sleeps with black woman but will never leave his white wife for her, the end. white women are on a pedestal they will never show a male choosing a black woman over a white woman. White males love having their cake and eating it too but will be ready to kill any man that tries the same with ww. It Is good to know that the lead for scandal did marry a fine brotha.


  9. Living Consciously says:

    Adeen! You hit it right on the head… 100% TURE.


  10. Adeen says:

    I think Scandal is a step back for us. I hate Scandal because it depicts a Black woman sleeping with a White president who is married when she can get a nice, Black male who is in a high position. And I am saying this as a Black woman. I honestly disapprove of Black women dating and marrying White men because White men are our oppressors and look down on my race-Black race. In fact, I believe this show just shows us Black females as sex objects instead of human beings with emotions.

    This show just shows Black women being the bed wench of a White male. We all know that the White male wouldn’t marry her at the end of the day. She is just a sex object to this White male. We are just seen as sex objects to the White devilish male to use and abuse and Black males just follow suit. I, as a Black woman, will never ever date a White male and don’t condone Black women/White men relationships. Thus I hate this show.


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