The Biracial: Symbols of Pride or Biological Engineering–Genocide?

As I span various websites and chat communities, it is absolutely pathetic at the lack of Soul, solidarity, Black Pride, Education and Dignity that is present in many of the discussions.

Who are some of the posters that frequent these sites these days?

I’ve been an internet personality officially since 1999 and I just can’t recall such dribble, self-hatred, suspect conversations; all masking a dark intent: disparage true Blackness in order to build up phony images of what Black African Descended people should look like. Is there an agenda?

It is absolutely appalling to me that there is now a movement it seems amongst some who “call themselves African American” but who lack something innate within themselves that actually makes someone like myself, who grew up in a proud, predominantly Black middle class community, raise her eyebrows and wonder what is up.

The increase of interracial unions/marriages in Black America is not strengthening our community.  What is being created is a race within a race–one pitted against the other. Why do I say that? When Carolyn Battle Cochrane created the documentary in 2010 entitled, I’m Biracial Not Black Damnit ; this fueled some deep debate as to the level of bigotry within those who are biracial against mono-racial Black people. Why would she be offended for being called Black? Her mother is white. Would she have been complimented more if someone had called her white?  What was the point of this woman’s rant? Many African Americans were incensed and challenged her attitude as well as the loaded title of her documentary.

And what I find interesting is that it’s typically white women who just “DON’T GET IT”. They’re ambivalence is always fueled by historical ignorance.  It’s not Black women who are responsible for making them feel good about being with a Black man.  Nor is it our responsibility to teach their children about their heritage.

Today, if you look at the statistics for interracial marriage; white women and Black men have the highest divorce rate.

As a proud African American woman, I will tell you point blank that I am thankful to the most high God for making me who I am. I do not preface my statements about myself with… “I’m mixed.  One of my maternal great grandmothers was half white; and the other was mixed with Cherokee. Why should I? Am I supposed to gain points for doing that? And with whom exactly? Anyone that has to go out of their way to tell you that they are mixed, is simply trying to subconsciously ingratiate themselves to whites.

Black people are really getting tired of this bullshit. It amazes me how much we, as a community, tolerates–to our own detriment sometimes. Why? This does not validate who I am nor does it honor my people.

The basic opinion that I have of biracials and unions between Black men/women with whites is that if these Black people don’t love themselves; that hatred will manifest itself in their offspring. Someone once told me that when you get to close to toxic waste, you will get contaminated. White people are poison and their blood is now mixed with many in our community. Their history is what it is…and I just can’t understand how or why there are some of us who feel they are not worthy unless they are validated and romanced by white folks.

If these people can’t stand what is looking at them in the mirror; don’t get mad at those of us who like the reflection that they see.

Bottom line:  Black people in general do not see things the same way that whites do and it is my advice to whites that they need to get acquainted with the reality that their racism and hate, historically, and currently–although masked in various ways; is a subliminal offense that can not be erased or even forgiven simply by having children with clueless Black people who are psychologically impaired because of a sick desire within to be “loved” by the thing that represents PURE HATE that was acted out on Black people.

I’m tired of this bacteria in our community and I wish that I could put these self-hating mofos on an island and pray for a Tsunami.

You’re more than welcome to debate this issue…but it’s how I feel…and I’m not apologizing for what I said.

37 comments on “The Biracial: Symbols of Pride or Biological Engineering–Genocide?

  1. Kristy says:

    Dear Truthangle,

    Wow…. I’m a biracial woman from a married bw / wm. My mother was southern born and grew up in the Jim Crowe era. She went to black only schools. She could only sit in the colored area of the bus waiting,drink from colored water fountain. Remembers having to buy food at the back door of a popular takeout place. She could not go to the drive in movie in her home town. There were no jobs for blacks where she came from. She made the migration to New York after high school to join her mom ( she was raised by an old aunt and her mother sent money for her to be kept) In New York she met my dad a white guy … she married him after three months but didn’t have children for 14 years. My mother despised all white people except my dad. He was a straight shooter and he also said most whites were s H I t… My parents were equal opportunity haters and schooled us on everybody ….

