Why Are People From Georgia Such Assholes?


This is my birth state.  I have many family members and these are my roots, but when I chose to finally move here from Chicago (place where I was raised since the age of 2); I thought I’d be happy here.


From the word GO; I’ve had nothing but irritation and disappointment.

You think you know people, particularly family members, but frankly, you really don’t. Some of my closest relatives have literally turned into strangers.  I can’t figure some of them out.  It’s my guess that perhaps bad relationships have a lot to do with it.  When you spend a lot of years with “bad people” in dysfunctional relationships; it literally taints you and retards all other relationships.  What’s in those people get into you.  Some of my cousins are guilty of this very thing.

My mother moved to Georgia in 1987 and honestly; she’s done nothing but help out down and out relatives who’ve payed her nothing back in return.  Her heart is always in the right place, but it makes me angry that people often take her kindness for weakness. This has made me lash out on many occasions, and even have to fight someone physically for disrespecting my mother.

No family is perfect.  And some of my relatives need Dr. Phil for real, but it’s very hurtful to have to deal with this, particularly when you’re going through a separation of sorts from everything you know and starting over new someplace else.

The friends that I’ve made are mostly transplants like myself–most from the Northeast. The one thing we have in common are the perceptions that we’ve made about the native born people of Georgia: we all agree that Georgia is a beautiful state–blessed with natural resources and wild life, as well as a bounty of flowers and trees to admire, however, the people are another thing all together.  They are not friendly to outsiders. Extremely xenophobic and nosy as I don’t know what.  We all agree that many of the people here are emotional liars.  Southerners don’t tell the truth–it’s feared.  Why?  I think it has to do with the status quo down here.  There seems to be some covert subliminal threat over the people.  You’re not to rock the boat.  Go with it…don’t talk back. Smile and move along.  Very condescending.  More or less, it means, particularly for Black people: STAY IN YOUR PLACE.  “We’re still running thangs down here.”  The White Oligarchy that is.

I guess some folks would say: how can you live in a place where they proudly display the rebel symbol in its state flag?

I learned quickly that there are just some places where you should just visit–and not choose to live. Everyone wants to get in your business. Some folks don’t have any problem asking where you work, where you live, are you so and so’s ….daughter, etc, etc. And to the casual neophyte; I have this warning: southerners speak two languages>>>what they say…and what they actually mean. Believe me, you’ll spend many moments trying to figure out what the hell they are truly saying. And when they are agreeing with you; it’s not because they actually, well…agree with you; it’s just a gesture to hide the fact that they really don’t understand a word you’re saying…but their innate pretentiousness won’t allow them to hurt your feelings by telling the truth.

Then…there is the culture. Southern culture is for southern folks who are white, slow in the brain and can’t get past the fact that the north won the Civil War–GET OVER IT!

I’ve been contemplating moving back to Chicago(I miss it terribly!!!).

Most of my days are spent working and writing…and during my leisure time; I’m plotting to get the hell out of this place.

As solice, I came up with a list of why I really hate this place:

1) The Racial Divide

People may have marched in the 60’s but in many counties down here you might as well have Jim Crow enacted all over again. Confederate flags are sported proudly. The craKKKas that do this say that it represents their heritage. Uh…I guess they are proud of that this flag also represents slavery, racism and white bigotry, second only to the white sheets of the KKK. Whites live on one side of town and Blacks live on the other side of the tracks–literally. It’s repressive. There is a general disdain for anyone that isn’t southern or white. As if this is something to be proud of. Blacks seem to still be afraid of white people and if you’re not living in a major metropolitan area; only whites are visible in most of the businesses that are available. What really angers me is that there seems to be an innate since of superiority of whites here and some think they can talk to Black people anyway they choose(that is…until they make the mistake of talking to the wrong one and getting more than their feelings hurt).

 2) Welcome to…the past?

