Why Don’t White Women Desire White Men?

Today, I’m officially putting the IR issue to rest. Because truthfully, it’s not about Black men or Black women. It’s not.

40 years ago, whites were calling Black people N*gger! Coons. Apes. Baboons. Monkeys, et al. Their depictions and reactions to our people were absolutely incendiary, now; you see many shows on television depicting a Black man with a white woman as a love interest or a white male involved with a Black woman. That was unheard of even when I was a kid. But today, it’s being reported that America has become more “tolerant” in regards to interracial unions. Tolerance does not mean acceptance, it simply is an indicator that many folks have perhaps experimented with someone of another race sexually and thus; the barometer is not quite so hot on this issue.

Nonetheless; Black people need to examine their behavior toward each other. When it was illegal to be involved with whites; our families were in tact. Black communities were stronger and we had more pride and cooperation with one another. Today, Black people are so disconnected today; it has become convenient for our enemy to exploit our internal divisions and conflicts to further their agenda of hatred. But how can you be a White Supremacist if you willingly lay up with someone you consider to be your inferior?

And why would any self-respecting Black person want to lay up with a symbol of hatred and divide to their people?

White men and women have all of a sudden become enamored with Black people. They now see us as ” desirablesexyattractive “, etc. But so what. We’ve always said that we were beautiful, but the reason for their attraction to us is suspect. Why now? What is really the issue with White men and white women? Every time you turn on the news these days, another white man has gone berserk and either killed his white girlfriend and hid the body, or…killed his entire family, and then himself.

Malcolm X once stated that when it wasn’t until he go locked up that he began to realize that his attraction to white women was based on what society had put in his head: the white woman was marketed as the “ideal woman.” She was the epitome of what was considered beautiful. His epiphany made him understand just how brainwashed the Black man was, prompting him to look deeper at white culture and coming to the conclusion that his attraction to white women came from a sick place within him, furthering his assessment in stating bluntly: that white people were depraved , thus, so was he.

Sometimes, in order to get to the right answer, you have to ask the right question. And the question I ask: Why Don’t White Women Desire White Men ?


21 comments on “Why Don’t White Women Desire White Men?

  1. l.l. says:

    People like you are a hopeless case! You make up your own truths when the the actual truth is so obvious! Have fun living in a world made up entirely of your own delusions!


    • truthangel07 says:


      I’m beginning to understand why white chicks always come up missing.

      Let me tell you one dame thing, bitch! I don’t know what the hell crawled up your ass, but I will allow this ONE post–so that I may address you personally.

      First off all, when you come to this blog, it states pure and simple: “Only the TRUTH is spoken here. Get used to it!

      What is this blog about? It’s very clear that I’m promoting Black love, community, and family values of the African American community. If you do not understand that and have negative attitudes, and views about my people, you are not welcome here–and will be banned immediately.”

      What the hell did you miss?

      We are not your slaves any longer and can say whatever the hell we feel like about you–to you–whether you like it or not!

      This is not a forum for angry white motherfuckers who are shocked that Black people actually CAN’T STAND YOUR ASSES and will most graciously tell you to your damn face!

      No. I don’t like white people–I feel absolutely no obligation to extend any type of kindness, respect, consideration or give the benefit of the doubt–in any way, when I see…every damn day, the hatred, viciousness, hypocrisy, arrogance, bias, and complete willfulness of whites, to continue in their oppressive and malevolent behavior toward Black people or POC (people of color).

      It’s about global white supremacy–and oh! how that white privilege prompted these rants from you–dare I say intellect had anything to do with them.

      Your words fall on deaf ears. I’m not listening to your bullshit because at the end of the day, when white folks have the audacity to try and chastise a Black person for exercising their damned right to an opinion; it’s treated as though it’s a crime. Well, it is not. Freedom of Speech is not just applicable for white folks!

      You will not have a platform to esteem your agenda here. More bluntly, I will not esteem whites–period. And if I’ve made you uncomfortable in anyway, I’M DELIGHTED!

      Because now you understand how Black people feel–every single day.

      Eat crow!


  2. Tyrone says:


    I checked out the blog, it’s the truth…The Whole Truth! Their lack of melanin is the root of their envy and hatred of…The Originals! Judgement Day can’t come fast enuf.