    My dad loved the s hit out my mother …. Would have drank her bath water. My mother loved being pampered and accepted my dad because he valued her. She didn’t think she won some great prize because a white guy married her… and she didn’t raise us to think we were special.

    My mother schooled all of us about white people and black history and the lynchings that went on at the word of a white woman. Anyhow you probably gonna let me have it with both barrels because you are like messed up in the head … I just wanted to let you not every person that marries out of race has self hate. Oh yeah I do love being both . I don’t care what whites or blacks or you think of me and my lovely biracial self.

    You know I get it white people suck… they just do… but you my dear are very sick.

    Who hurt you or perhaps your man left you ….sorry.

    Your hate is so venomous …I hope to never cross your path in real life. I also hope you get help before you breed.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Excuse me, Kristy. How dare you come to my blog making accusations of my mental state, when you just unloaded your family history on me–of which, your own father validated much of what I stated. For the record, I’m a very well-rounded person and I give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time, however, I don’t like a lot of BS; and I will call things out. I don’t know you. Do not tell me how to BE if you aren’t dealing with the reality of your own parents teaching validating the behavior of white people. Black people didn’t invent racism. White people are at negative birthrate. Why? Study Metaphysics. Understand how behavior can affect your quality of living; and length of life. I’m not filled with hatred. I’m just not living life with rose-colored glasses and pretending I don’t see what the nature that is within a group of people who historically, have done nothing but violate all human, spiritual and natural laws for their own gain. There is a price to be paid for that. When you take life, you must replace it with your own.


  2. kowaba says:

    @ Truthangel07

    I feel bad after reading Angela Lee’s response; I was like her at one point in my life. She does sound young and if she hasn’t gone to college yet she will most likely at that time see what people think of “biracial” people.

    I also read another mixed race person post a negative comment on this particular article.

    Here are my observations:
    1) Mixed race people get caught up on things that are not relevant.
    -Stating how monoracial people tell them to choose a side
    -that being biracial should be a category of its own
    -being biracial should be based on their own changing standards (multigeneration mix, first generation mix, hapa etc.)
    2) Don’t look out for their best interest.
    -when called a nigger because they are seen as black (or whatever they are perceived) that they shouldn’t speak up because one of their parents is white or another non-black group
    3) The situation fosters feelings of strife, conflict, and idealism.
    -Not being exposed to the group they are perceived as (a non black mother may forbid their child to have friends or adult role models who are black)
    -non black or white parent may have remarried to a non black person and the offspring does not have contact with black side of family

    The reality of the situation:
    1) People treat you by how they perceive and it doesn’t matter what you tell them (if they think you are black they will treat the individual as black, people don’t care about your non black parent)
    2) Parents and the offspring want to look like they are related (that’s why many get offended when strangers may think a parent is the child’s friend or a sibiling is a cousin or friend)
    3) Not all mixed people accept other mixed people (there is a particular divide between those who are part black and those who are mixed with other ethnic/racial groups but are not part black) (Also if you don’t “look” mixed other mixed people may not accept the mixed person)
    4) Mixed people serve as a buffer or an exotic outsider that will not benefit from either ethnic group’s resources (particularly if they are part black)
    5)Racial and Ethnic groups practice group economics, so where does the mixed person stand?
    6) Mixed race people will not make the world less racist it will just further the divide between black and non-black (wreak havoc in different communities and concentrate the power and wealth in stable and non-mixed communities); so regardless of how mixed race people are classified (quadroon, mulatto etc.) they will still be mistreated because they are not white
    7) The parents of the “biracial” offspring most likely will not be there to emotionally support their child’s struggle (the parents created this situation and are suffering from wishful thinking and/or their own identity crisis or self hate issues to not think it is important to help their child)
    8) Mental health services are not adequate to help mixed race offspring because counseling usually doesn’t address racism. Many mixed race counseling advice I’ve read states that mixed race people should fully embrace both sides. I find that to be problematic (embracing and acknowledging for yourself are two different things). I don’t think a person should embrace a group of people when they have to endure being ostracized them, abused and mistreated just because their parent is a part of that racial or ethnic group.
    9)These unions erode culture and offspring may feel unnecessary guilt to follow certain cultural norms or practices.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Frankly, I feel that Black people are being pulled into a fight that we didn’t initiate.

