Why Are Women So Quick To Live With Men That Never Marry Them?

“Being a bride is far better than being just some man’s side-piece….” 

Every time I meet someone, they are always surprised that I live by myself. Why wouldn’t I? I just don’t believe in co-habitation and my mother always told me that once a man lives with you; he’ll never marry you.

Women want to debate that marriage doesn’t mean anything and it’s just a piece of paper. Well, that piece of paper is a contract. Meaning…a marriage is bound to its terms; enforceable by law. The Bible refers to a man and wife as “of one flesh”, wives are “entitled.” You are his next of kin and anything that he owns and vice versa, is transferred. Girlfriends only get screwed and disposed of.

Do what you do, but you get what you settle for in life.

I just don’t understand women these days who barely even know a man. OK, you go out on a few dates, hang out and develop affection for one another, but now, six months later, you think it’s ok to live together?  It’s like relationships are just hook-ups–no sense of values or even logic as to why man and women get together.

Women who settle for this, in my opinion, regardless of the lip service they give; simply don’t value themselves, and opt for a piece of a relationship rather than being “honored” by a man and asked to be his wife. He’s giving you his name and promising to be committed to you for life–if the marriage lasts. Marriage is what you make it. Both have to contribute fully.

Relationships are treated like Kleenex these days. Just use and toss.

Family is sacred and is the foundation of society.  All one has to do is just look at the current state of our nation.

Every father wants to walk his daughter down the aisle and properly transfer his greatest love to the man whom he approves and trusts to treat his daughter as he has raised her. A good father teaches his daughter how a man is supposed to treat a woman. Charity begins at home and if a woman wants to be considered a treasure; she must first realize that she is a “gift” to her husband.

A woman must love herself first, then she will understand why the right man who pursues her knows that she is to BE LOVED as well.


17 comments on “Why Are Women So Quick To Live With Men That Never Marry Them?

  1. Living Consciously says:

    I think its a big fat excuse most women use to justify to themselves and others there OK with it and she’s doesn’t need a paper commitment but in reality their partner’s don’t want to marry them. VERY few women truly feel this way and it’s usually a more mature woman who has been married (and I don’t me age only) in the past and takes this particular stance giving it actual thought after she’s been divorced or women who grew up where mother and father fight all the time and who would want to be married with that example.

    Most other women who have never been married do not feel this way. It is in most women’s DNA the desire to have a formal commitment to one’s partner. Doesn’t even have to be a big wedding. It can be at City Hall or in someone’s living room. What woman would not want their children to grow up knowing mother and father are “officially” committed in the eyes of God and the law. No child wants to be considered a “Bastard.” That’s what the dictionary considers anyone born out of wedlock we all know.

    So whom ever says otherwise is off beat on this one including Nietschze! That’s my opinion and I stick by it…


    • truthangel07 says:

      I respect your opinion and I’ll add: anyone that doesn’t want marriage is basically saying that they don’t deserve to be loved; that marriage license is for posterity; being a beneficiary requires relationship, sealed by a commitment (vow) to the individual.

      And you wanna know why so many marriages fail? Because people work so hard at it.


  2. It’s comfortable, they’re lazy as hell.

    Though I did live with my ex-wife for four years before we got married, but I always knew I would marry her.


  3. Perhaps they aren’t looking for marriage


    • truthangel07 says:

      Then why keep having children with men you don’t want to marry?

      Why are people so stupid in this society?

      Does anyone understand what “having standards” means?


      • 1:) That’s assuming again that the individuals involved want to get married. Many are happy in relationships and the ideal of getting married isnt something individuals involved wanted to.

        2:) That’s to general of a statement/question However, sometimes when a belief doesnt fall inline with an individual’s norms a knee jerk reaction is to say that its stupid. Perhaps it works for that individual.

        3:) The notion of standards is relative to the individual. It depends on the individuals goals and aspiration. There is no standard negative or positive its based solely on ones beliefs.


      • truthangel07 says:

        You sound like you’ve read Nietschze. Am I correct?


      • No I haven’t read Nietschze, just my observation and thoughts. 🙂


      • truthangel07 says:

        Well, he said almost the same thing you did…when it comes to how people truly react to what is right and wrong.


      • Really, I will have to check out Nietschze!


      • truthangel07 says:

        He’s interesting.


      • It seems ppl have little to no standards now and make no sense. They say it is just a piece of paper, rofl really then why are gays fighting so hard for that little piece of paper? they make no sense it’s more than a piece of paper like u said its an agreement and that other person is expected to compensate u for breaking that agreement and u get say in a lot of decisions. Some of them just want kids but no man it is why some act crazy and don’t let the fathers see the kids and say my kids instead of our kids being possessive. ppl are stupid in this society because they don’t learn for themselves and are a bunch of sheep that follow what is in which is usually bad. they’ve been dumbed down via the tv and school.


      • truthangel07 says:

        You hit the nail on the head.

        In many situations, from state to state; if you’re living with a person and neither party has a binding Joint Tenancy agreement–especially if you’re co-mingling money; If one dies in such a relationship with no legal entitlements of any kind–YOU GET NOTHING. Period.

        It really is stupid to live with someone for such a long period of time and not even think about what that means to you if you can’t act on the behalf of the individual in case of sickness or get beneficiary entitlements if they die.


  4. Adeen says:

    I don’t know. Maybe low self esteem or low self worth.


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