  3. Tyrone says:

    Whitewomen are female, it’s easy for them to break ranks. No matter how evil whites may be, a certain group of black males will make it their business to covet whitewomen. They know this as well. In reality, whitewomen have been sweet on brothas since The Moors conquered Iberia(Spain & Portugal). Muslim blackmen coveted them as concubines for their sexual pleasure. Asthetics is a major factor in all of this. As blackmen, we’re the tallest, strongest, fastest, sexually virile, etc. Women love the dark, smooth skin, curly(nappy) hair, and so forth. Women prefer dark-complexioned men, most honest womenwould say yes. Whitemen can’t compete with us on this level, not a fair fight. As to whitewomen, they’re attractive women. No need to downgrade their phenotype. Attractive females are favored in all cultures. This is the tricky part for blackmen. As men, we want to have access to all women, if possible. On the flip side, we have to further the race by reproducing with our women. Brothas deal with this issue our entire lives. Race Mixing is not supported because it dilutes the race, this is what keeps most blackmen in line. But, the allure of the exotic black baby is too tempting for some blackmen. White female submission is a powerful drug for blackmen, Indeed! Looks are not the issue, it’s about male ego and hitting whitemen in the chest…Taking Their Women! This is what pushes some blackmen to pursue Becky. Her babies will be colored, not white, whitemen are well aware of this. Despite all of this, black female beauty is superior…Hands Down! A lot of african women were raped by whitemen. Today, we have the exotic brunette as a result. Whitemen built their empire on the backs of african women. So, panic mode has set in. Their women prefer darker men, which means no white sugar for them. Assumed asian women belonged to them alone, Oops! They like blackmen as well. Now they wanna run back to blackwomen, Why? Blackmen are a hot mess right now, we’re all over the map with foolishness. Allows them to be the WhiteKnight, and rescue blackwomen from us crazy blackmen. They’ve brainwashed sistas with movies, tv shows, soap operas, bwe(black woman empowerment), music, etc. Halle Berry, Paula Patton, Stacey Dash, Tamera Mowry, just to name a few. Again, they have to brainwash black and half-black women to get into bed with them, not due to physical lust. Money allows them to do so, and the promise of an exotic mixed/black child gives them access to black females. A sista can lay down with whomever, but, whitemen will never like us. We have no reason to co-sign either, Why Should We? Other men hate on us for chasing their women, but, we’re supposed to be okay with them wanting ours…Hell To The No! Got us out here killing each other, turning gay, just to gain access to our women…The Master Plan.


    • truthangel07 says:

      “Looks are not the issue, it’s about male ego and hitting whitemen in the chest…Taking Their Women! This is what pushes some blackmen to pursue Becky.”

      You hit it right on the head, Tyrone. This right here…has been the catalyst of IR unions today; and it’s backfiring BIG TIME. Why? Because nature is already at work–White folks are dying–literally. They are not having babies like people of color. White women are the most infertile in the world; and naturally, when any species is reaching extinction; its natural proclivity is to procreate with a stronger species to carry on its genes.

      That’s really the truth of it.

      White folks have been chosen by nature for extinction.

      Karma is a *blip*!

      And just think of all they have tried to do to us…but look at the hand of God; working through natural selection to destroy our greatest enemy on this earth.



      • Tyrone says:


        As you stated, it’s about survival for them. Whites need and want our dna, without it, they wither on the vine. This cuts both ways…whitemen need the fertility of blackwomen and vice-versa. The natural arc of humanity is blackness, we need to stay mindful of this. Caucasians are behaving as expected, they’re pale and miserable at the same time. Whiteness was never supposed to last this long anyway…Genetic Mutation!


      • truthangel07 says:

        I found this on WP: http://eliminatingwhitesupremacy.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/the-white-race-is-dying-because-they-need-black-blood-uh-oh/

        The Bible does not lie: Whatsoever a man seweth; that shall he also reap.

        Some folks call this Karma, but we both know that what is happening to white people is divine retribution. You simply can’t violate the Laws of Nature and God and think that he will allow you to continue in your evil. It has consequences.

        And we’re seeing them…


    • OralCummings says:

      And its working !HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


  4. Living Consciously says:

    in response to Truthangel October 19, 2013 at 1:44 pm – This kind of behavior is like the psycho behavior of some stalker women/men when you tell them that “IT’S OVER!” They keep coming, coming & coming trying to convenience you that you are into them and you need them. SICK!!!