Yup! If you’re looking for ATM’s at most banks–typically, southern banks are private owned and you won’t find one. They’re big on talking about heritage, but typically, that means…if you’re family can’t trace at least 4 generations back in any southern state, YOU’RE NOT SOUTHERN. Sorry Immigrants. Progress skipped most parts of the south and the mindsets of the people rival the script to Gone With The Wind. Only they know what they’re talking about.

3) No Diversity in The Town
The white folks in the south control its culture and image. For those who live outside the south; you’d think that everyone down here has over-sprayed, bleached blond hair, talks with a drawl…and square dances and shoots deer on the weekend. Hearing foreign languages being spoken in public scares these people and seeing anything that doesn’t remind you of Driving Miss Daisy is just plain bizarre to these folks.

4) The Environment
Guys really are named Bubba, they drive Big gas guzzling trucks, they don’t recycle down here and going green to most southerners means that you’re eating more spinach.

5) Neglect of Public Health
I’ve seen fat people ok…but down here, southern fat scares the hell out of even tourists. 300 and 400 pound people everywhere you look.  Once, a West Indian friend ask me out of horror was everyone in the south obese. You can’t even go to a Wal-Mart without almost hearing the door greeters getting cussed out because some of these shoppers are so damned fat, paramedics would have to be called if they even tried to push a cart around those big supercenters. They love BBQ, fried food, and the only physical activity most southerners get these days is when they click the remotes to their HD TV’s.

6) They drink light beers

Is this an oxymoron, given what I said in number 5?

7) The Redneck Factor
Could someone please explain to me why people would be proud to be REDNECKS? I don’t get it. Could it be that, well…I’m not a Redneck. They love being Rednecks so much; they have written books about it and many of these people advertise it on t-shirts, bumper stickers; and have their own version of the Georgia state flag:  http://www.theonion.com/articles/georgia-adds-swastika-middle-finger-to-state-flag,8998/To the casual observer, these folks were born to be made fun of and one thing for sure…the producers of The Jerry Springer Show will never run out of guests as long as Rednecks exist.

8) The Bible Belt
Everybody down south goes to church, but many couldn’t even quote 5 of the Ten Commandments. I’ll tell ya a little secret folks; most southerners only go to church because it’s socially correct. Some feel that people will assume that they are respectable if they are members of a popular church headed by a community approved pastor. It’s not about love, joy or giving–being a “church goer” gets you a wink from the “accepted folks” in town and doors will open for you. 

9) Learn to Talk

Although I can appreciate colloquialisms; I’d appreciate it very much if southern people would not hold it against people if they actually know what’s coming out of their mouths and can even spell the words they speak.  When I want to get even with an annoying local, I just start using words with 3-4 syllables.  The looks they give you are priceless.

10.) The Truth Hurts Them
Someone once told me that they felt sorry for anyone who had to live in the south. Well…I’ve been in Georgia for nine years…and it’s one thing to have something said, but it’s another thing all together to prove them right. I grew up in Chicago and we hate fakes. Southern people are the only group of people I’ve been around who take offense if you tell them the truth. It’s considered a faux paus to actually answer a question directly. And God forbid if you are caught being direct. You’ll be ostracized, talked about and the ultimate punishment: you’ll be labeled as BIGGIDY(meaning insolent). Whatever….

So…if there are some here who have been thinking about moving south–I’d really do some deep pondering if I were you.



18 comments on “Why Are People From Georgia Such Assholes?

  1. SHI says:

    I did a 2-year Master’s degree from Augusta State University. As an overseas student, Georgia became my first and only impression of America. In fact, my first flight landed in Atlanta airport via London. That was in 2005. As a poor foreign student who had already paid upfront tuition fees out of a student loan, I would sometimes have exactly zero dollars at the end of each week. I heard about places like Miami or Las Vegas. But, they were as distant and inaccessible to me now in the backwaters of Georgia, as they had been in my own country.

    Growing up, my impressions of America entirely consisted of the Statue of Liberty, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Seattle, etc. I was really ignorant though. I used to think the whole country was similar to those visuals. Somebody recommended me this University in Georgia for its low admission costs. I took the bait without doing first-hand research on what a stupid place it was. Back then in 2005, there was no Wikipedia, YouTube or social media to speak of. And Atlanta sounded like a cool place. But, we weren’t going to Atlanta exactly.