      I don’t know how to make someone like themselves, but it is absolutely both parent’s responsibility to educate their offspring culturally, if they are in these type of unions.


  3. Angela Lee Witherby says:

    All these comments want to make me cry with disgust. I am biracial. My mom is black and my father is white. My parents divorced because my dad was verbally abusive and an alcoholic. It had nothing to do with race.
    What is it like to be biracial?It seems these people who aren’t even mixed THINK they have the answer. “They’ll be confused, they won’t fit in, they’ll hate one race!” But the fact is if you aren’t biracial, you will never know. How dare you speak for me, how dare you put words in my mouth. How dare you tell me how I think because you are NOT inside my mind. How dare you speak for thousands of interracial couples that are still happily together. HOW DARE YOU. It’s people like you that make biracial people doubt themselves. It’s people like you that make biracial people feel as if they are a mistake. I’m not speaking for or representing the entire mixed community, I can’t try to do that. I am speaking for myself. I’m not gonna let someone who isn’t me tell me who I am, or how I think or where I fit in. There’s only one person who can do that. And that’s me.
    I AM MIXED WITH BLACK AND WHITE!!!!!! I don’t care if I’m considered “too light” or “too dark.” Or if my features are “more black” or “more “white.” NO I WOULDNT RATHER BE ONE RACE OVER THE OTHER. I check both white and black on surveys. If I can only choose one I choose other. If I have to “explain” I write whatever the heck I want. I would equally stand up for black rights as I would white rights, brown rights, purple rights, or striped rights. I proudly claim both sides EQUALLY. To tell me to choose or tell me I am only one is DISRESPECTFUL! I am what I am, and that’s BIRACIAL. No ands ifs or buts about it! Got it?
    Yes there are some struggles and hardships that biracial people endure. But so does every other race on this planet. I wouldn’t change myself ever. If I could choose to be biracial or not. I would choose biracial over and over again.
    For all the other biracial people that might read these comments, You are beautiful! You are a blended masterpiece of Gods hands and no one will ever change that. Never forget. You’re no alone!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Angela you ask: How dare I speak for biracial people? The question in and of itself indicates a lack of education of who you are as well as understanding African American history. There’s nothing special about you. Nothing at all. Being “biracial” is a new term to an old practice of sexual miscegenation; that is…the mixing of one race with another.

      When Black people make comments about biracial people, as you have been labeled today, it’s because there is a long history of whites using light-skinned or mixed raced Black people against darker skinned Black people in order to neutralize a bigger threat of Black unity.

      I don’t know how old you are, but it’s rather clear that you’re very young and completely uninformed about African American history and the history of race, racism, and colorism.


      • Angela Lee Witherby says:

        And it’s obviously you are ignorant to what is feels like to be mixed. Did you actually read my comment? I never said I was special. I’m not. But the fact is, you can’t say that races shouldn’t mix. That’s your opinion, so you don’t in fact, “live by the truth.” Because I think black and white mix perfectly, because if they didn’t I wouldn’t be here. “Biracial kids will be confused or won’t know who they are.” Like I say it’s people like you that make them that way. You make them feel as if they should be ashamed of something they had no control over. I won’t be commenting on your page any longer. It honestly sickens me just seeing that it exists. Have a nice life.
        A mixed girl who speaks from EXPERIENCE ✌🏻✌🏽✌🏿


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Angela, this blog is not for biracials with complexes. Obviously you didn’t read the opening page and the statement on my blog: “Only the TRUTH is spoken here. Get used to it!

        What is this blog about? It’s very clear that I’m promoting Black love, community, and family values of the African American community. If you do not understand that and have negative attitudes, and views about my people, you are not welcome here–and will be banned immediately.”

        Now. If you don’t over-stand this. I will have to suggest that you find a blog that is more centered around the topic of biracial issues.