  5. TheGirl says:

    The majority of White Women still marry White men (vice-versa) and the majority of Black women still marry Black men (vice-versa). For those that date IR, there are many reasons that come in the mix, and yes I have heard the reasons you mentioned, and then I have seen the love that you didn’t mention.


  6. Agreed. Oh for the day when the stragglers turn the corner and stop endorsing the racial superiority/inferiority complex. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain by stepping firmly away from it. If only.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Integration has made Black people sick.

      When Europeans came to the Americas; the Indians became ill–many died after being exposed to those people.

      It says something doesn’t it.

      Something holy should not lay with anything that is unholy.


  7. Using the term White Supremacy (White Superiority Complex) is coming closer to the reality of the way the Visible Majority functions in the realm of this toxic ‘race’ issue. So we agree. I’m tired of pointing out that the “Racism/Racist” has been bastardized to have some definition related to xenophobia. Racism is in fact related to White Supremacy. With that understanding, it is, however, possible for a Black person to be a White racist, since sadly there are Black people who submit to a psychosis of White superiority, or at least White (economic) hegemony. The term “racist” is being used to hide anti-Black hatred and Black objectification since for some strange reason it is being thrown at Black people with the meaning that a Black person is hateful toward a White person. Or a person of one racialized group is being hateful toward someone from another racialized group. Tehn, there’s some strange thing called “reverse racism”. This is how crazy this antagonism is. In the past, at least “colour prejudice” and “racial discrimination” were clear in meaning.


    • truthangel07 says:

      When I say I DON’T LIKE YOU! I’m not being ambiguous. Now if you keep trying to make me like you after saying that; what does that make such a person? This is kind of how Black people are. White people have shown over and over, and over, just how they feel about our people; however, some Black people still crave for “their validation.” It’s a slave mentality that must be confronted, attacked, and eliminated from the psyche’s of our people.


  8. Jay in the Black Dimension says:

    Why are whites fixated on Black people now?

    Because they’ve figured out a time honored form of genocide. Biological. Black people are only 12 percent of the U.S. population. They’ve tried to get rid of us through violence, poverty, and disease and it hasn’t worked. But producing a large mulatto class, bastardizing us, destroying our roots, stamping out our bloodlines, is much more effective and pleasurable. Not only promoting us procreating with whites, but with any non Black peoples. The large populations of Black people that were in Argentina and Chile were wiped out in no small part because of miscegenation.


    • truthangel07 says:

      But they are the ones that are dying. In less than 30 years; whites will be the minority in America for the very first time in this country’s history.

      You know, either you see the light or you live in darkness.

      The majority of Black people marry Black people; however, it’s very scary to see so many biracial children being raised by Rednecks, being that I live in Georgia.

      However, as my mother always says: When you dig a ditch for someone to fall in; you might as well dig two–because you will fall in it yourself.

      White people are inherently evil and are instruments of Satan.

      I’m a child of God and I will not lay with something that is not Holy.


  9. Reblogged this on Black Supremacy Love and Unity and commented:
    I Luv this sistahs’s blog


  10. Adeen says:

    I don’t desire White men. Most White men are racist and look down on Black people. And I am not attracted to thin, froglike lips, long, pointy noses that remind me of rats and pale skin with blue veins sticking out. And I can’t culturally relate to a White American man in the least bit. Thus I don’t like White men and will never consider dating, sexing or marrying a White man ever in my life.

    I have been called racist and biased for stating my preference for Black and Latino men. I am much more attracted to Black and Latino men because they have more heart and soul than White men, they have melanin, full lips, curly hair and are so much better looking than White men in general. I can relate to Black American men and Latino men culturally and I am attracted to them. Black men are my first choice but if I can’t find a Black male, I would date a Latino male.

    The only Asian males I would consider dating is maybe Pakinistani or Iraqi.

    Tell me how am I racist for not liking a Neanderthal cave beast? Yes I said Neanderthal cave beast because that is what they truly are. I don’t see why it is acceptable for Blacks to date Whites now when in the past, we weren’t allowed to be around them! Why do they expect me to be attracted to them and date them? I am not into them. That is my preference


    • truthangel07 says:

      As I have already posted on this blog; I dare any white person to call me racist for being intelligent and seeing them for what they are. That’s it. That’s what you say: “You’re not a racist for not being attracted to them; YOU’RE just INTELLIGENT.”

      You’ve come to the place for quick responses. I’m gifted…LOL


    • OralCummings says:

      LOL! I,a white dude,found this comment very amusing. (And I bet she is fat!)


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