    While the University campus itself was very diverse and international, it didn’t take me very long to understand the true meaning of “Southern Hospitality”. Some of the professors would often take a poke at us “internationals” and our crazy, tropical, Unchristian lands. Here’s how a typical conversation would go:

    “Why don’t you attend Church?”
    “That’s because I’m not Christian.”
    “What are you then?”
    “I don’t care much for religion or imaginary gods.”
    “Oh, so you’re an atheist. You know you’re going to Hell, right?”
    “Well, as long as so-called Hell is free from Christians such as yourself, count me in.”
    “This is Christian Country, Son. Tell me what are you doing here then?”

    (Mic drop)

    Remember these were professors from Academic institutions. You’re supposed to place them in a higher standard.

    To make ends meet, I did a lot of odd jobs including working at a diner, laundry and restaurants. Despite previous assurances, none of my Southern (and Black) professors gave me an internship/TA which made life in the Campus very difficult. It’s not they were discriminating against my race/nation. Plenty of students from my country would get those perks. Not just me, because I had pissed off enough people for what they called my stubborn, “Yankee” attitude. I did get called Yankee a lot of times despite the fact that my only interactions with Americans consisted of Rednecks.

    Eventually, I was unable to afford the expensive “dorm room” at University. I moved in with a few other flatmates to a far-flung suburb. It was a costly mistake. That area was Redneck central. No wonder it only cost in the range of $250 a month. In order to save a few extra bucks, we met the worst excuses of human beings on this planet.

    They’d frequently show up at the front door, unannounced, supposedly to help, “Do y’all need anything?” Some of them thought we were Mexicans. Others, Italians. Still there were a few who would all me “Yankee”. One of them was a cop who would frequently demand to see our passports and visas. It was the same cop every time. I am sure he had recognized our faces by now.

    Now, the bullying started. I spent a lot of extra money to get a car. I’d frequently find the tires punctured. There were bottles thrown at our house. Now they realized that we’re kinda stuck among those idiots so they could do whatever they please. Since, we had already paid on this expensive lease, we didn’t want to go anywhere else for a while.

    To be fair, not everyone was an asshole. We did get invited to Christmas dinners and B-B-Qs, and people seemed to want to know us. But, only superficially. I met a girl and we’d hang out together often. She was what you’d call a “Southern Belle”. But, I was really young then. Only 22. It took me all these years to realize she was just a superficial, materialistic bitch. She made me spent a lot of money on her that I could never afford, always saying stuff like she wanted to marry me etc. Even introducing me to her Redneck parents. It was all a giant troll exercise. She was basically a skank. I was too naive to understand the true nature of such women back then, and had been used badly.

    We eventually left that dwelling and moved to another corner of the town which happened to be more backwoods then the first one. Trailer parks everywhere. I swear I saw a few Ku Klux Klan types somewhere, but it could have been a parody.

    It took me only 2 years to complete my Master’s degree at Redneck University but it might as well have been 20 years.

    Later, I did have the opportunity to travel anjd see places like New York, Los Angekes, Seattle and so forth. I was always like, “Why the fuck did I spend so much time in that shithole?”

    When I meet someone from the South, I do my impersonation of a Georgia Redneck drawl to troll him. They don’t usually like it. I still hate those bastards.


  2. Ryan says:

    I live in North Florida on the coast in a small vacation town and can tell you that people from Ga are for the most part the most obnoxious a$$h0&3s I have ever met. Particularly when it comes to driving but also in general.Just the attitude that says I’m coming to your home turf for vacation, and now I run the place. Most locals hate crackers ( our term of endearment for Ga natives) because they basically show little to no respect to anyone else. Now some people will argue that tourists in general suck and to some degree that is true but there is something particular about Ga folks. I do think it has something to do with the redneck mentality but they take it to another level. Just an observation that I have been privy to witness for many many years.