  4. Tyrone says:


    The black parents of biracials are the source of the problem. Whites have no power over us, we allow them to rope-a-dope as much as they want. Having a natural black child is beneath them, yet, they want the larger black diaspora to accept biracials as black for CYA purposes. Again, self-hating blacks will never admit the truth. Using their mixed kids to conceal what we already know is wrong…Dead Wrong! They didn’t ask to be half and half…I Think Not!


  5. layla Lewis says:

    Hi truthangel07
    How are you?
    Lately I’m fighting on YouTube with a biracial girl, when she read my comment that I did not share marriages between whites and blacks ,she has declared war on all fields!
    She says that I have no heart, my parents taught me good educations and perhaps I did not have educations because maybe I never had parents! This is the result of these beautiful unions “The biracial”! They especially hate black people because their blood is partly black! Most often these children have the white mothers forbids them from having contact with the black community!
    Because I said her what I think of the whites her aptly called me crazy!
    These people don’t deserve to be with the black community because they love so much their white blood who have no right to be part of it!
    The black men and women when have children with whites should think of the consequences!
    These children are symbols of biological engineering genocide!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Proud people don’t lay with trash!


      • Angela Lee Witherby says:

        I don’t understand how you blame biracial people for irrelevant things. If it was wrong for blacks and whites to marry them God himself would have labeled it a sin. I AM BIRACIAL. I proudly claim both sides equally. I’m superior to anyone and I don’t want to be. I AM BIRACIAL! And I claim both sides equally! I WILL SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        What do you know of how miscegenation was used to divide Black people during slavery? Let’s start there. When you have an over-standing of how sex was used to divide and conquer Black people; this blog topic will make more sense to you.


      • Angela Lee Witherby says:

        I’m meant to say I AM NOT SUPERIOR TO ANYONE NOR AM I TRYING TO BE. My autocorrect said I’m superior to anyone


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Are you biracial? If so, what has been your experience with how people react to you from various cultures, not just Black and white?


  6. Gregg Heger says:

    Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!


  7. pixie says:

    in my opinion biracial people are not black. i will not consider them black. to me, obama is not black, he is biracial. i differentiate because to me to say biracials are black is to give life to that stupid one drop rule. as though blackness is some cheap thing that can be claimed by anyone at their whim. i value it more than that. my son is black because both of his parents are certifiably black. i dont look at the white-appearing children of my black friend whose baby mama is white as they come with red hair and freckles and think their kids are as black as mine. NO. it is a lie of the enemy. his kids look NOTHING like mine, and if white people are not deluded enough as to think for one minute that biracials are white or ever can be, then black people need to take up the exact same stance. one can only be black if both his parents are black.
    further, i believe culture is carried on through the mother. which explains why so many of these biracial children are in almost denial of their blackness and resent it, because they don’t have the experience of being black. and yet we insist that they are, to our own detriment. their mothers raise them, usually under that guise of “color-blindness”, and their fathers usually hate themselves anyway and therefore are incapable of teaching their children adequately about the black side of their heritage. because as far as those children are concerned, that black heritage is the stain in their bloodline that they wish were pure lily white.
    the division aspect comes in because the world around us pushes these half-breeds on the actual blacks, forcing them to recognize the mixed as their own, when deep down inside we know the deal. we just don’t wanna admit it, that we and they are not the same. from the hair to the skin and sometimes to the eye color physically, and then psychologically…don’t get me started. we have our own issues, and accepting theirs merely compounds ours and weakens our collective strength and unity.


    • truthangel07 says:

      If you haven’t read The Destruction of Black Civilizations by Dr. Chancellor Williams; it is a must-read. He goes in detail about how biracials were used by the enemy to destroy African civilizations. Very deep.


    • Tyrone says:

      Biracials are doomed from the start. Most have black fathers that are clueless and non-black mothers that see themselves as superior to blacks anyway. We gotta break ties with the One Drop crowd, they’re aiding and abetting the enemy…Cut the Chord!


      • truthangel07 says:

        How can a group of genetically inferior people assume they are superior to the very people that created them?

        There is nothing superior about white women. They are beneficiaries of propaganda and carefully orchestrated marketing.


