Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III Move To Chicago To Spotlight Anti-Gun Violence Activists


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While listening to The Tom Joyner Morning Show yesterday morning, I learned of this and all I could think was…And just what is he supposed to do?

Apparently, Martin Luther King III is going to be his roomate and when I try to put this together in my mind; honestly, I just have an attitude of real ambivalence and I don’t expect much to happen.

It’s just yet another personality trying to garner the spotlight by proxy; on an issue that is a hot-button topic nationally.

Let’s just be real: Al Sharpton is seen in some circles as a media hustler.  He’s a heralded poverty pimp.  The success that’s he’s obtained is through strategic association with notable personalities that can validate him.  Now, let’s be clear.  No matter how much endorsement you get; the bottom line is: you better have the stones to handle that kind of platform.

Al Sharpton does have an ability to talk the talk.  He’s very street-savvy.  But is that enough?

As for Martin Luther King III.  What has he really done?  He’s banking on his father’s legacy to give him some kind of credibility.  He’s done absolutely nothing on his own that has earned him any form of respect.  And frankly, I feel he’s too much of a wimp.  There’s nothing strong or commanding about him.

The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did come to Chicago back in the mid 1960’s to focus on poverty.

I can only guess that Martin the third thinks he can bank on this subliminally.

Chicago is a tough town.  No question about it.

I grew up in this town.  There has always been a legacy of violence here.  The gangs here are no joke, but the issues impacting communities around the city’s south side have more to do with economics, social neglect, apathy, historical racism, classism, and ignorance.

The violence that is prevalent in those neighborhoods had a catalyst and its name was Richard J. Daley.  Chicago’s tough mayor who ran the city like an overlord.   He was considered to be one of the top ten most powerful mayors that ever lived. Poverty begets poverty, and Daley’s tactics literally created the foundation for much of what people have seen reported on the news.  At the time of Daley’s tenure as mayor in the city  of Chicago, it was standard practice to segregate minorities.  During the 1920’s through the 1960’s; The influx of southern Blacks into Chicago created a fear in many of the city’s white leaders and they came up with a plan: To house those Blacks in areas that were cut off from the whiter areas of the community.  Hence, the reason why many projects went up in the city.  When the federal government broke the strict housing covenants that existed in Chicago; those Blacks that could move; took the opportunity and moved their families to the suburbs.  Many businesses and jobs followed suit, creating the poverty that we see today.

One of Chicago’s white mayors, Mayor Jane Byrne, actually moved into the Cabrini Green Housing Project for 3 weeks back in  1981; the media focused on Byrne–not the residents, causing outrage, and rightly so.  They felt offended that some white woman–particularly one that did not hire any Blacks on her mayoral staff; had the audacity to think she was going to come in and with the wave of her hand; she…and SHE ALONE would do what it took decades to create. Nothing happened.  It was and still is considered more of a media stunt than social change.

Now, I look at yet another attempt by some folks who seem to think that they have the power to change something that in all do respect; will take an act of God to change.

As a sidebar:  Rev. Al Sharpton really looks unhealthy.  The weight loss doesn’t improve his appearance; it makes one question his overall health.


8 comments on “Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III Move To Chicago To Spotlight Anti-Gun Violence Activists

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  2. Living Consciously says:

    sorry meant two not too


  3. Living Consciously says:

    “Apparently, Martin Luther King III is going to be his roommates” – WHAT?! That is an odd image. Why would too grown men need or want to be roommates? What is that all about? Roommates! I’m sure they both have homes in Chicago or can rent a lavish hotel separately. Roommates… Baffling…


  4. Adeen says:

    What can we do to fix the gun violence in our communities because we both know we can’t count on people like Al Sharpton or Martin Luther King’s son?


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