A WARNING To White Racists!!!


My blog is not an invitation to people who have hateful, racist of ignorant views of other people simply based on the color of their skin. This site was created as a personal sounding board of issues affecting my community as well as to inform and educate through information.  There is always a link or source reference for anyone who would like to do their own research of what I discuss.

From the onset; if you choose to post on one of my blog commentaries–it is not by right but privilege–in which can revoke at will.  (((I HAVE THE POWER))) to either publish or delete what is said.  I can also report any forms of harassment, threats or TOS violations to the proper authorities–and I do mean the FBI as well as to  WP if someone wants to try me.

There were some anonymous racist comments left in the past few days and I did not publish the trash.  Because quite frankly; if you can’t be bold enough to state who you are–no one gives a damn what you think.  You’re a coward.  And I really am not interested in hearing from dumb white craKKKas with nothing better to do than post dumb shit that has been rehashed over and over through the minds of inbred sociopaths.  It just boggles the mind that people who are prone for head lice have such outlandish views of other people simply based on their own fear and stupidity of history.

All that matters are the facts. And the facts are: the white population is dying.  In less than 30 years; America’s population will be a minority majority.  White women simply are the most infertile in the world.  Even in Europe; over half of the population will be dead within the same time frame.  So basically; the race war is concluded and white folks lost. Nature has decided to do what human beings could not or would not do: eliminate through natural selection.  What an irony.

It’s always been funny to me to hear the rantings of crazed Neanderthals yelling WHITE POWER!  When the real power comes through procreation and I guess now that white women don’t find white men sexually attractive enough; and make fun of their inability to f*ck; Black men are getting their true revenge, huh?

In a nutshell, Black folks don’t care anything about White Supremacist.  And WE WILL SHOOT YOUR ASSES!  You’re over!  Get used to it.


7 comments on “A WARNING To White Racists!!!

  1. Cathy says:

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  2. Imhotep says:

    Yt men hate pro-Black Sistas. They should hate themselves. Nobody wants to be near them, not even the ww who stand by their side. They are just obnoxious and annoying people to be around. I’m surprised that heterosexual yt men are not romantically involved with other heterosexual yt men. They have their conversation starter already. They can bring up that they are Irish, a redneck, an Italian or whatever. They are the only ones who care about their heritage. I’m shocked that they have not figured that out by now.


  3. TTNYCRN says:

    TruthAngel, it will NEVER cease to amaze me how one group has used their power(white supremacy) to harm every non-white group on this Earth from the Native Americans, the Aboriginals in Australia, the New Zealand Maori, the Natives of Hawaii and obviously us Negroes, then when you point out the racial problem, they call you the hater. It really blows my mind!
    This is some interesting news. I knew that the white population was going down in traditional Anglo countries like the United States and England but even in their homeland of Europe? wow. Aint that something!


    • truthangel07 says:

      It’s true.

      God works in mysterious ways…natural selection is something else.

      To understand white people, you have to understand European history. They know nothing about brotherhood. Europe was filled with violence, bloodshed, mayhem, and oppression.


  4. Adeen says:

    That is why White Americans are going crazy about the fact that their population is dwindling worldwide because they fear losing their privileges and power over Blacks and other non Whites. White supremacists fear that the White population is losing ground and they truly are.

    This article brought a smile to my face today!


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