  8. Adesuwa says:

    So I was reaching out for some answers as to why so many bm/ww hook ups are prevalent. I’m saying, where I come from, I see tons of black men with their nose in the air parading around with these oppressor making machines. Though I am happily married with children to a bomb a** black man, it still effects the both if us. My brother is engaged to one,my husbands father left him, his other three siblings, and his beautiful black mother for several trashy white women ( seriously, they were strippers and skanks) his uncle is married to one, and his older brother can’t get enough of them. It’s literally confusing the heck out of my 10 year old daughter, and the list of problems go on and on. We need to speak out about this genocidal attack. I personally am tired of being looked at as an angry black woman for marrying within my race. I am also growing weary of how blatantly unprotected black women and young black girls are world wide.

    Also, no one black wants to talk about the solution and cause of this, post traumatic slavery syndrome. We have not admitted to our self hatred, we have suppressed it, and now it’s come back to haunt us. Where did it come from? It came from evil, greedy white males and females who lived and fed off our blood not too many generations ago. Though, who to this day, the same dna runs through the veins of the white privileged males and females who lustfully procreate with us, adopt our children, control our bellies and information, and pretty much whatever else they want. No more blaming the victim, or pointing the finger at each other, they are to blame for this psychosis of slave/slave-master mindsetback, and therefore, they cannot ever be trusted. We have not healed yet. We must realize the healing starts with admitting we’re sick, then depending on each other for both professional and personal treatment. There is , absolutely nothing wrong with telling the truth about the evil, horrific ways of our enemy because not only does history prove their savage blood trailed rein, but the in your face white supremacy/racist social system we’re drowning in today proves it.

    We must begin to think race first, like other nations, to protect us from this toxic infiltration.


  9. TTNYCRN says:

    Hey TruthAngel,Great post!

    From my personal experience with my mother who is a mulatto, some biracials do affirm their black heritage. For example, it was my mom that taught me about Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party, Eldridge Cleaver, Malcolm X,etc and my mom never told me anything negative about my skin color(Im dark skin and she is light skin). Now most biracials are the products of black fathers/white mothers so I feel that their “colorblind, we are the human race” crap would probably come from their white mothers’ raising them since women are usually the ones that raise kids. My mother is of the BW/WM combination(her father was a Portuguese immigrant and her mother was Afro-Trinidadian) and she is very aware of black Trinidadian culture(e.g. steelpan, carnival,etc.) but does not really know anything about Portuguese culture. So maybe thats why she is more attuned with black culture. Of course, there are black women that have kids with white men that also have the same “colorblind” nonsense that BM/WW offspring have. In other words, like what Imhotep said, some black women with white partners cant speak that “black talk” to offend the “feelings” of their white partner.

    Nevertheless, I agree with you. Biracials are basically forming a buffer class between whites and blacks. In fact, whites could use them to their advantage to showcase how “diverse” and “colorblind” they think they are in regards to race relations. It is going to get very interesting for my generation because as the white population goes into decline in America as well as in other traditional Anglo societies(e.g. England,etc.), one has to wonder if these biracials will continue to be profit makers for white supremacy.

    One question I have for you TruthAngel and hopefully you will not misunderstand it- As a Christian, do you really feel that Christianity is helpful to black people? I dont mean Jesus, the man and his teachings, but the institution of Christianity as a religion. Forgive me for saying this TruthAngel but sometimes I feel black church is a complete joke in this day and age in regards to the issues that affect our community. Dont get me wrong, there are some preachers that really do try and get things done in the community but the black church seems more focused on waiting for “some mystery heaven” than addressing the hell of white supremacy that black folks gotta deal with on this Earth. You could disagree with me TruthAngel but Im just saying this cause the Christian religion of the white man has been used to destroy the mindsets of blacks and other people of color(e.g. Native Americans) to wait for a “savior” to come. In other words, should black people really be going to church? Hope you understand my question


    • truthangel07 says:

      Good question (Church).

      My response is NO. The church is not addressing those issues that are impacting our communities, given that far too many of them have become Members Only type institutions.

      The gospel was not meant to be a religion–it is a message for all the world.

      However, as with all things; Men make errors of anything good.