  3. Emily says:

    I just moved here from Chicago a month ago. I am white and I hate this state so much. For the most part, they are all closed mined rednecks. I thank my lucky stars this is very temporary and I will be in Florida soon. Florida seems to be a lot more diverse to me.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Well, good luck in Florida. Although I think that Georgia is a beautiful state; the ignorance that is there is just too much–it violates all the Laws of Intelligence. It’s my birth state and my roots are deep there–but when I move–I will not look back.

      I’m from Chicago too–grew up there and I miss it terribly.

      Good luck in Florida.


  4. truthangel07 says:

    Let me tell you something right now. I don’t allow 3 things on my blog: Ignorance! Threats! And RACISTS!

    Start your own blog and tell your story…as for this blog author–YOU ARE BANNED!

    I will not tolerate your disrespect AT ALL!!

    Bye Becky!


  5. Strickland says:

    1. I work in a Georgia school system..it is exactly opposite of what you state. The blacks take on a sense of entitlement and put themselves above white students. The southern blacks walk in the middle of the parking lot so you can’t get around them, are loud and obnoxious, and totally disrepectful to teachers. I agree to disagree with you. I think southern whites are resentful that so many of them don’t work and expect tax dollars to support them and their children. They sport the nicest clothes, cars, tennis shoes, jewelry, phones, hairdos, nails, and sit home every day while I buy my clothes at Wal-Mart and try to teach their children the respect they won’t..
    2. Move somewhere else.
    3. It’s the culture here-move somewhere else. I have blond hair and think it looks quite nice.
    4. I recycle.
    5. I’m about 15 pounds overweight. I walk 2 miles 4 to 5 times weekly and strength train. My children are not obese and we eat very healthy.
    6. I drink light beer and enjoy it.
    7. I don’t claim to be a redneck but don’t have an issue with those that claim to be one. I think that is quite prejudice on your part.
    8.. I don’t go to church and it’s not an issue with anyone I know,
    9. I speak well and teach the students in my classes to do the same. That is a blanket statement that really doesn’t apply to the educated people that live in Georgia.
    10. I am very direct and don’t mind speaking the truth. There are people I don’t like and I don’t cover it up with a fake smile or hello.

    If you hate the culture, again, move somewhere else. No one asked you to move where we are, and frankly, it’s better if people like you aren’t in Georgia. Then you wonder why we don’t like outsiders…go figure.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Let me tell you something, REDNECK! The reason why you don’t see anything that I spoke of is because your WHITE PRIVILEGE doesn’t allow it.

      How dare you bring about the issue of Welfare when the educated among us know very well that WHITE FEMALES are the largest recipients of it.

      Shocking isn’t it?

      Look it up.

      You are just yet another racist that has made a conclusion that bigotry can be cloaked by playing innocent to the reality of the culture that you speak of.

      I was born in Georgia–and raised in the great city of Chicago.

      The one thing I learned a long time ago is that there just isn’t anything called a non-racist white person. You people only see what you want to see; and just like you so casually opened up with Item No 1. It just reaks of that hatred. You people are as racist as the sky is high. Funny you didn’t mention the white teachers that disrespect Black students by not calling on them in class, being condescending toward them, insulting their intelligence, and treating them as criminals. Maybe that’s why they act the way they do toward white people. Ya think?

      To say anything otherwise is just pure intellectual dishonesty.

      And honey, as long as there are highways in America and I can drive myself anywhere I want to go; I do not need you to tell me to go anywhere. That decision IS MINE!


  6. Another good one sis. Just one thing though, that flag story was on the onion and the onion is just a parody of the news.


  7. Living in GA I can fully overstand what you mean. Thanks sis


  8. lol yeah the south can be something else, here in tx there are some ppl with their confederate flag and weird bumper stickers but at least I know where they stand. Most of it is smiling at ppl and pretending u give a shish. bahwhaah yeah walmart is the best place to go if u want to see ppl at their worst smh. walmart in general has some weird customers, when I lived in vegas ppl would go to walmart in pajamas, here I’ve seen big women wearing things they shouldn’t smdh.


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