  10. Imhotep says:

    Most of these biracials are born to a self hating black parent and a white parent. The yt parent usually has control over the children. Those biracials never learn about our oppression because the black parent is afraid of offending their spouse. So, as a result of their upbringing, these biracials wind up falling for a white partner. Instead of calling them “biracial”, we should think of them as “invisible”. They usually never do anything for our community. They do everything they can to get away from our race. They are always have something to say about us when those people of other races go off at our race. Biracials are much worst than the sellouts of our race. Our sellouts look for white approval. Most of our “biracials” believe they are white.


  11. Adeen says:


    I agree. Before integration, 75% of Black children grew up in two parents homes and the parents were married and loved each other. 81% of Black children graduated on time. Black community valued God, family and education. Blacks owned their own businesses within their own communities.

    I believe when racial integration was made legal and they were trying to integrate public places, slowly we started to lose a sense of pride in our selves. We stopped opening up our own businesses and started to shop at White owned businesses and stores. We stopped valuing education as much and Black families started to fall apart with out of wedlock rates went up and Blacks not marrying as well. We still value God but not to the point that we actually follow God’s commandments and live by them.

    Now our community is in horrible shape with dysfunctional relationships. high wedlock birthrates, Hip hop music negatively affecting the Black Youth etc. Interracial relationships should be the least of our problems because interracial relationships wouldn’t make the problems out of community go away.


    • truthangel07 says:

      God is the only cure for this, Adeen. He is the Alpha and Omega of ALL things.

      If Black people want to get back their communities; then we must stop watching Reality TV and get back to Christ.

      As the Word Says: If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14


  12. Adeen says:

    I agree. I don’t believe in interracial dating or relationships with Black people and White people because by nature, Blacks and Whites are enemies. Second of all, why do Whites want to date Blacks when most Whites dislike Black people and look down on them. And last but not least, most biracials grow up confused and self hating especially if they have White mothers. Thus I don’t support these unions at all.

    BTW The high divorce rate between Black men and White women shows me that Black men are better off with Black women and need Black women. Black men are nothing without us because it is us who gave birth to them! And White women will always cater to the needs of her White male counterpart because they need and deserve each other!


    • truthangel07 says:

      A Black man married to a white woman is an oxymoron as well as incidendiary; given the fact that it was white women that were the catalyst to many lynchings of Black males historically.

      They are not to be trusted.


      • Adeen says:

        Exactly what I mean. White women sexually objectify and use Black men for their own sexual lusts and uses. White women fetishize over Black men not love them. White women love White men above all and that is the truth.


      • truthangel07 says:

        This is not how our people used to be.

        I think that I explained the psychosis of the issue.

        It’s all related to the images that are now the norm in many parts of the Black community.

        Dysfunctional relationships, broken homes, etc., caused this shift.


    • Imhotep says:

      The problem is that they are Mutated inbred Afrikan albinos. They won’t admit that to themselves, but they are. I have seen white children, both male and female, stare at me for hours. They were smiling the whole time. They were posing no threat to me at all. They were looking at my skin color. So, if they are not taught to hate us at a young age then they try to date us.

      White people do not like having to stay together. For that reason, they are subjecting our people to so much pain wherever we are. They feel we deserve all of it. White men do most of the work on their own. White women being tools, go along with the plan. White women are afraid of white men. White men do not mind treating them any kind of way because albinos cannot really pratice self-love. Albinism is a disorder. An Afrikan albino would be attracted to a natural Sista like a natural Afrikan man is. The only thing that would stand in his or her way is their color. I’m sure the first Afrikan albinos realized they were different when they saw that most of the people around them in Afrika were Black People. Our first ancestors probably freaked out over the sight of their first child with albinism. We had to know something was not right with them. I knew of one guy with albinism who had Black parents. He did not have much to say to me or anyone else. I remember him causing a lot of trouble. I’m not sure if albinos are children of the devil or not. In Tanzania, many of our people call them “milk devils”.

      Why-tes had to evolve from Afrikan albinos.Only a mutated albino would call themselves a “white person”.


    • greystand says:


      Yours truly a biracial man.


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